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Harrier League, Cramlington, Saturday, October 11, 2014

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Fun in the Sun!

The 2014-15 x/c season kicked off to most unseasonal weather on Saturday – warm sunshine & light winds – much to the delight of many and the frustration of a few old diehards (like your x/c captains!) The overall turnout at Cramlington was slightly up on last year although, disappointingly, it was slightly down for Striders’ men. Nonetheless there were some great Strider performances and a host of Strider debutants.

Sally looking like a winner. First up was u/20 woman Sally Hughes our own ‘parkun Princess’ making her x/c debut. After a tentative start Sally powered through the field picking off her rivals to finish in an astonishing 10th place – earning her immediate promotion to the fast pack. Well done Sally!

The Senior / Veteran women were next up and yet another record field of 333 runners lined up for the start including Strider first timers Penny Browell, Lesley Charman, Helen Williams & Steph Piper. Mudwoman. Inspired by their purple vests and the cheers of Strider men and other supporters they all had wonderful runs. Penny was magnificent – thundering round the two lap course to finish 9th overall, first Strider home and going straight into the medium pack for the next league fixture. Lesley too was a team counter, in her first outing, along with Katie W (from the medium pack) and Fiona K-J. Best x/c performances for sometime were put in by Debs and Anna and there was a welcome return to the HL for Louise B after her ‘maternity absence’! Well done one & all (20 Strider women in total ran the race) on a fantastic 5th place on the day in Division 1 – what a start!

Eric (who provided these photos) on his first Harrier League. After the women had churned up what little mud there was to be had it was the men’s turn. A massive field of 590 runners assembled for the start including 24 Striders. As in the women’s race there were a number of debutants including Scott Watson, Danny Lim (where have you been?!), Matthew Archer, Nick Jones, Martin Welsh, Eric Green & Stephen Ellis. They all came through relatively unscathed and appear happy to give it another go!

True Garland Grit. Cheered on by some non running Striders, including the Sage of Shincliffe himself, Rob Everson surged round the three lap course, from the medium pack, to have probably his best ever x/c race and lead the team home. Captain Paul was another counter from the medium pack with James G, Till S (making a welcome return), Gibbo and Matthew C (for the first time) making up the other four counters. The hot weather took its toll on this old-timer but, along with the rest of the team, I was delighted to be out there in the purple vest flying the flag for Striders.

However, the competition this season is going to be fierce and Striders could only manage 9th place (out of 11 teams) in Division 2. Not the best of starts I must admit but looking down the names of the registered runners, who couldn’t make it on Saturday, I know we can do much better with an even bigger turnout. So come on the Purple Men – let’s see you gather in strength for the rest of the season and really do your club proud – I know you can do it!!


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Mark McLeod Elswick Harriers M disq. 34:52
115 Rob Everson M Sen 40:55
164 James Garland S Sen 41:40
188 Paul Evans M Sen 42:04
198 Till Sawala S Sen 42:21
208 David Gibson S Vet 42:29
233 Matthew Crow S Sen 42:54
240 Geoff Davis S Vet 43:06
247 Jerry Lloyd M Vet 43:15
248 Graeme Walton S Vet 43:15
271 Scott Watson S Vet 43:40
310 Michael Hughes S Vet 44:32
312 David Brown S Sen 44:36
325 Mark Payne S Sen 44:58
340 Dave Halligan S Vet 45:16
352 Mike Bennett S Vet 45:40
362 Danny Lim S Sen 45:54
421 Matthew Archer S Sen 47:32
455 David Selby S Vet 48:41
471 Richard Hockin S Vet 49:16
495 Nick Jones S Sen 49:46
504 Innes Hodgson S Vet 50:04
506 Martin Welsh S Vet 50:13
557 Eric Green S Vet 54:49
570 Stephen Ellis S Vet 57:52

590 finishers.

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Rosie Smith Durham City Harriers M Sen 26:02
9 Penny Browell S Vet 28:52
55 Katy Walton M Sen 31:36
75 Fiona Jones S Vet 32:00
81 Lesley Charman S Vet 32:12
91 Susan Davis S Vet 32:29
111 Nicola Whyte S Sen 32:54
149 Debra Goddard S Vet 33:48
159 Juliet Percival M Vet 34:06
160 Rachael Bullock M Sen 34:08
167 Camilla Lauren-Maatta S Vet 34:14
183 Sarah Davies S Vet 34:44
184 Helen Williams S Vet 34:46
187 Anna Seeley S Sen 34:50
214 Stephanie Piper S Sen 35:37
224 Jean Bradley S Vet 35:54
276 Jan Young S Vet 39:06
283 Louise Barrow S Sen 39:32
301 Louise Billcliffe S Vet 41:16
309 Debbie Mcfarland S Sen 41:49
330 Anita Dunseith S Sen 47:19

333 finishers.

U17 & U20 Girls
Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Zoe MacDonald Newcastle University S U20 20:21
10 Sally Hughes S U20 22:27

30 finishers.

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Harrier League, Cramlington, Saturday, October 27, 2012

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information.

Mudman and Mudwoman

The first post-Olympics Harrier League fixture saw massive fields in both the senior women’s race (179) and senior men’s (425). I suspect that both of these are record turnouts! Striders contributed both old and new faces with 15 women and 16 men plus Adam in the U17s. We had a number of debutants including 3 women (Rachel Terry, Megan Bell and Jill Ford) and Paul Hove for the men, all of whom seemed to have an enjoyable time out on the very muddy course!

Once more into the shit ... Rachel Terry had a particularly fine debut leading the women’s team home in her brand new trail shoes. Tom Reeves seems to be coming into some form (about time I hear you cry!) and he led the Striders’ men from start to finish skipping over the mud like a … mud skipper?! Adam had a fine run too finishing 9th U17 which should see him promoted to the fast pack for the next fixture at Blaydon. Although it was muddy underfoot, the weather was kind – nice and sunny and no showers! This made spectating quite enjoyable and all our girls and boys were cheered round by their clubmates and families (and dogs – although Dave’s pup chose to have a snooze in the tent instead!)

Big fields mean big competition and it’s going to be a tough year for Striders to maintain their positions in the 1st Division (women) and 2nd Division (men) – so we need even bigger turn outs if we’re going to be as successful as previous seasons. So go on – give it a try – it’s makes for a grand day out! See you all at Blaydon in three weeks time!


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 JOHNSON, Calum Gateshead Harriers 32:51
85 REEVES, Thomas 39:49
110 CLAYDON, Matt 40:17
131 GIBSON, David 40:42
204 HORSLEY, Will *M 42:11
211 LLOYD, Jerry *M 42:30
221 GARDNER, Simon 42:49
226 WALTON, Graeme 42:57
241 BENNETT, Michael 43:20
284 ROBERTS, Shaun 45:08
331 VAN DER BREMER, Marco 46:55
356 ROBSON, Alistair 48:06
364 HOCKIN, Richard 48:28
382 HOVE, Paul 49:34
387 SELBY, David 49:48
416 HUTCHISON, John 54:18
422 OWEN, Phil 56:23

*M Medium pack – 2m30s handicap.
*F Fast pack – 5m handicap.

425 finishers.

Spot the Striders.

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 DARGIE, Alison Elswick Harriers 28:29
28 TERRY, Rachel 30:56
70 DAVIS, Susan 33:09
73 PERCIVAL, Jules 33:26
79 BARLOW, Stef 33:40
90 WALTON, Katy 34:17
109 YOUNG, Jan 35:26
111 BELL, Megan 35:33
139 PRESTON, Katherine 37:32
149 TINDALE, Victoria 38:37
150 DICK, Barbara 38:42
157 VDBH, Nicola 39:23
159 MILLER, Louise 39:25
164 BULLOCK, Rachel 40:16
169 FORD, Jill 41:13
174 ROBSON, Jacqui 42:55

179 finishers.

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Harrier League, Cramlington, Saturday, October 8, 2011

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information.

Mudman and Mudwoman

Grand Prix Race. Mud King/Mud Queen Race.

A Solid Start!

A bumper turnout of 29 brave souls (16 male and 13 female) saw the club off to a solid start in this season’s HL with the women finishing an excellent 3rd in Division 1 and the men finishing in a commendable 7th in Division 2.

Jules admires Jerry's most excellent pie! Pies, mmmm ... a great new Harrier League innovation, that will hopefully catch on ... There were many debutants today and well done to you all! Some old hands were there too with Roz leading home the women and James heading the men’s team back to the tent for tea and cakes (as well as impressive apple and blackberry pie, baked by newbie Jerry Lloyd, and topped with a pastry strider!).

We were blessed with reasonable weather and a dry and fast course today – but beware the rain, snow, wind and mud as the season progresses – we can’t wait!!

Best Wishes


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 AISTON, Phillip Wallsend Harriers 33:25
42 GARLAND, James 37:44
73 LLOYD, Jerry 38:29
149 CLAYDON, Matt 40:22
173 DAVIS, Geoff 41:13
210 JONES, Mark 42:11
234 WESSON, Keith 43:30
243 ROBERTS, Shaun 43:55
265 YOUNG, Callum 44:50
267 THOMAS, Ian 44:50
278 HOCKIN, Richard 45:17
297 BELL, Peter 46:39
302 HEPPELL, Nigel 47:03
307 ROBSON, Alistair 47:18
328 BROOKS, Peter 49:22
337 ROBSON, Dave 50:31
343 OWEN, Phil 51:47

*M Medium pack – 2m30s handicap.
*F Fast pack – 5m handicap.

353 finishers. Men’s team 7th of 11, Division 2.

And they're off!

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 ACASTER, Caroline Blaydon Harriers 26:15
16 LAYTON, Roz 29:01
20 MASON, Nina 29:20
34 DAVIS, Susan 30:08
49 GODDARD, Debs 30:33
64 IVES, Jane 30:59
72 LAUREN-MAATTA, Camilla 31:48
78 TOMLINS, Zoe 32:13
83 PERCIVAL, Jules 32:21
85 YOUNG, Jan 32:25
125 MILLER, Louise 37:01
128 TINDALE, Victoria 37:30
129 READEY, Claire 37:44
129 FREEMAN, Jayne 39:19

137 finishers. Women’s Team 3rd of 8, Division 1.

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Harrier League, Cramlington, Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information.

Mudman and Mudwoman

Grand Prix Race. Mud King/Mud Queen Race.

Your club was represented at today’s Harrier League by no less than 19 men and 10 women. Everyone had a great time on the wet and muddy course particularly our seven debutants:

  • Keri Pearson;
  • Claire Readey;
  • Daniel Hibell;
  • David Hooper;
  • Konstantin Visegradi;
  • Richard Hall; and
  • Dave Walker.

We also saw the welcome return of Paul Loftus after an absence from HL of around two hundred years.

Yes, it's that time of the year again ... one of new Strider Konstantin's excellent photos.

Keri had a sparkling debut finishing 10th in a field of 134 and earning immediate promotion to the new Women’s medium pack. Phil Sanderson continued his blistering form finishing (by my calcs) as the fastest veteran in the men’s field of 305 runners.

Striders Women finished a fantastic 4th team while the men appear to have finished 8th in Division 2 (out of 11 teams).

WELL DONE EVERYONE! We can’t wait for next Saturday (Farringdon). Be there or be square.


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 HOOD, Mark Sunderland Harriers 34:26
50 HORSLEY, Will *M 40:35
66 SANDERSON, Phil *F 41:03
133 BENNETT, Michael 42:59
167 WHITE, Conrad 44:21
180 WESSON, Keith 44:37
183 DAVIS, Geoff 44:52
203 HIBELL, Daniel 46:10
204 HOOPER, David 46:23
228 ROBERTS, Shaun 47:18
230 ROBSON, Alistair 47:22
237 GIBSON, David 47:53
247 VISEGRADI, Konstantin 48:44
271 HOCKIN, Richard 50:30
273 NICHOLSON, George 51:01
274 LOFTUS, Paul 51:11
283 NESBIT, Dougie 52:12
285 HALL, Richard 52:36
287 WALKER, Dave 53:03
295 OWEN, Phil 55:18

*M Medium pack – 2m30s handicap.
*F Fast pack – 5m handicap.

305 finishers. Men’s team 8th of 11, Division 2.

And they're off!

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 ROGERS, Stacy Heaton Harriers 26:56
10 PEARSON, Keri 29:52
24 SHENTON, Fiona 31:18
28 MASON, Nina 31:33
55 GODDARD, Debs 32:55
56 DAVIS, Susan 33:07
73 YOUNG, Jan 34:08
79 BARLOW, Stephanie 34:39
111 TARN, Lindsay 37:17
116 LANGLEY, Michelle 37:48
125 READEY, Claire 39:28

134 finishers. Women’s Team 4th of 17.

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Harrier League, Cramlington, Saturday, February 28, 2009


Mudman Despairs!

Susan and Debs battle it out.

Mudman has emerged from the mire to express his dismay at Striders Men for not being able to field six of their number to uphold the Club’s honour at today’s Harrier League fixture. This is the first time this has occurred for four years and is likely to mean that the club will suffer the ignomony of relegation to the third division.

Running is usually a solitary sport, one of personal rather than team performance – except at the Harrier League, where we are able to bond and achieve things as a team as well as individual runners in Striders’ vests. So today was very disappointing – particularly for the 5 Striders men who did run and the 6 Striders women who were there to support them and later run brilliantly in their own race. Even my ‘cousin’ Clarty Man from Durham Harriers expressed his disappointment at Striders’ poor show.

Lets see if we can’t salvage some honour for the club in the remaining fixtures!

The following stalwarts were at Cramlington today flying the flag for Striders:

WOMEN: Susan Davis, Debs Goddard, Steph Barlow, Wendy Rowell, Jane Ives & Zoe Tomlins.
MEN: Mike Bennett, Shaun Roberts, Conrad White, Geoff Davis & Alan Purvis.

See you all at Prudhoe!


Paul Evans adds: Have just arrived back in Durham from Cramlington, having failed utterly to find the race venue. I’m really sorry about any points docked for failing to field a full team, but had to give up when 1315 came and I was still lost. Paul

Jan Young adds: Help, I’ve lost a Harrier League. Have you seen one around here?

Having seen Woodhorn written in my diary ever since the Harrier League dates came out, that’s where I went, unfortunately taking Nina and Calum with me and unfortunately not to the correct field. That will teach me to check Striders’ web site before departure.

Will I ever be forgiven? I who am always trying to persuade others to run the cross country and now the men will get clobbered with penalty points for failing to field a team . No one will ever ask me for a lift. Cal will put me in a home as he’s convinced I’ve lost my marbles as well as a race venue. Help, I’m in need of counselling………..

We did rescue something from the day, with a 5mile run on Blyth Beach. We promise to be at the last league run at South Shields, at least I can find my way there!

Yours, Embarrassed AKA Jan Y.



Pos Name Club Cat Pack Time
1 ARCHER, Jon Low Fell M 36:40
118 BENNETT, Michael V S 42:26
175 ROBERTS, Shaun V S 44:28
198 WHITE, Conrad V S 45:22
202 DAVIS, Geoff V S 45:30
300 PURVIS, Alan V S 1:05:04

302 finishers. Elvet Striders: no team.


Pos Name Club Cat Pack Time
1 JAMES, Delyth Morpeth Harriers F 28:07
38 DAVIS, Susan V S 32:26
44 GODDARD, Debs V S 32:56
62 BARLOW, Steph S 34:20
71 ROWELL, Wendy V S 35:49
75 TOMLINS, Zoe S 36:33

93 finishers. Elvet Striders: 11th Women’s Team.

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