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Sunderland 5K, Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Katy Walton

I had been looking forward to this race following my great experience in 2015. This race is a very fast 5k course. On this night the sun was out and the wind up slightly, but no conditions to make the pb seekers fear their results.

Ladies and M50’s were the first group of people to charge down the 1k hill at the very start of the race. Elbows all out hoping that you don’t trip.

Once reaching the bottom of the hill a crowd of spectators greeted the eager runners as they started their small lap of the park.

Clearly marked kilometre signs were positioned en route for those keeping to a set pace.

As you finished the first loop of the park you approach the supporters again, Simon, Allan, Graeme, Mark, Stephen and Gareth were shouting loudly. Next is a larger loop where runners do a loop of the lake, at this point the wind was certainly making its point in slowing me down.

A lady who I often race against at the NEMAA ran past me which bucked me up a bit, I knew I was on par with her so my new aim was to keep on her.

A little mistake I made last year was that I didn’t push on the winning ‘straight’ (I was unaware where the finish was) and this year I was determined not to repeat my mistake so I started to pick up my pace and give my all.

A nasty little incline on the finishing straight certainly finished each runner off nicely!

Excellent times from all Striders, Stephen Soulsby, Elaine Bisson, Louise Warner, Lesley Charman, Fiona Jones and Karen Byng, Louise Barrow, Catherine Smith and Victoria Stott.

In the second race Strider men running were Gareth Pritchard, Stephen Jackson, Mark Warner and Graeme Walton, all men gave their all as the vast group of runners flew down the hill causing a big draft of wind to hit the spectators. Fabulous runs from all.

This race is a brilliant, cheap local race which can be entered on the night and also an offering of a good chance of a pb. See you next year Sunderland 5k!!

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Sunderland 5K, Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Katy Walton

Quick 5k just what I needed to see where I was with my training. I headed over to Sunderland with Graeme who had race envy so he entered the race on the night.

It was a gorgeous sunny night with a good turn out of club runners including plenty of Striders.

First race up was female and V50 men. To the top of the hill Louise Warner, Sarah Davies and myself did go. Feeling nervous, I had heard the start was a scrabble with a chance of a tumble and a crushing as people run over you! Off we went down the hill immediately. Louise Warner must have had too many skittles as she flew down the hill ahead of me. Taking note that Stephen Jackson had gone off too fast last year I decided to let her go. “I will catch her” my positive mindset said.

Once at the bottom of the hill the runners go around the small lake, this did include a little hill, but soon you were heading along on the flat again. I managed to pass Louise on the bridge as we approached the lake. About 400 metres later Kim Simpson seemed to be getting closer to me, I reeled her in and went past, this gave me a boost to continue running as I was.

Up the hill to the crowds of supporters I went with huge cheers from Lesley, Phil, Catherine and the strider men who were ready to race. Back onto the lake path, this time to do a loop around the big lake.

I enjoyed this loop, you could see that the course ahead was flat, this just made me feel great and continue with my pace.

Before I knew it I was running back up the hill towards the supporters and there was the finish. It was over. I looked at my watch praying it to be under 21minutes and to my shock 20.03. Louise came in not far behind me followed by Sarah, both enjoying the race.

The guys race was over and done before you new it. The order changed between the Striders as they ran past to do their loops. We were all guessing who would come round first the next time, it was very exciting! Excellent efforts from all but Rob ran in first followed by Stephen and then Gareth. Graeme had a great run followed by Richard Hall senior. Simon Gardner had a fantastic time too he came in after the dashing trio ahead of Graeme.

I think this would be a great race for the sprint section in the Grand Prix next year. It’s local, very fast and they accept entries on the day.

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Durham Coastal Half Marathon, Sunday, June 7, 2015

Katy Walton

This was a brilliant event. The start was simple and no confusion as to where runners needed to be. This day saw plenty of striders looking forward to take on the course, a photo was taken and then we were all ready for the off.

The course was well marked with tape, highlighted hazards and ample Marshall’s on the route so no chance of getting lost. There were three water stations along the way to enable the runner to catch a few seconds and a much need drink in these warm conditions.

The route was picturesque, challenging and perfect for the off road runner. My favourite part was after descending down some steep steps and across a narrow bridge as you climb the other side you look out towards some railway arches and the view of the sea through the arches was spectacular, this made me not think about the climb but enjoy the moment which on a glorious day that we had, was perfect.

Underfoot the course was grass, woodland paths, gravel, steps and for the last mile or so Tarmac through the caravan park.

The finish was lined with ample supporters offering a t shirt, water, tea and homemade cake.

Great efforts were given by everyone and even though the steps proved challenging I am sure each and everyone who ran it would do so again. Definitely a race I would recommend. Thank you David Lumsden for the number.

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Coniston 14, Saturday, March 21, 2015

14 miles

Katy Walton

It was a good turnout for the Striders on this warm spring day in the Lake District, not just runners but a good number or supporters too; The Bisson family, Anita Dunseith, our Sarah and The Seheult’s on their wedding anniversary too.

The race started at 11am and over the timing mats the runners went. Immediately as the runners started off they were faced with the first of many hills still to come, feeling fresh on their legs it’s hard for any fuelled runner to not go off too fast, but on a course like this holding back is key to being able to complete the second half of the race without a struggle.

The whole course is up and down testing all runner abilities on the flat, down hills and on the varying up hills, but somehow all that this course throws at you just adds to the fantastic experience of the beautiful scenic challenging route.

There was plenty of water stops on this course, I used these to gain a little recovery and a drink before hitting the tarmac again.

I took each mile by itself not thinking about an overall time/target of the full race. I have found this to be a good tactic recently on long runs which I do still find daunting, it stops me being anxious and relaxes me into a better running form.

At the half marathon point waiting was the Strider Supporters all cheering loudly giving the runner that extra boost for the last mile. A good number of other supporters now lined the roads of Coniston.

The finish was a lovely down hill part with The Bisson family shouting loud as I ran past into the school playing field. Water and a local slate coaster was handed to all finishers.

Excellent runs from all striders and 1st Female Team Prize for the first four Strider females Katy Walton, Elaine Bisson, Juliet Percival and Lucy Cowton. Well done ladies!


position name club cat cat pos chip time
1 Harry Stainton Black Combe Runners MOPEN 1 01:20:34
33 Eleanor Fowler Nuneaton Harriers F35+ 1 01:29:01
17 Stephen Jackson MOPEN 11 01:26:33
57 Gareth Pritchard MOPEN 27 01:31:52
71 Graeme Walton M40+ 16 01:33:38
125 Katy Walton* FOPEN 6 01:39:30
144 Elaine Bisson* F35+ 4 01:40:43
201 Marc Jones MOPEN 66 01:44:47
227 David Brown MOPEN 75 01:46:15
249 Juliet Percival* F40+ 10 01:47:39
440 Lucy Cowton* FOPEN 28 01:56:25
446 Fiona Jones F35+ 11 01:56:39
658 Stephanie Walker FOPEN 48 02:06:14
659 Mark Dunseith MOPEN 175 02:06:15
696 Ian Spencer M50+ 92 02:08:08
846 Denise Benvin F45+ 41 02:17:43
964 Christine Farnsworth F60+ 8 02:26:38
1093 Kerry Lister F40+ 97 02:51:55

* 1st Ladies Team Prize

1123 finishers.

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Humber Bridge Half Marathon, Sunday, June 29, 2014

Katy Walton

High up on the bridge

Underneath the water flowed
Magnificent views to be seen
Broken by the long slip road
Energised by the crowds
Running as fast as I could.

Burning up the rain drops
Redirected traffic stood
Indicative mile markers
Displayed along the route
Gusts of wind blew head on
Encouraging cars hoot.

Hoards of people lined the roads
Around the last bend
Liking the atmosphere here
Finished, phew the end!

My time was unexpected
And praise from someone new
Resting for Graeme
At last he finished too
Too wet to stand and wait
How did Alister and Jackie do?
One long car ride home
Next year will see us too.

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Newton Aycliffe 10k, Sunday, June 15, 2014

Katy Walton

Woke up Sunday morning not looking to keen at the long drive to borrowdale for a half marathon so decided to swap it for Newton Aycliffe 10k.

I remember watching enviously last year at all the Striders taking part in what is described as being a fast flat 3 lap course, so swapping places with Graeme this year seemed a great idea.

Getting to Newton Aycliffe before 9am enabled us to access the carpark in the school before the road closed, later attending striders encountered a lengthy walk from alternative car parks to registration.

Heidi and Graeme set off on the fun run which was 3k through the housing estate and surrounding woodland area in Newton Aycliffe. There were 102 participants to this run.

The 10k race started at 10am which saw 291 people hit the Tarmac. As we set off I had in mind to stay at 6.50 minute miles, pulling back was hard and shouts from ‘my bike coach’ “come on what’s wrong you’re not winning” urged me on to go a bit faster than what I intended but I felt strong. After 1km Dawn Richardson ran past me, I knew from previous races Dawn normally wins or finishes in a high position so seeing Dawn I decided to try keep her in view.

The course included a majority of gentle inclines, certainly not a flat course, but with the ups also were the downs. The course consists of a short loop and then two large loops, I found this course layout great as you got to know what you were going to face the next time round and this allowed me to mentally prepare for it. I can do it!

A lady from New Maske Harriers over took me at 3km, I over took her again at 4km not realising as I did that I was now 2nd lady, coming up to 6km the NMH lady overtook me. I kept at her with only 10metres between us. Passed the last water station I soaked myself with water to give me a shock into going quicker.

Marshall’s kept cheering go on Crook, I assumed Caroline Teasdale was on my shoulder so I pushed through not wanting her to beat me again as she had done at Blaydon, it later turned out to be someone called Geoff from Crook, a huge sigh of relief.

Finally I passed the 9km mark, Bill on his bike encouraging me on. Up the hill to the finish congratulated by Graeme saying I was third. I didn’t believe what I was hearing maybe there was a woman who looked like a man that they missed. Maybe they had not counted right. Before I new it Graeme has plastered it on Facebook, I panicked in case he was wrong.

I wouldn’t normally admit this but this time Graeme was right, with my finish position that is.

Rob Everson was the first strider home followed by Matthew Archer who finished with a New personal best, Matthew Crow came in just behind me buzzing about his new pb. Kathryn, Malcom and Stephen came through the line next followed by the Laura’s where Laura Gibson had also produced PB on this fast ‘flat’ course.

If you are looking for a fast course which is well organised this one ticks all the boxes.


Pos Name Club Cat Catpos Time
1 Wondiye Indelbu U/A MS 1 00:30:50
18 Rob Everson MS 13 00:37:00
50 Dawn Richardson Quakers FV35 1 00:40:36
59 Katy Walton FS 1 00:41:47
65 Matthew Crow MS 32 00:41:59
167 Kathryn Crossley MV40 51 00:50:09
172 Malcolm Sygrove MV40 53 00:50:37
201 Stephen Ellis MV60 8 00:52:58
276 Laura Gibson FV35 25 01:05:59
277 Laura Chapman FS 18 01:05:50

292 finishers

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North Tyneside 10K, Sunday, April 20, 2014

Katy Walton

Seeing the number of Striders who took part in the 2013 North Tyneside 10k and the internal surge of ‘oh I wish I had ran it’ I decided to book this race early. Greta mentioned this was one of her favourite 10k races which confirmed I had made the right decision in entering it.

A fantastic day for a race and as our purple diluted the crowds once again a mega turn out from the club.

This race was not chipped so at the start I tried to get as far forward as possible, starting next to fellow Strider Gareth who was looking for his competition Rob. My race plan was to pace myself at around 7.05, this would certainly test me, but with my new racing flats I was in a positive mind.

The race started very fast, straight away you head down hill, people flew past me and I decided to let go a little as my aching quads from Fridays trek hurt when I applied the breaks. On reaching the bottom I put the pace back on track. Jon Stead ran past looking strong and away he weaved into front racers.

On reaching the dockside it was apparent that the wind was going to prove the enemy in this race hitting us runners head on, I decided to hide behind several taller runners but they seemed to be running a different pace, so after about two miles decided to tough up and face the wind alone head on.

The North Tyneside 10K, as seen from South Tyneside by Nigel, hopelessly off-route, and conspicuous in his absence from the results.

There was one hill during the race which was short but rather steep and placed early on so it was good to get it out of the way.

At mile three I plodded forward, overtaking some people which certainly increased my positive mind set. I was wanting to possibly speed up after mile 4 but I found I lacked the power to achieve this so continued as I were.

At mile five the onlookers clapping the runners lined the road, the support was fantastic. The lighthouse was in sight, I was about 200 metres behind Jon Stead, I was trying to catch him up but he seemed to maintain his original quick pace and the gap did not change.

At 200 metres to go shouts from the vast supporting Striders was energising and so lovely to hear, it certainly pushes you at that vital moment. As I ran down the last hundred metres I could see the clock ticking 43.50……..43.51…… I pushed and pushed and over the line I went. My garmin read 44.02, kicking myself because I was so close to under 44 which was what I wanted, but pleased that I had beaten my previous 10k pb. Superb running from all striders, plus a duel between Gareth and Rob and also a huge pb from Anita.


Pos Name Club Cat CatPos Time
1 Carl SMITH Leeds City M 0:32:07
44 Deborah APPLETON Havering Mayesbrook AC F 0:37:58
248 Jonathon STEED M 0:43:17
296 Katy WALTON F 0:44:01
346 Richard HALL M 0:44:59
500 Richard HOCKIN M 0:47:25
624 Mark DUNSEITH M 0:49:13
706 David SPENCE M 0:50:12
717 Greta JONES F 0:50:21
745 Brian FORD M 0:50:41
920 Stephen ELLIS M 0:53:07
921 Lindsay RODGERS M 0:53:08
935 Melanie HUDSON F 0:53:22
946 Dave ROBSON M 0:53:30
967 Jacquie ROBSON F 0:53:45
1114 Kirsty ANDERSON F 0:55:26
1241 Robert CLARK M 0:57:07
1258 Sophie DENNIS F 0:57:18
1286 Angela COATES F 0:57:43
1287 Paul PASCOE M 0:57:44
1341 Joanne PORTER F 0:58:50
1437 Kelly COLLIER F 1:00:32
1462 Kathleen BELLAMY F 1:01:03
1483 Derek TOWERS M 1:01:28
1504 Kerry LISTER F 1:02:00
1596 Mike ELLIOTT M 1:04:20
1644 Anita DUNSEITH F 1:05:34
1738 Helen PAGE F 1:09:55
1773 Sue JENNINGS F 1:11:40

1839 finishers

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Captain Cook’s Fell Race, Great Ayton, Wednesday, January 1, 2014

BS / 5m / 885'

Katy Walton

Grand Prix Race. King/Queen of the Mountain Race. What better way to start a New Year than with an exciting fast fell race. A great turn out of Striders all in high spirits at the start line. My aim was to complete the race without falling over or losing a trainer. The off soon came along with some rain but that just made the race that little bit more interesting.

Great turnout for this one ... and hardly a hangover in sight.

The climb up to Captain Cooks Monument was just as I remembered, looking up to see what was to climb praying that nobody above my head took a tumble because it would wipe everyone off the hill face, Mike Bennett and Richard Hall over took me at this point, I opted for walking.

Once at the top the downhill was for the brave as I trod carefully losing some places in the race this was where Aaron ran passed giving words of encouragement. Soon a stretch of road where I put my foot down and sped as fast as I could knowing that the time lost on the downhill drop needed to be made up.

Trust a Strider not to dress properly for the occasion! No wonder Lord Humphry B Fluff and Lord Percy Winterfell look so mortified.
Photo courtesy and © John Taylor

Another uphill on the road ahead where I dropped a gear and tackled it by using small steps on my toes to get myself to the top without walking. Through a gate and onto a farmers field followed by a long trail of deep gluey stick mud which mixed in with a lot of gates to open and close proved tricky in stop/starting and trying not to slip in the mud.

The end was here “so soon” I thought. I could hear some cheers from already finished Striders Paul, David, Mike, Graeme, Richard, Aaron, and Shaun. Not far behind me came Jan followed by Camilla and the rest of our pack.

So the first race of the year was complete without falling over and with both trainers still on my feet. Well done everyone!


Pos Name Club Cat Catpos Time
1 James Bulman New Marske Harriers M40 1 33.09
9 Bronwen Owen Scarborough AC FJ 1 35.58
24 Paul Evans M 10 37.20
74 David Gibson M45 14 42.01
77 Michael Bennett M55 2 42.06
81 Graeme Walton M40 17 42.21
90 Richard Hall M55 3 43.01
109 Aaron Gourley M 37 44.08
110 Shaun Roberts M55 5 44.10
114 Katy Walton F 3 44.43
144 Michael Hughes M45 27 46.14
175 Nigel Heppell M55 11 48.46
178 Ralph Heppell *HS M 54 48.47
196 Jan Young F60 2 50.17
212 Camilla Lauren-Maatta F45 7 51.30
227 David Shipman M55 25 53.45
235 Stephanie Barlow F40 9 55.42
244 Kirsty Anderson F 17 59.29
262 Mark Dunseith M 60 80.09
263 Anita Dunseith F 21 80.12

263 finishers
*HS Honorary Strider. Mens’ teams 11th and 18th of 20. Womens’ teams 2nd and 11th of 12.

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Maltby Road Race, Sunday, November 10, 2013

7 miles

Katy Walton

It was a glorious Sunday autumn morning, the sky was clear and it felt very crisp, a great morning to run. I had been looking forward to this race. Road running is my favourite type of running and I had been training specifically for this race. My race plan was to run 7 minute mile pace getting me to the finish in under 50 minutes. I felt confident in achieving this as I had ran several training runs at this pace.

All excited with Graeme and Heidi in tow we drove 30 minutes south to the lovely village of Maltby. The village hall had only two toilets proved a little manic, but after a warm up and a one minute silence for the heroes we were all lined up at the start.

The race ran through the village and then turned left onto a country lane, before I knew it I passed a number 1 sign. I had to check my watch because I thought it was a km sign, delighted to find it was one mile already.

I found after one mile I was boxed in by some runners and after looking at my watch seeing a 7.30 minute mile pace I needed to speed up or my target of under 50 minutes would not be achieved, so I dropped back and then accelerated past the group, leaving a female runner behind which meant I was currently 4th lady.

Through the village of Seamer we took a left which was a down hill part, an interesting place for a drinks station.

Past the half way mark taking in the smells and sights of the country road enjoying the run, on target and feeling strong, a runners worst nightmare happened. My hamstring went. It had gone on Tuesday but I had finished my run, iced it and leg felt fine and I had strength trained Thursday so I had forgotten all about it.

I decided to keep running, I was sure I could still manage 3 more miles, but it went again. I stopped stretched it out, warmed my leg a little with harsh rubbing and continued to run. It was no good I couldn’t move my leg properly without pain. Female competitors started to over take me.

I still needed to get to the end, so I decided after a gut wrenching moment (keeping back the tears) and a small talk with myself ‘keep going forget about your time and just get back to the village, stop being a wimp it’s only a sore muscle!. I had to just keep going.

After trying various ways to move a bit quicker in a running like fashion without activating my hamstring I finally found a way I could move, a kind of Forrest Gump way, using my right leg as a the driving force taking all the pressure.

The 6 mile marker came along with a down hill part which hurt but I persisted with my new found gait, and then a lovely uphill part which I managed no problem actually over taking people. I had so much energy left dying to be used up! At the top of the hill I entered the village and as I ran along the Main Street the supporting people were brilliant. The end was here. Relief, disappointment and dread overcome me and as I approached Graeme all I could do was cry.

This race is an excellent road race, well marshalled, great prizes and a full goodie bag. I will be back next year to achieve the goal I set out to achieve this year, I hope some other striders will join me!

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Ray Harrison 10k Road Race, Billingham, Sunday, August 18, 2013

Katy Walton

It had been a month since I had ran a race so decided to enter this one on the day. We got to the Billingham Synthonia Stadium at nine thirty and I ran to register. Finding no queues I was in and out with my number quickly so ran back to the car to prepare for the race. With time ticking on I decided to go to the stadium to see who was here and have a quick warmup. I was delighted to find two Striders (Nicola Whyte and Debbie McFarland) inside covering from the rain outside. Once again more Striders who I had never met before.

We made our way to the start and as unusual Graeme and the kids wanted a photo (embarrassing!) and a last word from Graeme “don’t go off too fast, there is a downhill start take it easy …” The horn sounded.

Setting off down a hill trying to hold back, over the metal bridge, down to the roundabout into a built-up area, I wasn’t feeling very energised. I was willing for the 1k board, feeling tired and it felt like I’d run for ages but still no sign and then my watch beeped, first mile. A wave of relief came over me, and slight disappointment as I like seeing the boards tick up as you kill the kilometres.

Heading up a slight incline wind blowing the wrong way I pass the 2k sign and head back toward the stadium. The race was a short loop 3k and then a large loop 7k. Shout from Graeme and the kids spurred me a little bit but I just didn’t feel great.

The route headed out towards some chemical plants and then past another plant that smelt like rotten eggs, I did wonder if it was safe to breath but had no choice. The water station was welcomed dearly.

I rounded a corner and there was a 5k sign, wow I’m half way, very relieved because it had come round quite quick and at this point I was beating my Durham parkrun time.

From 7k up to 9k I was running into the wind again with a slight incline and cars passing on my right. Passing the 9k sign I pushed myself to go faster (actually it was downhill so was going faster anyway with out me having to add the effort) to the end.

I was pleased to finish, some days you’re good to race and some days you’re not. This day I was not.

On the whole a good well organised race.

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