Nigel’s Olympic Torch Relay Social Run, Stocksfield, Saturday, June 16, 2012

6.5 miles

Shaun Roberts

Striders queue to throw midget off bridge.

Many thanks to Nigel for organising a lovely run from Stocksfield to get us all warmed up for George’s Torch Relay leg. A nice loop over to Ovingham to the east, over the river and back. At one point we had the option of tackling stepping stones under fast-flowing water, or taking the easy bridge option … only to find new BBC weatherman Peter Grant making a speech on it, accompanied by a huge white goose, opening the Ovingham Goose Fair! He made a good job of it, even if he’s no Trai Anfield … then we had to blag our way into the fair for free before rejoining the group! Best bit was heading back to the cars in Stocksfield running past the crowds, waving, no doubt confusing the lot of them … who the hell were this lot? Shouted ‘We’ve made it!” to another BBC Look North presenter, Dawn Thewlis, on the pavement … she looked mildly perplexed.

Are you sure about this, Nigel?

Lovely run … and a good turnout too, before the main event. Thanks Nigel!

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