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Harrier League Alnwick 2017

Alnwick, Northumberland, Saturday, March 4, 2017

Dave Forster

Passion. Suspense. Intrigue. None of these words sprang to mind as I lined up at the start for the final Harrier League cross country fixture at Alnwick yesterday. I was one of a number of purple first-timers getting their mud on, having been persuaded to do so by some of the regulars, and even after … Continue reading Harrier League Alnwick 2017

Harrier League Alnwick 2016

Alnwick, Saturday, March 5, 2016


STRIDERS ON THE BRINK! After nearly a four month gap the Harrier League resumed on Saturday at the scenic Alnwick course. Overall attendance was slightly down, after a miserable day on Friday, but Striders still managed to put 43 runners into the field, along with many valued supporters, although this represents only 11% of the … Continue reading Harrier League Alnwick 2016

Harrier League

Alnwick, Saturday, March 2, 2013

Grand Prix Race. Mud King/Mud Queen Race.

Mudman and Mudwoman

Both the men’s and women’s teams put in their best performance of the season at a sunny Alnwick last Saturday. The men finished 4th in their 2nd Division and the Women finished 6th in their 1st Division. There were some noteworthy individual performances as well with Tom Reeves finishing in 26th position thereby qualifying for … Continue reading Harrier League

Harrier League

Alnwick, Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grand Prix Race. Mud King/Mud Queen Race.

Mudman and Mudwoman

Record-Breaking Striders! Striders broke a number of records at the Alnwick Harrier League fixture yesterday when they fielded their biggest teams ever! Twenty two men and eighteen women turned out for their club on what eventually turned into a pleasant, early spring day. The bumper turnout not only ensured that the women’s team will remain … Continue reading Harrier League