Grand Prix 2023-24 – Marathon and Half-marathon Summary

These are the currently known best marathon and half-marathon times for the 2023-24 Grand Prix.

Striders who think that their time is incorrect or missing, or who have done a better time in another marathon should get in touch with their result. Also, if you are not running the GNR, you can submit a better half-marathon time. (If you do submit a half-marathon time, but do run the GNR, then the GNR time will be counted in preference.)

These times are translated into Grand Prix points, and will be updated throughout the season; this means that a runner’s Grand Prix marathon or half-marathon points can decrease if another runner achieves a faster time. But it is possible to climb back up again by running another race.


Aaron Gourley03:35:32London Marathon 2024
Alex Watson02:54:43Yorkshire Marathon 2023
Allan Renwick03:07:35London Marathon 2024
Angela Philips05:56:40Manchester Marathon 2024
Anna Basu03:13:46London Marathon 2024
Anna Riley04:55:46Manchester Marathon 2024
Bryan Potts02:43:43London Marathon 2024
Christine Farnsworth06:19:52London Marathon 2024
Claire Austin05:16:40Tokyo Marathon 2024
Corrine Whaling03:16:49Manchester Marathon 2024
Craig Walker04:49:21Eden Project Trail Marathon 2023
David Oxlade03:54:06White Peak Festival of Running Marathon 2024
Emma McCabe03:53:20Manchester Marathon 2024
Esther Neal04:06:01Manchester Marathon 2024
Fatima Raja-Sewart03:15:54London Marathon 2024
Jo Robertson03:41:04London Marathon 2024
Karen Byng04:09:39London Marathon 2024
Louise Morton03:42:09Yorkshire Marathon 2023
Malcolm Sygrove03:59:36Boston (UK) Marathon 2024
Margaret Thompson06:32:09London Marathon 2024
Mark Kearney02:30:53Seville Marathon 2024
Matthew Carr03:34:25Tokyo Marathon 2024
Matthew Robson02:52:42London Marathon 2024
Michael Dale03:44:17Manchester Marathon 2024
Michael Littlewood02:46:58London Marathon 2024
Oei-Chi Basden03:29:32London Marathon 2024
Rebecca Stephenson03:12:27London Marathon 2024
Sam Jackson02:52:41London Marathon 2024
Sarah Fawcett04:46:06London Marathon 2024
Steph Greenwell04:23:11London Marathon 2024
Stephen Soulsby03:01:32Manchester Marathon 2024


Alex Broadbent1:45:26Gateshead Half 2024
Alex Collier1:31:50Kielder Half Marathon 2023
Andrew Davies1:40:50Middlebrough Half 2024
Anna Basu1:36:01Sunderland Half 2024
Anna Mason1:51:01Manchester Half 2023
Anna Riley1:46:12Middlebrough Half 2024
Bryan Potts1:14:27Manchester Half 2023
Chris Hassell1:44:31Sunderland Half 2024
Chris Taylor1:40:43Gateshead Half 2024
Corrine Whaling1:38:38Manchester Half 2023
Darren Green1:50:23Gateshead Half 2024
David Milligan1:21:12Gateshead Half 2024
David Simm1:54:04Kielder Half Marathon 2023
Emily Scott2:01:09La Valette Half Marathon
Fatima Raja-sewart1:38:31Kielder Half Marathon 2023
Fiona Jones1:39:22Manchester Half 2023
Georgie Hebdon1:13:31Manchester Half 2023
Harry Mawdsley1:25:03Manchester Half 2023
Heather Raistrick1:57:26Great North West Half 2024
Helen Parker2:19:05Kielder Half Marathon 2023
Ian Butler1:48:07Sunderland Half 2024
Jane Baillie2:22:28Kielder Half Marathon 2023
Jean Bradley1:54:05Sunderland Half 2024
Jo Robertson2:00:55Manchester Half 2023
John Bean1:54:04Kielder Half Marathon 2023
Jonathan Beaufort-Jones1:31:11Sunderland Half 2024
Kallum Moses1:23:17Middlebrough Half 2024
Karen Byng1:48:54Manchester Half 2023
Kim Bennett1:56:39Gateshead Half 2024
Kyle Sunley1:34:19Middlebrough Half 2024
Marc Watson1:52:51Manchester Half 2023
Nathan Mould1:42:50Sunderland Half 2024
Paul Hutchinson1:57:38Sunderland Half 2024
Paul Wilkinson2:11:22Sunderland Half 2024
Sally Hughes1:42:26Kielder Half Marathon 2023
Sarah Watson2:20:41Manchester Half 2023
Steph Greenwell1:57:27Great North West Half 2024
Terry Robertson2:00:54Manchester Half 2023
Tom Hamilton1:22:21Kielder Half Marathon 2023

Results Pages for these Races


Yorkshire Marathon 2023
Eden Project Trail Marathon 2023
Valencia Marathon 2023
Seville Marathon 2024
Tokyo Marathon 2024
Manchester Marathon 2024
London Marathon 2024
Boston (UK) Marathon 2024
White Peak Festival of Running Marathon 2024


Manchester Half 2023
Kielder Half Marathon 2023
Great North West Half 2024
Middlesbrough Half 2024
La Valette Half Marathon 2024
Sunderland Half 2024

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One thought on “Grand Prix 2023-24 – Marathon and Half-marathon Summary

  1. I’m not sure if my half marathon times are included Malcolm
    Voy 10/9/23 time 84:45
    Brass monkey 21/1/24 time 83:21
    Apologies if I’m wrong

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