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Harrier League, Farringdon, Saturday, October 29, 2011

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information.

Mudman and Mudwoman

Grand Prix Race. Mud King/Mud Queen Race. Twenty six Striders ran at Farringdon on Saturday in the 2nd HL fixture of the season. There was a bit more mud than at the first fixture and the races continue to be blessed with huge fields (a record for the senior women at 153?) although those blessings can be mixed as the spike marks in my foot testify!

The nine women, short of a couple of regular ‘counters’ because of illness and injury, performed bravely with Nina powering home as first Strider and Kathryn Sygrove, making her HL debut, running well to be Striders’ third counter. The big field made for some close quarter running but all our ‘girls’ made it round safely. Results are provisional but show Striders as finishing in 6th place (from 10) in Division 1.

All ready for the off - what can possibly go wrong? The men’s team had a fine outing with 17 runners there at the gun although it was 15 that ‘broke the tape’ at the end. Once again we were led home by the evergreen Phil Sanderson, running from the medium pack, supported by three debutants: Neil Sleeman (third Strider home), Stewart McConnell and Martin Wilson. The huge field (around 370) meant the first lap was a bit congested and faster pack runners had to fight their way through but it all added to the experience! It appears that the message did not get around all the clubs that the course was three laps plus a short loop at the end. As a result number of runners (but no Striders!) failed to complete the final loop so again results are provisional. Nonetheless it appears that Striders had one of their best days for years finishing 4th in Div 2 which appears to leave us in 5th place for the season. Well done to the Farringdon 15!

As most of you will know Harrier League is organised by volunteers lot least among them Vicki Thompson and Simon Smith. We owe a lot to these dedicated people so I think we can overlook the odd ‘communication breakdown’ or that results might take an extra couple of days to finalise – don’t you?!


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 HARDY, Dan Shildon AC 33:28
24 SANDERSON, Phil 37:06 *M
58 GARLAND, James 38:41
80 SLEEMAN, Neil 39:23
81 LLOYD, Jerry 39:24
138 REEVES, Thomas 40:58
204 DAVIS, Geoff 43:04
235 WHITE, Conrad 44:16
236 MCCONNELL, Stewart 44:17
289 HOCKIN, Richard 47:15
295 ROBSON, Alister 47:33
298 HALL, Richard 47:40
316 HEPPELL, Nigel 48:43
340 WILSON, Martin 51:27
350 NICHOLSON, George 53:33
352 ROBSON, Dave 54:16

*M Medium pack – 2m30s handicap.
*F Fast pack – 5m handicap.

373 finishers. Men’s team 4th of 11, Division 2.

The Striders Women, looked over by the Purple Angel of The Apocalypse.

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 JESSETT, Amy Newcastle Uni 20:34
24 MASON, Nina 26:35
54 DAVIS, Susan 27:32
68 SYGROVE, Kathryn 27:44
80 LAYTON, Roz 28:05
98 PERCIVAL, Jules 28:56
110 LAMB, Liz 29:38
115 JAMES, Corrina 29:50
123 BRADLEY, Jean 30:26
140 TINDALE, Victoria 32:44

153 finishers. Women’s Team 6th of 10, Division 1.

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Harrier League, Farringdon, Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information.

Mudman and Mudwoman

Grand Prix Race. Mud King/Mud Queen Race.

There was another great turnout on a bright and not too muddy day with 17 men and 10 women running for their club. Only one debutant (I think!) and that was long standing Strider member Ian Graham who had a good race running in road shoes. We hope Ian is now converted to the ‘country’.

Will Horsley led the men home and a few male Striders were vexed at the ‘extra’ loop tagged on at the end of the race. I believe our webmaster intends writing to his MP.
[ I certainly am. Why we had to do nearly an extra kilometre, with an extra hill, during a severe economic downturn is quite beyond me … Andy Glass’s Mum needs to get to the bottom of this. Ed.]

Jan, Stef and Angela. Nina led the women home on the two lap course pursued by a strong women’s team. Tom & Joan Reeves captured both races on video! Can’t wait to see it.

We haven’t got many more details at the moment ‘cos when we went to get the results everyone had packed up and gone home! No doubt the results will be on the web very soon.

Yours in clarts …


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 VIS, Patrick Durham City Harriers 34:11
44 HORSLEY, Will *M 39:00
55 SANDERSON, Phil *F 39:31
139 REEVES, Tom 41:26
192 BENNETT, Michael 42:45
210 DAVIS, Geoff 43:34
217 WHITE, Conrad 43:59
225 HIBELL, Daniel 44:22
231 HOOPER, David 44:33
249 ROBERTS, Shaun 45:15
287 ARROWSMITH, Graham 47:32
289 THOMPSON, Andrew 47:38
294 VISEGRADI, Konstantin 48:00
328 NESBIT, Dougie 50:25
329 WALKER, Dave 50:43
344 NICHOLSON, George 52:29
349 GRAHAM, Ian 52:52
355 OWEN, Phil 54:44

*M Medium pack – 2m30s handicap.
*F Fast pack – 5m handicap.

367 finishers. Men’s team 7th of 11, Division 2.

The sea of purple!

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 SMITH, Rosie Durham City Harriers 20:23
26 MASON, Nina 26:09
49 PEARSON, Keri *M 26:57
52 GODDARD, Debs 27:08
67 DAVIS, Susan 27:40
96 BARLOW, Stephanie 28:54
101 YOUNG, Jan 29:03
111 BRADLEY, Jean 29:41
116 PROCTOR, Angela 30:00
122 TARN, Lindsay 30:40
123 LANGLEY, Michelle 30:55

*M Medium pack – 2m handicap.

147 finishers. Women’s Team 8th of 16.

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Harrier League, Farringdon, Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mudman and Mudwoman

Striders had a record turn out at today’s Harrier League x/c race at Farringdon. No less than 16 women and 21 men ran for Elvet Striders on a perfect early winter’s afternoon. They were led home by Susan and Phil Sanderson respectively. Thank you all for coming and we look forward to seeing even more of you at the next fixture.



Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Terry WALL Morpeth H S 0:29:20
3 Phillip SANDERSON S(V) 0:29:49
125 David GIBSON S(V) 0:36:17
126 Thomas REEVES S(V) 0:36:17
132 Michael BENNETT S(V) 0:36:23
134 Will HORSLEY F 0:36:25
192 Shaun ROBERTS S(V) 0:38:02
203 Geoff DAVIS S(V) 0:38:22
204 Keith WESSON S(V) 0:38:25
239 Conrad WHITE S(V) 0:39:31
241 John METSON S(V) 0:39:39
276 Nigel HEPPELL S(V) 0:41:05
281 Graham DAGLISH S(V) 0:41:18
291 Graham ARROWSMITH S(V) 0:41:55
310 Stewart GARDNER S(V) 0:43:03
318 Phil OWEN S(V) 0:43:49
322 Dougie NESBIT S(V) 0:44:02
333 Dave ROBSON S(V) 0:45:01
339 Andrew THOMPSON S 0:45:47
347 Alan SMITH S(V) 0:46:49
359 Alistair ROBSON S 0:50:54

362 finishers
Handicaps: F = 5:00, M = 2:30.

The lads

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Alison DARGIE Elswick Harriers S 0:22:51
58 Susan DAVIS S(V) 0:28:24
62 Nina MASON S(V) 0:28:29
63 Fiona SHENTON F(V) 0:28:30
64 Anna PETHYBRIDGE S 0:28:37
65 Stephanie BARLOW S(V) 0:28:40
74 Zoe TOMLINS S 0:29:01
75 Jan YOUNG S(V) 0:29:05
88 Jean BRADLEY S(V) 0:29:55
98 Jane IVES S(V) 0:30:44
100 Angela PROCTOR S(V) 0:30:50
109 Kirsty DYKES S 0:31:50
110 Lindsay TARN S 0:32:03
116 Jennifer COPLEY S 0:33:08
117 Joanne PORTER S(V) 0:33:12
118 Clare Van Den BOS S(V) 0:33:19
122 Emma DETCHON S 0:35:13

124 finishers
Handicaps: F = 3:00.

The lasses

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Harrier League, Farringdon, Saturday, January 10, 2009

Susan Davis

What no Mud!

Conrad prepares himself for the cakes.

The warm wet weather that was being promised arrived just a little to late for my liking. As a result the going under foot at Farringdon was so hard it was more like running a road race than a cross country. The solid ground enabled many of the team to complete the course and better their times from last year. It has to said that certain parts of the course also allowed us to practice our skills for Dancing On Ice.

Mike had a bit of a tumble and I am sure all Striders hope that his injuries are just superficial. I understand Mandy was wanting to take photographs but Mike refused, “I am with you on that one Mike”. Conrad as usual appeared to smile his way round the course to lead the mens team home. I have spoken to Alan Purvis tonight and although he is at the back of the field he remains competitive and was disappointed to be outsprinted and pipped at the post by another competitor that he battled with and remained in front of for a greater part of the race. Well done to all of the mens team.

Another good turn out for the womens team who were led home by Debs, her Tri -Training is paying off and she ran a determined race. A great performance from Fiona running from the Fast Pack. Excellent pack running from Steph, Liz, Zoe, Jan & Wendy. Great to have Nina in the team and our relative newcomers Zoe & Jane appearing to enjoy themselves.

A big thank you to all our supporters enduring the very cold weather, help with the tent was greatly appreciated, Elvet Eats were again of a high standard and thanks to Dave & Dougie the photos . Well done to Geoff Watson who had a great run and is now in the medium pack. Clearly making cheesecakes is good cross training. Looking forward to the next cross country and hope that we can field an even bigger team.

By the way – anyone lost a pair of glasses in a grey hard case, left in the tent? Susan and Geoff have them.



Pos Name Club Cat Pack Time
1 CALDER, Tim Gateshead (NC) S 28:38
162 WHITE, Conrad V S 35:59
163 BENNETT, Michael V S 36:04
192 ROBERTS, Shaun V S 37:02
216 NICHOLSON, George V S 37:53
289 ROBSON, Dave V S 42:33
294 NISBET, Dougie V S 42:45
317 PURVIS, Alan V S 48:33

319 finishers. Elvet Striders: 10th Men’s Team, Division Two.


Pos Name Club Cat Pack Time
1 SNOOK, Alexander Marie Shildon AC S 22:03
42 GODDARD, Debs V S 26:24
44 SHENTON, Fiona V F 26:26
54 DAVIS, Susan V S 26:50
64 MASON, Nina S 27:41
74 BARLOW, Steph S 28:37
75 LAMB, Liz S 28:42
76 TOMLINS, Zoe S 28:55
77 YOUNG, Jan V S 29:00
78 ROWELL, Wendy V S 29:09
89 IVES, Jane S 30:51

99 finishers. Elvet Striders: 11th Women’s Team.

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Harrier League, Farringdon


Great turnout at Farringdon – 12 men and 8 women, plus spectators – a veritable Sea of Purple this time. And lots of strong running on show.

Tom lead the men home with a fast start and a very good run, followed by Geoff, then two runners coming back into good form – Steve and Conrad. Mike Bennett next, suffering from a bad chest, and then Keith passed me towards the end of the third lap to claim sixth spot. Graham did well on what he claims is a stone over his fighting weight, and just kept in front of Nigel by a single second. Dave next, followed by John and Alan to complete a (very) dirty dozen. Mud everywhere, after running what was the slippiest course I’ve been on for a while.

Donna had a great run from the fast pack, and felt a lot better afterwards than before! Fiona next, also with a good run from the fast pack, and then Roz, Susan, Debs, Jan, Wendy and Julie. All the ladies looked very strong out on the course and did well in the conditions. Steph’s shins were giving her grief, so she had to pull out after the first lap, I think.

Lots of cakes, flapjacks, sweets at the finish – also ginger wine – thanks John!

Conrad adds: What wonderful cakes and ginger wine. Thanks to all who brought the goodies. Well done to all for getting through the mud – maybe not enough for mud(wo)man but enough for me.



Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 DAWSON, Michael North Shields Poly 30:23
83 REEVES, Thomas 36:59
113 DAVIS, Geoff 37:32
147 LINDSAY, Steve 38:33
168 WHITE, Conrad 39:11
169 BENNETT, Michael 39:15
170 WESSON, Keith 39:19
176 ROBERTS, Shaun 39:31
223 DAGLISH, Graham 41:59
224 HEPPELL, Nigel 42:00
246 ROBSON, Dave 44:12
253 EVERETT, John 45:30
268 PURVIS, Alan 52:13

271 finishers.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 TROWBRIDGE, Jess Gateshead Harriers 24:58
8 JAMES, Donna 26:23 *Fast pack
29 SHENTON, Fiona 28:06 *Fast pack
32 LAYTON, Roz 28:16
41 DAVIS, Susan 28:30
58 GODDARD, Debs 29:50
64 YOUNG, Jan 30:46
68 ROWELL, Wendy 31:27
72 MITCHELSON, Julie 32:11

80 finishers.

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Harrier League: Farringdon, Saturday, January 13, 2007


Finishing second team on the day the women have extended their lead at the top of the overall table to six points! Another good turn out on a very windy day saw Donna beat everyone in a good quality fast pack. Steph Barlow’s debut was very successful as her competitive spirit took her past many experienced runners. We need more like Steph if we are to retain the winner’s shield and it would be good to see the return of some our “regulars” who have been sidelined because of injury or commitments.

This was the best mens’ performance for a number of years with Striders finishing third on the day (if the provisional results are correct) taking us to fourth equal in the overall table. Through the wind and mud Will’s youthful legs just managed to take him past Mike on the line to be first Strider home and our two fliers were supported by some brave performances from the core of our cross country regulars. We are just two points behind the third place team and if one of the leading teams were to slip up just once we could be there in that promotion slot!

Lets get a really big turn out for the next fixture at Wrekenton on the 17th Feb.


Senior Women

Pos Name Pack Time
2 Donna James f 24.58
11 Karen Elliott s 26.29
20 Fiona Shenton f 27.12
34 Susan Davis s 28.07
44 Sue Pearson s 29.21
48 Steph Barlow s 29.41
50 Jan Young s 29.50
53 Wendy Rowell s 30.07
55 Louise Billcliffe s 30.28
60 Jean Bradley s 32.08

Fast pack (f) times minus 2.20
63 finishers.

Senior Men

Pos Name Pack Time
59 Will Horsley m 36.18
61 Mike Bennett s 36.20
94 Tom Reeves s 37.06
96 Geoff Davis s 37.11
147 Shaun Roberts s 38.35
149 Keith Wesson s 38.43
195 Nigel Heppell s 40.22
204 Paul Loftus s 41.10
223 Dave Shipman s 42.50
260 Alan Purves s 52.29

Medium pack (m) times minus 2.30
263 finishers.

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