Daily Archives: 1st December 2013

Ulverston 10K, Sunday, December 1, 2013

Phil Owen

10K worth of Calories.Hostage to my friends and a late night on the beer another race was in order for the Sunday. That’s two road 10K’s in one weekend for a road hater! Again it was club organised by GlaxoSmithKline own GSK Hoad Hill harriers (Hoard hill is a local landmark with a lighthouse atop of it nicknamed the pepper pot). Very well organised and only £8-00 to enter,with a free Christmas pud at the end. Some might think it a bargain…

The start is from the GSK social club next to a huge GSK manufacturing site. It’s probably not quite as bad as the one around Europe’s largest Petro chemical plant, the Grange 10K in Scotland.

The race blurb goes totally overboard describing it it as ‘mostly flat out and back with a loop’. That’s a tad unfair as the half mile around the nice little hill and imposing buildings of the Manjushri Kadampa Meditation centre (formally Conishead Priory) that form the top loop is quite nice.

Slightly stiffer legs from the day before, a decent run and a Christmas Pud finish prize.

It was cheap and I got a lift.