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Hardmoors Wainstones Half Marathon 2019, Sunday, May 12, 2019

Simon Graham

I did not enjoy this race.

Any race report which begins with the above statement usually means lots of complaints and whinging about the event. I can’t fault the event, the route or anything else. I simply had a bad day.

Anyone who has ever ran a Hardmoors event will be aware why they are called ‘Hard’moors. They are not easy events, nor are they designed to be. The North York Moors is not flat and each event in the series comes with bonus miles to give you more value for your money, or so Race Director Jon Steele says. I could have done without the bonus miles at this event. On second thoughts, the bonus miles weren’t too bad. It was the main event I struggled with.

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Hardmoors Wainstones Trail Marathon, Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dave Robson

Well prepared for the day ...It was great to see so many Striders at Chop Gate on Sunday for this event. The weather turned out to be better than forecast with only a couple of light showers while Melanie and I were out there. Without a doubt, this was one of my toughest marathons. The first twenty five yards from the village hall were flat, then it was straight into one of the steepest climbs on the route. It took us 23min to cover the first mile. The first half was very tough, with six biggish hills. At halfway it felt like we had run a marathon already. The second half was a little easier, two biggish hills and two long drags upwards. The drags would have been runnable if our legs had not been so trashed from that first half.
There was some great performances, particularly Paul coming in third overall having started near the back with the rest of the Striders. Jules and David were next in, followed by Andrew Thompson (who has hardly run at all in the last four months). Then Melanie (completing her 25th marathon in less than two years !) and myself (gaining my age category prize as there was no other v60s running). Then Sue showing her usual determination and grit. George and Anne came down to watch and Phil was marshalling and Anna was helping with registration and giving out the medals. Anita and Mark did the 10k although they arrived after we had started and finished hours before we got back.

... and plenty of Striders to keep him company.

People had gone to a lot of trouble to acknowledge that it was my 100th marathon and I was very touched. Somebody had put notices around the village hall, it was acknowledged at the briefing and I was given race number 100. Somebody also arranged a card and got people to sign it. It was all a bit overwhelming.

Running wasn’t a major part of my life until 2003. When I joined the club in 2005, I was of the mindset that at the age of 54, I was too old to contemplate running a marathon. However, I soon realised there were members of the club who were older than me and running marathons. I also started to learn more about running marathons through the running website fetcheveryone.com where I record my training and races and have met many of my running friends.

I heard stories of the London marathon but as I had completed the Great North Run many times, the thought of a crowded race in a city did not appeal. Then a club member, Colin Blackburn I think, sent round an email about a marathon that was being revived, the Windermere marathon. I think this was in October or November 2006. The thought of running round a lake was much more appealing and May 2007 seemed a long way away, so I entered. May 2007 came round and I was on the start line having completed a training plan ! It all went amazingly well until 22 miles when I started to struggle, but I made it to the finish. My children were there to watch and I uttered the words ‘Never again’. I saw a few people with 100 marathon club tee shirts at that race and could hardly believe anybody could run that many marathons.

Well done mate!

I didn’t run any more marathons in 2007, but once 2008 dawned I forgot the pain of the training and those last 4 miles and entered Windermere again, plus one or two other marathons. I also got a last minute place in London with ten days notice. And since then, it built up to 2011 when I did 30 marathons or ultras. I have cut back a bit since 2011.

I aim to keep running marathons and short ultras. Achieving 100 marathons to me is just passing a milestone by the side of the road, I want to keep running long distance events – I enjoy them, they keep me fit and I don’t have to train for the events if I do them regularly. I am a poor trainer. I probably won’t get great times doing it that way, but I am not motivated by obtaining personal best times. I have done one sub-4 marathon (Blackpool) and I am happy with that. Our next marathon is in less than three weeks and we have a double planned for May, so there is lots to look forward to !

For those of you who want to see what events have made up my 100, then you can see a spreadsheet here which is in the format required for the 100 Marathon club.


Pos Name Club Cat Catpos Time
1 Jayson Cavill M 1 3.35.56
3 Paul Evans M 3 4.08.37
5 Charmaine Horsfall F 1 4.12.50
49 Juliet Percival FV40 3 6.11.42
50 David Brown M 24 6.11.42
67 Andrew Thompson M 25 6.41.57
69 Dave Robson MV60 1 6.48.30
70 Melanie Hudson F 7 6.48.30
75 Sue Jennings FV40 10 7.47.20

80 finishers

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