Couch to 5K

[Update: Jan 2016]

We have now reached our maximum number of members, and are unfortunately unable to take on any new members at the moment. As such we are not planning to run any new C25K courses until the spring (as we envisage that several places may become available then when some current Striders may decide not to renew their membership). If you would like to contact us to be put on a waiting list for future C25K courses then please email Kate as outlined below.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible for non-members and those runners on the waiting list to train from MC on Wednesdays. This is because of capacity at MC and the need for the club to offer safe and manageable training groups with sufficient people to lead them.

In November we introduced a cap on the number of members of 399. This is the maximum we can have in our contract with MC. We reached that figure by the beginning of January and we now have a waiting list of 30 people.

Elvet Striders offers a Couch to 5K (C25K) programme which is designed to help those completely new to running to start running safely. Over 10 weeks we build from short periods of running interspersed with walk breaks to running for 30 minutes.

Lots of people have successfully completed the programme and have become members of our very friendly running club. We set up this programme because we want to help people to achieve their goals to get fit and learn to run but also because we have recognised that sometimes joining a club might be a little intimidating for a beginner. Hopefully you’ll find this is a good way in!

We usually run two courses, one on Saturday mornings (“Couch to parkrun”) and one on Wednesday nights at 7pm (Striders Club night) and the sessions usually last around 1 hour. If you’d like more information about when the next courses are due to start then please contact me via the Contact Form details below.

There is a small charge of £15 for the 10-week course and if you would like to join Striders after the C25K then this will be deducted from your club fees.

A C25K group at a parkrun.

For more info please contact our C25K co-ordinator, Kate Macpherson via our (Contact Form), quoting ‘Couch to 5K’ enquiries’ as the ‘Nature of Query’. Thanks!



“I never thought I’d like running, starting the c25k scared me…I couldn’t even run to get the dogs ball when he failed to spot where is thrown it, but I quickly grew to enjoy running…it wasn’t because I was ‘getting better’ per say, it was more about the people I was training with, the support that was given & how even running for 2 minutes & walking for 5 & then running for 2 etc felt like I was actually becoming a runner – the c25k programme fitted into my life…a life of a secondary school teacher who, up to starting the c25k programme thought she had no time to exercise. And here I am, 8 months later…loving running & completed my first ever ‘race’…& every run I run now, be it a couple of kilometres or 10, are run because of the c25k programme…I’m a runner now & always will be!” (T, April 2015)

“I loved the course. They [the leaders] were welcoming and supportive throughout the whole process. The course also helped me build my confidence as a runner and meet some fantastic people, making lots of new friends.” (HG, November 2013)

“The most positive aspect of the course was being encouraged to run at my own pace, without pressure. [The leader] kept us motivated throughout the weekly runs and with email updates through the week. The whole group were encouraged to share experiences, advice and asked how they were finding it, if they were struggling with anything in particular etc. I have reached my goal – being able to run without stopping for 30 mins! I never thought it was possible really as I struggled to run a minute without getting out of breath before I started. I feel fitter and stronger already, and have made some good friends in the process.” (KC, November 2013)

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