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Blakey Blitz, North York Moors, Sunday, March 22, 2015

AM / 10.6m / 2805'

Jan Young

On March 22nd, three Striders completed the Blakey Blitz fell race; 17k/855m ascent. The three should have been five, but Anita C. and Paul E. both unfortunately had last minute domestic/ family incidents. From race registration at the Lion Inn; a welcoming shelter for windswept weary travellers on Castleton Rigg; the route features a 2k downhill start to Moorlands Farm in Rosedale and footbridge over stream, then climb begins.

First past Dale Head Farm; advertising tempting ‘teas’; onto heather moorland towards the paved George Gap Causeway to Great Fryup Head, where we were cheered on by a number logging tented marshal. We stayed high along Glaisdale Rigg, before descending into Great Fryup Dale. A wicked climb out of the end of the dale, to retrace our steps back to the start, remembering to save something for the 2k ascent out of Rosedale to the Lion Inn.

Camilla was ahead of me along Glaisdale Rigg, but I managed to overtake on the Fryup Dale descent and kept a gap between us, until the ascent at the dale end, a group of us reaching the top together. Determined to stay ahead, I tracked a runner in front of me, using his pace and taking shelter from the wind, knowing Sturdy bank into Rosedale is a long downhill and that I’d ‘get away’. I find route knowledge useful as you know when to make an effort and I did call to two runners who were going ‘off piste’.

Mike and the gaggle at the finish were a welcome site; for all my enthusiasm, I had used up all my energy. Much to celebrate, as points all round on NEFRA winter series and wine for age group winners. Next outing Striders’ GP race, Guisborough 3 Tops on Sunday 5th April.


Pos Name Club Cat Catpos Time
1 Cameron Taylor Esk Valley Fell MJ 1 84:11
17 Anwen Darlington York Knavesmire FO 1 99:56
28 Mike Bennett M60 1 104:45
68 Jan Young F60 1 133:58
74 Camilla Laurén-Määttä F45 2 139:57

87 finishers

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Blakey Blitz Fell Race, Lion Inn, North York Moors, Sunday, March 23, 2014

AM / 10.6m / 2805ft

Anita Clementson

Two Mikes (Hughes & Bennett) along with Danny and myself represented the striders in one of the many scenic races put on by the Esk Valley Fell Club.

The only way is ... up.

Standing in the ‘queue’ for registration (in the car park of red lion pub, somewhere in North York moors!) with some hardy looking fell runners and was told this was the hardest of the fell series runs ran by Esk Valley. The no frills approach of these races is quite appealing, only £6 for entry handed over to Race organiser Dave sat in his warm car! I did take his mobile number for emergency use as the echoes rang in my ears of what I heard in the queue!

Looking up at the blue sky it could be quite easy to think that the kit required is overkill, but the weather can change very quickly and dramatically on the hills and I actually quite like running with my small rucksack, if I ever fell backwards it would be a soft landing if nothing else.

We all set off down hill and the main running field I could soon see snaking off in the distance. For me today this was just all about getting round and enjoying being out in the elements, getting away from it all and to keep at least one runner in front to follow the route! I soon got into a comfortable pace and footing was a little precarious on that first downward section. Soon we were climbing up and I took the sensible option of walking the hills, of which there were 3 notable ones in this race. The views were fantastic which the climbs rewarded you with.

Surprisingly there were a couple of marshals out there and navigation wasn’t too bad as red tape was at points where there was a turn. The terrain was a mix of bog, stones, stoney paths, heather and farm track, the weather was full of all elements with some light hail snow thrown in.

However near the end I took a silly turning and ended up doing an extra mile. The field was so spread out by this time there was no one ahead to follow. I realised my mistake and got on the right track and was happy to see the odd runner still in the race so I wasn’t quite last!

That last hill was a killer, really sapped you of all energy. Was pleased to meet Dave again, yes sat in his warm car taking the numbers of the finishers. Mike H & Danny also got slightly lost and Mike Bennett had a good race with his 35th position and 2nd in his age category. Worse ways to spend your Sunday morning.

Overall a very enjoyable Sunday morning and hope to do more of these series.

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Blakey Blitz Fell Race, Lion Inn, North York Moors, Sunday, March 25, 2012

AM / 11m / 2630'

Shaun Roberts

It was very hilly and it got very hot.

Shaun heading up an early hill ...... and Phil shows how it should be done.

Photos courtesy and © Clive Thornton

Oh … and it was a lovely race, too! It certainly worked up a thirst …


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Cameron Taylor Esk Valley FC MJ 1 1:19:06
55 Shaun Roberts MV55 4 1:52:51
97 Phil Owen MV45 13 2:13:32

122 finishers.

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Blakey Blitz Fell Race, Lion Inn, North York Moors, Sunday, March 28, 2010

AM / 11m / 2630'

Jan Young

Bright sunny day, wide views of heather moorland. Lovely day methinks ’til I try to get out of car at Lion Inn on Blakey Ridge where the wind is so ferocious it takes lion strength to hang onto a car door.

The route covers Rosedale, Glaisedale Rigg and Great Fryupdale, with 3 energy sapping climbs. I walked them, on my own, at the back. Everyone ran away from me! I blamed running at Prudhoe. So I thought just navigate my way around, enjoy the views, the solitude and the effort of keeping going. Always a welcome from Dave Parry, organiser, at finish and encouragement from those faster runners. Official stats unclear; Shaun clocked 11 mls. of mud, puddles, narrow heather tracks, ancient stone causeways on a challenging course.

Jan heads into the bog.
Photo courtesy and © David Aspin

Phil Sanderson had a storming run, setting new course record.

Last in series, Gisborough Moors race, 11 April. Can’t wait … met NYM runner at Blakey who’d run all 30 Gisborough Moors races!


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Phil Sanderson NFR M 1 1:24:45
34 Helen Gilbert Totley AC F 1 1:50:48
63 Shaun Roberts M50 10 1:59:54
82 Nigel Heppell M55 3 2:08:40
107 Jan Young F55 2 2:29:09

112 finishers.

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Blakey Blitz Fell Race, North York Moors, Sunday, March 22, 2009

AM / 17km / 855m

Nigel Heppell

Nigel about to chuck a sodden sweaty hat at his unlucky missus.

The first running of the ‘BLAKEY BLITZ’ 9.5mile/2370′ fell race started from the totally remote Lion Inn, situated on Blakey Ridge in the heart of the North York Moors National Park. The Lion Inn pub has been voted ‘Best pub in the NYMoors’. The pub website has photos and a video clip that give some flavour of the terrain around this area. It also has another claim to fame – see end of report.

The race director admitted he made a mistake in running the race on Mothering Sunday – cars and grannies all over the place! The race route followed a loose figure of eight crossing Rosedale, Danby High Moor, and Glaisdale Moor passing by delightfully named marks like Blakey Swang, Sturdy bank, Loose Howe, Great Fryup Head, and Oven Mouth. Its a kind of inverse fell race, in that the start/finish is on the high ground, so the beginning is easy with a 1km headlong charge downhill into Rosedale, but equally, a horrible slog back up the same route to finish. Much of the running is on typical moorland tracks with heather over loose rocks and occasional peat bogs. At the furthest point the route drops steeply off the moor to cross Great Fryup Dale followed by a hard slog over an area called ‘The Hills’ and a scramble past waterfalls up to the moor top again.

I found that I could gain a few places on the downhill stretches only to lose them eventually going up. My feet and legs took quite a pounding over this course and I was glad to get in under 2 hours. I’ve no idea yet what my race time or position is, but at least it’ll be a PB.

Any Striders interested in jazz/rock/blues, or from Middlesborough, may be interested to check this out where another view of the location can be seen (the barns are now converted to luxury holiday lets!) – I have an original LP (remember them?) in my collection; any offers?

More info here on early demise of band member.

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