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Weekly Round Up, Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Jon Ayres

Hello again,so the nights are now drawing in, leaves are falling from the trees and the air feels distinctly Autumnal. So what to do?

Well one way to get a lung full of clean living was to visit Kielder over the weekend and join the hordes of purple vests, some drum rolls here for
Diane Soulsby, Jane Dowsett(PB), Celeste Veitch, Kim Bennett, Pauline Elliott all who did the 10k on Saturday
Sunday saw the half and the full mara’. Running in the half were Gareth Pritchard, Catherine Smith(1st strider lady home), Lucy & Mark Herkes(now poster boy and girl for the race), Laura Jackson, Karen Hooper, Katie Davison, Rebbecca Devine, Jill Young, Debbie Mcfarland, David Case, Debbie Jones, Rachel Leigh-fairbank, Eric Green, James Garland, Robin Linton, Christine Farnsworth, Karen Metters, Philip Connor, Chris Groves, Stephen Soulsby, Lucy Sors, Neil & Elaine Jennings(1st half marathon)

Taking the longer route and definitely not getting on the bus were

Kelly Collier, Ladies Skipper Fiona, Michael Littlewood (8th position overall), Maggie Thompson, Stuart Scott, Elaine Bisson(Fresh? from the DT40 only a week ago), Anna Seeley and Angela Robson Truly a fantastic turn out
Honourary mention too for Lindsay Rodgers who did the duathlon ,whilst as if the party in the Littlewood house wasn’t already an all night long affair after Michael’s run  then Lewis’ victory in the under 10 race must have guaranteed that smiles all round  were very much stuck on.
You would be forgiven to think that such large numbers would have left other races bereft of Striders but not so this weekends Wineathlon entertained Rachel Toth,Trevor Chaytor and Jordi Sabate-all have claimed they finished the race sober.Also racing on Saturday was Fiona Wood though this was slightly further afield and in the not so easy Lakeland Trails 10k. Becca Gilmore traveled a  fair bit too and taking part in her second half mara helped a friend complete the Lincoln Half.
Parkrun PB’s were gained this week by Jonathan Hamill,his PB getting ever closer to 24 mins while Joanne Paterson took a minute off her time at Riverside.
Meanwhile spending a bit of time in Yorkshire(always a good thing I feel) was Dave Robson who took part in the 35 mile round Ripon ultra and in doing so took 5 mins off his best time there.
A group of Striders and Durham Mums on the run tackled the Muddy Mayhem event with Carla Clarke,Zoe Dewdney Parsons,Lesley Hamill,Jane Dowsett(having raced at Kielder the day prior)and Helen Rodgers all clogging up there washing machines upon getting home.

The endless love affair encouraged by the Mud people between the striders and the harrier league played host to a cracking turnout at the opening league fixture of the season,both teams depleted  as a result of Kielder and other races so it was a pleasant surprise to see solid performances overall from both teams.  Mandy Dawson gaining promotion having run a storming race,with Mud woman chasing her to the end,Lesley Charman’s return from injury continues apace too as she claimed a counters position with Tamsin Imber completing the quartet a tremendous turnout of 28 ladies with a few debuts.The mens team saw Michael Mason, just missing out on a spot in the fast pack , heading the charge home with Stephen Jackson,James Garland,Phil Ray,Jason Harding and Matt Claydon claiming the points to secure a good result.Well done to all who gave their time and energy in representing the club and gave their all running
With the night now very much a dark affair this weeks club run is very much on road with a set of mini sessions and fun(?) guaranteed for all,it is very much at the pace you feel comfortable with so please join in.Allan also returns after a well earned month off and has a 2 mile time trial on the track.
Don’t forget it’s back to back x-c with Druidge bay offering a chance to earn your roast dinner  this Sunday.

It’s also only a couple of weeks to the AGM, and with all positions open if you feel you have energy and time to give the club or know of someone who you think can take it further forward please drop nominations to Pam Kirkup.
Thanks for your time
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Weekly Round Up, Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jon Ayres

As the nights start to  draw in  and track tights and long sleeved tops  are checked for fit does this herald that the boys(and girls) of summer are sneaking into hibernation?

 Not a chance, approx one in ten of the club donned the vest in the past week and decided to do the right thing and give their best efforts.
First mention goes to Jason Harding,who has quietly and steadfastly worked toward a goal of racing at the British Masters in the steeplechase, this is as the name suggests is open to the very best athletes in the Isles and Jason’s Silver medal is an astounding effort that is worthy of much praise.
Enjoy yourself,a bit, seemed to be the mantra at the Acklam Grange School 5k this weekend ,a tough course saw (deep breath) Karen Hooper, Jill Young, Mike Parker, Elaine and Neil Jennings,Karen Byng,Debbie McFarland,Robin and Helen Linton,Rachel Leigh Firbank,Celeste Veitch,Katie Davison,Mark Herkes,Natalie Stones Johnson,Diane and Stephen Soulsby and Alison Heslop all racing.
The list there seems pretty epic but for a race of truly massive proportion try 63 miles running across the Yorkshire dales from Guisborough to Filey(that’s a hell of a way to get fresh fish and chips)this was managed by Aaroon Gourley and Sue Jennings a massive effort in itself,however Sue has now completed an absolute monster of a series running a huge amount of very tough miles, through the night at times and in weather fair and foul again applause a plenty hard earned and very much due there.
The A691 felt like a Ghost town on Sunday morning due to road closures this was to allow mens  VC Graeme Walton (and others) to tackle “the beast”a 60 mile bike ride that had approx 4000ft of climbing.
Long distance seemed to be the order of the day for a few striders,no doubt the solitude offering scenic views and a break from the rat race,as around Northumberland Tim Matthews,Helen Tones and Juliet Percival went on the St Oswalds Ultra completing the “shortened ” version of 34,yep 8 more than a marathon, miles.
The tiny county of Rutland  saw Debbie Jones complete a half Marathon and Kerry Lister (freshish from her efforts at the GNR last week)  win her age category in the full version.
More Striders were in the prizes at the Sheffield Serpentine with Richard Hockin taking the honours in his age group,Danny Lim was running too and was going well but stopped to help another runner who’d gone down with heat exhaustion(not televised like the Brownlees but equally laudable)who found the effort too much.
Too young to remember the glory days of British 4 x 400 metre teams regularly upsetting the odds and taking top prize? Well track captains Lesley and Katy took a few teams over to Monkton last Wednesday, efforts that were applauded by Bill McGuirk,chair of the North East Counties AA, who e-mailed the club to say it was great to see them there representing Elvet,well done to all who ran in the various events.
The final fell race of the GP calendar saw Rosalind Layton,Geoff Davies,Steph Piper and Jan Young attacking the hills Jan taking her age category.While Ladies XC skipper Sue took home a haul of veg and cakes and provided support.
The Second running of the new Jelly Tea course saw Kelly Collier and Lucy Herkes tackle the roller coaster of a course,numbers were vastly down on last year,perhaps one for the Elvet gang(sters) to tackle mob handed next year?
Scott Walton ran in esteemed company and wasn’t far behind double Bob Graham record holder Nicky Spinks on Saturday as he ran the Three Shires fell race.
parkrun PB’s were recorded by Trevor Chaytor and Jordi Sabate on Saturday.
Round and round it goes was no doubt the thought of Nicola Whyte and Louise Barrow who tackled the multi lap South Park race at Darlo,Louise took a distance PB of 15 miles while Nicola finished the full twenty as she prepares for the Yorkshire marathon.
Still here? Then on to news of Wednesday-  the 8 and 9 min group will be out together in a hilly romp around the city led by Graeme and David Case.Debbie will be leading a run with the 10.30 group,Anna will take a run of 5 miles starting at around 11 min pace winding up to approx ten min.If any run leader ,or anybody feeling confident,could provide guidance for a 4 mile- 5mile run at 12-30 pace please let me know.Also Geoff and Sue will be taking X-C training from 6-20 meeting at the Woodland trust,an e-mail and facebook post has been sent out with full details,this would provide great preparation for those  intending to run for a 1st division X-C club this coming season!
Final thing, if you have news of yours or others achievements please could I ask Myself,Fiona or whoever is collating the news is contacted directly and solely with the information.It has been pointed out that we send out a fair few e-mails and it helps to keep traffic down and also that way we don’t miss anyone off the list for the week.
Thanks for your time
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Weekly Roundup, Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jon Ayres

Evening All, A quiet week really only a club relay, 7 different events and 50 or so runners out and about this week.

So where to start? The Red Kite trail race perhaps where Alison Heslop got her shoes dirty alongside Catherine Smith who pb’d on the course by 10 mins,Dave Brown was out there too making a recovery from a couple of recent setbacks.

Hamsterley saw John Hutch’ complete another full marathon whilst Mike Parker was eaten alive by the resident mozzies whilst taking part in the 11.4 mile race (not a race distance I’ve come across there before but such is the way of the Modern World)

At Kirkley Hall 10 K Catherine Smith and Gareth Pritchard were donning purple,the latter leading the field home in a cracking time just a smidge over 35 mins.Gareth carried on winning ways at Durham parkrun too breaking 17 mins there.

The Great North 10k saw Michael Littlewood lead the purple gang home ,not bad for an injured runner, going easily under 40 mins,Anna Basu PB’d the race ,others running were Elaine Bison,Matt Archer,Louise Morton,Debbie Jones,Robin Linton,Beth Cullen,Dianne Whatcott,Stuart Barker,Chris Shearsmith and Phillip Todd.However surely the greatest competition on the day was between Jonathan and Lesley Hamill who finished within a second of each other and both PB’d,that’s entertainment!

The Chevy Challenge a 20 miler saw age wins for Chris Farnsworth( who has had a hell of a recent schedule race wise) and Maggie Thompson.

Tonight a few folk went along to run along the Tyne in the bridge of Tyne 5 mile road race, results not yet in but photos show Ladys captain Fiona running there competing too were Neil and Elaine Jennings,Lesley Charman(returning from injury) Katy Walton -running well despite one-Vics Thompson and Teresa Archer.

Saturday and Sunday saw a herd of folk out completing the relay from Accrington to Durham ,this was due in no small part to the graft of Peter Bell and Kelly Collier, congratulations to all who ran .It started in a strange town then had a shot at going underground using the canal tunnels,Peter and Dougie there.Climbed some serious ascents ,Steph Piper leading a run over Pen Y Ghent,apparently Sunday saw Kelly ,Helen Allen and Lucy Herkes continue the attack on the climbs too before it was finished in the City of Durham.Many thanks to all who ran and supported this,suggestions for next year anyone?

Tomorrow is Club Run this will be a running version of circuit training with a prompt 7 o’clock Start!It may well be helpful to join Fiona on the track at 6-45 to warm up.

Finally (and well done for getting this far) It’s sports day on Sunday and whilst it’s very much family focused there’s entertainment and Pizza for all.Be good to see you there if you don’t fancy the three legged race then perhaps the crown of Striders bake off challenge champion is worth a tilt at.

Thanks for your time.


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Weekly Round-Up, Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weekly Round-up: 22 June 2016

So what were you doing on Saturday Evening? Two groups of Striders were very active indeed,first of all George Nicholson was joined by Kerry Barnett, Sue Jennings, Dianne Watson and Katherine Smith amongst many other runners both Striders and non purple folk in completing a series of local parkruns to raise charity funds, stirring stuff indeed. Meanwhile over in the Lake district Mike Hughes was joined at various times by a few striders too and gritted his teeth, dug deep and completed the truly astounding feat of a successful attempt on the Bob Graham Round – I don’t think it’s possible to convey my admiration for him in doing so and chatting to other folk I know this isn’t a lone thought. Many many congratulations to Mike one of the quieter members of the club who very much just gets on with it(and what a thing to get on with).

Further afield Jonathan Hamill completed the Lisburn Half Marathon breaking 120 mins for the first time and bagging a new shiny PB.Chris Shearsmith grabbed a PB too, this time over 10k at Newton Aycliffe with Michael Littlewood leading the Striders home on the day.

Not strictly just running but still an athletic achievement for Claire Galloway, Robin Linton and Becca Gilmore who teamed up for the Kielder triathlon.

Tomorrow has Allan and Katy leading a track session,Geoff(fresh? from helping Mike around over the weekend) leading a pacy off road jaunt, Elaine Jennings taking out a 5k with no one left behind. Elaine Bisson has a fun route planned for the 9 min group ,whilst Fiona will lead out the 10k group,dependent on run leaders the 10 min group will be doing hills, 11 mins a steady run out on trail and road and the 12-30 group heading along the river from the rowing club to baths bridge doing a mix of efforts and recoveries. Finally Teresa will be talking a 5km run along the river with a speedy finish for those working on their race craft.

Please don’t forget that their are still places in the charity relay 2+3/07 and tickets for the family sports day 10th/07 are available on the eventbrite website.

See you tomorrow.


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