Dentdale Run 2017

Grand Prix Race. Endurance Champion Race.

Having previously only run one half marathon (the GNR) before this year I had decided that I was going to enter more longer races for 2017and having seen that the Dentdale race was on the GP list and was relatively cheap I entered with the thought of using this as a good training run and to go and just enjoy the scenery. Also the fact that the proceeds of the race went to the local school swayed my decision to enter. Having car shared with fellow striders Vicky Brown and Lesley Charman we arrived in Dent a good hour before the race so decided to have a coffee and a scone in the local visitor’s centre/museum. We sat opposite the rather eerie looking life-size model of a Victorian lady whilst we enjoyed our food and drinks and I must say that I was intrigued by the artefacts in the visitor’s centre which did take my mind off those hills for a time.

We made our way to the start line and a few fellow striders were already there. I had decided that I would try and run with Peter Hart And Fiona wood as they too were going to run this as a training day race however upon the start I lost sight of them both and started the race alongside Vicky. The race started on a gentle down-hill and proceeded to wind out of the village and into the countryside. The weather was pleasant and I started to feel my rhythm so continued to run alongside Vicky. On the 2 mile point we reached a rather sharp hill which tested the legs somewhat. Once up this first hill I still felt good and continued to go at a steady pace, glancing to the side and still seeing that Vicky was still going strong beside me. Between miles 4-5 I got separated from Vicky on a decent and was starting to feel in a good rhythm with various songs popping into my mind as I was plodding along. Jan Young, who was running the shorter race (still 7.9miles), went striding past me on mile 5 giving words of encouragement as she went by. I decided to keep Jan in my sights till the cut- off point for the short race which kept me focused on my now race strategy of 8min/miles downhill and 10min/miles on the uphill sections. I got back to Dent and saw Jan peel off to the right to finish her race whilst the route crept round to the left and started on a gradual uphill section. A lady in a green vest was my next point of focus and I kept my mind on her, gradually closing her down on mile 9 and overtaking. At this point Nina Mason caught up and we exchanged a few pleasantries with me pointing out that the local disco had put up various flyers along the route. This had amused me somewhat, possibly it was the fact I was starting to tire and needed to think of other things rather than the now slog up to the highest part of the course. Having pulled away from Nina just before the turn I decided that my mind was wandering and needed a new focus, the runner in the light purple vest was my next target and I slowly started to reel her in between miles 10-12. At this point I realised that I was on for my HM PB if I kept the pace going. Having never ran a sub 2hr HM before I was determined not to slow down. I passed the lady I the purple vest on mile 13 and was now feeling the pain but continued at my current pace of just below 9min/mile. Just after the HM point I started to relax and saw that Nina had again caught me up. We turned a slight bend and came face to face with a little stinker of a hill which we both decided that we had to walk up. Encouraged further on by Jan, who had now finished her race and was cheering on the striders I got back to my routine pace and headed for the finish only to feel a sharp pain in my left calf literally 100yards from the line. My sprint finish was now out of the question but I still crossed the line in 2hr 7mins 29secs which I was really pleased with. On checking my watch I’d also got my HM PB of 1hr 57mins which I was delighted about. Once changed we all met in the school for sandwiches cake and coffee with was put on by the event organisers.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable day and one I will definitely be back to.

Position Bib Name Club Time (chip) Time (gun) Category Category position
8 267 Gareth Pritchard Elvet Striders 1:26:59 1:27:00 MSEN 4/57
204 288 Anna Seeley Elvet Striders 2:00:05 2:00:16 FSEN 5/20
238 82 ANDREW DAVIES Elvet Striders 2:03:37 2:04:08 M40 75/98
245 53 Lesley Charman Elvet Striders 2:04:37 2:04:48 M40 77/98
261 223 Nina Mason Elvet Striders 2:06:31 2:07:17 F35 22/46
264 36 David Browbank Elvet Striders 2:07:29 2:07:47 MSEN 52/57
309 42 Vicky Brown Elvet Striders 2:13:55 2:14:12 F35 27/46
315 297 Catherine Smith Elvet Striders 2:14:52 2:15:04 F35 29/46
348 304 Ian Spencer Elvet Striders 2:20:34 2:21:06 M50 73/81
387 360 Fiona Wood Elvet Striders 2:31:39 2:32:24 F35 41/46
388 156 Peter Hart Elvet Striders 2:31:39 2:32:25 M40 96/98
399 106 Christine Farnsworth Elvet Striders 2:37:19 2:37:50 F65+ 2/2
414 19 Kerry Barnett Elvet Striders 2:44:04 2:44:51 F45 60/60
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