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Gibside Fruit Bowl, Sunday, November 5, 2017

7 miles

Pos.Bibno.Finish time Chip time Participant Category
161346.442.58Kurt Heron
(Ashington Hurst)
3360850.5350.49Gemma Floyd
1032746.446.39Michael MasonMV40
2055348.5948.57Mark WarnerMS
321750.4550.43Matthew ArcherMS
963157.4757.36Michael BarlowMV40
10447358.558.41Tim SkeltonMS
11055259.0859Louise WarnerFV35
11756259.3759.32Conrad WhiteMV60
126860.0459.53Robert AllfreeMV40
14214861.1461.08Sarah DaviesFV50
1494661.3161.02Natalie BellFS
18732864.0663.57Rachelle MasonFV35
18914764.163.54Andrew DaviesMV40
20650364.5964.43Malcolm SygroveMV50
21033065.2865.15Tim MatthewsMV50
2323266.4566.33Stephanie BarlowFV40
2476567.467.31Jean BradleyFV60
26545968.4368.06Jenny SearchFV40
26623368.4768.15Lesley HamillFV45
2702686968.43Jane IvesFV45
29358270.5970.49Anita WrightFV55
32544372.1771.43Jill RudkinFV40
34447574.1174.02Alan SmithMV70
35515974.4174.27Jayne DickensFV45
of 527

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18th Gibside Fruit Bowl Trail Race, Sunday, October 19, 2014

approx. 6 miles

Laura Gibson

Who was it that suggested doing Gibside Fruitbowl again?!! Laura C says it’s nice but there are a couple of hills. The night before the race and I’m sitting debating whether to have a glass of wine and whether it’s shorts or crop trousers and just a race vest or T-Shirt. I’m nervous as I haven’t run the miles since the GNR. So I have a glass of wine and get my kit ready. Crop trousers and vest it is.

All together: It's Not Flat!

Next thing I know the alarm goes off and I have to clamber over my 3 year old and peel myself out of bed to switch it off before her and the husband wake up. Why oh why do I put myself through this. I feel sick, I need to eat, but I’m excited at the same time. Then I see Laura Chapman’s car pull into the street. I give the kids a kiss goodbye and pile myself into the car with Laura C, Natalie J, Joanne T and Tracey S. Luckily the girls kept my mind off the race taking about puppies (As in dogs, Natalie is getting one) and general chitchat.

We arrive in the carpark and get out the car deciding what to take with us and what to the leave in the car. Then the heavens opened. Great!! Just what we need, cause I know Gibside from going with the kids and those lovely hills will be fun when wet!! We run past Dave Robson and Mel who are safely sat in their car keeping dry, then head to the toilets to meet up with lots of other striders. Do I need a wee or don’t I. Of course I need a wee.

Somewhere, over the rainbow, Striders up high. Then we all line up at the start. The obligatory race photo is taken. Announcements are made and the claxon goes. ‘Oh sh*t’ I announce to Kelly and we’re off. I’m quite happy trotting along the long walk with my fellow striders then we turn the corner to see the faster runners coming up a lovely grassy hill to the left. Meanwhile, the marshals are shouting at us, ‘Don’t look’ and so we start on up the first hill. I know this one and it’s tough walking it. Alister’s friendly face and gentle voice greets us at the top! We turn the corner and head downhill to then head DOWN, yes down, a grassy stretch. I’m feeling ok and I’m keeping up with Kelly. I’ve lost Natalie and Tracey by this point and I’m wondering whether to take it really steady and wait for them to catch up or just keep it steady behind Kelly. I keep it steady mindful of Tracey and Nat behind. They’ll be ok, though Tracey is so going to kill us for the hills. We head on up the grassy bit. Kelly says, ‘are we going for it’. Well of course we are now you’ve said that. We get to the top with cheers from the marshals. I have to say the support en route was great.

We’re a mile and a bit in and we’re ok. Until we reach the next hill. Then there on in it’s hills hill hills. We catch up with Laura C and Joanne T and basically stick together the rest of the route, walking the hills until a holler from Alister, ‘Kelly Collier get running’. We ran our little socks off and smiled for every camera. I spotted Natalie and Tracey over the other side of a hill so screamed encouragement hoping they were ok and not feeling like giving up like I did. We reached the river banks and I knew what was coming. Kelly had gone off ahead and I was keeping up with Laura and Joanne, just I was shattered. One last muddy climb and we were on the last stretch. My fellow striders, as always, were encouraging and helped get me round. We met up with Kelly again and we’re on the home straight. The longest home straight I’ve ever done. (Except for that last mile at the GNR). We did it together, until the competitive streak took over and we started to sprint. ‘Let’s hold hands Laura says’ Kelly being Kelly says’ I’m not holding anyone’s hand. We did it!!!. That was the worst race I’ve ever done!!! The views were beautiful, but it was flippin hilly!!! I’ll probably say I loved it tomorrow.

Beaming Striders. We just had time to get our water and flapjack and put on our t-shirts when in came Natalie and Tracey. Awesome!! I’m so proud of Tracey completing that hell. She did amazing. Then we had just got our jumpers on, when in comes a disabled girl Natalie had given up her medal for at Gateshead 10k trail race. The girl was greeted over the finish line by what looked like her partner and collapsed in a heap. We all burst into tears. What an inspiration. It all puts it into perspective. And here’s me moaning.

So we head home not before Kelly tries to get me to go to the pub for a bevvie, I was tempted, but I was good and headed home. Banter in the car was all about hills and Tracey announced, ‘that was hell on earth.’ I must say I’m inclined to agree.

Oh and I forgot to mention the rainbow. That was ace. We doing it next year girls?!!!

A quick costume change before a final photo.

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Gibside Trail Race, Sunday, October 20, 2013

5.7 miles

Laura Chapman

Grand Prix Race. King/Queen of the Mountain Race.  Well after an anxious night of no sleep I met up with some of the team at 7:45am at DOW and we headed to Gibside. As you can see from the photo we had a fantastic turn out as the sea of purple continually grows!

Striders discover that the Car Park is flat, the race itself is very much not flat.

We set off prompt at half 9 and I set myself a nice little pace. First mile was fine and quite enjoyed the scenery. I suppose I should have realised running on a slight decline wasn’t going to last forever!

Oh and then we met the hills! Tough ones, wet and slippery from all the runners with wings 🙂 I do recall at about 4 miles I began to swear at myself for entering and then proceeded to attempt… to run…(fall gracefully) down hill…… Think I established I prefer running up hill! Although my furthest and hardest race so far the route was a beaut, lots of support and encouragement all the way round which kept me going right through to the last straight… Which went on forever….and ever!

1:16 and I’ll be definitely be back next year 🙂


Pos Name Club Cat CatPos Time
1 Brendan McMillan Jarrow and Hebburn M 1 40.21
14 Paul Evans MV40 44.45
24 Jerry Lloyd MV40 46.26
33 Tom Reeves MV40 47.04
38 Michelle Avery Sunderland Harriers F 1 47.34
74 Mike Bennett MV40 50.34
100 Jon Ayres MV40 51.55
114 Fiona Shenton FV45 53.02
115 Conrad White MV50 53.09
125 Rachel Terry FV35 53.52
147 Alister Robson MV40 55.17
162 Paul Pascoe MV40 56.22
164 Fiona Jones FV35 56.28
167 John Hutchinson M 56.34
203 Emma Detchon ?? F 58.33
213 Anna Seeley F 59.02
223 Sarah Davies FV45 59.41
252 Jean Bradley FV55 61.40
257 Kirsty Anderson FV35 62.02
259 Richard Hall M 62.24
268 Sue Gardham FV35 62.59
278 Jan Young FV55 63.19
284 David Spence MV60 63.42
286 Alan Smith MV60 63.50
311 Louise Billcliffe FV45 66.03
327 Anita Clementson FV35 67.03
333 Claire Readey FV35 67.42
350 Angela Robson FV35 69.17
351 Dawn Dunn FV45 69.17
379 Jacquie Robson FV35 73.24
389 Maria Mellon F 75.58
392 Kerry Lister FV35 76.06
396 Laura Chapman F 76.30
407 Angela Coates FV35 79.30

423 finishers

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Gibside Trail Race, Sunday, October 21, 2012

Katy Walton

Grand Prix Race. King/Queen of the Mountain Race.  This race was to be my first trail race, I did not know what to expect, I pictured mountains with steep inclines, adding the distance on top, this would certainly offer itself as a challenge.

Graeme and I (with my brand new lovely purple trail shoes) set off to pick up Matt, Alistar and Anna from Durham as we were car sharing, this was a great idea as being a new member of the Striders I got to meet more members.

We pulled up at Gibside as 8.25, the morning was a bit nippy at 4 degrees but the tantalising glow of the cafe lights pulled us out of the car, we had an hour to kill. On reaching the door to find it closed a waitress popped her head out of the door informing us freezing five that it would not open until 9.15am, disappointment from us all was apparent. We took a walk around finding a map of the course which gave runners an idea of what to expect where the hills were, on looking at the map I started to psychologically prepare myself for the run and that although there were hills four of them there were also a few of down hill sections to recover.

Posing in the sun ... As time pushed on the number of Striders appearing grew, it was certainly a good turn out for this crisp October morning and fellow Striders were all in good spirits about this race. Good advice from Richard was to just enjoy it, so that was my race plan, enjoy and get to the end.

At the start line Anna was just to my left I decided to stick with her as my pacer and we were off, on a steady flat bit leading to a decline this was not so bad I found my self starting to get a bit quicker which was soon interrupted by a steady incline which turned into a mega climb. Now in line with Alister he advised me to take it easy on the hills as the downhill will make up for the time lost. Alister soon faded into the distance, the hill was extremely challenging, Anna suddenly ran past me looking strong. A much welcome downhill was here I felt confident in my lovely new purple trail shoes, grips so fantastic, I ran past Anna, this gave me a surge of adrenaline which led me to a lovely small winding path at two miles which then lead to another hill, and like the previous hill Anna passed me, I let out a weak “hi” she smiled as to say got you again. The next couple of miles were slightly easier so the whole time I decided to just run as fast as my legs could take me, over taking a number of people including Anna and taking in the gorgeous colours that the surrounding woodland had to offer. Just before I hit the river bank at five miles there was a group of people cheering and clapping at all of the runners. As I took big strides along the bank of the River Derwent I knew the muddy hill would soon be upon me. To my left the path wound and I could see runners high up slowing, walking, beaten by the ridiculous mud wall, I couldn’t let this beat me as Anna surely would over take me, as I ran and then walked (walking was by far the faster method on this hill) I was bent forward using my hands on my thighs to give me extra strength, I heard a marshal shout come on your at the top so I ran, it hurt but I ran and around the corner I followed the track. I could see the finish just in front of the famous chapel, a pat on the shoulder from a crook member saying keep going urged me on, the bellows of fellow Striders already finished gave me so much energy I sprinted to the finish.

I had done it, first trail race over, what a fantastic feeling. It was hard but the fantastic buzz of being a part of a club has changed my attitude towards my running. I watched the finishing Striders come through the finishing line, cheering them. A photo was taken and a cuppa and cake in the cafe with fellow striders topped the morning off. This run was not a daunting as I expected, the winding paths, elegant buildings and ruins, hills and mud made this race a must do for any runner wanting a different challenge.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Phillip Sanderson Elswick Harriers MV40 35.41
13 Lorna Young Heaton Harriers F 1 38.04
29 Jerry Lloyd MV40 40.00
32 Matt Claydon M 40.18
64 Graeme Walton MV40 42.25
74 Mike Bennett MV50 43.42
100 Alister Robson MV40 45.22
112 David Catterick MV50 45.54
125 Richard Hall MV50 46.33
142 Andrew Thompson M 47.29
181 Katy Walton F 49.11
188? Anna Seeley F 49.31
198 Camilla Lauren-Maatta FV45 49.51
215 Dougie Nisbet MV40 50.46
216 John Hutchinson MV50 50.47
225 Paul Beal MV40 51.17
230 Stef Barlow FV35 51.39
237 Carolyn Bray FV35 51.49
252 Jan Young FV55 52.35
262 Jean Bradley FV55 53.02
268 Alan Smith MV60 53.24
277 Juliet Percival FV35 53.58
301 Melanie Hudson F 55.28
302 Dave Robson MV60 55.33
340 Rachael Bullock F 57.55
348 Anita Clementson FV35 58.21
396 Margaret Thompson FV55 64.48
408 Jim Nicholson MV60 70.38

413 finishers.

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Gibside Trail Race, Sunday, November 6, 2011

5.7 miles

Grand Prix Race. King/Queen of the Mountain Race.

Shaun Roberts …

On the basis that a picture tells a thousand words, here’s my version of the race: Definitely not flat.

Lovely race in perfect conditions, with a great turnout of Striders. Thanks for the support from Jan, the McDermotts and others …

… and David Catterick

Just when this year couldn’t get more memorable along comes the Gibside Trail Race, set in a beautiful, historic estate just south of Newcastle, on a cold yet sunny November day!

As Alister, Alan, Conrad, Rich and I pulled up in the frosty car park we had already spotted other Striders who were clearly, equally as unsure as ourselves as to what clothes to wear. So, while some of us hopped up and down with blue skin eager for the start, others stretched and chatted clad in hats, tights and gloves.

So we’re off and, yet again, despite having a Garmin on my wrist and reading all about negative splits, positive splits were to be the order of the day as I sailed past Alan, Rich and Alister.

10 minutes later… Ha! That must be the hill the regulars were talking about. Strange it’s now at the start… 20 minutes later and after running through and around (and up and down and up and down) the estate’s woodlands, I was clearly hallucinating as I passed Nelson’s Column… 40 minutes into the race a hill loomed, not just any hill but THE MUD HILL of legend. A slap on the back signalled Alister passing (I’m sure he was walking), closely followed by Rich.

Anyway great finish, grand goodie bag with tech top, apple and oat bar. All other runners were cheered home in the tradition of the Striders, irrespective of vests worn. On offer was coffee, sandwiches, bacon butties, beer and good crack.

As another year draws to an end, I’m thankful to be able to enjoy the exhilaration of running but what’s equally as important is being able to share this with such a great group of runners. It’s a wonderful world!

Welcoming Striders home.Phil collects a right load of old gubbins!


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Graeme Taylor Morpeth Harriers M 32.28
4 Phil Sanderson MV40 34.33
11 Jane Hodgson Morpeth Harriers F 1 37.17
39 Jerry Lloyd MV40 40.12
56 Dave Gibson MV40 41.15
84 Shaun Roberts MV50 43.28
129 Conrad White MV50 45.42
145 Nina Mason FV35 46.23
164 Alister Robson M 46.59
171 Richard Hall MV50 47.20
173 David Catterick MV40 47.24
189 John Hutchinson MV50 48.25
200 Aaron Gourley M 48.46
233 Anna Seeley F 49.50
247 Jean Bradley F 50.32
251 Jane Ives FV35 50.42
253 Juliet Percival FV35 50.50
278 Alan Smith MV60 51.57
294 Dougie Nisbet MV40 52.58
362 James Nicholson MV60 58.00
363 Claire Readey FV35 58.12
407 Mike Elliot MV60 63.48

435 finishers.

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Gibside Trail Race, Sunday, November 7, 2010

5.8 miles

Grand Prix Race. King/Queen of the Mountain Race.

Anita Clementson…

Oh shit! I've left the oven on ... My first race proudly donning my Elvet Striders vest.

Started the day in true team spirit collecting 4 striders on the way – Richard, Conrad, Jean & John. Striders doing their bit for the environment.

The race described as ‘not flat’ was quite an understatement, a little hiccup at the start meant a 15 minute delay with the race commencing at 1015 (something to do with mud!). The first hill was a blinder, pleased I turned down the few drinks out in Durham the night before!! Course overall very pleasing on they eye – difficult to orienteer where the hell I was but just keep following the one in front! – yes up another hill. Just for fun there was a nice mud slide at the end to run up (of course).

Nice encouragement at the end from fellow striders & a worthwhile goody bag.

…Claire Readey

“Not flat” – seemed to be the in-joke for this beautiful, scenic (5.8 mile?) course, but although some of the hills were steep, muddy and persistent, they were balanced by plenty of fast downhills and the opportunity to bound down at great speed with arms akimbo. I resisted the urge to shout ‘wheeeee’, but fully intend to lose that restraint as my running career develops. Bitingly cold, and now twice caught out with inappropriate clothing, I’ve learned the hard way that packing for all eventualities means you’re not stung for an impulsive £40 pair of Brooke’s visios from the thoughtfully placed Northern Runner rail in a field ‘cos you’re worried you’ll get cold pins. Still, since I already own the matching top, it turned out all right in the end.

Never far from someone in purple, the encouragement along the way was fantastic. All credit to whoever provided the raucous junior Striders’ appreciation chorus towards the end of the route – a red carpet and I’d have mistaken myself for a celebrity. Reassurance from Peter Brooks that yes, it’s quite normal for legs to turn to jelly after a particularly relentless ‘not-flat’ moment gave me the encouragement to persist and not sidle off and pretend to be a supporter. The lovely Jo, who upped my pace nicely as I ran alongside her chatting about the madness of running, making me forget about my pounding heart for a while as we approached the last section of the course. A voice behind me telling me to “get a move on” as I approached the finish (so I did – thanks Peter) and then yells ahead of me to ‘come on, big finish’ (it was – thanks Alister) and crossing the line in a jubilant 55:38, before collecting an eclectic party bag, which included seeds to grow your own Christmas tree and a Prodigy-style, fire-print headband. Thanks to Angela and Andy for the lift, and to everyone who spared the breath to encourage me along the way. It means a lot to a newbie.

I love Striders, me.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 James Buis Heaton Harriers M 0:33:00
26 Sonia Morley Tynedale Harriers F 1 0:39:22
45 James Garland M 0:41:16
56 Thomas Reeves M40 0:42:10
74 Mike Bennett * MV50 0:43:18
93 Fiona Shenton FV45 0:44:19
115 Graham Daglish MV50 0:45:27
116 Nina Mason FV35 0:45:28
127 Conrad White MV50 0:45:55
130 John Hutchinson MV50 0:46:07
170 Alister Robson M 0:48:26
183 Andy Jordan M 0:49:03
190 Debs Goddard FV35 0:49:30
211 Richard Hall MV50 0:50:27
221 Dave Walker MV40 0:50:59
229 Stef Barlow FV35 0:51:22
234 Jean Bradley FV45 0:51:37
240 Phil Owen MV40 0:52:05
241 Jane Ives FV35 0:52:09
250 Frank Coffield MV60 0:52:35
255 Alan Smith MV60 0:52:55
327 Stephen Baxendale MV40 0:55:46
334 Claire Readey FV35 0:55:57
335 Peter Brooks MV40 0:55:58
338 Joanne Porter FV35 0:56:12
353 Angela Proctor FV35 0:57:56
371 Emma Detchon F 0:59:30
372 Jim Nicholson MV60 0:59:35
386 Mary Coffield FV55 1:01:06
390 Mike Elliot MV60 1:01:22
394 Greta Jones FV45 1:01:36
401 Anita Clementson FV35 1:02:14
420 Margaret Thompson FV55 1:05:18
433 Lynne Bargewell FV35 1:08:04

* Pending stewards’ inquiry.
445 finishers.

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Gibside Trail Race, Sunday, November 1, 2009

7 miles

The forecast was right for once – it tipped it down all through the morning, as it had done all through the previous night! Jamie and I had a good firm warmup to try and get the systems going a bit, and at ten o’clock we were ready for the off. A dripping wet Joy Bell on the start line warned us, as usual, to be careful going down to the river, and also said this was the last time we’d be able to use the Avenue – complaints from the estate management about damage, would you believe? [No, quite frankly. Ed.] A bit of a false start, and we were off …

Will went off sharpish, and I pushed hard as well to begin with – I was expecting Jamie to go whizzing past at some stage, but he’d probably had more at a Halloween party the night before than he was letting on, so that didn’t happen. The usual long uphill drag after a mile (we were back to the normal seven-mile course this year) then all the winding bits before heading (carefully) down to the river to make a bit of hay while the sun didn’t shine before the bit of a walk to get back up the hill. I walked a chunk of it, anyway! After some nice fast bits, we ended up on the long soggy run-in along the Avenue to the finish. There were a fair few puddles about on the grass, and down by the riverside, and lots of water about in parts. At one point I noticed a frog by the side of the track ahead pause for a gap in the field, then hop casually across in front of me. Cocky little sod. To be honest, though, it wasn’t too bad underfoot, and I was glad to have gone with the road shoes.

Jane takes a last soggy run along the Gibside Avenue.

No one was hanging around for long at the finish, as it was still tipping it down, and quite breezy, so it wasn’t quite as sociable an occasion as usual. Also, the refreshment tent afterwards was full of steaming bodies getting changed, so you kept getting body parts in your ear as you worked your way through the excellent muffins, which was a mixed blessing.

Nonetheless, it was a damned good race once you’d got nice and warm. Will was first Strider home in a splendid 5th, and Debs was first Strider lady, ever so close to beating Dougie to the line, which wouldn’t have made his day at all …

Dougie adds, on this very subject:

My race was fairly depressing at first as Alan, Nina, Steph, Gary and Debs all passed me early on. I stuck with Nina for a while but on the ‘Hollow Walk’ descent she screeched away and at one time I couldn’t see any purple ahead at all. The climbs worked in my favour though and in the last few miles I steadily clawed back my places. At the top of the last hill it was exactly as it was last year. Debs was about 100 yards ahead of me and as we turned to descend I thought she’d click her heels and pull away.

There followed one of the most exciting race finishes I’ve had for a long time. The gap between us varied back and forth until the beginning of the Avenue where I found myself just a few yards behind. I must confess to rather unsporting behaviour at this point as I knew in a straight sprint Debs would outclass me. So I had to be devious. In a manoeuvre that I’ve used many a time in my velodrome days, I moved out wide and to the right and making sure another runner was between us and that Debs would have less chance of seeing me and ‘getting on my wheel’, I went for it. It was a long hard sprint to the line and I dared not look round. Into the tunnel and, rather sheepishly, I turned to see Debs wagging her finger at me and repeating “You Bugger!” over and over …


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Iain Twaddle North Shields Poly M 0:41:31
5 Will Horsley M 0:43:14
23 Jenny Watts Unattached F 1 0:47:04
69 Shaun Roberts MV50 0:51:16
104 Jamie Steel M 0:53:55
203 Dougie Nisbet MV40 0:59:37
204 Debs Goddard FV35 0:59:38
212 Steph Barlow FV35 1:00:17
214 Nina Mason FV35 1:00:23
227 Alan Smith MV60 1:01:08
236 Frank Coffield MV60 1:01:51
256 Gary Davies M 1:03:23
263 Jean Bradley FV50 1:03:53
265 Jane Ives F 1:04:06
294 Mary Coffield FV55 1:06:05
323 Jim Nicholson MV60 1:09:22

386 finishers.

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Gibside Trail Race, Friday, November 14, 2008

Dougie Nisbet

Group shiver before the start

Last night I dreamt I went to Gibside again. Which was prophetic, as this morning I set of with Fiona, Conrad and Mike to the place I spent the summer of 2007 working. It would be interesting charging around the trails and paths that were so familiar from the time I spent wandering along them with a notebook, camera, and a copy of ‘What Tree is This?’.

We arrived early and I was reassured to find the hall not in flames. We were so early there wasn’t even a queue for the toilets. As the start time approached more and more Striders appeared on the scene and formed a friendly purple haze around the avenue. The start itself is probably the widest one I can recall and it was good not having the usual corset-like squeeze that accompanies the beginning of most races. However at the end of the avenue we swung round a hairpin and the tree-lined superhighway became a narrow pot-holed soggy cart track. Moments later we stormed down the hard entrance road to the estate and the only downhill part of this trail race that could be described as ‘not very nice’.

Debs and me have been closely matched in recent race results and I was confident that I could steal the march on her in this event. Sure enough after about a mile I nudged past her and thought that was the end of the matter. As far as I was concerned the case was closed. This was at the bottom of the first hill. When we got to the top of the first hill Debs breezed by in what can only be described as ‘a lofty manner’, so I gritted my teeth, put my head down, and gave chase. For a short while she was in my sights but by the time we got to the half-way point and the drinks station she was nothing but a distant memory.

I’d heard many runners talk about the last long hill but the killer for me was the short steep chappie in the middle leading up to the monument. I try to subscribe to the Alan Purvis motto that states that Thy shalt not Walk any Hills so I settled for running up this one very very slowly. On the last hill I rallied a little and spied Debs ahead, but as we turned around the top corner she engaged full afterburner and stormed away to finish a good minute ahead of me.

We were all pretty much agreed that the finish was soul sapping. That long, long, long, straight, with the finish banner never getting any closer and the ground getting stickier with every step made it hard to keep the momentum going. A bit like the finish to the coastal run, but with less sand.

I joined the friendly splodge of purple that had cheered me in and watched the remainder of the Striders squelch home. A tough, well organised race with great scenery and variety.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Neil Wilkinson Morpeth H & AC MV40 1 36:10
15 Michelle Holt Sunderland H & AC F 1 41:09
38 Fiona Shenton FV45 3 43:47
45 Michael Bennett MV50 3 44:18
65 Geoff Davis MV50 5 45:25
82 Conrad White MV50 8 46:11
110 Shaun Roberts MV50 13 47:36
128 John Hutchinson MV50 19 48:09
142 Graham Daglish MV50 22 48:48
196 Susan Davis FV45 11 51:26
217 Debra Goddard F 45 52:30
237 Dougie Nisbet MV45 53:34
274 Frank Coffield MV60 12 55:15
281 Alan Smith MV60 14 55:42
284 Jean Bradley FV45 15 55:47
327 Amanda Hunter FV40 58:28
368 Mary Coffield FV55 4 1:02:52
371 Alan Purvis MV70 3 1:03:06

413 finishers

If these results look a bit faster than usual, it’s because the course had to be shortened, down to about 6.2 miles, due to riverbank erosion. Also an extra hill was inserted! Congratulations to Fiona, third FV45 and sixth lady overall, and to Mike Bennett, third MV50 gadgie. SR

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Gibside Trail Race, Sunday, November 4, 2007


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Stewart Bell Chester-Le-Street & Dist AC V40 1 38:32
35 Kim Simpson Gateshead H & AC L 1 45:23
64 Michael Bennett V50 5 48:53
76 Thomas Reeves V40 27 49:47
127 Graham Daglish V50 17 52:32
156 John Hutchinson V50 21 54:03
231 Danelle Du-Plessis L 45 58:10
250 Dave Robson V50 39 58:54
263 Stephanie Barlow L 57 59:36
268 Jan Young L55 2 59:51
271 Jane Nathan L35 25 1:00:00
275 Frank Coffield V60 8 1:00:04
286 Liz Lamb 1:01:16
287 Jean Bradley L 68 1:01:17
298 Andrew Thompson 1:01:50
304 Wendy Rowell L55 5 1:02:14
349 Mike Elliott 1:06:48
356 Alan Purvis 1:07:18
364 Julie Mitchelson L35 38 1:08:03
376 Margaret Thompson L55 7 1:10:27
379 Mary Coffield L45 22 1:10:46
399 Jackie Smith L65 3 1:16:01
401 Ann Rush L 128 1:16:15
404 Emma Thompson L 131 1:18:27

408 finishers

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Gibside Fruit Bowl, Sunday, November 5, 2006

Dave Robson

A lovely mild day for this popular multi terrain race which followed the usual route through the woods, down to the river and then up through the woods again. It has probably the longest finishing straight of any local run. The route was mud free in spite of recent rain and although it was a bit windy most of the route was protected by the trees. The second hill was said to be as steep as ever.

Fiona led nineteen Striders home and she was also was the third woman home. A number of Striders obtained improved times on this unique and beautiful course. Supporters included Mandy, Mary and Dave


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Stewart Bell Chester-Le-Street & Dist 1 40:35
30 Susie Rutherford Darlington H & A.C. L 1 46:37
48 Fiona Shenton L45 1 48:25
62 Geoff Davis V40 24 49:53
68 Graham Daglish V50 5 50:19
79 Shaun Roberts V40 30 51:04
82 Thomas Reeves V40 32 51:16
87 John Hutchinson V50 9 51:37
154 Karen Elliott L35 6 55:15
156 Ian Blacklock V50 25 55:17
186 Dave Shipman V50 31 56:29
192 Nigel Heppell V50 33 56:39
197 Susan Davis L45 6 57:10
296 Frank Coffield V60 7 01:01:34
302 Stephanie Barlow L 57 01:01:51
340 Jan Young L45 11 01:04:03
352 Louise Billcliffe L35 32 01:04:34
355 Jean Bradley L45 12 01:04:41
368 Julie Mitchelson L35 37 01:05:20
386 Tom’s Mate! V40 112 01:06:22
436 Margaret Thompson L55 5 01:13:34
444 Jackie Smith L65 2 01:15:47

464 finishers

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