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Bridges of The Tyne 5 mile Road Race, Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Jonathan Hamill

Photo courtesy of AJ Running Photos

Bridges of The Tyne, or BOTT as we fondly refer to it, is a go-to race for many Striders, where the standard of competition is high. Most importantly, Tyne Bridge Harriers put on a consistently excellent event, and are renowned for the enthusiastic, cheerful marshals (thanks all concerned!).

I had an extended day in the office because I thought it was easier than trekking home and back. The closure of the Scotswood Road due to a burst water main provided an additional challenge but thankfully traffic subsided to near normal levels and the drive to the Tyne Bar (Race HQ) was relatively straightforward.

In stark contrast to the perfect racing conditions of the previous year (damp and cool), the weather this time was comparatively tropical. I collected my number, and decided to rest outside the Tyne Bar, resisting the urge to have a cool beer! I’m not good in the heat, so had decided to just have a steady run out – mentioning my plan to running buddies Dave and John who had already run 5km to pick up their numbers! That plan changed a bit on the warm-up run over to the start as I realised the temperature had dropped and the river breeze was welcome!

Last year I’d had a decent run, with a gun time of 38:30 and I thought maybe chipping a few seconds off that would be ok in the heat. Then in the pen, Fiona reminded me that I’d had a decent run at the Hartlepool Marina 5 miler. The fuse was lit and all restraint and notions of a steady run went out the window.

I struck out a little too sharp but managed to settle myself. Anna was off like a rocket and Fiona and Katy were in front of me gaining ground. I saw Dave Coxon ahead of me too and decided to put all ideas of chasing him out of my head! I saw our fast lads approaching, and knew I was close to the turnaround slope. I managed to utter a few yells of support which mentally told me I wasn’t overcooking the goose at that point.

I dropped a few seconds on the slope to the turnaround, and the marshall was yelling “nil-nil” which I think referred to the progress of a soccer tournament, rather than my running progress. On the drop back down to the river, I didn’t relent, mindful that I could recover those lost seconds. On the return, the marshals continued to provide ample encouragement and it was good to see Rob calmly standing his ground hastening folk on. I remember giving Rachel Toth a big yell, and then I go to work, picking folk in front of me one-by-one and it wasn’t too long before I was on the Quayside again. My mind flashed back to the torture of last year’s finish when I got buzzed by Robin on the line and I had a sneaky look behind to check for any advancing purple vests. Then the finish straight – the best bit! I heard some of our fast lads already finished shouting and I increased my pace to cross the line.

Gun time 37:22 and a course PB – I’d indeed managed to shave a few seconds off, job done! I stayed to cheer the others in and then given my lack of interest in watching the soccer, I beat a retreat home. A great race with some gutsy Strider performances all round!

Pos.Bibno.Finish timeChip timeParticipantCategory
121526:33:0026:30:00Stephen Jackson(M) Senior
226529:24:0029:22:00Michael Littlewood(M) 40-44
348229:29:0029:27:00Mark Warner(M) 35-39
41131:18:0031:16:00Matthew Archer(M) 35-39
52534:49:0034:42:00Anna Basu(F) 40-44
623336:26:0036:20:00Fiona Jones(F) 40-44
717237:22:0037:16:00Jonathan Hamill(M) 40-44
847837:38:0037:32:00Katy Walton(F) 35-39
910437:54:0037:40:00Sarah Davies(F) 50-54
1039938:14:0038:05:00Chris Shearsmith(M) 40-44
1118338:49:0038:35:00Peter Hart(M) 40-44
1238439:39:0039:16:00Michael Ross(M) 45-49
135839:52:0039:34:00Karen Byng(F) 45-49
1414239:57:0039:45:00Mark Foster(M) 35-39
152340:38:0040:16:00Louise Barrow(F) 35-39
1626442:27:0042:12:00Robin Linton(M) Senior
1741943:03:0042:39:00Lee Stephenson(M) 45-49
1834643:40:0043:25:00Joanne Patterson(F) 35-39
1938943:54:0043:30:00Lisa Sample(F) 35-39
2026645:54:0045:40:00Wendy Littlewood(F) 40-44
2150147:17:0046:52:00Kimberley Wilson(F) Senior
2219552:56:0052:29:00Carol Holgate(F) 45-49
2347252:57:0052:31:00Sue Walker(F) 60-64
2445759:25:0058:50:00Rachel Toth(F) 40-44
2526301:00:4001:00:04Helen Linton(F) 55-59
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Bridges of the Tyne Road Race, Newcastle Quayside, Tuesday, July 7, 2015

5 miles

Stephen Jackson


Stephen in full flight at the Bridges of the Tyne 5 Mile Road Race 2015

In the months of June, July and August the race calendar is full of local gems like this. Just a few weeks after the Blaydon Race, I was back on Tyneside hoping to set a new 5 mile PB. The route is a simple ‘out and back’ course along the iconic Newcastle Quayside with a little climb on the turn at around 2 miles. Other than that it is fair to say that the race is ‘fast and flat’ with ample opportunity to attack the last couple of miles.

There was a huge turnout of new Striders, well established Striders and ex-Striders; everyone was extremely encouraging and it really was a great occasion. I think many people made a bit of a night of it and stayed in a local hostelry after the race. The conditions were warm and although there was a headwind on the way out it did help on the way back when things started getting tough.

Gareth Pritchard set off looking strong and I followed suit as we both went through the first mile a little quicker than intended. There was still time to take stock, ease off and get to half way (including the race’s only hill). The second half was hard work but I felt able to gradually pick up speed and, one by one, gain a few places. I finished the race above 5km pace which was encouraging. The funny thing about running PBs is it never gets any easier.

It was great to give a cheer to other Striders as they stormed towards the finish line, everyone was running hard which was great to see. Goody bag included a technical T-shirt and a protein drink. This is a race I’d most certainly do again.


Striders POS Name Club Cat Finish Time Chip Time
1st M Lewis Timmins Morpeth Harriers Senior M 25:28 25:27
1st F Justina Heslop Elswick Harriers VF35 27:49 27:49
1 Stephen Jackson Senior M 28:32 28:31
2 Gareth Pritchard Senior M 28:47 28:45
3 Simon Gardner (M) V45 30:56 30:51
4 Paul Pascoe (M) V45 33:39 33:31
5 Helen Todd VF 35 36:26 36:02
6 Fiona Jones VF 35 37:16 36:51
7 David Spence (M) V65+ 37:55 37:39
8 Stephanie Walker VF 35 38:48 36:18
9 Martin Welsh (M) V50 38:49 38:33
10 Katherine Preston (F) V45 40:49 40:32
11 Karen Jones (F) V45 41:11 38:40
12 Richard Hall Senior M 41:32 39:28
13 Greta Jones (F) V45 41:33 39:03
14 Lesley Charman (F) V40 43:01 42:27
15 Louise Barrow Senior F 43:20 42:52
16 Rebecca Fisher VF 35 46:48 44:43
17 Angela Coates (F) V40 46:54 46:35
18 Karen Hooper VF 35 48:37 48:02
19 Aileen Scott (F) V45 48:44 48:13
20 Liz Baker (F) V40 49:07 48:36
21 Laura Chapman Senior F 50:39 49:58
22 Laura Gibson VF 35 50:53 50:12
23 Kerry Lister (F) V40 50:59 50:25
24 Mike Elliott (M) V65+ 53:48 53:15
25 Natalie Johnson VF 35 53:48 53:07
26 Fiona Billinge (F) V40 53:57 53:25
27 Helen Allen (F) V45 55:52 55:11
28 Claire Galloway Senior F 56:28 55:47
29 Lindsay Craig (F) V45 58:37 58:02
30 Laura Jackson VF 35 58:42 58:07

381 finishers.

[Note: Results on the www.resultsbase.net website are not listed by overall position when filtered by club. To see your overall position you need to go the their website and click on your own result. Ed.]

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Bridges Of The Tyne 5, Newcastle Quayside, Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Anonymous (but probably Mike Elliott)

Along with two other Striders was driven by an excellent chauffer who did not know the way and was very good [of course] following the directions to park at the Newcastle cycle hub arriving at the same time as Paul on his vroom vroom.

A story that was related on the way from Maiden Castle to the start was how this person managed to change out of working clothes into running gear whilst driving to Maiden Castle. Wonder if the other drivers managed not to crash watching this sight.

Goody bags and numbers picked up [really no need to do the race as we had the T shirt]. The smell of burgers at race HQ in the Tyne Bar certainly puts you in the mood for running on a nice warm evening. Forgot how far the start was from the HQ so ended up at the back of the field then heard a whistle which everyone thought was for the briefing but bugger me it was the start, so off we went like the clappers. Within the first mile we had passed all the 6 bridges of Newcastle. There was no more architecture to see, the only two sights left were the muddy banks of the Tyne which had turned into a piddle little stream cos the tide was out and the other being a little more difficult to see through as it was the low sun dropping out of the sky [looked as the females of any household had forgotten to switch the light off]. The best part of the race before reaching this point was seeing the field being split up by large patches of purple.

After a long 2.5 mile we reached the hill with its turn around point. Back along the river passing the ever encouraging marshals and walkers who were out for a stroll. Now two mile back to the Pitcher and Piano [must be the only pub that allows a race to go through its lounge bar as it is on the quay side]. Then the last 1/2 mile to the blown up finish and the cheering the sea of purple plus a cool bottle of water.

The End

Oh not to forget the burger and pint in the Tyne Bar and the canny crack. See you there next year.


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Andy Burn Jarrow & Hebburn AC M 25:54
8 Alyson Dixon Sunderland Strollers FV35 27:27
32 Rob Everson M 29:24
32 Matthew Archer M 31:01
99 Graeme Walton MV40 33:20
101 Katy Walton F 33:29
125 Alister Robson MV40 34:15
152 Paul Pascoe MV40 35:19
183 Fiona Jones FV35 36:35
186 Lesley Charman FV40 36:41
192 Richard Hall MV35 36:55
208 Jackie McKenna FV45 37:33
219 Lucy Cowton F 37:56
224 Michael Ross MV40 37:52
237 Mark Dunseith M 38:36
241 Brian Ford MV45 38:43
251 Greta Jones FV45 39:09
253 Paul Beal MV50 39:15
259 Megan Bell FV35 39:29
291 Jill Ford FV45 42:57
295 Rebecca Fisher FV35 43:18
300 Jacquie Robson FV35 43:19
309 Katherine Preston FV45 45:02
314 Angela Coates FV40 45:58
316 Angela Robson FV40 46:08
317 Kelly Collier F 46:19
329 Emma Detchon F 47:51
329 Rebecca Maddison F 48:05
333 Anita Dunseith F 49:00
334 Mike Elliott MV65 50:10
337 Lindsay Craig FV45 51:21
337 Laura Gibson FV40 52:56
342 Natalie Stones-Johnson FV50 52:57
344 Kirsty Anderson FV35 53:30
345 Kerry Lister FV40 53:31

349 finishers.

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Bridges Of The Tyne 5, Newcastle Quayside, Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Ian Hudspith Morpeth Harriers & AC M 24:46
16 Alyson Dixon Sunderland Strollers F 27:52
42 James Garland M 31.41
91 Paul Pascoe MV40 33.49
107 Graeme Walton MV40 34.26
156 Alister Robson MV40 36.09
170 David Brown M 36.36
174 Brian Ford MV45 36.45
182 Katy Walton F 37.03
201 Danny Lim M 38.02
206 Anna Seeley F 38.29
225 Philip Sykes M 39.34
235 Paul Beal MV50 39.51
237 David Spence MV65 39.58
239 Greta Jones FV45 39.59
241 Dougie Nisbet MV50 40.00
250 Peter McGowan MV50 40.50
254 Sue Gardham FV35 40.57
260 Katherine Preston FV45 41.13
275 Jacquie Robson FV35 42.13
280 Louise Barrow F 43.22
281 Victoria Tindale FV35 43.52
299 Kirsty Anderson FV35 45.14
303 Jill Ford FV45 46.17
304 Maria Dimova-Cookson FV45 46.50
311 Angela Robson FV40 47.17
321 Jennifer Jennings FV35 49.57
322 Rebecca Maddison FV35 49.56
325 Angela Coates FV40 51.01
326 Emma Detchon F 51.05

334 finishers.

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Bridges Of The Tyne 5, Newcastle Quayside, Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Simon Gardner

As soon as I read about this race I entered it, from what I read this was a race that ticked all the boxes as far as I was concerned. It was flat, relatively short (5 mile) and it was on the quayside at Newcastle which is a fantastic backdrop for a run especially with Tyne Bridge having the olympic rings on show.

I arrived early as normal and made my way the Tyne pub which also served as the registration area. They very quickly gave me one of those start fitness bags which contained number and a small booklet about the Tyne Bridge Harriers. They look to be a very young club by northeast standards but have grown very quickly with lots of members who have moved from other clubs.

I was soon joined by Katherine and Mark, Katherine had already given me lots of information about the race as she works with one of the organisers and she had kindly volunteered Mark to be official photographer (no pressure Mark).

It wasn’t long before lots of other Striders turned up and after a quick group photo we made our way to the start line which was near the Pitcher and Piano pub, you could tell that this was going to be a high quality race with lots of top club runners lined up at the very front. I found a little spot just behind at the front but knowing I would not get in the way of the top runners.

Soon we were off and I did my usual trick of going too fast but I soon settled down into what felt like a hard but hopefully sustainable pace. Once we had ran under the Tyne bridge and past the swing bridge it started to thin out and it was easy to find plenty of room to try and settle into a rhythm. When I was approaching the half way mark the 3 front runners ran back past me already heading back to the finish line.

The race is an out and back run and the only climb (thankfully short) is around the turning point, it’s then a short section on grass then a nice downhill section taking you back onto the quayside path. I spotted a few Striders on the stretch back home and it’s great to get a shout of support when your tiring a little. I decided to try and push on as conditions were perfect and while I was somewhat tired I felt I had enough for a good last mile or so.

The finish is further down the from the start not far short of the Tyne pub itself and it felt so good to finally cross the line. I was really pleased and surprised with my time 32:03. After chatting to Adam who was first strider home in a very impressive 30:35 we found a spot near the finish to cheer the rest of the Striders home. It was then back to the pub for some food and a drink, hopefully this will become an annual event. It’s an excellent run, well marshalled and in a great area to run.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Ross Floyd Morpeth Harriers & AC M 25:55
16 Alyson Dixon Chester-le-Street F 28:50
33 Adam Walker M 30:35
61 Simon Gardner M40 32:03
111 Alister Robson M40 34:52
150 John Hutchinson M55 37:10
192 Dougie Nisbet M45 39:49
194 Carolyn Bray F35 39:52
218 Jacquie Robson F35 41:35
219 Katherine Preston F40 41:36
234 Louise Miller F 43:25
235 Victoria Tindale F35 43:32
237 Emma Detchon F 44:02
247 Ann Towers F55 45:21
248 Mike Elliot M65 45:38
255 Angela Robson F35 46:49

273 finishers.
Elvet Striders were 3rd Vet Women team

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