Runners of the Year

Male Runners of the Year
2016Mike Hughes
2015Stephen Jackson
2014Rob Everson
2013Graeme Walton
2012Adam Walker
2011Alister Robson
2010Tom Reeves
2009Phil Owen
2008Tom Reeves
2007Geoff Davis
2006Dave Robson
2005Shaun Roberts
2004Joe Thornton
2003Graham Daglish
2002Stewart Gardner
2001John Hutchinson
2000Paul Dunn
1999Tony Young
1998Andrew Scaife
1997Ian Donnachie
1996Dick Bevan
1995Gary Fisher
1994Melvyn Olley
1993Tony Young
1992Keith Greenwell, Paul Loftus and Jon Rougier
1991Peter MacDermott
1990Mike Hall
1989Barry Bird
1988Andrew Scaife and Nicholas Young
1987Dave Shipman
Female Runners of the Year
2016Sue Jennings
2015Penny Browell
2014Katy Walton
2013Katy Walton
2012Melanie Hudson
2011Nina Mason
2010Nina Mason
2009Jan Young
2008Fiona Shenton
2007Jane Nathan
2006Wendy Rowell
2005Susan Davis
2004Donna James
2003Fiona Shenton
2002Fiona Shenton
2001Fiona Shenton
2000Fiona Shenton
1999Jackie Smith
1998Fiona Shenton
1997Lynn Laird
1996Christine Veide
Most Improved Male Runners
2016Gareth Pritchard
2015Neil Jennings
2014Lindsay Rodgers
2013Paul Pascoe
2012John Greathead
2011Peter Bell
2010Alister Robson
2009Shaun Roberts
2008Tom Reeves
2007Shaun Roberts
2006Dave Robson
Most Improved Female Runners
2016Tamsin Imber
2015Kelly Collier
2014Sally Hughes
2013Kirsty Anderson
2012Sue Jennings
2011Kathryn Sygrove
2010Zoe Evans
2009Kirsty Dykes
2008Angela Proctor
2007Jane Nathan
2006Janet Wynyard
Striders Community Award
2014Alister Robson