Ultimate Trails 55km, Saturday, June 27, 2015

Joan Hanson

Jane and Joan.I cannot recall why I entered this race, I think an early bird discount was a major motivating factor, that and a lack of attention to basic maths I.e. converting km to miles-55km equalling not too many miles in my head 1800metres of ascent inconsequential. Lesson learnt.

Jane Ives and I set off on our circular journey from Ambleside together, the route was mostly on well made stony bridleways with some tarmac and footpaths thrown in for good measure and was generally well marked- interestingly a map was not on the essential kit list but a mobile phone was. Although there was lots of up and down the route stuck to valleys and passes rather than summits the views were great, one advantage of the clear blue skies.

I was really pleased to finish in one piece well within my hoped for time although feeling really rather sickly- the advertised ‘well stocked’ food stations really weren’t up to ldwa standards, tiny pieces of banana, jelly babies and peanuts with rehydration drink not up to my idea of long distance mountain food.

We got a t shirt and weighty medal for out efforts and were chip timed, the marshals were friendly and very encouraging.

For people who don’t like navigating,like fairly hard surfaces underfoot, nice views and have a desire to try and run 36 miles with 6000 ft of ascent this may be a good race to try. And if that doesn’t wet your appetite there is always the 110km option to consider although why anyone would want to start running at midnight is beyond me. I would recommend taking your own food though.

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