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Eskdale Eureka, Castleton, North York Moors, Sunday, December 8, 2013

BM / 8M / 1100'

Jan Young

Sixth fell race in NEHRA Winter Series, starting from exposed car park on Westerdale Moor edge, Castleton, NYM. Fast gallop downhill to Dibble Bridge, across a youthful River Esk, skirt Westerdale Moor edge and cross Little Hograh and Great Hograh Moors against the wind, drop down into Baysdale and short steep ascent out, to have the wind on our backs along Kildale Moor edge, crossing Esk at Hob Hole by footbridge or foot wetting ford, steep road ascent for 500m, then backtrack to end with a 500m uphill finish! Some fiddly bits through heather with hidden rocks, some wider rough tracks, boggy bits always included.

Hardened fell racer, Paul E. declared race too short, he’d just got going after 8 miles. Funny I didn’t feel like that! Good to see Dave’s injury no problem, thanks to Camilla for driving and her enthusiasm and well done to Shaun, 3rd MV55 and Mike B, 2nd MV55 scoring valuable series points. [… and Jan won the FV60s! Ed.]

Five layers on against freezing wind waiting for car park presentation; Camilla had given lifts to Peter, DFR runner and regular winner and Lucy 5th female, so car loaded up with wine/ chocolate winnings!


Pos Name Club Cat Catpos Time
1 Peter Bray DFR M 1 59.12
19 Paul Evans M 12 64.54
28 Kay Neesam New Marske FV45 1 68.59
44 Michael Bennett MV55 2 73.30
50 Shaun Roberts MV55 3 76.00
100 Jan Young FV60 1 93.38
103 Dave Shipman MV55 11 96.07
104 Camilla L.-Maatta FV45 5 97.32

113 finishers

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British Masters XC Championships, Herrington Park, Sunderland, Saturday, March 16, 2013


Jan Young

The muddy path to instant inadequacy! Try the championships … you are given a small card on which is printed your age category, to be worn on your back for all to see and marvel at, or not, depending on your performance. I found myself following a number 75, a sprightly Bingley ‘lad’ and well beaten by him too! Jokingly said he displayed the incorrect age group – he didn’t look a day over 55 to me! Thanks goodness he’s not running Calderdale. I did ask him! Bingley are notorious fell runners!

She will be back to fight another day … enjoyed the workout and the company.


Men (35-64)
Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 HINCH, Philip Tipton Harriers MV35 27:53
116 DAVIS, Geoff MV55 37:51
125 HUGHES, Michael MV45 39:49
130 WHITE, Conrad MV55 40:56

Striders Male ’45 to 54′ Team 11th of 12.

144 finishers.

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 BRISCOE, Julie Wakefield 22:57
60 SHENTON, Fiona FV50 29:13
83 DAVIS, Susan FV50 31:12
109 YOUNG, Jan FV60 33:40

Striders Female ’45 to 54′ Team 3rd of 4.

131 finishers, including the over-65 Men. [Yes, this is confusing, Ed.]

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Dentdale Run, Dent, Cumbria, Saturday, March 9, 2013

14M 379 Yards

Jan Young

Grand Prix Race. Sprint Champion Race. Rachel approaches the top of yet another hill ... Having run this 14.5 mile road race sixteen times since 1992, old habits die hard, so I gave it another shot, instead of joining the Bunkbarners on the snowy fells.

Dent weekend was always a Striders weekend away; first accomodation being Margaret’s caravans, until we decided holiday cottages were more comfortable.

Today, Margaret’s caravans are still there; the lady herself was marshalling a car park, but only Aaron and his family ‘cottaged’ it. Hope you followed Striders’ tradition and sampled the Dent beer. New kids on the block now pound the Dentdale lanes-with success- Rachel Terry 1st FV40 and 8th female in this challenging rural run. Katy and Graeme Walton, Linsay T and Aaron G all put in good performances on their debuts, while experienced Dentdalers also clocked GP points.

Villagers help out at the run as timekeepers, marshalls, water station volunteers. Every runner gets tea and buns in the village hall, entry fee at £10/£12 goes to school funds and the event regularly attracts 350 runners. You have an unofficial option to complete only the first half of the route, as did Barrie E and I think Maggie T-as she’s not in results! Striders ladies appear to be first female team, with 84 points, unless I’ve missed something. Rachel may tell her own tale about the puzzling prizegiving; can she keep it, no she can’t?


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Breton Holdsworth Clayton Le Moors Harriers M 1 1:24:42
42 Heather Tuffs York Acorn F 1 1:39:08
96 Rachel Terry F 8 1:48:50
100 Graeme Walton M 1:49:24
113 Aaron Gourley M 1:51:02
189 Katy Walton F 32 2:01:18
218 Stephanie Barlow F 44 2:05:00
257 Jan Young F 59 2:12:04
258 Lindsay Tarn F 60 2:12:09
296 Alan Smith M 2:21:58
326 Christine Farnsworth F 2:32:10

341 finishers.

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Guisborough Woods Fell Race, Thursday, December 27, 2012

BS / 8.8km (usually) / 376m

Jan Young

photo courtesy and © David Aspin

Two Striders at Guisborough Woods race on 27th Dec. New 11k route due to logging, still included two ascents of quarry side, a short loop and a longer loop.

Susan won her age group, 3 bottles of wine for £7 entry fee. That’s value! And series points!

[ Jan also won her age group! Ed. ]

Just to add, Mike Bennett was 3rd MV50 in 2012 summer series, and Jan Young, 2nd FV55. Both presented with Roseberry Topping mugs and certificates.


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Isle of Coll Half-Marathon, Friday, August 17, 2012

Jan Young

George Nic’s idea, ‘Does anyone want to run a 1/2 marathon on Coll?’ George and family had a week on island in rented cottage, so Dave Shipman and Lyn, Tony and I planned our own holidays around the race.

He's not letting that thing out of his sight ... Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Accomodation, no problem – you can park your camper van on any spare land, grass verge.
  • Free camping on Community hall field.
  • Showers in bunkhouse-this already fully booked for 2013 races.
  • Hospitality overflowing, everyone chats to everyone.
  • Loch Fyne real ale at new Community Hall so tasty.
  • Ceilidh for those inclined or just sit in bar/ communal area and watch races slideshow.
  • Choice of 5k,10k, 1/2 marathon run, 1/2 marathon walk.
  • Transport to 5k,10k start-in a trailer.
  • 1k kids’ run – won by G’s grandson, Oscar.
  • Undulating courses, some parts windy, scenery beautiful.
  • Frequent water/wine/whisky stops, manned by ‘interesting’ locals, including glam goths, black basques and all. They made Tony and Dave smile.
  • Post-race breakfast choices.
  • Post-race sports massage.
  • Medal and T-shirt.
  • Brilliant organisation.

Total participants in events 317 – island population 150!


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Ciaran Dougherty Bellahouston Road Runners M 1:19:12
4 Eilis McKechanie Hunter’s Bog Trotters F 1:28:23
117 Jan Young F 2:11:46
137 David Shipman M 2:21:20
153 George Nicholson M 2:37:35

156 finishers.

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Carlton Midsummer Meander, Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BS / 8.5km / 320m

Jan Young

Extra race in NEHRA summer series, entry monies donated to Cleveland Search and Rescue. Start and finish Lord Stones Cafe, 5 mls anti clockwise loop via Cringle Moor, Kirkby Bank, Toft Hill farm, Busby Moor. Variety of terrain; Cleveland Way paved path, rough tracks through five foot high bracken, fields, boggy bits where water drained downhill. Some of these I tackled sliding downhill on my bum- felt safer. Reaching the base of Green Bank, we looked up at the final 250m, a sheer climb of bracken, bilberry and heather up which all could only scramble, bent double clutching vegetation. At some points I found it quicker to crawl and just kept thinking thank goodness for all those bootcamp sessions doing bear crawls. And if you don’t know what bear crawls are come along to BC and find out! Great fun race on warm evening and NO RAIN!

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The Yomp Mountain Challenge, Kirkby Stephen, Sunday, June 3, 2012

23M (with 11.5M and 6.25M options)

Yusuf Kuruner, Shaun Roberts, Jan Young

aka Mallerstang Horseshoe & Nine Standards Yomp

Yusuf Kuruner on the Full Yomp …

Throughout the hard cross country winter season there were great memories for me: coming second last in the British Universities XC Championship in Cardiff, Wales (a funny memory that I will even tell my grandchildren). From a positive aspect, I have finished a University Championship in Great Britain, racing in a very snowy course with uni-athletes, who have probably been training since they were born, and that encouraged me to do more races in England. Suddenly, I found myself in Harrier League racing with “old guys”. Apparently, three races in the Harrier League [Wrekenton, Alnwick, Prudhoe] were all damn hard and bloody fast. [ Again finished all of them in last 10 🙂 ] I have also tried some slow but long races which I felt more comfortable with than cross country races: Dentdale 14M, Coniston 14M, Hull Marathon, Edinburgh Half. … Races were a very good reason for me to travel to new beautiful places in my exchange year, and I could also have a great time with club friends.

The Nine Standards - the last peak on the Full Yomp. You'll have to imagine the wind ... At the end of April, ultra-runner Flip Owen introduced me to a new world: slow races i.e. fell races in which you can even walk and surprisingly hills became suddenly my new love: Hamsterley Forest 17K, Carlton Bank Fell Race, Roseberry Topping, Ossy Oiks … They are all a bit(!) hilly but the important part is you have a good reason to go slow or even walk and you have the opportunity to see perfect scenes during your races. One night I asked Flip to recommend to me a trail long race and his answer was the YOMP. So I registered. Angela and Sue were doing this race this year again and I convinced my sporty friend Francesc from Catalonia who is also doing his exchange year here in Durham.

The day started very, very early: 5:30 wake up for a fast breakfast and by 6:15 Angela and bodybuilder Andrew were there. The weather was very rainy and cold but Andrew was cool with his vest all the way. It was my first race with a bag, that’s why our preparation in school took longer than usual. After a quick chat with the Half-YOMP walkers (Emma and her work friends) and Half-YOMP runners (Shaun and Jan), we left the starting point (school hall) around 9:10-ish. Apparently, my mate Francesc never tested running with a bag and his belly is thinner than bag standards. So, the first 10-15 min were problematic. After running with Jan for the first mile in the village, she turned left to half race and we started to run uphill. After this what I remember for the remaining hours are hills and wind. I have experienced hills in fell races but these were different.Yusuf and Francesc at the finish. There was no end of hills. Once we reached the top, there was again a new hill. Opph … The weather was fine in the village but once we started to climb it became windy, to be honest very, very windy! There were very good scenes throughout the race, unfortunately we were not brave enough to take off our gloves in that wind to take a picture with the Iphone.

The people who were waiting at checkpoints were really friendly and their conditions were surely harder than ours. We tried to have a chat at each checkpoint. One should be really crazy to wait hours on the top of these freezing mountains. After the second last checkpoint it was 5 miles all the way down. We were still powerful and wanted to finish this race as soon as possible. Did a great tempo in the last part and finished it in 5 hours 22 minutes.

The race was well marked so no need for a map or compass. We tried to eat and drink water every 20-30 min and guess this was the most clever thing I did that day: 2.5 liter water, 2 bananas, 5-6 jelly babies, 12 Mars bars. Shower facilities and free refreshments after the race were very important details for this race although I could hardly walk after it. Totally recommend this race to all running freaks but it definitely requires fell running experience.

… and Shaun Roberts on the Half:

I’ve fancied having a go at the Yomp for a while, but love the Swaledale, and haven’t fancied doing both within a week of each other. So when Jan said on the Wednesday that there was a half Yomp option, with entry on the day, I thought that sounded a good idea … and also a last decent runout before Swaledale as well.

To cut a long story short, it’s a lovely race, even in the grey and windy weather we had this time, and despite 1,700′ of climb, not too hard really, walking the steep bits. Great organisation at the start in Kirkby Stephen, and not too picky about kit – i.e. they’re fine with map extracts, and don’t actually inspect your stuff! Lovely fast start, south out of town, then a flat farm road – we only started to ascend after Thringill, at nearly the 3-mile mark. Then the climbing started, but it wasn’t too bad – bit of a walk up a slope, then a bit of a scuttle where it was flattish – that sort of thing up to the road checkpoint at about five miles – actually quite flat, if boggy, round here.

Low cloud at the Nine Standards.

One last climb up to the wierd and atmospheric Nine Standards (1h21m/7.25m) … and then, here we go … over four miles of downhill running all the way back. The surface was soft to start with, then hard bridleway, then quite a stretch of tarmac into town, so I was happy to have chosen the road shoes for this one. Finished 9th of 175 in the end, which is more than a bit flattering, as well over half the field were walking, including Emma’s uni team. Jan had a good run, coming in 27th, and looking in good nick for Swaledale … pity she hasn’t entered it this year, but there you go! 😉 [Stop Press: she now has a number! Good decision … Ed.] Left Kirkby Stephen to go up to Tan Hill for a good lunch, wondering how everyone got on in the full Yomp, and promising myself a go at that next year.

Jan Young adds:

Great day out on the hills and alternative to Swaledale. Organised by Upper Eden Rotary Club as charity fundraiser, this event is for all the family either as walkers or runners. Choice of 23ml/1190′, 11.5ml/1700′, 6.25ml/550′, choice of start time 8-10am, free refreshments, hot showers at end. Brilliant organisation, friendly participants and well organised volunteers. Some runners had made the journey from Essex to compete, running the long event to make it worthwhile. Electronic timing chips provided instant print out at finish of checkpoint times and immediate certificate, huge screen in hall with names, times, positions.

At last check, Nine Standards Rigg, my time was 1.45; thought I’d fly downhill to finish to clock 2 hrs. Ha, ha…. 37 mins later, I staggered through hall door at finish. Now that’s a long descent! Possible to enter on day, if space available, courses marked. [Very, very well-marked. Ed.] Youngsters were out on shorter courses, some trying to beat previous times and so proud to show their certificates. Sharp end runners can do their thing, while families and friends share a slower day together.

Highly recommended to all who love the hills.


Full Yomp
Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Carl Bell Howgill Harriers M 2:48:34
20 Adele Roche Howgill Harriers F 4:22:11
67 Yusuf Kuruner M 5:22:41
117 Angela Proctor F 6:35:55
118 Sue Jennings F 6:36:05

185 walkers and runners finished, 11 retired.

Half Yomp
Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Paul Brittleton Howgill Harriers M 1:31:47
6 Jenn Mattinson Howgill Harriers F 1:48:23
9 Shaun Roberts M 1:54:31
27 Jan Young F 2:22:25
126 Emma Detchon Teesside University F 4:21:24

175 walkers and runners finished, 4 retired.

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Calderdale Relay, Jan Young, Sunday, May 13, 2012

50 miles

Jan Young

Captain David misinterprets the instructions and carries a small baguette instead of a baton.

Thanks to all runners and supporters for great weekend of good company, slept like a log Sunday night.

Thanks to …

  • John and Lyn for bed/ breakfast
  • Dave for organising
  • John for bravely stepping in to run last leg. Hope the legs are recovering!
  • Angela and Paul for driving.
  • Will for his encouragement and getting me round Leg 4. One day I’ll jog that last hill.
  • [Nigel, for photo captioning. Ed.]

I have a lot to thank good mates for – specially putting up with me! (Snoring and wittering on, Paul – you’ll be suprised, Will chatted more than me, but then he was never challenging his lungs!) Here’s to 2013!

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Ravenscar Half Marathon, Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jan Young

A Comedy of Errors

Had booked a number for this scenic race in aid of Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team. Read in the ‘Northern Echo’ that renowned folkie Vin Garbutt was playing Moorsholm village hall. As it’s just off the A171 moors road, on route to Ravenscar, thought it an ideal camper van stop over on Saturday night. Turned up at the hall only to find Vin’s gig was on Friday night!

But all was not lost as we could then drive direct to Ravenscar, enjoy a couple of beers and real fire in the posh comfort of Raven Hall Hotel. Then have the cheek to stay over in their car park; the barman convinced us no-one would notice. It was like sleeping on a boat in a storm; the northeasterlies hitting the van broadside.

Awoke at 6.45am, intent on moving the van to race HQ, the village hall, for early registration and leisurely breakfast. Off we went, parked up, checked watch; 6.30am. Funny how a digital 5 looks like 6. I’d awoken at 5.45am! Omitted packing cereals and porridge, so breakfast was rice pud and olive bread! The wind howled for the 9.30 start, but rain stayed off until 11.30, then bucketed the rest of the day.

The scenic run follows the coastal path and railpath and in better weather would be glorious. On Sunday I battled the wind, which seemed determined to pitch me off cliffs into the churning waves below. Tony was at the finish in pouring rain, having completed his seven mile walk to nearby Robin Hood’s Bay; the SRMRT guys were so cheerful and encouraging at every checkpoint, direction signs clear, tea and flapjack in abundance at the finish. Worth supporting with £10 entry fee and look forward to running it again in better weather.

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Harrier League, Wrekenton, Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jan Young

Grand Prix Race. Mud King/Mud Queen Race. Arrived 12.20pm to hear Phil S. asking, “Where’ve you been? We’ve been here since 12 o’clock.” The early birds couldn’t wait to solve the tent erecting puzzle, so I left them to it while I went to race HQ to sort numbers. Thank you all. Tent up successfully, though their efforts caused much mirth amongst spectators. It’s colour coded. How difficult can it be? Persuaded John Hutch to tackle the flag and a good job he made of it. Excellent turnout, Striders’ teams oversubscribed. Phil the Hill, Will and Neil powered through from fast and medium packs to finish in our top six. Fiona came through from medium pack, to finish second Strider to Roz in ladies’ race. Thanks for the support from Marco’s face painted children, Ian S partner and all Striders who shouted for each other and thanks to the baking team! To MW and MM, we did you proud running and I insisted on refolding the tent after the first attempt. You would not have been impressed, so we tried hospital corners! Hope you approve when you look in the tent bag …

Great turnout in the circumstances!

Happy Birthday to Stephy B – loyalty is Harrier Leagueing on your birthday! For those still not Harrier Leagueing it’s worth it just for the cakes, spectator support and tent training!


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 GRIMES, Michael Durham City Harriers 31:38
22 HORSLEY, Will 36:14
80 LLOYD, Jerry 38:09
118 SANDERSON, Phillip 39:00 *F
130 MCCONNELL, Stewart 39:21
140 SLEEMAN, Neil 39:47
184 CLAYDON, Matt 41:05
197 BENNETT, Michael 41:52
269 VAN DER BREMER, Marco 45:01
270 ROBSON, Alister 45:02
273 HALL, Richard 45:09
280 HOCKIN, Richard 45:45
299 YOUNG, Callum 47:48
316 SPENCER, Ian 50:08
321 HUTCHISON, John 51:02
322 NICHOLSON, George 51:26
326 KURUNER, Yusuf 53:12

*M Medium pack – 2m30s handicap.
*F Fast pack – 5m handicap.

331 finishers. Men’s team 6th of 10, Division 2.

Another great turnout!

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 WILLIAMS, Emma Newcastle Uni 22:54
57 LAYTON, Roz 30:41
80 SHENTON, Fiona 31:39 *M
84 BULLOCK, Rachel 31:55
87 PERCIVAL, Juliet 32:11
95 YOUNG, Jan 32:50
96 BARLOW, Stephanie 33:00
109 LAUREN-MAATTA, Camilla 34:06
110 TARN, Lindsay 34:08
111 READEY, Claire 34:10
115 PROCTOR, Angela 35:12
118 MILLER, Louise 35:27
123 TINDALE, Victoria 35:59
129 JENNINGS, Sue 38:26

*M Medium pack – 2m handicap.

131 finishers. Women’s Team 9th of 9, Division 1.

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