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The Fell Runners Association explains race categories in its Rules for competition (pdf) document, but a relevant summary can be found below.

Category C
Should average not less than 20 metres climb per kilometre.
Should not have more than 40% of the race distance on road.
Should contain some genuine fell terrain.

Category L
A category “L” (long) race is 20 kilometres or over.

Lowther Trail Run, nr. Penrith, Sunday, August 9, 2009

CL / 13M / 1500'

Shaun Roberts

Dave and Phil strongly recommended this off-road 13-miler from last year, and it didn’t disappoint. There was a long drag up to Heughscar Hill to the west of Askham – but great views of the whole of Ullswater once you got up there. Then a fast runnable section across the moors, past the ‘Cockpit’ stone circle, and over to the River Lowther to the east, with only the odd bit of bog to contend with. We had to ford the river, despite what looked like a perfectly good footbridge only yards away (“not safe”), before plodding up the big slope that took us up to Knipe Scar and onto the moor. Another runnable grassy bit, then a fast downhill couple of miles on road before a last little climb to the finish at Lowther Castle. Excellent course!

They're neck and neck, err, ten yards after the start ...

Race-wise, Morgan Donnelly got away from me at the start, and managed to pull out a considerable lead by the end. I was gutted.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Morgan Donnelly Borrowdale M 1:19:45
49 Shaun Roberts MV50 1:49:20

153 finishers.

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