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Christmas Handicap, Houghall Woods, Sunday, December 15, 2019

Flower Power

So, there I was on Sunday morning, sitting in reception at MC convinced that no-one would turn up. I mean there had been the North Eastern XC Championships the day before, the Tri-club Christmas do the night before and it is the ‘season to be jolly’ … and sometimes ill!

But then the doors opened and in walked an image of long haired hippiedom, (if that’s a word) with beads, scarves and shades, looking like he’d just emerged from the Woodstock festival and uttering ‘peace and love, man’. An unrecognisable version of David Shipman.

Moments later Adam Ant arrived in full highwayman ‘Stand and Deliver’ mode brandishing a pistol – very menacingly I have to say. Anita Clementson had landed!

And then came Mandy! Clutched in the arms of a massive green alien she waddled in. Walking seemed difficult so how she was going to cope with running 2 laps of Houghall Woods escaped me.

Somehow then I knew it was going to be alright!

Then there followed an array of runners in astonishing and funny costumes. John Bisson, who had wanted to race it arrived in a massive inflated Santa costume while Elaine (Dancing Queen) Bisson looked luscious as Agnetha (the blonde?) from Abba.

We had many others – several 70s Flower power hippies, Wonder Woman, Santa’s elves, a busy bee, John McEnroe, Olivia Newton John in complete leather ‘You’re the one that I want’ mode, Hermione from Harry Potter and Fiona (Brittany Spears) Brannan.

photo by Nick Latham

No time for a group shot this year since everyone set off to the start outside Houghall College. The weather was good – cold but sunny – and so David Shipman & Mike Bennett (the 2 one lappers) led the run off with scratch runner Joanne Richardson. Some of the paths were slippery along to the corner up to Houghall Lane but everyone knew and ran on the grass where possible. Most people were just out for a relaxing run around the woods but there were some good times.

Anyway, everyone got around – some pulled out after one lap – and Priyan didn’t get lost this year! It was a very happy and fun event and then most of us set off for the pub. The Court Inn gave us a small alcove off the main dining room so we could present the prizes without disturbing other diners too much.

It was a very good and enjoyable day! Be there next year!

Name5mile timeHandicapFinish timeActual time 
David Shipman1 lap
Mike Bennett1 lap
Joanne Richardson5401 lap
Mandy Dawson44101 lap
Michael Littlewood292556.3431.34
Anna Basu342055.5735.57
Lewis Littlewood351957.4838.48Junior
Conrad White351957.5338.53
Elaine Bisson351958.1339.13
John Bisson351958.3239.32
Erin Keeler- Clark381658.5742.57Junior
Keith Wesson40145743
Sean Laidler312366.0443.04
Lizzie Wallace421255.5343.53
Jude Warner45955.1746.19Junior
Louise Warner45955.1946.19
Mark Warner45956.2947.29
Paul Evans45957.2748.27
Charlotte Evans45957.2748.27Junior
Ava Warner45958.4749.47Junior
Wendy Littlewood45958.9949.99
Zanna Clay48656.1150.11
Fiona Brannan48657.4651.46
Priyan Mistri (friend of FB)48657.4651.46
Anita Clementson50456.5352.53
Phil Todd46863.0455.04
Jan Young50459.3255.32
Same Time Next Year!

Prize winners & a few thank yous

The prizes for running:

1st finishers – jointly Louise & Jude Warner – 46.19

Fastest Male – Michael Littlewood – 31.34

Fastest Female – Anna Basu – 35.57

Fastest Junior – Lewis Littlewood – 38.38

All the other prizes went for fancy dress as follows and in no particular order:

David Shipman, Anita Clementson, Mandy Dawson, Keith Wesson, Sean Laidler, Elaine Bisson, John Bisson, Lizzie Wallace, Zanna Clay, Phil Todd, Jan Young, Fiona Brannan, Priyan Mistri & Mark Warner.

I’d like to thank Dougie, Simon and Stuart for helping to promote the event.

Also thanks to Paul Foster for setting out the course and marshalling at the dodgy tree, to George Nicholson for marshalling at the bottom of Houghall Lane and to Nick Latham for marshalling in the woods and taking some great photos

As always Santa and his elves were brilliant at the start and judged the fancy dress and Carole Seheult recorded the finishing times.

And a huge thankyou to everyone who turned up and ran (waddled, strolled?) in such amazing costumes.

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Club Summer Handicap, Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A few Finish Line photos from the summer handicap …


Position Name Starting GroupFinish TimeActual Run Time
1Lindsay RodgersF45.2540.25
2Jon TurnerF46.2241.22
3Kevin MorsonD46.5146.51
4Philip ToddD47.3747.37
5Nicola DorricottD48.0348.03
6Sarah FawcettF48.3943.39
7Alex BrownH48.5638.56
8Debra ThompsonD49.0449.04
9David JamesD49.0549.05
10Philip ConnorH49.2439.24
11Graeme WattM50.4630.46
12Gareth PritchardM50.4630.46
13Terry RobertsonK51.5733.57
14Stephen SoulsbyK52.4734.47
15Conrad WhiteK54.0536.05
16Sophie DennisD54.1254.12
17Peter Hart56.3542.35
18Kirsty NelsonD1 lap
19Natalie BellH1 lap

More at

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Christmas Handicap 2018, Houghall, Durham, Sunday, December 16, 2018

Handicap Course

Pam Kirkup

The Christmas Handicap came within a whisker of being cancelled this year. A few days before the deadline, I had only 6 entrants and quite a few apologies from people who would normally take part but were doing other races or Christmassy things. But then there was a flurry of last-minute entries and on the morning of the race, there were 34 runners, about normal for the last few years.

The theme for fancy dress this year was ‘Movies past and present’ – lots of scope in that, I thought. George Nicholson and David Shipman had agreed to lead off the ‘scratch runners’ so that anybody new to the course would not get lost (more about that later!) and the various turning points and ‘hazards’ were well marked with arrows and tinsel.

And so we were all set to get going at 11.00 … except that the only ‘scratch’ runner hadn’t turned up. So I had to do a quick revision of the handicapping – mostly in my head.

Where’s Allan Seheult when you need him? He’d have done it in a heartbeat! So David (alias Where’s Wally and George (alias Banana Man?) set off with the 3 new scratch runners, followed by Wendy (the Riddler) Littlewood. There were some amazing costumes including Captain America, Crocodile Dundee, a nun, a busy-bee and Conrad who seemed to be a downhill racer!

It was a good day for running – not too cold, sunny and the only bit of ice was on part of the footpath and on the corner at Houghall Lane. Everyone entered into the spirit of it – the bran tub was overflowing and Santa entertained passers-by as usual.

The first across the finish line was Fiona Harrington Hughes in 47 minutes. Fastest male was Bryan Potts in 32:07, the fastest female was Fiona Brennan in 34:56. All 3 juniors got prizes – the fastest being Lewis Littlewood in 41:01. The rest of the prizes were for fancy dress. And then we come to the last across the finish line … we waited but there was no sign. And then someone said ‘Is that not him running down from Shincliffe Bank?’. Completely from the wrong direction! He had just kept going past Houghall Lane in spite of the large arrow and tinsel directing runners to turn right. Obviously ‘in the zone’! Anyway, he saw the funny side of it.

Afterwards, we went to the Court Inn for the Christmas Carvery and the prize giving. Fancy Dress prizes went to (in no particular order) Lizzy Wallace, Conrad White, Mike Bennett, Anna Mason, George Nicholson, Lesley Charman, David Shipman, Wendy Littlewood, Tim Matthews, Lesley Hamill, Karen Byng, Fiona Kinghorn Jones, Joanne Richardson, Sam Renwick, Jonathan Hamill and Fiona Brannan.

Once again it was a very enjoyable and sociable event.

More Photo’s can be found here.

Name5 mile timeHandicapFinish timeActual time
Bryan Potts29.0022.0054.0732.07
Fiona Brannan29.0022.0055.5633.56
Sam Renwick30.0021.0055.2134.21
Terry Robertson35.0016.0051.5935.49
David Holcroft35.0016.0051.5735.57
Lewis Littlewood40.0011.0047.0136.01
Conrad White37.0014.0051.2437.24
Mike Bennett34.0017.0056.4839.38
Lizzie Wallace43.008.0049.4141.41
Anna Mason42.009.0052.0643.06
Tim Matthews42.009.0053.4844.48
Oscar Littlewood40.0011.0056.0345.03
Graham Perry38.0013.0058.4145.41
Fiona Harrington Hughes51.000.0047.0047.00
Lesley Charman43.008.0055.1947.19
Wendy littlewood48.003.0051.1048.10
Joanne Mustard43.008.0059.1251.12
Fiona Kinghorn Jones45.006.0058.1652.16
Karen Byng45.006.0058.1652.16
Lesley Hamill45.006.0058.1652.16
Danielle Glassey46.005.0059.0954.09
David Shipman51.000.0056.4256.42
George Nicholson51.000.0058.0158.01
Joanne Richardson51.000.0058.0158.01

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Club Handicap, Wednesday, June 27, 2018


PosNameGroupFinish TimeActual Time
1Karen ByngG53.1140.41
2David OxladeH53.4638.46
3Mike BennettH53.5538.55
4Jon TurnerH54.0239.02
5Wendy LittlewoodE54.0646.36
6Lesley HamillG54.1941.49
7Jonathan HamillH54.3239.32
8Stephen JacksonM55.0327.33
9Heather RaistrickE55.0747.37
10Debra ThompsonE55.2747.57
11Kirsty NelsonE55.3048.00
12Nelli BalaG55.3943.09
13Letitia Chapman-WardD55.3950.39
14Sue WalkerD55.4050.40
15Natalie BellI55.4338.13
16Carolyn GalulaF56.0846.08
17Terry RoberstonJ56.2736.27
18Peter HartI56.3739.07
19Craig ThorntonJ56.4436.44
20Conrad WhiteJ56.5436.54
21Becks LippeI56.5439.24
22Lisa SampleG57.0344.33
23Lee StephensonH57.0542.05
24Steve EllisH57.1642.16
25Chris ShearsmithI57.2439.54
26Matt DavidH57.2442.24
27Michael LittlewoodM57.2529.55
28Mark WarnerM57.2729.27
29Alison SmithE57.2949.59
30Sharon PattisonC57.3755.07
31Carol HolgateC57.3755.07
32Steph GreenwellC57.3755.07
33Stephen LumsdonG57.4345.13
34Lizzie WallaceI58.0240.32
35John ThompsonH58.1143.11
36Neil GarthwaiteI58.1240.42
37Georgie HebdonM58.1630.46
38Corrine WhalingI58.3041.00
39Karen ChalkleyD58.3253.32
40Alex BrownI58.3541.05
41Matthew CarrI58.4741.17
42Danielle GlasseyG58.5846.28
43Fiona JonesG58.5846.28
44Barrie KirtleyM59.0631.36
45Dan MitchellK59.0836.38
46Mick DavisK59.1436.44
47Lynne WaughF59.1748.17
48Juan C. AntonL59.4034.40
49David HolcroftL59.4034.40
50Gareth PritchardL59.4134.41
51Andrew ThurstonF60.0450.04
52Peter BellJ60.5740.57
53Andrew DaviesK61.3239.02
54Sophie DennisE61.5954.29
55James LeeM62.2134.51
56Rachel ToppingB63.2363.23
57Angela CowellB63.2463.24
58Bob GrattonK63.3941.09
59Jan YoungB64.0664.06
60Angela GreatheadD1 lap – 31.0026.00
61Emma CumpsonF1 lap – 35.0725.07
62John GreatheadH1 lap – 36.4821.48

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Summer Handicap, Wednesday, August 16, 2017


POSgroupNameFinish TimeActual Time
1E6Emma Backhouse32.2624.26
2E4 John Greathead33.0425.04
3C2Kirsten Fenwick33.2729.27
4C1Kirsty Nelson33.2829.28
5C3Mim Bekarma33.4529.45
6D9Lee Stephenson33.5927.59
7D7 Kimberley Anne34.128.1
8D11Nicola Dorricott34.1128.11
9D8Debra Thompson34.1228.12
10D2Stephen Lumsdon34.1328.13
11D6Inga Andrew34.2628.26
12H3Paul Swinburne34.2820.28
13D10Emma Cumpson34.2828.28
14E3Wendy Littlewood34.326.3
15D3Lynne Waugh34.3728.37
16G3Robin Linton34.3922.39
17G5Andrew Davies34.4122.41
18C5Sue Walker34.5130.51
19D1Alison Smith35.0129.01
20E1Richard Jackson35.1527.15
21H1Mike Barlow35.2121.21
22G4Richard Hockin35.2123.21
23G2Laura Jennings35.2823.28
24G1David Browbank35.2923.29
25H2Conrad White35.3421.34
26F6Sarah Fawcett35.3825.38
27F10Vicky Brown35.425.4
28F7Peter Hart35.4125.41
29F2Andrew Munro35.4925.49
30D13Aileen Scott36.0630.06
31D12Stan White36.1330.13
32F9Chris Shearsmith36.1926.19
33D4Rachel Turner36.2730.27
34F8Anita Wright36.2726.27
35E5Anita Clementson36.2828.28
36B1Sophie Dennis36.3834.38
37F1Alan Smith36.4826.48
38F4Andrew Thurston36.4926.49
39B2Helen Linton36.5134.51
40J1Michael Littlewood37.0619.06
41J2Stephen Jackson37.0619.06
42J3Gareth Pritchard37.0619.06
43A1Celeste Veitch38.0138.01
44A2Angela Greathead38.0138.01
45C4Carole Holgate39.4835.48
46F5Andrew Dunlop41.1331.13

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Summer Handicap – July, Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Finishing position NameFinish TimeActual Running Time
1D4John Greathead48.0145.31
2D2Jonathan Clark48.5346.23
3D3Alison Smith52.0949.39
4G9Peter Hart53.143.1
5G8Chris Shearsmith53.1643.16
6F4Andrew Thurston53.1745.47
7G4Sarah Fawcett53.2543.25
8H8Helen Parker53.2540.55
9G7David Walker53.3443.34
10H1Mark Foster53.5441.24
11E3Vicky Brown54.0849.08
12F1Jan Young54.2246.52
13H5Andrew Munro54.4542.15
14L1Mark Griffiths54.4632.16
15H4Jane Ranns54.5642.26
16F2Catherine Walker54.5747.27
17E1Stephen Lumsdon54.5949.59
18E2Lee Stephenson55.1150.11
19J1Mike Barlow55.2737.57
20G10Ashley Price-Sabate55.2845.28
21J2Philip Connor55.3738.07
22D1Sharon Campbell55.453.1
23H9Ian Spencer55.5143.21
24M2Chris Callan55.5430.54
25I4Craig Walker56.1641.16
26F3Nicola Dorricott56.3649.06
27F5Sue Walker56.3649.06
28I3Pavlos Farangitakis56.3841.38
29L2Emma Thompson56.4334.13
30I6Roz Layton57.1442.14
31G3Debra Thompson57.2447.24
32M3Michael Anderson57.2432.24
33K2Richard Hockin57.3137.31
34G2Lynne Waugh57.3747.37
35M4Jack Lee5833
36L3Dan Mitchell58.2235.52
37C1Sophie Dennis59.1559.15
38G5Emma Cumpson59.2149.21
39H3Alan Smith60.1147.41
40I8Clare Wood60.3845.38
41M1Sally Hughes60.5935.59
42G1Anita Wright61.5651.56
43I1Angela Greathead63.3248.32
-Sue Gardham1 lap-
-Stef Barlow1 lap-
-Helen Linton1 lap-


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Summer Handicap, Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Finishing positionBIBNameFinish timeActual Running Time
1A5Clare Botone1 Lap-
2L4Geoff Davis1 Lap-
3E6Dave Robson1 Lap-
4A1Katherine Bartlett1 Lap-
5A7Donna Orange1 Lap-
6A8Bev Walker1 Lap-
7A6Chris Morris1 Lap-
8I12Laura Jennings1 Lap-
9H13Mike Parker1 Lap-
10K2Alex Witty1 Lap-
11L2Tim Skelton1 Lap-
12D10John Metson49.0641.36
13G9Shaun Roberts52.4637.46
14E8Kay Schiller55.2945.29
15G3Mark Foster55.5737.57
16G13Andy Greener55.5837.58
17E1Steve Ellis5646
18D11Stephen Lumsdon56.1148.41
19D7Tom Crookes56.1248.42
20E6Debra Thompson56.1746.17
21F5Anita Clementson56.2548.55
22G5Kathryn Rogers56.2841.28
23D6Eleanor Crookes56.3849.08
24B3Carol Holgate56.4854.18
25B4Sue Walker56.5154.21
26B2Jan Ellis56.5254.22
27B1Rachel Toth57.1154.41
28D1Stan White57.2849.58
29F14Joan Reeves57.345
30A9Jennifer Cowan57.457.4
31I5Dougie Nisbet57.4837.48
32I4Michael Barlow57.4837.48
33F3Catherine Walker57.5645.26
34D2Aileen Scott58.0750.37
35D3Sharon Campbell58.0850.38
36F15Jill Rudkin58.1145.41
37E5Carole Thompson-Young58.1348.13
38I7John Adams58.1438.14
39H4Jane Ives58.1540.45
40H15Vicky Brown58.1940.49
41D9Kelly Guy58.250.5
42D4Alison Clarke58.250.5
43H5Toni Malkin58.2740.57
44F9Stacey Brannan58.2945.59
45H10Chloe Black58.341
46F1Lesley Hamill58.3146.01
47F2Karen Byng58.3246.02
48I1Malcolm Sygrove58.3538.35
49G12Andrew Thurston58.3743.37
50F12Emma Alderson58.3946.09
51G10Andrew Munro58.4143.41
52H11Jan Young58.4241.12
53A4Helen Linton58.5358.53
54F4Faye Ward58.5546.25
55E2Karen Wilson5949
56H8Vics Thompson59.0241.32
57G14Becks Lippe59.1544.15
58H12Alan Scott59.1641.46
59G8Sam Askey59.2644.26
60J4Philip Connor59.2736.57
61J6Robert Allfree59.2936.59
62E9Teresa Archer59.3549.35
63E7John Greathead59.3649.36
64K1Dan Carney59.4734.47
65F7Nicola Dorricott59.4847.18
66M1Michael Littlewood59.5129.51
67K3Louise McCloy59.5534.55
68I11Will Glossop59.5639.56
69I6Alex Collins59.5839.58
70H7Anita Wright6042.3
71E3Helen Hackett60.0150.01
72I13Alex Brown60.1140.11
73I14Graeme Daglish60.1540.15
74C3Sophie Dennis60.1755.17
75G7Wendy Littlewood60.1945.19
76F11Letitia Chapman-Ward60.3448.04
77F16Ann Towers60.3548.05
78M2Phil Ray60.3630.36
79H3Stef Barlow60.3743.07
80J7Ian Butler60.3838.08
81C7Sue Jennings60.3955.39
82C6Denise Benvin60.4255.42
83C5Alison Simms60.4955.49
84C4Sam Shields60.4955.49
85C1Jayne Freeman60.555.5
86F6Kathryn Hancock60.548.2
87G4Rachel Turner60.5145.51
88G1Jonathan Hamill60.5245.52
89H9Anna Mason60.5743.27
90H1Lesley Charman60.5843.28
91L1Dave Frostie61.0733.37
92K6Chris Groves61.1136.11
93K7Kun Fu61.1236.12
95I9Chris Shearsmith61.1841.18
96H14Helen Thomas61.2143.51
97J3David Browbank61.2538.55
98D12Diane Soulsby61.354
99D5Kirsten Fenwick61.354
100I17Matt David61.3741.37
101K5Liz Bridge61.3936.39
102I3Angela Williams61.4541.45
103F8Catherine French62.0449.34
104L3Dan Mitchell62.1634.46
105K4Richard Hockin62.2237.22
106I16Richard Stollery62.3142.31
107I15Ian Spencer62.542.5
108K8Mike Bennett63.3638.36
109H2James Potter63.4246.12
110J2Peter Hart6542.3
111I2Alan Smith65.0445.04
112A2 Mike Elliott67.4867.48
113F13Rebecca Devine68.2556.05


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Christmas Handicap 2016 – Heroes Just For One Day!, Houghall Woods, Sunday, December 18, 2016


Pam Kirkup

December 18th, the Sunday before Christmas and some 36 Striders turned up at Maiden Castle for our annual romp around Houghall Woods in ridiculous outfits to work up an appetite for Sunday Lunch at the Court Inn. And possibly to go home with a bottle of wine, some chocolates or a lunch voucher. Only a few prizes were for actual running – first finisher, fastest man, fastest lady and 1st Junior. The remaining 18 prizes were for fancy dress so the competition was fierce!

The theme was based on a choice of two lines from David Bowie songs, in honour of the great man who died last January: “We can be Heroes just for one day” or “Scary Monsters, super creeps” – an alternative spin on Heroes & Villains I guess.

From about 10.30 various startlingly colourful creatures just kept on arriving at Maiden Castle, to the astonishment of the reception staff. Only one Bowie but several Super Girls, Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn, three ‘Evil Sisters’, the Riddler, Ginger Spice and Tina Turner to name but a few.

Phil and Mike Hughes had been checking the course and marking any ‘hazards’ so at 11.00 we could make a prompt start. Of course there was the usual disbelief and mock horror at some of the handicap times given. Cries of, “That’s a ridiculous time for him” or “She must have a magic watch!” rent the air. However, the mockery died down and Starter/Timekeeper Sue set them off – subject to their highly suspect handicap times! Some found running easier than others who might have been somewhat handi-capped by their chosen outfits! Passing motorists were certainly highly amused.

Then after much shedding of tiaras, cutlasses and other accoutrements, runners began approaching the finish. First past the post was Mike Bennett in 38.04. Mike was absolutely delighted – in 29 years as a Strider he had never ‘won’ the Christmas Handicap. And he’s run most of them! Fastest man was Michael Mason in 30.26, fastest lady was Louise McCloy in 38.23, fastest Junior was Erin Keeler-Clarke in 38.04. The last finishers were the three evil sisters, Elaine Bisson, Lesley Charman and Katy Walton.

Afterwards, runners, supporters and marshals retired to the pub for lunch and the prize giving. Santa, ex-chairman Nick Young, presented the prizes, mainly for fancy dress as chosen by his two elves, Janice Young and Gill Wesson.

It was another very enjoyable Strider social event and I’d like to thank all those runners who took part, most in some sensational costumes. Thanks also go to the Start/finish team Sue Jennings and Phil Owen, the marshals, Mike and Phil for their work on the course and of course to Santa who always does a great job.

Name Gender Cat 5m time Handicap Finish Time Actual Time Pos Notes
Michael Mason M 29 27 57:26:00 30:26:00 1
Michael Littlewood M 30 26 56:52:00 30:52:00 2
Gareth Pritchard M V 29 27 59:35:00 32:35:00 3
David Foster M 34 22 56:22:00 34:22:00 4
Rob Wishart M 35 21 56:12:00 35:12:00 5
David Swinburne M 32 22 59:15:00 37:15:00 6
Paul Swinburne M 34 22 59:19:00 37:19:00 7
Mike Bennett M 39 17 54:20:00 37:20:00 8
Erin Keeler Clarke F J 32 24 61:04:00 38:04:00 9 1st Junior
Louise McCloy F 37 19 57:23:00 38:23:00 10 1st lady
Keith Wesson M V 36 20 58:23:00 38:23:00 11
Conrad White M 38 18 56:51:00 38:51:00 12
Rachelle Mason F 37 19 59:13:00 40:13:00 13
Jonathan Hamill M 39 17 57:22:00 40:22:00 14
Tim Matthews M V 42 16 57:12:00 41:12:00 15
Anna Seeley F 41 15 56:26:00 41:26:00 16
Andrew Davies M 35 21 62:36:00 41:36:00 17
Michael Ross M 42 14 55:42:00 41:42:00 18
Jan Young F V 44 12 56:33:00 42:33:00 19
Vicky Brown F 38 18 60:39:00 42:39:00 20
Alan Scott M 41 15 58:48:00 43:48:00 21
John Greathead M 42 14 59:22:00 45:22:00 22
James Potter M 45 11 56:24:00 45:24:00 23
Anita Clementson F V 48 12 58:03:00 46:03:00 24
Aileen Scott F 46 10 57:08:00 47:08:00 25
Lesley Charman F 40 16 64:52:00 48:52:00 26
Katy Walton F 40 16 64:52:00 48:52:00 27
Elaine Bisson F 40 16 64:52:00 48:52:00 28
George Nicholson M V 47 9 58:36:00 49:36:00 29
Diane Harold F 44 12 62:10:00 50:10:00 30
Jo Porter F 43 12 62:10:00 50:10:00 31
Angela Greathead F 45 8 58:47:00 50:47:00 32
Kerry Barnett F V 53 3 54:43:00 51:43:00 33
Teresa Archer F S 48 8 60:50:00 52:50:00 34
Joanne Richardson F 48 8 62:10:00 54:10:00 35
Margaret Thompson F 56 0 57:20:00 57:20:00 36
Bev Walker F V 56 0 DNF DNF – did 1 lap
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Summer Handicap, Houghall Woods, Wednesday, July 13, 2016

about 5.9 miles

photo by Dave Robson


pos bib name finish time actual time handicap for July handicap for August
1 252 Heather Roistrick 48:35 48:35 0 12
2 86 Denise Benvin 49:49 49:49 0 9
3 254 Gillian Appleby 50:55 50:55 0 9
4 255 Jackie Rendal 51:34 51:34 0 9
5 49 Debra Thompson 54:27 42:47 12 18
6 22 Rachelle Mason 56:01 38:01 18 21
7 28 Julie Trotter 56:10 56:10 0 3
8 54 Angela Greathead 56:14 47:14 9 12
9 228 Debbie Jones 56:58 41:58 15 18
10 250 Fiona Elizabeth 57:02 45:02 12 15
11 256 Daniel Mitchel 57:11 36:11 21 24
12 122 Jan Young 57:11 42:11 15 18
13 38 Stan White 57:40 51:40 6 9
14 113 Jean Bradley 58:01 40:01 18 21
15 257 Laura Philips 58:03 40:03 18 21
16 60 Rebecca Divine 58:26 46:26 12 15
17 29 Phil Todd 58:28 49:28 9 12
18 238 Jim Nicholson 59:04 47:04 12 12
19 200 Francis Timson 59:09 41:09 18 18
20 162 John Hutchinson 59:33 38:33 21 21
21 115 Peter Hart 60:06 39:06 21 21
22 251 Teresa Archer 60:06 51:06 9 9
23 260 Will Glossop 60:24 39:24 21 21
24 127 Andrew Davies 60:34 39:34 21 21
25 70 Helen Thomas 60:41 42:41 18 18
26 50 Helen Hackett 60:45 51:45 9 9
27 45 Sharon Campbell 60:59 51:59 9 9
28 197 Claire Hodson 61:11 49:11 12 12
29 19 Bev Walker 61:43 58:43 3 0
30 21 Katharine Bartlett 61:43 58:43 3 0
31 242 Huw Dixon 62:16 38:16 24 21
32 172 Richard Stollery 62:46 41:46 21 18
33 73 Sophie Dennis 63:12 57:12 6 3

34 finishers.

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Christmas Handicap, Houghall Woods, Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pam Kirkup

Do they know it’s Christmas?

Mandy easily Breaking Free To bring to an end our 30th anniversary year of celebration focusing on 1985 seemed entirely appropriate. A few of us would remember fondly (or otherwise!) New Romantics, David Bowie, the end of the Punk era … Margaret Thatcher. Others would be toddlers or in nappies! However, scope for fancy dress seemed vast and the runners did not disappoint. Numbers were down from last year as it was still very close to the New Year’s festivities but by 11.00am we had a motley crew of runners, leaders and supporters ready to face the quagmire which was Houghall Woods.

Back to haunt us all! At 10.30 it was still very quiet in the cafeteria at MC and then in burst Freddie Mercury in true Live Aid garb, an unrecognisable Mandy Dawson. There followed Dougie, resplendent as Adam Ant (Prince Charming mode!), Anita as a cross between Toyah Wilcox and Cyndi Lauper and George as John McEnroe. Another version of Adam Ant appeared along with Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Tom seemed to be Too shy as Limahl and Catherine Smith brought You cannot be serious! her welding helmet from Flash dance. Michael came in a chavvy shell suit and then, the piece de resistance … Margaret Thatcher in red suit and gold handbag – Mike Bennett by any other name.

The weather was kind to us – no rain and it was reasonably mild. The woods were very muddy but everyone managed to get around. Mike amused the passers-by Has anyone seen my DeLorean?by delicately holding up his red skirt in order to run. There was great teamwork with the marshals and helpers at the finish and I’m very grateful to Anna, Tom & Anita for leading some of the newer runners around the course.

After a successful run we went back to the Court Inn for a very well deserved lunch. Santa, alias Nick Young – a member since 1985 and a former chairman – assisted Paul in the presentation of prizes. Fancy Dress prizes were also given to Tom, Anita, Dougie and of course Santa for their help and support on the day.

Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who helped out today. It was a very happy sociable event.


Santa’s Striders
pos name cat 5M Time h’cap finish time actual time prize
1 Gareth Pritchard M S 29 34 65.13 31.13 Fastest Male
2 Paul Swinburne M V 36 27 61.04 34.04 Fastest Vet
3 Conrad White M V 37 26 62.55 36.35
4 Alex Witty M S 40 23 59.51 36.51
5 Mike Bennett M V 40 23 61.57 38.57 fancy Dress
6 Mandy Dawson F V 40 23 62.19 39.19 fastest Female & FD
7 Andrew Davis M S 40 23 62.58 39.58
8 Michael Ross M V 42 21 63.17 42.17 Fancy Dress
9 Camilla Lauren-Maatta F V 42 21 64.54 43.54 fastest vet F after MD
10 Victoria Brown F S 45 18 63.35 44.35
11 Victoria jackson F S 44.5 18.5 65.26 46.76
12 Steve Ellis M V 45.5 17.5 65.23 47.53 Fancy Dress
13 Mike Parker M V 50 13 61.24 48.24
14 Catherine Smith F V 46 17 65.35 48.35 Fancy Dress
15 Jonathan Hamill M V 50 13 62.25 49.25 Fancy Dress
16 Anja Fetchner F S 46.5 16.5 66.01 49.31
17 Jan Ellis F V 49 14 63.36 49.36
18 George Nicolson M V 52 11 63.29 52.29 Fancy Dress
19 Fiona Wood F S 48 15 67.48 52.48
20 Wendy Littlewood F S 60 3 56.11 53.11 1st finisher
21 Margaret Thompson F V 61 2 56.44 54.44
22 Erin keeler-Clarke F J 40.5 22.5 69.08 56.08 Junior prize
23 Joanne Porter F V 50 13 69.09 56.09
24 Joanne Richardson F V 50 13 69.1 56.1
25 Shelagh Barton F V 57 6 64.25 58.25
26 Kay Cairns F S 60 3 62.31 59.31
27 Sarah Watson F J 48 15 74.47 59.47 Junior Prize
28 Kath Bartlett F V 63 0 60.31 60.31
Rebecca Talbot F S 58 5
Kerry Barnett F V 55 8
Joanne Parkinson F V 55 8
Kelly Collier F S 51 12
David Shipman M V 50 13
Debbie Jones F V 50 13
Ryan Johnson M J 46.5 16.5
Steph Piper F S 45 18
Junior Swinburne M J 44 19
Helen Thomas F V 43 20
Jan Young F V 42 21 1lap
Louise Warner F S 40 23
David Spence M V 39 24
Peter Hart M S 39 24 1lap
Elaine Bisson F S 38.5 24.5
Jack Watson M J 32 31 1lap Fancy Dress
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