Hedgehope Winter Wipeout, Ingram, Northumberland, Sunday, January 22, 2017

13 ish miles

Joan Hanson

A smattering of striders took on the inaugural hedgehope winter wipeout a fairly low key race on an out and back route from the village of Ingram in the Breamish Valley in Northumberland.

The route covered an eclectic variety of terrain from a brief bit of tarmac, clarty fields, small tracks through heather and across bog, to a sprinkling of snow covered rocks enroute to the summit trigpoint of Hedgehope Hill via Dunmoor Hill. Most fun of all was the ‘suprise finish’ necessitating wading several times through a small river to refresh tired legs and clean the filthy shoes for the sprint to the finish line that included climbing over a fence.

I wouldn’t usually go for an out and back race preferring to go on a bit of a journey in the hills however it was nice to give and receive encouragement from the people going in the opposite direction whether demonstrating how to properly leap gazelle like through the heather and bogs (definately not me) to carrying what looked like half a telegraph pole- it also made navigation and the logistics of marshalling in remote terrain significantly easier.

It was billed as a hard race, thankfully the weather was pretty kind – it would have been an entirely different proposition in thick fog or driving rain. The mug of hot soup at the end was very welcome.

Here’s the link to the drone video:

Final Results:

Pos Bib Name Time ± Group Team
1. 31 Penny Browell 02:11:25.7 00:00:00.0 FV40 Elvet Striders
2. 142 Tamsin Imber 02:18:39.4 00:07:13.7 FV40 Elvet Striders
3. 116 Joan Hanson 02:50:46.8 00:39:21.1 FV40 Elvet Striders
4. 168 Camilla Lauren-Maatta 02:58:03.0 00:46:37.3 FV50 Elvet Striders
5. 55 Anita Clementson 03:02:28.5 00:51:02.8 FV40 Elvet Striders
6. 263 Neil Sleeman 03:08:44.3 00:57:18.6 M Elvet Striders
7. 148 Corrina James 03:08:48.5 00:57:22.8 FV40 Elvet Striders
8. 314 Jill Young 03:14:25.1 01:02:59.4 F Elvet Striders
9. 276 Kathryn Sygrove 03:29:16.7 01:17:51.0 FV50 Elvet Striders
10. 235 Ashley Price-Sabate 03:29:21.9 01:17:56.2 FV50 Elvet Striders
11. 233 Katherine Preston 03:48:55.2 01:37:29.5 FV40 Elvet Striders
12. 182 Kate Macpherson 03:49:24.6 01:37:58.9 FV40 Elvet Striders
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