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Darlington Pit Stop, Croft Racing Circuit, Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Emma Detchon

We’re always being told at work (Teesside Uni) to promote our new Darlington campus so when Jo Richardson said she was doing the Darlington Pit Stop 10k I thought I might as well join in. I got there early as it said limited entries on the night but it didn’t seem to be a problem, I think they must say that to put people off from entering on the night and to make their admin easier. They had a children’s race beforehand, well over 8s, so poor Erin missed out and a wheelchair race which makes the night a bit more of a fun occasion.

The course is 3 laps and flat but you can feel the slight gradients on the course, the first section being slightly down so we all started a bit quickly. I realised it was so hot and humid that it wasn’t going to be a great run so I settled into the usual plod. Jo ran ahead but had to pull out after the first lap feeling sick and a bit dehydrated. So onto the second lap where just before 5k the first man came flying past on his way to the finish. After that I got to see a few of the faster runners come past, always good to see how focused they are.

After a big cheer from Jo and Louise I felt much better on the final lap and managed to get past a few people. Although its laps and flat it’s got quite good views, it’s very tempting to cut the corners off but you’re only cheating yourself! I crossed the finish line and was handed a Darlington Harriers mug full of water, I guess they were trying to save on plastic cups but without washing them out it was full of dust and bits and I couldn’t have drunk it. It’s a nice run and a 10k PB for me!

Tynedale 10K, Ovingham, Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Simon Gardner

After a PB during Saturday’s Durham parkrun I was really looking forward to this run, reading previous reports it sounded like it could be a chance for me to improve my 10k PB. I was picked up by Paul and Angela and we then stopped off in Newcastle to pick up Katherine and arrived with plenty time to spare in a local council carpark and after a short walk we found lots of Striders already in the school ready to run. I then spent what felt likes ages trying and failing to find an empty toilet ! (I still get nervous before any race and usually take several trips to the little boys room !!) It was soon time for the long walk up to the start line and the main discussion when walking up was just how warm and humid it was!

Great turnout for this one ... After a short hold we were off and it had a little bit of the Blaydon Race type start about it but thankfully with the mile long downhill I could find some space and try and settle into a rhythm. Anyone who ran at Raby Castle will know how hard it can be running in dry heat but this was awful it was just so humid and warm. From mile 2 to 3 I felt I was struggling but just kept telling myself to try and hold on and thankfully from mile 3 to 4 I went past several people and started to feel better if somewhat tired. The last 2+ miles were really really uncomfortable even though I felt my pace was good and I was passing lots of runners I was desperate to stop however this is not the Strider way (especially as it was my first run in a Striders’ vest) so it was back to my tried and trusted way of breaking it down into laps of the track. It felt so good to see the 6 mile marker and I managed a good sprint to the finish and crossed the line in 41:39 which was a new PB. I’m very pleased with the result as it has to be one of the most uncomfortable races I have done in a long time, huge credit to Alister, Stephen and Maggie who did the Saltwell Harriers fell race the night before!

A great turn out and given the conditions an excellent performance by all.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 CAIRNS, Steve Tyne Bridge Harriers MV40 33:09
31 HODGSON, Jane Morpeth Harriers F 37:25
108 GARDNER, Simon MV40 41:39
172 ROBSON, Alister MV40 44:38
193 PASCOE, Paul MV40 45:27
225 THOMPSON, Andrew M 46:47
247 WILLIAMS, Kevin M 47:44
272 GARBUTT, Stephen M 48:41
293 FORD, Brian MV40 49:19
346 HEDLEY, Chris MV50 51:10
358 BULLOCK, Rachael F 51:39
361 JONES, Greta FV45 51:44
391 SPENCE, David MV60 53:25
392 SMITH, Alan MV65 53:25
415 PRESTON, Katherine F 55:23
428 ROBSON, Jacquie FV35 56:19
429 JENNINGS, Sue FV45 56:32
431 MILLER, Louise F 56:39
438 TINDALE, Victoria F 57:00
481 ELLIOTT, Mike MV65 62:28
505 THOMPSON, Margaret FV60 67.42
506 COFFER, Philippa F 68:16
507 PROBERT, Alex F 68:16

515 finishers.