Daily Archives: 27th June 2012

Carlton Midsummer Meander, Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BS / 8.5km / 320m

Jan Young

Extra race in NEHRA summer series, entry monies donated to Cleveland Search and Rescue. Start and finish Lord Stones Cafe, 5 mls anti clockwise loop via Cringle Moor, Kirkby Bank, Toft Hill farm, Busby Moor. Variety of terrain; Cleveland Way paved path, rough tracks through five foot high bracken, fields, boggy bits where water drained downhill. Some of these I tackled sliding downhill on my bum- felt safer. Reaching the base of Green Bank, we looked up at the final 250m, a sheer climb of bracken, bilberry and heather up which all could only scramble, bent double clutching vegetation. At some points I found it quicker to crawl and just kept thinking thank goodness for all those bootcamp sessions doing bear crawls. And if you don’t know what bear crawls are come along to BC and find out! Great fun race on warm evening and NO RAIN!

Summer Handicap, Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Phil Owen

Hello, first of all apologises for not making the handicap myself last week but work and some family commitments got in the way just as my phone decided it would not recharge itself so I couldn’t let anyone know. Heck what did we do before mobiles? Thanks very much to Jacquie and others for helping out Anna. It just goes to show the strength of the club these days when I looked at the field and saw we *only* had 20 runners!

Young Adam no doubt fuelled by pizza was again First Male in 32.20 and Ellie Rogers was first lady home in 40.26.

Thanks again everyone who took part and look forward to seeing you at the next one the week after the Clamber on 25th July.