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Elvet Striders summer night out, Saturday, August 18, 2018

Tim Skelton

Bonjour from the other side of the pond …

Saturday 18th August (THIS SATURDAY) is this summer’s Elvet Striders night out at 7pm onwards.

I have booked a VIP area to start with in the Library, (formerly Varsity) (photos below).

Address: 46 Saddler Street, Durham, DH1 3NU

This is a social event. New and old members are openly invited. We don’t expect everyone to know everyone. The point is to turn up to a safe place and chat and get to know like minded people…..but also get to know the person behind the name/vest.

Dress code is whatever you want. Casual most likely. Students are away so it will be nice and quiet I think.

As you enter the pub, we have a VIP area straight away on the right up 2 steps. I’ve booked this for the purple army.

See below for photos of the pub front and our VIP area highlighted in yellow.

I hope to see you there from 7pm. They do food there if needed I think.

If we decide to move on en masse we can. But the point is to natter.

I will have Facebook and messenger. Get in touch via that if you are not sure or have any questions.

In mud, track and tarmac,

Social Secretary

Durham City Run 10k, Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Sprint Champion Race - click flag for more information. 10k

Stephen Jackson – Winner of Durham City Run 10k 2018 [Photo Credit: Camilla Lauren-Määttä]
posbibtimenamegendergender posclassclass poschip timechip pos
1320533:36Stephen JACKSONMale110K-MS133:361
16287038:12Michael LITTLEWOODMale1610K-M40438:1216
22250538:50Georgie HEBDONMale2110K-MS1238:4722
37300739:36Sam RENWICKMale3610K-MS1939:3336
42261439:53Stuart SCOTTMale4110K-MS2439:4641
48263840:16Barrie KIRTLEYMale4710K-MS2940:1348
56238640:38Matt ARCHERMale5510K-MS3340:3556
71370441:16Stuart ORDMale7010K-MS4241:1070
78201341:37Allan RENWICKMale7510K-M45941:3178
90259042:11Emma THOMPSONFemale410K-FS342:0388
105216843:12Alex WITTYMale9910K-MS6043:08112
123362443:42Nik CORTONMale11710K-M501043:36125
127339743:58David HOLCROFTMale12110K-MS7043:50134
151352644:46Terry ROBERTSONMale14410K-MS8144:31149
171325645:41Stephen WINSHIPMale16410K-M501645:22177
176370845:45Mark PAYNEMale16910K-MS9445:28180
198219246:35Davey LUMSDONMale18910K-M502046:25218
205282646:41Peter BURROWSMale19610K-M502146:35224
228309747:16Simon DOBSONMale21410K-M452746:35222
238333447:28Katy WALTONFemale1510K-FS1047:19267
241289747:28Fiona JONESFemale1710K-F40447:20268
249304747:34Richard HOCKINMale23110K-M65147:23270
258203447:42Jonathan HAMILLMale23910K-M404647:36284
271381447:58Helen TONESFemale2110K-F40647:27274
273398247:59Sarah DAVIESFemale2210K-F50147:51297
291312648:31Robert ALLFREEMale26410K-M404847:41289
292308948:32Ian BUTLERMale26510K-M551047:06255
304215448:50Andrew DAVIESMale27610K-M404948:32317
327368149:26Chris SHEARSMITHMale29210K-M405549:12366
341201449:37Natalie BELLFemale4210K-FS2648:41327
347220149:47Doug JARDINEMale30510K-M405648:38322
358239350:01Philip CONNORMale31410K-MS16349:33387
361343350:04Mandy DAWSONFemale4510K-F50249:20373
367205850:08Peter HARTMale32110K-M405849:07360
369254050:09Susan SCOTTFemale4710K-F401249:41399
381380450:23David BROWBANKMale33410K-MS17048:50337
423255051:17Trevor CHAYTORMale36710K-M551650:48458
454273651:42Nina MASONFemale6010K-F401551:12476
469378351:58Jon TURNERMale40210K-MS20050:32442
473301052:10Fiona SHENTONFemale6910K-F55351:09475
483255152:24Robin LINTONMale41210K-MS20651:49512
493273852:32Jean BRADLEYFemale7410K-F60252:25556
529256553:09Kim BENNETTFemale8710K-F451252:25555
545350953:30Matthew CARRMale45210K-M408352:39572
560205553:54Mark FOSTERMale46110K-M408651:51514
563222753:54Chris EDWARDSMale46310K-MS22952:20547
573218154:06Sally THOMPSONFemale10510K-FS6352:13539
584298254:19Alex BROWNMale47410K-M457352:47580
595226654:34Craig WALKERMale48210K-M552053:08607
597340554:35Vaughn WILLIAMSMale48410K-MS23953:17616
599353254:36Karen BYNGFemale11410K-F451552:07529
626343455:00Jack FRADGLEYMale50710K-MS25253:35642
672404555:38Matthew ROYLEMale53810K-MS26254:06671
676369355:42Tom CROOKESMale54010K-MS26355:16751
679209155:43Sarah FAWCETTFemale13810K-F55554:30692
685223555:46Colin DEANMale54510K-M552653:03601
735263656:40Letitia CHAPMAN-WARDFemale159 10K-FS91 55:57804
747366256:50Lisa SAMPLEFemale16210K-FS9355:48793
748311356:51Neil GARTHWAITEMale58610K-M459154:35699
751296156:55John THOMPSONMale58810K-M459255:41780
758204456:58Lee STEPHENSONMale59310K-M459355:25765
771395457:06Sue GARDHAMFemale16910K-F402955:29769
772272957:06Clare WOODFemale17010K-F403055:29770
829313257:56Adam BENTMale63510K-M60955:49796
851309958:11Angela DIXONFemale20310K-F403856:28846
852255858:12Kimberley WILSONFemale20410K-FS11257:37927
854240758:14Helen PARKERFemale20510K-F403955:00727
867214558:28Richard JACKSONMale65910K-M65757:58958
881223858:44Jenny SEARCHFemale21510K-F404056:21838
885336158:45Matthew DAVIDMale66910K-M507356:52883
929364159:19Lindsay RODGERSMale68810K-M507858:11974
941407459:30Marita GRIMWOODFemale24610K-F454356:12826
947293759:36Lesley HAMILLFemale25110K-F454457:00889
97737401:00:07Wendy LITTLEWOODFemale26610K-F404959:481080
99220751:00:25Stephen LUMSDONMale72110K-M4511257:45941
100420561:00:35Rebecca BLACKWOODFemale27710K-FS15258:12976
102337621:00:46Jane DOWSETTFemale28510K-F501658:17985
104230791:01:02Heather RAISTRICKFemale29510K-F55958:381011
104537231:01:05Nicola DORRICOTTFemale29810K-F501959:281062
106237561:01:25Tim MATTHEWSMale75610K-M554459:171051
107026811:01:36Kelly GUYFemale31010K-FS1651:00:481121
111322451:02:25Philip TODDMale78210K-M4511958:571028
111835041:02:32Becks LIPPEFemale33510K-F45571:00:221102
113422001:02:48Catherine WALKERFemale34610K-F6041:01:161155
114140391:02:56Steph GREENWELLFemale34810K-FS1821:00:321106
120630451:04:23Andrew MUNROMale81510K-M451231:01:411178
120824201:04:26Lynne WAUGHFemale39210K-F40711:02:461240
121521731:04:36Andrew THURSTONMale82010K-M60211:02:291228
121924211:04:40Kirsty NELSONFemale39810K-F45661:02:001193
127738911:05:55Zoe DEWDNEYPARSONSFemale43510K-FS2241:02:55 1252
133021841:06:55Susan WALKERFemale46710K-F6061:04:131311
133535651:07:10Maria DIMOVA-COOKSONFemale47010K-F50441:04:231315
137824771:08:27David RUSHTONMale88310K-M451351:05:141350
143225171:10:02Emma CUMPSONFemale53310K-F40931:06:491403
143822541:10:17Mike PARKERMale90010K-M401471:07:451433
145126911:10:51Angela PHILIPSFemale54510K-F50541:08:101452
145820091:10:59Carol HOLGATEFemale55110K-F45971:08:171460
146721251:11:12Kathleen BELLAMYFemale55810K-F40981:09:061494
151421431:12:30Sharon PATTISONFemale59210K-F401021:09:491519
151522981:12:30Sandra GREENERFemale59310K-F451071:09:481518
160126151:15:14Alan SMITHMale94110K-M7041:12:301600
161034431:15:47James POTTERMale94510K-MS4331:12:211595
165022211:16:44Angela COWELLFemale69410K-FS3341:13:101624
169534801:18:49Sophie DENNISFemale73010K-FS3571:17:221717
173634471:21:16Claire GALLOWAYFemale75910K-FS3701:17:401722
175027611:22:22Bev WALKERFemale77110K-F55291:19:461753
176334261:23:25Louise BARROWFemale78110K-FS3861:20:001756

Website Updates, Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Elvet Striders Track and Field athletes continue to make and break club records. Keep an eye on the club-records page to see who has been breaking what. And if you can beat it, correct it, or comment on it, let us know via the form at the bottom of the records page, or e-mail the website officers.

Thanks to Geoff Watson and the people he pestered for digging out the historic results for the Durham Three Peaks. Where the checkpoint times have been available I’ve published that too and it can be quite addictive sorting the table by the various checkpoints to see individual tactics. It’s the sort of race where anyone can go for that stage win.

If I’m right, the results and flyer from the July 1996 event is now our oldest website report. Although despite constant nagging, Barrie Evans has still not sent in his race report for the Two Oceans from 1990. It’s never too late to send in a race report.


LGBT Running Festival 5K, Friday, July 20, 2018

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Sprint Champion Race - click flag for more information.

posbibnamecatcat posage catage cat poschip timefinish timebehind leader
6699Gareth PritchardM630-39400:17:2400:17:28+00:01:34
10643Michael John LittlewoodM1040-49100:18:0900:18:13+00:02:19
12158Phil RayM1230-39800:18:1800:18:23+00:02:28
31142Mike BarlowM2940-49700:19:5100:19:56+00:04:01
94164Katy WaltonM8330-393800:22:2800:22:36+00:06:38
129154Peter HartM11040-493700:23:3100:23:40+00:07:41
132160Matt CarrM11240-493800:23:2900:23:42+00:07:39
145159Anna SeeleyF2530-391700:24:0000:24:09+00:08:10
198141Stephanie BarlowF5040-491600:25:3000:25:39+00:09:40
259145Jean BradleyF8160-69100:27:1700:27:27+00:11:27
289735Catherine SmiF10240-494000:27:2600:28:12+00:11:36
324165Lynne WaughF12740-495200:28:4400:29:19+00:12:54
327147Emma CumpsonF12940-495400:28:5600:29:31+00:13:06
385150Jane DowsettF16850-591800:30:4400:31:14+00:14:54
433157Mike ParkerM23140-497100:32:0800:32:38+00:16:18
434644Wendy LittlewoodF20340-498800:32:0800:32:38+00:16:18
445146Anita ClementsonF21240-499300:31:4700:33:04+00:15:57
475143Kerry BarnettF23640-4910200:32:5800:34:14+00:17:08
484144Katharine BartlettF24350-593300:33:2100:34:37+00:17:31
556152Claire GallowayF30130-399400:36:1000:36:59+00:20:20
580155Derek Michael IslesM25850-594700:36:5400:38:09+00:21:04
585149Sophie DennisF32530-3910300:37:3800:38:28+00:21:48
623163Bev WalkerF35150-595500:38:5900:40:15+00:23:09
624161Diane SoulsbyF35250-595600:38:5900:40:15+00:23:09
654151Mike ElliottM27570-79200:42:4200:43:32+00:26:52

Willow Miner Trail Race, Houghall Woods and Low Burnhall, Wednesday, July 11, 2018

5.6 miles

Sowerby Bridge Snails Running Club

BibFirst NameLast NameCatClubTimePos Cat PosCat Winners
140StephenJacksonMSENElvet Striders32.1111MSEN + race winner
98RoryWoodsMSENDurham City Harriers & AC32.44222MSEN
54MichaelMasonMVET40Elvet Striders34.11311MV40
122MarkWarnerMSENElvet Striders35.02433MSEN
109IanPickettMVET40Tyne Bridge Harriers35.23522MV40
27MichaelLittlewoodMVET40Elvet Striders35.41633MV40
156ChrisDwyerMSENSunderland Strollers36.0174
82GaryThwaitesMVET40Sedgefield Harriers36.3384
42Stuart Scott MSENElvet Striders37.11051st strider not in cat
178David.WalkerWalkerMVET50Sedgefield Harriers38.021111MV50
40NickNewbyMVET40Birtley AC38.16126
13Jack LeeMSENElvet Striders39.03136
97LisaShortFVET40Birtley AC39.181411FV40 + first female
71AllanRenwickMVET40Elvet Striders39.46157
136GeoffHewitsonMVET60Crook & District AC40.151611MV60
30RuthDadswellFVET40Birtley AC40.241722FV40
85James ConwayMSEN40.28187
49AndrewSugdenMVET40New Marske Harriers AC40.54198
29BrianBailesMVET50Birtley AC41.142022MV50
105GaryHargraveMVET50Sunderland Strollers41.152133MV50
138Simon Dobson MVET40Elvet Striders41.39229
120JuanCorbacho AntonMSENElvet Striders42.09238
57DaleWilkinsonMVET50Sunderland Strollers42.25254
99MeghanMcCarthyFSENDurham Fell Runners43.212622FSEN
1AnnaBasuFVET40Elvet Striders43.282733FV40 + 1st female strider
102Kevin Doherty MVET40Sunderland Strollers43.412810
83IanButlerMVET50Elvet Striders44.22295
93RachaelPerowneFVET40Tyne Bridge Harriers45.36324
73PavlosFarangitakisMSENElvet Striders45.443311
69Paul Agnew MVET40Birtley AC45.453411
7NatalieBellFSENElvet Striders45.533541st elvet female not in cat
94SarahDaviesFVET50Elvet Striders45.593611FV50
87GillianWallaceFVET40South Shields Harriers & AC46.1375
84Katherine ConwayFSENWashington Running Club46.3385
50JordiSabate VillaretMVET50Elvet Striders46.42396
55Trevor Chaytor MVET50Elvet Striders47.19417
16NelliBalaFSENElvet Striders47.26426
12BobGrattonMVET50Elvet Striders47.29438
15Janice Kelly FVET4048.09456
41StephanieYoungFVET50Birtley AC48.144633FV50
117Judith Shotton FVET50Sunderland Harriers & AC48.25474
91MichelleO’NeillFVET50Sunderland Strollers48.29485
79CherylStanleyFSENLow Fell Running Club48.34497
67AlexBrownMVET40Elvet Striders48.355012
143MaritaGrimwoodFVET40Elvet Striders48.38517
179MarieWalkerFVET50Sedgefield Harriers48.38526
43SallyRidingFVET50Birtley AC49.01537
46Michael RossMVET4049.055513
125Felicity Conlon FVET40Washington Running Club49.35578
129MchelleBaysFVET50South Shields Harriers & AC50588
159David White MVET70Durham City Harriers & AC50.025911MV70
100ChristineWoodsFVET60Durham City Harriers & AC50.036011FV60
39JohnCorcoranMVET50Sunderland Strollers50.06619
34KayDrummondFVET40Birtley AC50.07629
153KeithPenmanMVET50Washington Running Club50.176310
147ChrisClarkMVET40Washington Running Club50.386414
56NinaJensenFVET40Claremont Road Runners50.476510
35SarahFawcettFVET50Elvet Striders51.296710
18CarolynGalulaFVET40Elvet Striders51.376811
137KarenDaglish FVET40Saltwell Harriers51.426912
133LynneCarruthersFVET50Durham City Harriers & AC52.037011
154ElizabethLambFVET60Durham City Harriers & AC52.157122FV60
145AnthonyForsterMVET50Washington Running Club52.317211
168DebbieNOBLEFVET50Run Peterlee52.337312
68ClaireMumfordFVET40Birtley AC52.487413
115LynBrownFVET60Stocksfield Striders53.337833FV60
114IanBrownMVET60Tynedale Harriers & AC53.347922MV60
108AllisonBirdFVET50Sunderland Strollers53.358014
28JocelynWilkinsonFSENRun Peterlee54.018111
127TimMatthewsMVET50Elvet Striders54.098212
101Nicola CarrFVET40Sunderland Strollers54.368414
51StuartHENDERSON MVET50Run Peterlee54.578513
167ClaireClaire Woodroffe-SmithFVET40Sunderland Strollers558615
177ChristineHearmonFVET50Sedgefield Harriers55.068716
44AndrewMunro MVET40Elvet Striders56.18815
32AlanSmithMVET70Elvet Striders56.178922MV70
128AngiEffardFVET50South Shields Harriers & AC56.399017
135JeanetteHewitsonFVET50South Shields Harriers & AC56.399118
62RebeccaTalbotFVET40Elvet Striders57.359216
134CatherinePolleyFVET40Sunderland Strollers58.479417
96JillConnollyFVET50Sunderland Strollers59.179620
106DenisHargraveMVET70Sunderland Strollers59.399733MV70
111AndrewSwanstonMVET50Saltwell Harriers59.449814
119JoanneWollastonFVET40Saltwell Harriers59.449918
150CarolGreenFVET40Washington Running Club60.0610019
149LauraKennedyFVET50Washington Running Club60.1410121
141LouiseArmstrong FSEN60.2810212
152GeorgeCawkwellMVET70Crook & District AC60.451034
72JudithPorterFVET60Aycliffe Running Club61.091044
107KirstyWiltonFVET40Sunderland Strollers62.1110520
166ZoÕ‰JamesonFVET40Sunderland Strollers64.4610621
89SueCuthbertsonFVET50Sunderland Strollers64.5210722
74BrianJohnstonMVET60Sunderland Strollers65.1710833MV60
47Anne-MarieFisherFSENElvet Striders65.2110913
61DanielleWhitworthFSENSowerby Bridge Snails RC65.511014
70AnneMolloyFVET60Sowerby Bridge Snails RC65.51115
75Sandra PinderFVET50Sowerby Bridge Snails RC65.511223
162EllenPinderFSENSowerby Bridge Snails RC65.511315
80KathleenBellamyFVET40Elvet Striders68.311422
65CarolWhitworthFVET50Sowerby Bridge Snails RC85.4611524
121PamMcGheeFVET60Sowerby Bridge Snails RC85.461166

Comrades Marathon, Pietermaritzburg to Durban, South Africa, Sunday, June 10, 2018

90 kms [DOWN run]

Dougie Nisbet

Three days before Comrades I nipped into the Expo to collect my number. They make you feel special as an international runner with a special fasttrack queue that takes out much of the stress, and quite possibly, some of the fun. This left me plenty time to search for the Ethembeni School amongst the maze of stalls sprawling through the exhibition centre. I approached hesitantly, with my 4 carrier bags stuffed with pre-loved, hated-at-first-sight, and oh-not-another-tech-tee from years of racing around Durham and beyond. I’d been putting them to one side for a long time now, not really thinking through how I’d squash them into my luggage for the long trip to Durban. But squashed in they had been, and now I was a bit nervous. Perhaps the school didn’t have any crushing desire for a Durham City 10K t-shirt, or a Mad Dog 10K, or Blackpool Marathon, and would be shortly making that clear to me. But no. Apparently according to the nice lady I spoke to, they were all ‘awesome’. I was relieved as I had no plan ‘B’ if they were not wanted. After Comrades we were going onto Botswana where we had a strict luggage limit and I had visions of having to furtively find a place to lose several years of surplus running vests.

Two days before Comrades found us on the bus tour again. The Down Run this year. On a hot bus with a broken PA but this didn’t dampen the spirits of our hosts. Both Comrades runners, full of experience and enthusiasm. Once again we stopped at Ethembeni School for an impromptu concert.

Concert at the Ethembeni School

The school is a wonderful place. A facility for kids with disabilities, including albinism, which can still result in them being stigmatised. The school has built up a rapport with Comrades over the years and particularly international runners. As the school principal candidly pointed out, the school enjoys donations and publicity the envy of its neighbours, simply because it’s on the Comrades race route.

Stopping for a photo breather during the Durban parkrunThe day before Comrades and it had to be the Durban parkrun. A carnival of controlled chaos with the bus drivers rehearsing their moves and runners doing their final kit checks. Despite having 2273 runners the organisers do an amazing job of running a tight ship. Should you wish to run it hard, the opportunity was there to do so. But for most people it was a jog along the seafront enjoying the spectacle and singing of the following day’s buses.

The night before Comrades we stayed at the Golden Horse casino in Pietermaritzbug. Last year it had been at the end of the race and had been surprisingly peaceful. This year, it was a much busier affair and not a lot of fun. A packed and cramped coach took us from Durban to the hotel where eventually we got checked in, were handed a free bottle of Energade, then queued in the restaurant for dinner. Our booking hadn’t been cheap and we were not too impressed with things so far. The night was short, and noisy. They seemed to be re-living the car-chase scenes from Grease in the carpark outside our room. Still, as we were up at 2AM there were not too many hours in which to be kept awake.

After breakfast I sat on the coach waiting for the avoidably late departure of the coach to the start. I’d have been better walking, and sat looking out of the coach window watching many people easily overtake the coach as they strolled to the Start. Eventually we were tufted out with not as much time to spare as I would have liked, and I went looking for the baggage bus. That was pretty amazing. I managed to extract myself from the crush without breaking anything, had a brief and hopefully forgettable detour via a portable toilet, then tried to find my starting pen. Time was counting down and there was a hellish crush at the entrance. The poor marshall tasked with policing the gate suddenly found herself forced back as the force of runners made a final push into the pen. It was pretty nasty. For many seconds I had no control over my movements; the marshall retreated to the side for her own safety and I was propelled forward into the pen by the mass of people behind me. I staggered into the pen, ducked to the side and got myself somewhere safe-ish. This was unpleasant stuff. My sunglasses had been smashed in the crush which had a surprisingly bad psychological effect on me. I’d had a bad night, and with just half an hour to the beginning of this iconic race I stood crushed in abject misery and grumpiness. All in all, I thought, this is a bit shit.

The ropes between the pens were dropped, and there was a lurch as the pens began to merge. Then there were a few moments of calm. Then over the PA it was announced that the national anthem would be played. I think they do actually play it over the PA – not that it matters. This was one of the many stranger-in-a-strange-land goose-bump moments that you experience in Comrades as an international runner. Proper singing. None of your Oggy Oggy Oggy crap here.

After the power of the national anthem came the mellowness of the Shosholoza, then a palpable expectant pause before the first notes of Chariots of Fire blasted out over the PA. I’m not a huge fan of this song, preferring Mr Bean’s 2012 Olympic variations over the cheesy original, but hey, when it’s 0530AM and dark and cold in Pietermaritzburg and you’re surrounded by thousands of fellow Comrades runners, suddenly it doesn’t seem cheesy at all. In a space of a few minutes my mood had changed. My tetchiness had been replaced by mellowness, and I wondered with interest how the long day ahead would play out. The cock crowed but I noticed some of the old-hands didn’t start their watches until the starting gun sounded a few seconds later.

Nothing much happened for a bit (although with the race being gun-to-mat – the clock had started ticking) but before long we all started shuffling forward. After the chaotic crush of getting into the pen, things were now quite calm and civilised. Perhaps it was all that singing. It was still dark and cold and I was wearing my long-sleeved Striders top. The one I’d never liked that flared out like a maternity dress but at my waist. After a few miles when things were feeling a bit warmer but still dark I lobbed it at one of the collection points at the roadside only for it to whack into the face of a volunteer who’d turned in response to my shout. I’m never going to stop feeling bad about that and it’s probably best not to think about where my old Strider top is now …

Slowly the light came up, and the sun rose over KwaZulu-Natal. It wasn’t forecast to be a hot day and running conditions were pretty nice. I wasn’t sure how race-day would play out but for the moment I was on my race plan and feeling fine.

Sunrise over KwaZulu-Natal

This year my main objective was to get the back-to-back medal, a medal only available to novices who successfully complete their first two Comrades in successive years. An up run followed by a down run, or vice versa.  I was pretty confident of achieving this goal, but my secondary goal was to get a sub-11 hour Comrades. I thought it was do-able. I’d done a lot of core Strength-and-Conditioning training and was generally fitter and lighter than 2017. I wasn’t complacent though. I knew it’d still be hard. I’d been reading Matt Fitzgerald’s “How bad do you want it” (worth getting for his account of the 1989 Fignon/LeMond Tour de France finale alone) and he warns that one of the main mistakes athletes make as their form improves is to assume that a race will be less tough. So I was ready for that one. As the day wound on I kept clear of the buses as their pacing seemed bonkers. I’d already passed, and been passed by, two different 12 hour buses and didn’t care for their pacing strategy. Too fast, too early.

Your number says a lot about you in Comrades and mine had two red vertical bands indicating that I was going for the back-to-back. It was a strange club and occasionally I’d make eye-contact with other back-to-back runners and exchange a brief acknowledgement. An unspoken communication that we were all there for the same reason.

The sun crossed the sky and on the long steep descents I was grateful for my S&C training as it allowed me to continue running with form where many others were now walking. On the long descent of Fields Hill within the last 30 km I edged past an 11:30 bus that was going for a walk-jog strategy, and kept my rhythm going. I knew things weren’t right though. I was feeling too fatigued too early. I knew that Comrades comprises a long, tough, steady end-game where your muscles are fatigued, but if all is well, your form, rhythm and breathing is retained. And I could sense that I was on the wrong side of the envelope.

An 11 hour Comrades is an average pace of 7:19 a km. As much as an average means anything in this race. You’re lucky if more than a few kilometres of the race are level, which is one of the things that makes it such a hard event. I tried to run as steadily and cautiously as possible but I could sense that I didn’t have the stamina I expected and that it was going to be a pretty rough old day.  With 8km to go my Garmin showed that I was edging tantalisingly close to the psychologically magic pace of 7:19 and I tried to lift the pace a fraction. But just as it was looking like it was going to happen, we hit a long, draining climb into the suburbs of Durban, and it was game over.

I crashed and burned on this hill and at the drinks table at the top I knew the Bronze was not going to happen. This wasn’t a minor setback that I could recover from. My form had gone. My breathing was ragged. My rhythm was terrible. I wasn’t going to come back from this. The remainder of the race was simple damage limitation. Walking and jogging inelegantly into the Moses Mabhida Stadium and looking for the finish. With just 8km to go of this 90km race I could almost touch my target pace but by the final reckoning I wasn’t even close. The gantry clock showed 11:15 and a few seconds.

I crossed the line with mixed emotions. Part elation, part disappointment. Medals appeared and it felt good to be wearing two medals, the Finisher and the Back-To-Back. It’d have felt even better if one of these had been the bronze but that’s something I’ll have to get used to.

Sitting in the international section of the stand I peered over to the finish line as the 12 hour countdown grew near. I was struggling with two intense emotional reactions, one of which was completely unexpected. I hadn’t got the bronze, and I thought I’d been capable of it. I clearly wanted it more badly than I realised.

The Back-to-Back medalI puzzled over this. Perhaps it was because this is my first race for a very long time that hasn’t gone to plan. I’m much better at running even or negative splits, very disciplined, and it’s been a long time since I’ve ran a bad race. And this had been a bad race.

Suddenly a commotion from the crowd snapped me out of my despondency and with the seconds counting down  a runner appeared on the finish straight being physically supported by two other runners. The crowd were on their feet and cheering them on, but there’s always one grumpy pedant who doesn’t join in and share the spirit of the moment. I leaned towards Roberta and whispered, “That’s against the rules you know. You must be unsupported”. Perhaps they heard, as I saw an official approach the runner, who dropped to his knees and crawled the last few metres, unsupported, over the line.

I settled back into my despondency and tried to unpick my race. What had gone wrong? Too much training? Too little? Too much beer? Too little? Taper too long? Short? It was difficult to shake of the feeling of unfairness and injustice. But it wouldn’t be racing if there was no risk, if everything was predictable. It would be pointless. And there’s a certain morbid fascination of going over a big race that has gone unexpectedly wrong and mulling over the possible reasons.

I thought of those few seconds that had taken me over 11:15 and could see they would have easily been eaten up by all that high-fiving of the kids as I weaved by the Ethembeni School. But I can live with that. I told myself to stop being an arse. The name Ethembeni means “Place of Hope” and their school motto Phila Ufunde means “Live and Learn”. Wise words. They’ll do for me.

Club Handicap, Wednesday, June 27, 2018

PosNameGroupFinish TimeActual Time
1Karen ByngG53.1140.41
2David OxladeH53.4638.46
3Mike BennettH53.5538.55
4Jon TurnerH54.0239.02
5Wendy LittlewoodE54.0646.36
6Lesley HamillG54.1941.49
7Jonathan HamillH54.3239.32
8Stephen JacksonM55.0327.33
9Heather RaistrickE55.0747.37
10Debra ThompsonE55.2747.57
11Kirsty NelsonE55.3048.00
12Nelli BalaG55.3943.09
13Letitia Chapman-WardD55.3950.39
14Sue WalkerD55.4050.40
15Natalie BellI55.4338.13
16Carolyn GalulaF56.0846.08
17Terry RoberstonJ56.2736.27
18Peter HartI56.3739.07
19Craig ThorntonJ56.4436.44
20Conrad WhiteJ56.5436.54
21Becks LippeI56.5439.24
22Lisa SampleG57.0344.33
23Lee StephensonH57.0542.05
24Steve EllisH57.1642.16
25Chris ShearsmithI57.2439.54
26Matt DavidH57.2442.24
27Michael LittlewoodM57.2529.55
28Mark WarnerM57.2729.27
29Alison SmithE57.2949.59
30Sharon PattisonC57.3755.07
31Carol HolgateC57.3755.07
32Steph GreenwellC57.3755.07
33Stephen LumsdonG57.4345.13
34Lizzie WallaceI58.0240.32
35John ThompsonH58.1143.11
36Neil GarthwaiteI58.1240.42
37Georgie HebdonM58.1630.46
38Corrine WhalingI58.3041.00
39Karen ChalkleyD58.3253.32
40Alex BrownI58.3541.05
41Matthew CarrI58.4741.17
42Danielle GlasseyG58.5846.28
43Fiona JonesG58.5846.28
44Barrie KirtleyM59.0631.36
45Dan MitchellK59.0836.38
46Mick DavisK59.1436.44
47Lynne WaughF59.1748.17
48Juan C. AntonL59.4034.40
49David HolcroftL59.4034.40
50Gareth PritchardL59.4134.41
51Andrew ThurstonF60.0450.04
52Peter BellJ60.5740.57
53Andrew DaviesK61.3239.02
54Sophie DennisE61.5954.29
55James LeeM62.2134.51
56Rachel ToppingB63.2363.23
57Angela CowellB63.2463.24
58Bob GrattonK63.3941.09
59Jan YoungB64.0664.06
60Angela GreatheadD1 lap – 31.0026.00
61Emma CumpsonF1 lap – 35.0725.07
62John GreatheadH1 lap – 36.4821.48

DKMS Charity Relays, Aykley Heads, Durham, Saturday, June 23, 2018

24 hours

Clear skies and fine weather made for a great weekend of running round Aykley Heads. Unsung heroes saw the sun set and sun rise over Durham as they saw the event through from set up to strike down. 24 hours, and then some.

Shaun and Ros were there to open and close the event. I missed the start (I’d forgotten how steep that hill is up from Durham on a bike) so don’t have any photos of the beginning of the event. If you have any photos you’d like to add to the gallery below please get in touch.

Jonathan writes:

“We had everything in place and were primed for the start.  I was going to lead the first lap in my DKMS shirt and we realised we needed a baton.  Thanks to the quick thinking of our President, David Shipman, a frog (fly-swatter) was produced from his camper van which we kept going every minute of the 24-hour period.  We tweeted updates every 250km run and we hoped to exceed 1500km and were delighted to hit 1725km but more importantly, to finish with Shaun leading the charge on the final lap – with an impressive sprint finish. We often say we are proud to be purple (our club colours) and this weekend was no exception.

We took a total of £1110 in cash donations. In addition Abbey’s Angels have paid £95 direct to DKMS.  Jan and Tony Young who provided endless cups of tea and coffee (and cake!) over the 24-hour period also raised £86 in sponsorship (plus Gift Aid).  The Just Giving campaign page is heading nicely towards £500 plus Gift Aid, so we should raise at least £1 for every km run! “

Some statistics (H/T Angela):

112 people ran
Total of 345 laps run (1,725 km)

Teams with most laps
1) Waldridge Warriers completed 67 laps
2) Long Slow Run Sunday completed 36 laps
3) Sisters with Blisters completed 31 laps
4) Abbey Angels completed 15 laps
5) Durham City Harriers completed 9 laps
6) Farmer Maggot and his/her Turnip completed 2 laps.