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Sedgefield Serpentine, Sunday, September 17, 2017

Conrad White

I have been aware of this local trail race for a few years but not previously been able to run. My son was up visiting, had just finished some significant exams that meant he had not trained over the last month but was up for the race. We had both done the Sedgefield parkrun the day before and as should be – he beat me. I was hoping I could be closer in this one with his lack of training.

There had been rain, so trail shoes were the order of the day. Previous years I think had been dry and road shoes have sufficed. The morning was bright and sunny and registration easy and friendly. There were a number of striders, so we were well represented. I had decided that it was likely to be slippery and to not go off too fast – which I managed to do. A nice gentle downhill on grass and into Hardwick park on good paths. It was then around and between the edges of fields with thin slippery mud. I had done Geoff’s XC training at the Woodland trust a few days before and remembered the instruction “just to run straight through” – shoes will get muddy anyway so might as well plunge in from the start. After about 3 miles of undulations I could see my son ahead and getting closer – that spurred me on. The return 3 miles were tending to be less muddy and more through trees and in general more downhill. With less than a mile to go, and we were in Hardwick park again, I caught him up. He was not, however, going to let me past and with more youthful legs was able to keep ahead and outpace me for the finish. I suspect this is as close as I will ever get to beating him now.

There was a welcome cake stall (the bbq from previous years did not occur) and prize presentation (bottles of wine – one of which I was able to claim, as did Jan as age group winners).

A lovely local well organised friendly multi terrain run. I think due to conditions underfoot, times were slightly slower this year – so maybe next year I could aim for a PB?

[There are loads of quality photos for this event from several photographers. Visit Sedgefield Harriers website for links. ^DN]

36.481180Heron Kurt-Ashington Hirst 1st Male
43.3417190Pettitt Amelia-Vale Royal1st Female
44.072151Garland JamesM40Elvet Striders
48.3848201White ConradM60Elvet Striders1st V60 Male
49.475622connor philip-Elvet Striders
50.246273Hockin RichardM60Elvet Striders
50.576516Bridge Elizabeth-Elvet Striders
59.1511283Ives JaneF45Elvet Striders
61.18127193Young JanF65Elvet Striders1st V65 Female
61.281288Askey SamanthaF35Elvet Striders
64.36144142Thompson-Young CaroleF55Elvet Striders
dns19985Jardine DougM40Elvet Striders
dns207136Sygrove KathrynF45Elvet Striders
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Coxhoe Trail Run, Sunday, September 3, 2017

Conrad White

There was a mass of striders out for the Coxhoe multi terrain trail race – approximately 20% of the field. A local friendly run around the trails of Coxhoe. The course starts downhill (and if you plan on doing this race in the future – remember you will be doing this in reverse on the way back – and some more) then up to a good trail on the disused railway path and into and around the quarry on good firm stony tracks. There are a couple of well marshalled road crossings. The quarry section has a brief downhill, then a sharp (quite unfriendly for my un hill trained legs) ascent and then a bit of an uphill drag – at the top of which is the “half way” marker. (much relief).

I had strider (Dan) in my sights for most of the first half and briefly overtook him on the downhill section of the quarry, only to be passed on the return on the railway path – he was well ahead at the end. Thanks for spurring me on Dan! The last kilometre includes the uphill we came down on the way out, and a bit more, with a sharp turn and into a clearing and the finish which is just above where you start so, if you want and are able, you can cheer on incoming runners.

Striders were again represented in the prizes with Fiona first lady and Sarah and myself getting age category prizes (varying sizes of trophy). There is a chocolate bar and water at the end and a T shirt at registration. What is there not to like?

1Robert Everson14036:13Mens OverallDurham City Harriers
28Fiona Jones2546:09Womens 35+Elvet Striders
6Chris Callan10238:07Mens OverallElvet Striders
10Michael Anderson10340:19Mens OverallElvet Striders
22Daniel Mitchell5245:03Mens 40+Elvet Striders
23Conrad White15245:26Mens 60+Elvet Striders
30Richard Hockin3546:58Mens 60+Elvet Striders
34Phillip Connor9747:29Mens OverallElvet Striders
39Sarah Davies15448:59Womens 50+Elvet Striders
52Jean Bradley5652:10Womens 60+Elvet Striders
60Helen Parker5953:52Womens 35+Elvet Striders
66Lyne Stobart7454:29Womens 35+Elvet Striders
69Jan Young5455:15Womens 50+Elvet Striders
76Stephen Ellis2856:05Mens 60+Elvet Striders
77Jane Ives8956:08Womens 35+Elvet Striders
81Lesley Hamill14156:32Womens 35+Elvet Striders
86Alison Heslop4557:17Womens 35+Elvet Striders
89Tina Taylor11157:49Womens 35+Elvet Striders
91Anna Mason2057:54Womens 35+Elvet Striders
96Kimberley Wilson8558:50Womens OverallElvet Striders
97Nicola Dorricott14759:01Womens 50+Elvet Striders
101Jenny Search14259:33Womens 35+Elvet Striders
108Jane Dowsett5560:14Womens 35+Elvet Striders
109Carole Thompson-Young8060:14Womens 50+Elvet Striders
110Becks Lippe960:14Womens 35+Elvet Striders
111Alan Scott1860:47Mens 50+Elvet Striders
127Aileen Scott1763:46Womens 35+Elvet Striders
134Helen James3066:03Womens OverallElvet Striders
136Stan White1966:44Mens 50+Elvet Striders
141Helen Wilkes12669:30Womens 35+Elvet Striders
147Sophie Dennis9873:48Womens OverallElvet Striders
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Blyth Sands Race, Blyth, Sunday, December 4, 2016

About 5 miles!

Conrad White

I have run the Blyth Sands on many occasions since joining the striders.  An age handicapped run along the beach and back. The 4th December 2016 was my 60th birthday and the race had been a target of mine for the last couple of years when I realised I would get some more time advantage and on my birthday as well.  There may well have been other events on the same day and numbers of striders were – 2 – Richard Hocking and myself – previously striders have been in the team prizes but we did not have enough for a team.

The tide was low and going out which meant there were no groynes to negotiate this year.  Advancing age means starting nearer the front, so it was possible to count the numbers of runners ahead.  (When I first ran I was in the last group to start).  By the turn round the oar at half way I had worked up into the top 10, but I knew there was one in my age group ahead. I lost a few places on the return to faster (younger runners) – but still managed a top 20 finish (one of my best placings in the race).  Although no age prize, the organisers kindly gave me a bottle of wine.  I will be back and hope more of you will join in. What else would you want to do on  the first Sunday morning in December but run along the beach?


 Place Time Name Team Age Category Actual Time
1 00:26:57 MCNALLY, Mark Elswick Harriers Men O / 65 00.35.57
17 00:30:37 WHITE, Conrad Elvet Striders Men O / 60 00.37.37
33 00:32:40 HOCKIN, Richard Elvet Striders Men O / 65 00.41.40
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North East Masters A A Cross Country Championships, Wallsend, Saturday, February 6, 2016

Conrad White

Fiona through the Mizzle (Mizzle?!)For harrier league mud lovers (over the age of 35) who have been deprived, this was the place to be – a wet, damp and muddy Saturday afternoon in Wallsend for cross country. It could have been the harrier league, but smaller and with no tents. It was where we had the harrier league many years ago.

A select band of striders made it to Wallsend for the North East Veterans championships. I arrived, having driven through the wet grey mizzle that was Saturday morning in time to see the women and over 65 men and give a cheer to Fiona – who looked like she was giving it her all. Her summing up at the end suggested the downhill was OK but the uphill was for walking. I met up with Jason – who is just returning to running after a break of a couple of decades and I think his first cross county outing for striders. The atmosphere at the race was friendly and low key – until the start and the leaders setting off like whippets – the mud did not seem to have the same effect as it had on me. We had three laps, each of which included a straightforward descent, a slightly greasy descent and two uphill sections of slippery mud – nothing if you are used to hill races I suspect, but taxing enough. Fiona was right – I ended up walking for a short stretch – but so was everyone around me.

One of the good parts of the veterans race is that you run with your age group on your back and as far as I was concerned if it did not say 55 then I was not too troubled (except when a couple of 60s came past – but that will be me next year.) The course allowed a couple of opportunities to see the race so it was possible to give each other encouragement and thanks to Fiona for the cheers. After race was catered for with hot drinks and the results did not take too long in arriving, apart from the age group team results. Not surprising considering the complexity of trying to work out all the different age categories. Unfortunately striders did not reach the podium on this occasion but hopefully a good time was had by all. Maybe next year.


Race 1: Veteran Women (and men over 65)
Pos Name Age Time
1 Joasia Zakrzewski (Durham City Harries & AC) 40 to 44 0:21:32
50 Fiona Wood 35 to 39 0:31:41
Race 2: Veteran Men 35 – 64
Pos Name Age Time
1 Kevin Jeffress (Sunderland Harriers & AC) 35 to 39 0:29:13
29 Jason Harding 45 to 49 0:34:01
74 Conrad White 55 to 59 0:39:36
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Tynedale 10K, Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Conrad White

The English summer had arrived and we officially had a heat wave! – More like a shake of the hand – a few of days when it got quite hot. Suffice to say the temperature was warm and close and sweaty.

I had managed to leave work on time and parked on the correct side of the Ovingham bridge this year, so I was there with time to spare having registered and parked. There was a goodly crowd of runners including, as always, a number of striders. From the school it is a mile up the hill to the start, which means the first mile is downhill and tempting to take tooooooooo fast (and then the legs run out of steam by the end, as you think you are on for a PB.) After the first mile the course undulates for a couple more miles on the road through Wylam before doubling back on the other side of the river in the Tyne valley. It is a scenic midweek run which I have done on a number of occasions and enjoy. There was an unfortunate shoe lace malfunction at 2 miles that cost me a few seconds but generally the going was good. I had reigned in the first mile so that I found I was then able to work my way through the field gradually – which was a nice feeling. Around the 4 mile mark I noted I was chasing the same person as at Lambton. I kept pushing and again was able to sneak past her in the final stages. There was a very welcome bottle of water at the end and pie and peas back at the school. A friendly well organised race with entries on the day it is a good way to spend a summer evening. Well done to all striders in the warm clammy conditions.


Pos Name Club Cat Catpos Time
1 Ian Harding Morpeth Harriers 16-39 1/127 00:32:28
30 Emma Holt Morpeth Harriers 00:37:28
116 Conrad White 55-59 5/23 00:42:33
251 Helen Todd 35-39 8/46 00:47:45
289 Karen Jones 45-49 5/23 00:49:19
295 Greta Jones 45-49 7/23 00:49:26
312 David Spence 65+ 3/9 00:50:10
384 Sue Gardham 40-44 15/36 00:53:09
388 Ian Spencer 50-54 39/48 00:53:17
457 Brian Ford 45-49 49/51 00:58:19
459 Louise Barrow 16-34 47/62 00:58:19
528 Mike Elliott 65+ 8/9 01:08:09

546 finishers

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Durham parkrun, Saturday, June 13, 2015

Conrad White

20:20:100 – A personal parkrun challenge

We all have aspirations and goals and I am sure Striders have many of these. Goals as you know should be “SMART” – the S being “specific” and the A being “achievable”. I have three running goals – some of you may already know them. Other people – goals may involve foreign countries or long events – one of mine was much nearer to home. Having run at the inaugural Durham parkrun in August 2011 I had felt that maybe with a bit of luck and some training a sub 20 at Durham might be possible. Age is working against me, but training seems to be working for me. Last year I was tantalisingly close with a number of runs below 20:10 – but the sub 20 Durham did not materialise. I did manage it at Riverside and again at York earlier in the year but could not find the extra oomph needed to get round those tight corners and over the bridge fast enough. I have had lots of encouragement mind for which I am exceedingly thankful. Loads of people knew of my goal. I was regularly asked if “today was the day”.

The parkruns were counting up and Saturday was to be my 100th parkrun – a mention at the start much appreciated. Could it be a double celebration? Leaving home for my usual jog down the Garmin ominously said “low battery”!!!!!! Thank you Katy for lending me what must be a much lighter version – saved my bacon. I had also invested in new, more padded shoes – would they have anything to offer. Many, many thanks for all the encouragement from too many to mention – I would hate to miss anyone out.

I set off (fairly) sensibly. I tried hard. I pushed along the back field. I attacked the railway turn, the bridge and the “Horsley turn” (if it is still known as that). The watch was looking good but perilously close. My legs were sore and I had tried as hard as I could. Stopping the watch I was hopeful, but I have been caught out before with a slight difference in my time and the officially recorded time – we all know something for £19.99 seems a better bargain than something for £20 – so a 20:00 would not have fitted the bill. Andy behind knew how much I wanted it and was encouraging with his time being close (I knew my time could not be corrected up and not be a Durham PB) and Graeme when he finished had clocked me across the line, also just sub 20. The wait for the official results seemed never ending. I’m not sure if there were issues but they did not arrive until Sunday. Huge thanks to all the volunteers who work with the run behind the scene getting the results out.

As for the title – 20:20:100 – 20th position, in sub 20, on my 100th parkrun. A memorable day. Again thank you all. Have your goals, make them SMART and one day you will hopefully achieve them. If I achieve another goal – you will all be first to know about it.

Very Tidy!

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Raby Castle 10K, Sunday, May 17, 2015

Conrad White

It was a busy weekend for races and we were spoiled for choice (Raby, Pier to pier, Windermere and Calderdale). Having done Raby for the last couple of years – I decided this was the one to do again.

The day dawned bright and breezy, so could I improve on last year’s time? This year the parking was adjacent to the start and finish – so no long dash to the start – which seemed to work very well. There were a series of events, with a fun 1.2k and 5k and then to finish the 10k – which is two 5k laps of the estate – either tarmac or good forest track. There is a long uphill at the start of each lap and a nasty sharp rise around 4 and 9K towards the end of each lap – so not one for a 10K PB.

As is usual there were a number of striders warming up and chatting before the start, which makes it all very sociable. I’m not sure if Gareth and Rob were psyching each other out as to how easy they were going to take it, but they soon disappeared in front once we had started – and from the results do not look to have been taking it too easy. The wind was against going up the first hill, which did make the going hard – but we were sheltered to a degree by the trees to the side. On reaching the top and turning down to the farm – which should have been a relaxing way to get back into your stride – the wind made even that bit of down hill hard work. The views – if you choose to look – are stupendous by the way. The second half of the lap apart from when you come out of the woods is very pleasant running. There was a tail wind on the open section and not too warm. I felt I was going OK and the two laps were approximately the same time so managed the pacing OK. On the final run into the finish there is always a good crowd to cheer you in. Initially I though I was a tad slower than last year but I had remembered the wrong time and as it happens managed a few seconds quicker – so that was very pleasing.

No monster goody bag and T but very welcome cake, banana and water. What is there not to like. Despite the wind and the hills there were excellent performances – well done to all. Hopefully there will not be the clash of events next year and more can sample the delights of Raby – a very scenic and well organised event.


position name club gender age position and category time
1 Drew Ingis Darlington H & AC 1 20-34 35:22
25 Heidi Dent Howgill Harriers 1 20-34 39:36
16 Gareth Pritchard M 4 35-39 38:39
63 Conrad White M 5 55-59 43:41
113 Louise Warner F 3 35-39 47:10
115 John Hutchinson M 11 55-59 47:12
126 Sarah Davies F 4 45-49 47:58
138 Michael Ross M 28 40-44 48:28
145 Malcolm Sygrove M 22 45-49 49:01
189 Marita Le Vaul-Grimwood F 8 40-44 52:00
215 Anna Seeley F 17 20-34 54:06
271 Gillian Green F 17 45-49 61:30
292 Helen Hall F 18 45-49 64:22
298 Joanne Parkinson F 22 40-44 65:28
315 Kate Talbot F 30 20-34 75:32

320 finishers.

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Sunderland Half Marathon, Sunday, May 3, 2015

Conrad White


objects in the rear-view mirror may be purpler than they appear Icy blast, torrential rain, no visibility – was this some wild adventure on remotest moorland and hills? No, this was bank holiday Sunday in Sunderland. Maybe I am exaggerating. Considering all the lovely weather we have had recently this was the worst for some time. Wet, cold and limited visibility. Just for a limited time only – as I type this 5 hours later the sky is blue, the wind has dropped and all is well again (and the garden has been watered). Fortunately there was no chance of going off course. I feel sorry for the organisers and exceedingly grateful for the crowds and marshals who turned out – pointing us around the course and offering words of encouragement. I think the original plan was for some happy clappy warm up at the start – either I missed it or it did not happen as everyone seemed to be huddled within the mighty stadium of light until the last possible minute. I did venture out briefly into the rain to see the start of the 10k – who came to a bottleneck halt after 100 metres due to “water in the road” – a big puddle. Mental note miss that bit – get near the front.

Before waking on Sunday morning I had been hoping for an improvement on my last half at Redcar 18 months ago. I had done some training and a couple of 10K races in the last two weeks. I even resisted the temptation of a parkrun on Saturday so my legs could be as fresh as possible. I was hopeful and feeling quite fit. The aim was to be between 1.30 and 1.35 and as close to 1.30 as possible. Can I get under 1.30 again or is that just a dream too far? – A bit like I’m trying for a sub 20 minute Durham parkrun.

The course sets off from the stadium of light, over the Monkwearmouth bridge and does a couple of slightly convoluted loops around mainly residential streets before crossing the bridge again and out along past St Peter’s, the sea front, Roker park and back. Pavement corners were potentially a bit tricky, so I kept on the tarmac. Due to the climactic conditions visibility for those in glasses was to say the least –poor. It was like looking through a misted car windscreen in the rain when the wipers don’t work – photo obviously not taken on route but gives an idea to those of you without glasses what I was seeing – or not.

We crossed the bridge for the first time as the 10K was coming the other way, and around our 10K the course doubles back on itself. I was able to see Jane coming the other way and we gave each other a cheer. (By the time we passed again when I had just over a mile to go I waved but was unable to cheer.) I also saw Ian and we acknowledged each other. By the time I reached the bridge again I was still feeling fair but knew the sub 1.30 was not realistic. Undulations (relatively minor) and wind taking those vital seconds away. Along to Roker I saw the leaders coming the other way – good to see what happens at the front of a race. As we came around to the sea front all I could think of was “British Bank Holiday”! There was low cloud/grey mist, white horses and breakers on the sea and a biting wind. Returning on the same bit of road after Roker Park I knew my pace had dropped again (quite a strong wind against at this point) but I had been working hard and once we turned the corner I was able to regain some pace. I lost a handful of places in the final run in.

However all was good – 3 minutes quicker than Redcar! A top 100 finish, a medal, a dayglo yellow tee shirt (to replace the fluorescent orange Darlington 10K from 2013 that my wife was not willing to give house room to it is so bright that I discarded at the start), a not so quick change into dry clothing with cold hands and into the coffee shop. Can I realize my aspirations – I will have to enter another – hopefully to be run in conditions more conducive to another PB. Tantalizingly close, yet so far.

Well done to everyone who was out – runners, spectators, organisers – in what were quite frankly not very pleasant conditions for a May road 10K.


Pos Name Club Cat Catpos Time
1 Tadele Mulugeta Elswick Harriers M 1 1:11:24
63 Louise Rogers Tyne Bridge Harriers F40 1 1:28:41
96 Conrad White M50 8 1:31:31
234 Craig Walker M50 25 1:40:41
247 Fiona Jones F 15 1:40:46
314 David Lumsdon M50 35 1:44:04
342 Jane Ives F40 15 1:45:32
569 Andrew Davies M 235 1:55:15
742 Ian Spencer M50 85 2:03:44
781 Kim Bennet F40 67 2:06:29

1021 finishers

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Run Durham Hamsterley 10K, Sunday, April 26, 2015

Conrad White

I am not sure how I found out about this 10k, but there were online entries with a few days to go, it was relatively non expensive and I had a free morning.  Steph circulated about a lift on facebook (being the dinosaur that I am, I do not do facebook) and I circulated on email and we managed to co-ordinate and went in one car. (Apologies Philip – only just realised we were three of us).

Steph and Conrad

Another Sunday started “cool” but it was dry and by the time the race commenced was just about warm enough.  We arrived early to what turned out to be a pleasant low key event.  Recycled numbers (good eco score) (so despite what it says on the numbers in the photo it was not a half marathon) and a few people multitasking jobs.  We greeted Tom as he arrived with his youngest to tackle some mountain biking course and we made our race preparations.  Resting, changing shoes, warming up and other pre race essentials. The runners assembled off the road and were then led the short jog to the start.  There was slight delay for the start, to set up the timing mat across the “main road” through Hamsterley.  I told you this was a good low key event. One of the runners had to test it so see if it was working. We were sharing the route with the traffic – I think I counted about 5 cars in all.  Those expecting something hilly, multi terrain and off road, like other Hamsterley events, would have been disappointed.  Steph unfortunately had made a strategic wardrobe mistake and did not have her road shoes, so competed in trail shoes. (She was not too pleased about that). The course was a straight out and back along the tarmac forest drive for a couple of miles, then onto the fairly gentle uphill non tarmac but perfectly runable road.  Thanks for the cheer Tom!

The turn was at the top, at about 4 ½ K, along with a water station.  Then it was down and back to the finish.  My plan, such as ever I have one, was to try and be steady but the geography allowed for what may well have been an SB 5K (possibly about sub 20) for the downhill second half and two minutes quicker than the first 5K.  The field was quite small (under 100), I was well up and finished somewhere in the top 10 (see below).  No massed crowds at the finish but clapping, cheering and a warm reception for all – not quite the same as those running a somewhat bigger event in the capital.  As I came to the finish, the timer had just clicked over 42 minutes so almost half a minute quicker than last week’s Sand dancer.  I was pleased.  There was a bottle of water, a medal and even a photo – which went up on the run-nation website.  I Jogged back to give Steph a cheer – who had an excellent run in the “wrong shoes”. I missed Philip – but well done.

Apparently there was some chip timing malfunction and my result was omitted. Fortunately some email correspondence followed on Sunday afternoon and the missing time has been found and the results amended.  So now I am looking forward to next week and the challenges of a half marathon.


Pos Name Club Cat Catpos Time
1 Peter Hodgson Blaydon Harriers 37:11
8 Conrad White 42:09
12 Lesley Jackson Bell PB Fitness 43:18
30 Philip Connor 47:53
40 Steph Piper 50:56

83 finishers

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Sand Dancer 10K, Sunday, April 19, 2015

Conrad White

Four Sunny Sandancing Striders There were entries on the day and it is not far from home, the weather looked favourable and there was an email about lifts. A car full of Richard, Helen, Fiona and I set off on a chilly Sunday morning to the breezy North Sea coast at South Shields. We were early, so there was no queue and Fiona and I quickly entered, Richard and Helen picked up their numbers and we went back to sit in the car and admire the waves and the clouds with the heater on. Those that arrived later had quite a queue for their numbers. As we waited the weather improved and it turned into a glorious sunny but breezy Sunday morning – just the day for taking a stroll along the cliff tops.

At the allotted starting time we were advised there was to be a 10 minute delay, which turned into just a couple of minutes. We were off – along the foreshore road and gently up onto the paths around the cliffs. The route is essentially out to the green patch, twice round and back to Gypsies Green stadium (near the end of the GNR) for a finish around the track. The weather had been dry so the paths were dry and the going “good to firm”. I set off trying to go evenly, as I have a plan for a half marathon in a couple of weeks. None of this marathon and ultra for me – 10K and a half are far enough. The legs felt good and the running steady and with a bit of a downhill near the end I had a negative 5K split. There was a bit where the lap almost meets up and as I was ¾ round the first lap the leader was gliding along well into his second lap. It was great to see the sharp end of the race. The wind never really seemed to help but was not too much of a hindrance, seeming to be side on for a lot of the way.

Do not imagine the final lap of the track being like running on the track at Maiden Castle. Think more of Alf Tupper and tough of the track for those old enough to remember comics like the “Beano” – compacted mud.

For the first 10K of the year I was pleased with my performance, soon to be followed in by Fiona, who because she had entered on the day was ineligible for one of the veterans prizes, Richard, Fiona, Rebecca and Helen who was robbed of the sub 60 by a whisker due to delay in crossing the start after the gun (race not chip timed).

Water, a technical T, entry on the day – good value for money. I was surprised there were not more striders – certainly a good morning out by the sea and maybe one for next year.


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Ian Harding Morpeth Harriers 31:48
23 Georgia Campbell South Shields 38:10
70 Conrad White O/55 42:28
93 Fiona Shenton O/55 43:53
162 Richard Hall O/55 47:54
258 Fiona Swinburne O/40 55:29
275 Rebecca Fisher O/35 57:12
294 Helen Hall O/45 1:00:03

341 finishers
Female teams: 9 160:Elvet Striders (11 Fiona Shenton; 70 Fiona Swinburne; 79 Rebecca Fisher)

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