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Mermaid 10K
Pier to Pier
Tynedale 10K
Sunderland 5K
Coxhoe 10K

Pier to Pier, South Shields to Roker, Sunday, May 14, 2017

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1354Abraham TeweldemMenSaltwell Harriers 38:18
61607Natalie BateywWomenDerwent Valley RC 47:17
6326Gareth PritchardmMenElvet Striders40:14
17487Michael LittlewoodmSeniors M40Elvet Striders42:59
20523Chris CallanmMenElvet Striders43:41
152502Fiona JoneswSeniors W40Elvet Striders52:06
162306Louise WarnerwWomenElvet Striders52:24
169101Helen ToneswSeniors W40Elvet Striders52:37
2341067Graeme WaltonmSeniors M40Elvet Striders54:30
27740Jonathan HamillmSeniors M40Elvet Striders55:59
289605Melanie HudsonwWomenElvet Striders56:14
2921131Dougie NisbetmSeniors M50Elvet Striders56:19
303124Andrew DaviesmSeniors M40Elvet Striders56:33
32814Craig WalkermSeniors M50Elvet Striders57:13
33799Rachelle MasonwWomenElvet Striders57:36
358838Jean BradleywSeniors W60Elvet Striders58:21
361147Robin LintonmMenElvet Striders58:25
374102David BrowbankmMenElvet Striders59:03
381150Helen ParkerwSeniors W40Elvet Striders59:20
382134Lynne StobartwWomenElvet Striders59:20
404504Chris ShearsmithmMenElvet Striders59:52
422203Sue GardhamwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:00:25
43854Karen ByngwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:00:59
447604Dave RobsonmSeniors M60Elvet Striders1:01:13
463836Kate ThompsonwWomenElvet Striders1:01:33
4741168Victoria BrownwWomenElvet Striders1:01:53
528520Stephen EllismSeniors M60Elvet Striders1:03:03
529432Andrew MunromSeniors M40Elvet Striders1:03:03
53857Anita WrightwSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:03:11
556820Lesley CharmanwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:03:26
558300Karin YoungerwSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:03:29
559471Anna SeeleywWomenElvet Striders1:03:29
563325Catherine SmithwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:03:34
56574Joanne PattersonwWomenElvet Striders1:03:36
56860Mike ParkermSeniors M40Elvet Striders1:03:41
603619Jill RudkinwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:04:57
6121026James PottermMenElvet Striders1:05:18
616728Jim NicholsonmSeniors M70Elvet Striders1:05:21
623956Katie-Louise FinneywWomenElvet Striders1:05:27
624505Victoria JacksonwWomenElvet Striders1:05:28
626439Andrew ThurstonmSeniors M50Elvet Striders1:05:34
68919Alan ScottmSeniors M50Elvet Striders1:07:09
70315Catherine WalkerwSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:07:44
70628Debra ThompsonwSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:07:49
72162Rachel TurnerwWomenElvet Striders1:08:14
723483Peter HartmSeniors M40Elvet Striders1:08:22
729108Angela RobsonwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:08:30
749489Wendy LittlewoodwWomenElvet Striders1:09:02
769393Alison HeslopwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:09:42
770677Fiona WoodwWomenElvet Striders1:09:43
771929Jill YoungwWomenElvet Striders1:09:43
7731083Kirsten FenwickwWomenElvet Striders1:09:47
80382Jane DowsettwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:10:43
80417Aileen ScottwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:10:47
817474Helen ThomaswSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:11:04
821898Karen MetterswSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:11:06
854977Louise BarrowwWomenElvet Striders1:12:14
9161161Christine FarnsworthwSeniors W60Elvet Striders1:13:32
922519Janet ElliswSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:13:45
973207Helen HackettwSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:15:38
9761138Katie DavisonwWomenElvet Striders1:15:47
1019747Gillian GreenwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:18:01
10201158Rebecca GilmorewWomenElvet Striders1:18:02
1022572Sharon CampbellwWomenElvet Striders1:18:06
1025578Neil JenningsmSeniors M50Elvet Striders1:18:13
1027333Diane SoulsbywSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:18:28
1054839Kerry BarnettwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:20:13
1056848Laura GibsonwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:20:18
1058846Natalie JohnsonwWomenElvet Striders1:20:22
10611174Rachel TothwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:20:45
1065729Caitlin MooneywWomenElvet Striders1:21:03
109497Pauline ElliottwSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:23:08
1128320Helen LintonwSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:27:03
1149934Mike ElliottmSeniors M70Elvet Striders1:31:46
1160579Elaine JenningswSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:36:08
1161585Rachel Leigh-FirbankwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:36:08
1169219Laura JacksonwWomenElvet Striders1:38:49

Sunderland 5K, Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Sprint Champion Race - click flag for more information.

Katy Walton

I had been looking forward to this race following my great experience in 2015. This race is a very fast 5k course. On this night the sun was out and the wind up slightly, but no conditions to make the pb seekers fear their results.

Ladies and M50’s were the first group of people to charge down the 1k hill at the very start of the race. Elbows all out hoping that you don’t trip.

Once reaching the bottom of the hill a crowd of spectators greeted the eager runners as they started their small lap of the park.

Clearly marked kilometre signs were positioned en route for those keeping to a set pace.

As you finished the first loop of the park you approach the supporters again, Simon, Allan, Graeme, Mark, Stephen and Gareth were shouting loudly. Next is a larger loop where runners do a loop of the lake, at this point the wind was certainly making its point in slowing me down.

A lady who I often race against at the NEMAA ran past me which bucked me up a bit, I knew I was on par with her so my new aim was to keep on her.

A little mistake I made last year was that I didn’t push on the winning ‘straight’ (I was unaware where the finish was) and this year I was determined not to repeat my mistake so I started to pick up my pace and give my all.

A nasty little incline on the finishing straight certainly finished each runner off nicely!

Excellent times from all Striders, Stephen Soulsby, Elaine Bisson, Louise Warner, Lesley Charman, Fiona Jones and Karen Byng, Louise Barrow, Catherine Smith and Victoria Stott.

In the second race Strider men running were Gareth Pritchard, Stephen Jackson, Mark Warner and Graeme Walton, all men gave their all as the vast group of runners flew down the hill causing a big draft of wind to hit the spectators. Fabulous runs from all.

This race is a brilliant, cheap local race which can be entered on the night and also an offering of a good chance of a pb. See you next year Sunderland 5k!!

Hartlepool Marina 5M, Sunday, April 3, 2016

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Pos Name Club Cat Catpos Time
1 Dominic Shaw New Marske Harriers Club 24:24
17 Rob Everson 28:11
27 Joasia Zakrzewski Durham City Harriers & AC 28:54
49 Jack Lee 30:03
179 Andrew Rayner 35:57
190 Michael Ross 36:10
204 Fiona Jones 36:51
281 David Spence 39:40
344 Peter Hart 42:38
444 Karen Chalkley 48:49
477 Kate Talbot 52:23

533 finishers

Dentdale Run, Dent, Cumbria, Saturday, March 12, 2016

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Sprint Champion Race - click flag for more information. 14 miles 379 yards

Penny Browell

A couple of years ago a friend of mine recommended I run the Dentdale race – “just your kind of thing” she said, so it was one that had been on my radar for a while. When I discovered I had a Saturday where I wasn’t needed for ferrying to children’s parties I elected to give it a go. It was a bit of a last minute decision and I had no thoughts on pace or race strategy – I decided I just wanted to enjoy it.

When I got to the pretty village of Dent I was happy to see a good number of Striders, discussing how many layers we needed and warning each other of the hills ahead. The race started at 1pm which caused me all sorts of quandaries with regards to eating. As we lined up to start I realised my stomach was already rumbling and asking for lunch but it was too late to do much about it. Whilst waiting for the gun I spotted a Swaledale runner who I knew was pretty speedy and has beaten me on a number of occasions but I’d just manage to squeeze past her at the Viking Chase last year so knew she was a good target for me. I decided to try and stick with her as far as I could.

Penny and Swaledale friend.
photo courtesy and © Andrew Thrippleton

The race starts with a deceptively speedy descent but before long the first of many climbs kicks in. I managed to tuck in behind my Swaledale friend and began to enjoy making my way through the beautiful countryside. The course is a kind of figure of 8 (without crossing at the centre) so at the half way mark I caught sight of my car in Dent. Much as I was enjoying the race I was beginning to tire and was aware of more hills approaching but I resisted the temptation to just jump in and drive home. Around this point my Swaledale friend slowed down to have a gel. I pulled up next to her and we chatted about other races we’ve done and plans for the future. After a couple of minutes she waved me on, saying she felt she’d started too fast. Not long before, one of the many fabulous local supporters had told us we were second and third ladies and I began to worry I too had gone off too fast.

photo courtesy and © Andrew Thrippleton

The second half includes one very long climb and then you get lulled into a false sense of security as you approach the half marathon point with a nice descent. The 13 mile marker hails a killer little hill and the last mile seemed to go on for ever. Eventually we were back in the village and the crowds were fantastic shouting us in so I managed a bit of a sprint finish (ish). I was delighted to see Gareth and Jack who had both had great runs and after a bit of refreshment we cheered in the other Striders.

All in all an absolutely beautiful, runnable yet challenging race and definitely one I’d recommend. My friend was right it was definitely my sort of thing and I hope to be back

Darlington 10K, Sunday, August 9, 2015

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Gareth Pritchard

This is what a PB looks like. Darlington 10k has to be one of my favourite races of the year without question, it’s fast, local, easy to enter and a very high standard to push everyone onto that all important PB. Last year this was a great race for me, I was in the best shape of my life and flew round in 35:45 which was still my 10k pb as I stood on the start line a year later with 51 fellow striders.

The number 1 strider support crew were in full force with Catherine Smith and Flip leading the cheers on the day, this is a real boost for races like this and a big help and greatly appreciated by all. They managed to capture some fantastic pictures and made the day even more special for us runners, so a big personal thank you from me.

I travelled down with 3 other fellow striders, parking up was easy and everything is very well organised. Good changing facilities, easy bag drop and central location for start/finish. Had a catch up with fellow striders then hit the road with speedy Rob and Simon for a good warm up. Not sure if its just me, but I felt a real buzz in the air, the weather was dry, no wind and the smell of PB was definitely in the air.

My running lately has really started to improve due massively to the input of my coach Allan who has invested his time and effort into my training. This is something as a club that we are really blessed with as Allan also successfully trains many striders like me in the club. After the London I knew my normal/typical running low was on the way and Allan’s 10k training program really helped boost my spirits with Darlington was my end goal.

I had a plan for this race which almost worked to perfection, the first 2 miles were the key for a chance at that PB. 10 sec below 35:45 pace for those first miles, next 3 trying to pick people off and really go for it to the end. So off we went and 5:47 average for first 2 miles, a great start. Time to start picking up the pace and chasing people down. The plan worked well but the course really is not that flat and you can see this clearly in the mile split times. The down hill sections do make up for it very well but it is still challenging at times. Running the course last year really helped, so i knew the finish was down hill and very fast, as you enter the shopping high street its really time to push hard for the line. I spent the whole race passing people and had a great battle with a Durham Harrier lad to the end and was a big buzz leaving him behind as I shot for the line.

Now I kept a eye on my splits so knew it would be close to a pb, but had no real idea of my time in that last mile or as I crossed the line. A very happy and big shock as I saw 35:30 on my watch and a massive sense of joy with another fantastic PB I really did not expect to get any time soon.

I was very shortly followed by rob everson @36:24 with another PB and showing great form over a distance that I know is hard for him. 49 striders were left to follow and all had a great run, comeback pb for coach Allan who somehow managed to fall towards the end and got spoiled rotten by the friendly first aid people after the race. Starting to learn this is standard for the coach and not his first trip .

PB runs also for Michael Littlewood @ 38:10, Catherine Elliott @ 48:44, Andrew Davies @48:26

Turning Darlington Purple. All showing great form and surpassing their tentative pre race predictions. Strong runs from Lesley Charman and Simon Gardner also, showing real running form at a tough distance.

So another strider GP race done and I must admit to a sly happy grin when the nameless GP point hunter was unable to show. This due to being on an amazing holiday and really no contest when you have to decide a holiday or a GP run.

Fantastic race and will definitely be here again next year.


position bib name club cat finish time chip time
1 1425 Marc Scott Richmond & Zetland Harriers Senior M 0:30:42 0:30:42
23 1344 Justina Heslop Elswick Harriers Vet Ladies 35-39 0:34:45 0:34:44
29 642 Gareth Pritchard Senior Men 0:35:32 0:35:30
44 1556 Rob Everson Senior Men 0:36:26 0:36:24
63 1965 Simon Gardner Vet Men 45-49 0:37:10 0:37:04
85 1039 Michael Littlewood Vet Men 40-44 0:38:13 0:38:11
221 1238 Paul Pascoe Vet Men 45-49 0:41:51 0:41:44
427 1240 Fiona Jones Vet Ladies 35-39 0:46:29 0:46:03
442 1097 Michael Ross Vet Men 40-44 0:46:41 0:45:56
457 1219 Greta Jones Vet Ladies 45-49 0:46:58 0:46:23
459 1281 Philip Connor Senior Men 0:46:58 0:46:43
465 1509 Danny Lim Senior Men 0:47:02 0:45:05
504 1557 Martin Welsh Vet Men 50-54 0:47:41 0:46:43
536 1224 Karen Jones Vet Ladies 45-49 0:48:14 0:47:39
569 887 Andrew Davies Senior Men 0:48:53 0:48:26
576 1640 Catherine Elliott Vet Ladies 35-39 0:49:00 0:48:44
587 199 David Spence Vet Men 65-69 0:49:10 0:48:11
611 1028 Lesley Charman Vet Ladies 40-44 0:49:35 0:48:48
622 1288 Richard Hall Vet Men 55-59 0:49:46 0:47:49
652 1205 Victoria Brown Senior Ladies 0:50:26 0:49:56
693 1642 Craig Elliott Senior Men 0:51:19 0:51:03
725 599 Katherine Preston Vet Ladies 45-49 0:51:56 0:51:10
786 626 Lindsay Rodgers Vet Men 45-49 0:53:01 0:52:15
805 1124 Stephen Ellis Vet Men 60-64 0:53:21 0:52:35
899 1011 Kate MacPherson Vet Ladies 40-44 0:55:01 0:54:15
1013 1053 Robin Linton Senior Men 0:57:19 0:55:06
1071 1364 Louise Hughes Vet Ladies 35-39 0:58:32 0:56:02
1077 1313 Rebecca Devine Senior Ladies 0:58:37 0:56:37
1104 1232 James Potter Senior Men 0:59:05 0:57:01
1170 1237 Angela Coates Vet Ladies 40-44 1:00:06 0:59:19
1195 1125 Janet Ellis Vet Ladies 50-54 1:00:45 0:59:49
1228 1559 Clare Metcalfe Senior Ladies 1:01:29 0:59:16
1260 920 Jill Young Senior Ladies 1:02:02 1:00:03
1278 1287 Helen Hall Vet Ladies 45-49 1:02:32 1:00:43
1307 342 Sophie Dennis Senior Ladies 1:03:29 1:01:40
1362 1030 Joanne Thompson Senior Ladies 1:05:09 1:04:13
1368 891 Laura Chapman Senior Ladies 1:05:20 1:04:24
1427 1245 Laura Gibson Vet Ladies 35-39 1:06:46 1:05:50
1473 894 Rebecca Embleton Vet Ladies 35-39 1:08:22 1:06:22
1491 1431 Lisa Hall Senior Ladies 1:09:28 1:07:29
1492 914 Neil Jennings Vet Men 50-54 1:09:28 1:07:29
1513 994 Joanne Richardson Vet Ladies 40-44 1:10:24 1:07:25
1514 1037 Mike Elliott Vet Men 65-69 1:10:25 1:07:26
1556 815 Alison Simms Vet Ladies 40-44 1:13:13 1:11:11
1563 905 Rachel Leigh-Firbank Vet Ladies 40-44 1:13:33 1:11:33
1606 2125 Rachel Wilcock Senior Ladies 1:19:25 1:17:24
1608 2112 Natalie Gillon Senior Ladies 1:19:36 1:17:34
1628 916 Rachel Toth Vet Ladies 40-44 1:24:29 1:22:27
1629 915 Elaine Jennings Vet Ladies 50-54 1:24:35 1:22:33
1630 444 Katharine Bartlett Vet Ladies 45-49 1:24:35 1:22:33
1634 2117 Kerry Ellis Vet Ladies 35-39 1:26:02 1:24:00
1635 2133 Donna Austin Vet Ladies 35-39 1:26:02 1:24:00
1636 628 Allan Seheult Vet Men 70-74 1:26:17 1:23:06

1649 finishers.

Angel View Run, Thursday, July 9, 2015

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Sprint Champion Race - click flag for more information. 5 miles

Graeme Walton

With GP points up for grabs and a desperate need to recapture some kind of form I decided to give this race a go. My fitness had dropped since my London Marathon experience due to injury and laziness – more of the latter to be fair.

Katy and I arrived in good time and met up with Conrad and Jan in the car park then off we went to pick up our race numbers. The race was billed as approx 6 miles long with the starter explaining the route at length before we set off: two loops plus an out and back section consisting of trail/grass/road including some steady climbs. A group photo was taken with Sarah and Robin, and then we were ready to tear up the course.

I wasn’t sure as we stood at the start line whether I had it in me to compete with Conrad, however as the race began the racing spirit soon kicked in. We soon headed up the first hill with Conrad speeding away from me. I felt decent enough as we made our way through the first lap without to much problem. At the end of the first lap there was a very tough climb where I got the chance to see the front runners on the way back down – they were absolutely flying, although it was downhill for them. At the far end of the out and back section I got a chance to see how far Conrad was in front of me – too far!! Coming back down the hill was heaven and then onto the second lap I started…

Hmmm… this is where it all went wrong: unfortunately a marshal on one of the points had sent the front runners the wrong way and so had little choice than to send the rest of field the same way. Image my surprise when my race was over after only 3.8 miles!! Maybe if you look on the results it will read that I ran approx 10k in under 28 minutes???? – I guess not. No harm done though; as far as every one was concerned it was an honest mistake that could happen to anyone.

Special praise to the Striders prize winners – Conrad, Jan and Sarah who all won some gift vouchers for performing well in there age categories.


position name club cat time
1 Adrian Bailes Birtley AC U21 21:48
25 Lorna Graham Birtley AC F O35 26:28
27 Conrad White O55 26.31
39 Graeme Walton O40 27.48
46 Katy Walton F 28.40
63 Sarah Davies F O45 30.17
87 Jan Young F O60 32.47
92 Robin Linton 33.29

118 finishers.

Hartlepool Marina 5M, Sunday, March 29, 2015

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Sprint Champion Race - click flag for more information.

Gareth Pritchard

The colour Purple. I almost missed out on this race due to poor timing on my part and a certain relay race which was supposed to be going on at the same time. ( gave it my best shot ..) I was very lucky and managed to get a place by emailing the race organisers directly even though entry was closed and race full. Very helpful and fantastic to see.

Weather reports leading up to the race looked terrible with rain and strong wind which potentially could wreck the PB hunters day. The race is ran along the coast and follows the parkrun route with a bit extra added on to make up the 5 miles. Very flat, fast with strong competition all ends of the field to push you on. I had mixed feeling building up to this race, my training seems to go from highs to lows every week now as I build up to the London marathon. Last week I flew round 34 miles with ease but this weeks training was terrible. Only two short runs done, feeling poorly and just not myself.

But Come the morning I was feeling good and the heavens were smiling down on the PB gang, the rain had stopped and the wind a wimpier rather than a roar. The location is great for this race, parked easy and picked number up onboard a very cool ship at the hartlepool marina. On to the race which was almost a false start thanks to a drill? Bad timing as the cannon soon went off to start the race..

Gareth puts the STRIDE into STRIDER! Plan for me was simple, try to keep super fast Rob and Stephen in sight and hope to hold off the in form simon to grab 3rd strider home. Pre race marathon paced run for Stephen effected his day and Simon was coming back from recent injury problems. Both still managed cracking runs with simon just missing sub 30 mins for another great time.

The first mile was super fast as expected with Rob zooming off into the distance while I kept trying to control my pace. You turn back half way and it’s great getting the shout outs from fellow Striders as the relentless effort kicks in. I remember Simon shouting out that Rob was finding it hard and could just about still make him out ahead. The last 2 miles to home was nothing but pure grit and effort to catch the super speedy one. I needed every mile of that race and somehow pushed ahead with less than half a mile to go. End result was an unexpected 1st strider Finnish and 2 great PB’s for us both, a fantastic and enjoyable race. This is why I love road races so much, you have no where to hide, no excuses, it all comes down to your training, fitness and pure force of will to push yourself harder than you ever imagined possible. I’m an unashamed super fan of road racing and this race was everything I love about the sport.

Another GP event in the bag. Lots of other great runs, performances and someone with a 30 sec PB which we all know about via the emails .. also 3rd place for the strider men’s team. Well done everyone. As some speedster said: well done the strider 5 mile king…… For now. .. Will definitely be back next year.


Pos Name Club Time
1 Gregory Jayasuriya Middlesbrough 25:56
12 Gareth Pritchard 28:32
14 Rob Everson 28:42
18 Stephen Jackson 28:58
19 Sarah Tunstall Kendal Amateur 29:08
41 Simon Gardner 30:00
117 Katy Walton 34:01
183 Fiona Jones 36:57
187 Lesley Charman 37:07
220 David Spence 38:28
341 Lindsay Rodgers 43:57
344 Karen Chalkley 44:09
351 George Nicholson 44:34
354 Karin Younger 44:20
365 Jayne Freeman 45:10
435 Sophie Dennis 49:11
455 Mike Elliott 51:03
463 Lindsay Craig 51:54
466 Kate Talbot 52:13
471 Laura Gibson 53:15
472 Natalie Johnson 53:16

516 finishers

Town Moor 10K, Sunday, November 9, 2014

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Sprint Champion Race - click flag for more information.

Conrad White

Having missed the Darlington 10K due to family commitments I wanted another 10K before the end of the year. The Heaton Memorial 10K was on my radar and happened on a “free weekend”. It is also now part of the striders grand prix and a race I had last run in 2005. Definitely one to do.

As it was remembrance Sunday the road through Low fell was diverted by the cenotaph, leading to a slow diversion around Gateshead. However the day was fine, the roads thereafter clear and the organisation in registration at RGS went smoothly, allowing me to arrive at the start in ample time, but unfortunately not in time for the purple team photo.

We were given our instructions – basically – follow the bicycle for 10K and if you can’t see the bicycle follow the train of runners and don’t wear headphones. We respected 1 minute of silence at 11.00 and then we were off. Chip timing takes some of the rush out of the start but there seemed to be some very keen runners off like whippets and disappearing rapidly around the town moor. I took it a bit more sedately but was trying hard. The course is not flat but far from hilly, over two laps with a section where you double back on yourself and can see who is either a bit in front of you or who is on your tail. On the first lap I was able to cheer on Rob, Simon and Matthew (in front of me) and see Katy behind (I missed Graeme) and on the second lap, Katy and Graeme. With them behind me there was no letting up.

The weather was perfect for a good time – sunny and dry, but not too hot and barely any wind. I reached 5K in a time similar to my recent Durham park runs (so that was good) and held on for a just negative split second 5K to record a PB 10K on the Run Britain rankings and my best 10K time since before I got my Garmin in 2008 (which was even better). The fact that the last ¼ mile (400 meters for modern folk) is slightly down hill probably helped, along with being chased by Caroline from Crook (ex Run Director of the Shildon Park Run)- with whom I had had a close race in the Darlington 10K last year, and the thought of the Waltons not far behind! Thanks for the purple support at the end, and as usual striders were pretty vocal as our runners came into the finish. From the results it appears many had good runs with a number of both PB’s and SB’s on the Run Britain results. Simon I think taking the best part of a minute of his time – great performances all around.

The town moor has been having its fair share of running recently – we were able to see some of the marathon marking on the pavement and the “mo” run over the same 10K course was later the same day.


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Tadele Geremew Elswick Harriers Sen Male 30:55
36 Rob Everson Sen Male 36:27
43 Simon Gardner (M) V40 37:14
76 Matthew Archer Sen Male 39:13
139 Conrad White (M) V55 41:42
178 Katy Walton Sen Female 42:54
180 Graeme Walton (M) V40 42:50
267 Brian Ford (M) V45 45:58
271 Sarah Davies (F) V45 46:04
292 Anna Seeley Sen Female 46:52
314 Nicola Whyte Sen Female 47:48
316 Eric Green (M) V45 47:51
438 George Nicholson (M) V65 55:01
440 Denise Mason Sen Female 55:08
470 Karen Anne Chalkley (F) V50 56:49
482 Jane Baillie VF35 57:31
484 Denise Benvin (F) V45 57:09
492 Gillian Green (F) V45 57:48
512 Karen Hooper VF35 59:27
515 Debbie Mcfarland Sen Male 59:44
544 Sophie Dennis Sen Female 1:03:21
556 Helen Allen (F) V40 1:06:25
562 Kerry Lister (F) V40 1:07:48
565 Vicki Mclean VF35 1:08:06
567 Laura Jackson VF35 1:10:16
570 Lindsay Craig (F) V45 1:11:01
571 Kate Talbot Sen Female 1:11:37

574 finishers.

Darlington 10K, Sunday, August 10, 2014

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Sprint Champion Race - click flag for more information.

Greta Jones

This is one of my favourite road races of the year, firstly because it is relatively flat and secondly because I work in Darlington and there is always someone on the sidelines to give a cheer. I had achieved a PB at Tynedale this summer and following this, Alister Robson commented on what I could potentially achieve on a fast flat course like Darlington, well that sent the thought process in to overdrive and gave me a goal to aim for.

My sister Karen (a recent recruit to the Striders family) and I set off for Darlington early, as her daughter Issy was running in the fun run, Issy as usual had a great time and the fun run acted as a good warm up for Karen. Following the fun run we managed to meet up with a rather large group of Striders for some pre race support and a couple of group photos. In the absence of Bill Ford, YP asked the usual question, “Jonsey, what are we aiming for”, there then followed a discussion on what he achieved last year and what I achieved and a compromise that we aim for somewhere between the two, (58.44 and 59.53) We now had a goal, so we made our way to the race start and were soon underway. The start was a little congested but I soon managed to get to the pace I required and felt quite comfortable. Now I am not the best at evenly pacing, I have a tendency to run too fast and pay for it in the later stages. So although I was surprised to pass Chris Hedley and Debs Goddard, I fully expected them to catch me later in the race. Surprisingly the first lap felt good and my average pace was on track, I forgot, to check my 5K time, but was happy that the average pace remained pretty steady. The second time on Carmel Road slowed me up a little, but some encouragement from Michael Ross as he passed me and some excellent motivational speeches from a gentleman in a Swift-tees top gave me enough encouragement to pick up the pace and keep going. Turning in to High Row I could hear Alister Robson cheering me in, a quick smile for a colleague with a camera and I crossed the line in a time of 47.38 over 2 minutes off last year’s time. YP was just behind me, as was Nicola White both of whom also achieved 10k PBs. Having finished my race it was then time to add to the Striders cheering squad, and I couldn’t have been more please to see my sister completing only her 2nd race in a Striders vest with a 10k PB of 53 minutes, thanks should go to Jacquie Robson for pacing her round the first lap and the proverbial kick up the backside on the second, but I think the highlight of the day was watching Kirsty Steed pace Debs McFarland to her first ever sub 60 10K race. I think I can safely say that we had a successful and enjoyable race with the additional bonus of a purple T-shirt for all finishers.


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Wondiye Fikre Indelbu Ethiopia M 00:30:45
6 Kate Avery Shildon Running & AC F 00:33:05
36 Gareth Pritchard M 00:35:45
52 Stephen Jackson M 00:36:53
61 Rob Everson M 00:37:19
99 Simon Gardner MV40 00:38:53
154 Matthew Crow M 00:40:31
163 Graeme Walton MV40 00:40:54
217 Katy Walton F 00:41:58
298 Alister Robson MV40 00:43:45
357 Fiona Jones FV35 00:44:42
365 Paul Pascoe MV40 00:45:09
415 Jonathan Steed MV45 00:46:04
428 Martin Welsh MV50 00:46:11
468 Anna Seeley F 00:46:53
475 Claire Readey FV35 00:47:16
506 Jackie McKenna FV45 00:47:40
523 Michael Ross MV40 00:47:26
535 Greta Jones FV45 00:47:38
559 Paul Beal MV50 00:47:56
564 David Spence MV65 00:48:01
572 Richard Hall MV55 00:47:59
587 Nicola Whyte F 00:48:08
670 Debra Goddard FV40 00:50:03
676 Stephanie Piper F 00:50:16
841 Karen Jones FV40 00:53:00
894 Dave Robson MV60 00:52:26
924 Jacquie Robson FV35 00:54:17
1000 Clare Clish FV40 00:56:14
1101 Angela Coates FV40 00:57:26
1168 Kirsty Anderson FV35 00:58:12
1169 Debbie McFarland F 00:58:13
1230 Jane Baillie FV35 00:59:32
1300 Helen Hall FV45 01:00:14
1334 Laura Chapman F 01:02:09
1387 Mike Elliott MV65 01:04:26
1453 Sophie Dennis F 01:07:14

1531 finishers.

Raby Castle 10K, Sunday, May 18, 2014

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Sarah Davies

As a relative newcomer to running, I haven’t done many races, but Raby 10K seemed a good one to try. It ticked all my boxes: scenic course, close to Durham, family-friendly and the right distance for me as I’m doing Allan’s pilot 10k training at the moment. Fine weather was promised, and this would give me my first opportunity to wear my Striders vest as a vest rather than an extra layer. Exciting!

The weather did not disappoint: it felt like the hottest day of the year so far as we trudged up to the start from the carpark. Not having run this before, I didn’t have a particular goal in mind and my ‘race plan’ was simply to get round the 2 laps in as fast a time as I could manage in the heat. However I received some good advice at the start (where Purple Power was much in evidence): don’t go off too fast – save yourself for the first hill about 1k in. I followed this advice and got to the top of the hill where the views were brilliant. Bumped into Alister on the way down and got some more good advice from him: don’t run this at your parkrun pace! I realised I was probably going too fast and tried to pace myself better.

The long downhill stretches were exhilarating, and after another short but steep hill we were onto the second lap. By this stage the heat was clearly getting to people, so the water was very welcome. There were also some nice breezes and shady sections which made the uphill bits more bearable. The last kilometre seemed to go on forever, and although I tried to accelerate at the end, I had no energy left. Crossed the line exhausted, and was rewarded with a banana and cake. Then it was time for the main event (as far as my family was concerned): the picnic! Other Striders clearly had the same idea and a Purple Picnic ensued. Food consumed, we did a quick tour of the lovely Raby gardens before heading home.

This race fulfilled all my expectations. The organisation of the 10k itself was excellent, and there was also a 5k race and a 1.2k fun run for under-12s – perfect for Strider children.


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 James Bulman New Marske MV40 34:02
11 Gareth Pritchard M 37:25
18 Rob Everson M 36:36
39 Dawn Richardson Quakers FV40 41:19
69 Conrad White MV55 43:48
76 Graeme Walton MV40 44:22
77 Simon Gardner M 44:23
79 Richard Hall MV55 44:34
81 Katy Walton F 45:00
84 Michael Hughes MV45 45:07
92 Matthew Crow M 45:35
134 Sarah Davies FV45 48:30
159 Sally Hughes F 49:51
160 John Hutchinson MV55 49:54
164 Lucy Cowton F 50:10
180 Fiona Jones FV35 50:58
196 Jackie Mckena FV45 51:53
197 Alister Robson MV40 51:55
224 Jean Bradley FV55 52:58
229 David Spence MV65 53:13
238 Nicola Whyte F 53:28
241 Paul Beal MV50 53:40
251 Andrew Thompson M 54:47
264 Lisa Bryson FV40 55:51
266 Malcolm Sygrove MV45 55:54
270 Michael Ross MV40 56:11
275? Sarah Fawcett F 56:30
295 Lindsay Rodgers MV45 57:34
296 Anja Fechtner FV35 57:44
330 Denise Benvin FV45 60:38
345 Kelly Collier F 62:32
354 Karen Anne Chalkley FV50 63:11
361 Joanne Porter FV40 63:32
371 Jane Baillie FV35 64:05
380 Karin Younger FV50 64:38
383 Karen Hooper FV35 64:56
389 Stan White MV55 66:09
398 Maggie Thompson FV60 66:39
401 George Nicholson MV65 66:43
412 Kathleen Bellamy FV35 68:43
420 Kerry Lister FV40 69:30
428 Derek Paul Towers MV50 71:06
436 Anita Dunseith F 73:14
437 Mark Dunseith M 73:15

449 finishers.