Durham Coastal Half Marathon, Sunday, June 7, 2015

Katy Walton

This was a brilliant event. The start was simple and no confusion as to where runners needed to be. This day saw plenty of striders looking forward to take on the course, a photo was taken and then we were all ready for the off.

The course was well marked with tape, highlighted hazards and ample Marshall’s on the route so no chance of getting lost. There were three water stations along the way to enable the runner to catch a few seconds and a much need drink in these warm conditions.

The route was picturesque, challenging and perfect for the off road runner. My favourite part was after descending down some steep steps and across a narrow bridge as you climb the other side you look out towards some railway arches and the view of the sea through the arches was spectacular, this made me not think about the climb but enjoy the moment which on a glorious day that we had, was perfect.

Underfoot the course was grass, woodland paths, gravel, steps and for the last mile or so Tarmac through the caravan park.

The finish was lined with ample supporters offering a t shirt, water, tea and homemade cake.

Great efforts were given by everyone and even though the steps proved challenging I am sure each and everyone who ran it would do so again. Definitely a race I would recommend. Thank you David Lumsden for the number.

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