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Broxa Breaker Half Marathon, Scalby, North Yorkshire, Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kathleen Bellamy

I entered the Broxa Breaker as it was a brand new event, a reasonable price at just £15 for the half marathon & for a good cause, The Army Benevolent Fund & Macmillan Cancer Support. The race was part of Hardmoors so I knew this would not be an easy flat route.

Kathleen and a Friendly Face

Numbers were to collect behind the Village Hall in Scalby on the day, I was a bit concerned as there did not seem to be that many participants gathered for the race, however, I got my number & started to get ready for the off.

The half marathon set off at 9.45am. Not far in to the race the I got to the first hill & thought oh dear, I must admit I did struggle on this & was right at the back, but a mile in I saw a friendly face, my partner, waiting for me to help me get round, thank goodness.

The route then took us across farm land & more hills but I did appreciate the beautiful scenery & was glad of my running support as it seemed a lot of the markers had been removed by persons unknown & I am not the best at reading maps.

Around 3 miles in I saw one lady dropping out & heading back to the start, but, I could never drop out of something I had already started unless I was physically unable to carry on, so we plodded on, running through woodland, streams, a ford, mud & more hills.

There were 2 check points offering refreshments & sweeties which I was very grateful for. There were a few people who got lost on this route mainly due to the markers being removed but I am glad to say I found my way back safely … with help.

I must say although this was a very tough race, I did really enjoy it & the views were absolutely amazing, and it was 13.1miles not any extra as with most Hardmoors races. At the finish I received a goody bag & a medal, there were also cakes, etc on offer for runners too. I really hope this race goes ahead again as I would definitely put in for it.

Unofficial time 3hrs 35mins. Job done.

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Thirsk 10, Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kathleen Bellamy

I have been wanting to up my distance from 10k to a half marathon so thought a 10m race would be a good distance to put in for. The Thirsk 10m grabbed my attention with its description of a ‘fast and flat’ course, I thought great sounds like a nice one to do for my first attempt.

We got to Thirsk race course & the car park was clearly sign posted. I picked up my number & had ample time for several loo breaks, the biting cold wind and pre-race nerves will do that to a girl. There was a baggage drop off point but the car park was very close so I did not need to use this.

Kathleen well-wrapped up before the off ...

I bumped into some of my fellow Striders there who all offered me kind words of encouragement which gave me a huge confidence boost, you guys are the best!!

At around 10.45 we were ushered down to the start, I thought well this is it no backing out now. We set off at 11am & it didn’t take too long to warm up as the sun was blazing, so I was grateful of the water station at mile 3, after that I was plodding along quite happily & the course was lovely with some minor inclines, nothing too taxing on the legs. I was looking forward to the next water station at mile 6, but, to my horror it wasn’t there, I kept thinking oh it will be just around the corner, but no, this made my motivation dip a little but I kept going with some encouragement. Then came the loop just before the 7 mile mark, it was nice to see some fellow Striders coming back the opposite way so I didn’t mind this bit too much, and low and behold the 6 mile water station was on the way back down at around 8 miles, hallelujah!!

The last 2 miles were mainly downhill so I was pleased as my little legs were getting very tired by this point. Typical British weather the sunshine changed to hailstone at the 9 mile mark, running this last mile seemed to last forever but I could see the car park where we had started our day so I pushed on, the finish line was just inside the race course & I still had a smile on my face as I crossed it.

Woohoo, I had done it, my first 10m race and I have to say I enjoyed it. This has given me a huge confidence boost as I finished under the time I had in my head to get round and now have my first race T-shirt!

I would recommend this race to anyone wanting to do their first 10m. All in all a good day & I am looking forward to getting a half marathon under my belt. Things learned from this race: eat more than a bowl of rice crispies for breakfast, take a gel and don’t wear too many layers as the long sleeve top had to go half way through (behind some bushes), taking up precious race time!!

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