Grand Prix 2021-22 – Marathon Summary

These are the currently known best marathon times for the 2021-22 Grand Prix.

Striders who think that their time is incorrect or missing, or who have done a better time in another marathon should get in touch with their result.

These times are translated into Grand Prix points, and will be updated throughout the season; this means that a runner’s Grand Prix marathon points can decrease if another runner achieves a faster time. But it is possible to climb back up again by running another marathon.

StriderBest TimeEvent
Alan Smith06:17:23London 2021 Virtual
Alex Collier03:28:29London 2021
Allan Renwick02:58:48London 2021
Andrew Davies03:55:55Manchester 2022
Anna Basu03:12:42London 2021
Anna Mason04:35:27Edinburgh 2022
Ashley Price-Sabate08:38:05Allendale Challenge 2022
Claire Austin04:59:28Edinburgh 2022
Corrine Whaling03:13:01London 2021
David Browbank03:56:12Edinburgh 2022
David Oxlade03:47:18Manchester 2021
Debbie Jones04:39:18London 2021 Virtual
Emma McCabe03:53:46Edinburgh 2022
Emma Thompson03:06:51London 2021
Fiona Kinghorn Jones03:52:26Edinburgh 2022
Geoff Davis05:00:31Allendale Challenge 2022
Graeme Walton04:04:17Manchester 2022
Graeme Watt02:43:04London 2021
Iain Gibson03:18:05Manchester 2021
James McNaney02:38:24Manchester 2022
Jill Graham04:45:48London 2021 Virtual
Jo Robertson04:09:26Edinburgh 2022
John Bisson03:59:05Manchester 2021
Karen Byng03:50:50Manchester 2022
Kathleen Bellamy06:33:40Manchester 2022
Kim Bennett04:08:41Manchester 2022
Kyle Sunley03:45:18Manchester 2021
Lindsay McEwan03:00:58Edinburgh 2022
Louise Collins03:46:15Edinburgh 2022
Malcolm Sygrove08:38:05Allendale Challenge 2022
Mathew Hopper03:51:31Manchester 2022
Michael Littlewood02:44:49Boston 2022
Michael Mason02:45:26Boston 2022
Nina Bojadzic03:30:00Manchester 2021
Paul Foster03:36:39Boston 2022
Paul Swinburne03:39:42Manchester 2021
Paul WIlkinson04:55:55Edinburgh 2022
Penny Browell04:26:34Allendale Challenge 2022
Phil Connor09:53:26Allendale Challenge 2022
Rachel Coy05:43:28Manchester 2021
Rachel Toth05:55:37London 2021
Rory Whaling02:58:13Edinburgh 2022
Susan Davis05:51:18Allendale Challenge 2022
Tamsin Imber04:45:57Allendale Challenge 2022

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