2018 Yearbook entry form

Please use the following form to submit a yearbook entry for 2018. To get an idea of the sort of thing we’re looking for look at the previous years’ entries.
Don’t make it too long!

  • The sort of things you might want to include/think about are:
  • Your proudest moments
  • Races you’ve enjoyed
  • Challenges you’ve overcome
  • Funny stories/reflections
  • Significant running achievements
  • Best Strider moments
  • Goals for 2019

Deadline date: 6 January 2019

Enter the entry you'd like to appear on the website below:

Yearbook Entry - Not more than 2000 characters


Please attach a photo if you can (just one please). It makes the entry look so much better. Maximum size for photo 3MB.

If you have any comments information you'd like to tell us about that you don't want in your entry itself, let us know below:

You will shortly receive an acknowledgement.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the form, please email Dougie or Anita at:

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