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Harrier League, Prudhoe, Saturday, March 23, 2013

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information.

Mudman & Mudwoman

Grand Prix Race. Mud King/Mud Queen Race.  Striders were subjected to freezing temperatures and ‘nithering’ winds at the Prudhoe x/c on Saturday. The tent was staked firmly to the ground in the battering blast as 22 shivering runners sought shelter in the fragile haven that it offered. This was the final fixture of the season and the Senior women’s team were in real danger of relegation from the ‘top flight’. Our main rivals for avoiding the drop (Wallsend) were there in force and were clearly determined to stay up themselves. It wasn’t going to be easy and indeed it wasn’t!

It's bloody cold out there and we're not coming out! [OR, 'Search for the Heroes inside yourself.'] But the Senior Men were first away and the Striders team was missing many of its more speedy runners. However, there was bags of experience, as well as grey hair, in the team that had turned up to fight against the elements and maintain our ‘respectable’ position in the league table. The course was tough – really tough! – it was three laps so ‘that hill’ had to be tackled three times and in between there was frozen ground, waterlogged ground and very muddy ground but they all made it round safely. Young Tom Spurling led the 11 men home followed by old Tom Reeves running from the medium pack for the first time. Behind them there were some brave performances including Richard Hall, making a welcome return to the mud and ‘counting’ for the first time, Richard Hocking (an ever present this season – I think!) and Chairman Shipman – roaring the team on at the start and bravely battling round in the freezing conditions. Well done everyone! We finished 9th on the day and 6th for the season – ahead of local rivals Crook and Houghton, a great performance! Simon Gardner was there to capture everyone on camera. Well done Simon – that was ‘above and beyond’ and we hope you’ve thawed out! Young Tom’s wife and baby were there too – that must deserve a substantial ‘reward’ Tom!

Geoff starts his retirement the way he means to go on ... Our lone representative in the u/17 men’s race, Adam Walker, finished in a fantastic fourth place – from the fast pack! Adam’s had a great x/c season – his first in the Harrier League – and next season he moves up to run with the big boys. I’m sure he’ll be sharpening his spikes and his elbows in readiness over the summer!

After cheering the men in the arctic conditions the women returned to the tent to thaw out and prepare themselves for the main event. Could they do it? Well, if they couldn’t then they’d go down with the purple flag flying vigorously in the now strengthening gale force polar wind! BANG! They were off – ten brave purple clad Striderettes determined to do their best whatever the east wind could throw at them. Megan was the first to show with the Flying Geologist (Rachael Bullock), Fiona and Mudwoman following closely. Roz, Katy, Barbara, Jan and Laura where in the mix too as they all tackled the hill first time round (there were two laps on this race). Grit, determination and the Shipman Roar saw them all to the top and make the right hand turn head down back into the wind. Rachel Terry started to work through the field from the medium pack as the race progressed into the second lap. But things looked tight as the green vests of Wallsend seemed to have the edge although everyone was still giving it their all.

Rachel looks like she means business today. The hill, second time round, saw some mighty brave performances from women from every club in the race – they should all be proud. By now the Flying Geologist (fresh from her altitude training in the Howgills) was the leading Strider and Rachael clung on to this until the finish followed by Rachel T and Fiona. But did they all manage to cling on to their top flight place? You bet they did! (barring any Stewards Enquiry!) All be it by the skin of their teeth and the closest possible margin! Although we were pipped by Wallsend on the day we stayed one point ahead of them for the season and so we should stay up!

Mudwoman and I are always banging on about it not just being the counters that matter in HL races – well, have a close look at the women’s results and you’ll see just how important everyone’s performance was in achieving the result that the Team came away with. WELL DONE STRIDERS!

That’s it then for another season. We would like to thank everyone who has run in the races or has come along to spectate – we hope you’ve enjoyed them and that you’ll be coming back for more next season. Rest assured, we’ll be there – we can’t wait!!


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 CAIRNS, Steve Tynebridge Harriers 37:13
71 SPURLING, Tom 44:52
173 REEVES, Thomas *M 47:47
174 DAVIS, Geoff 47:50
199 BENNETT, Mike 48:48
235 ROBERTS, Shaun 50:46
244 HALL, Richard 51:21
255 WALTON, Graeme 52:10
278 HUGHES, Michael 53:19
291 WHITE, Conrad 54:36
300 HOCKIN, Richard 55:25
337 SHIPMAN, David 60:07

*M Medium pack – 2m30s handicap.
*F Fast pack – 5m handicap.

354 finishers.

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 PEARSON, Emma Morpeth Harriers *F 31:04
34 BULLOCK, Rachel 32:51
40 TERRY, Rachel *M 33:06
41 SHENTON, Fiona 33:07
52 BELL, Megan 33:34
66 DAVIS, Susan 34:18
81 LAYTON, Roz 35:11
97 WALTON, Katy 36:19
117 DICK, Barbara 37:49
122 YOUNG, Jan 38:04
133 GARNHAM, Laura 39:15

*M Medium pack – 2m handicap.

153 finishers.

Under 17 Men
Pos Name Club Cat Time
4 Adam WALKER *F 28:07

*F Medium pack – 2m30s handicap.

23 finishers.

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Harrier League, Prudhoe, Saturday, March 24, 2012

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information.

Mudman and Mudwoman

Grand Prix Race. Mud King/Mud Queen Race.

Our leader! Suitably decorated ...

Yet another grand day out was had by all who made it to the Prudhoe HL on Saturday. Sunshine, exotic cake & champagne where there to be enjoyed on the final day of what has been a very successful and enjoyable x/c season for Striders.

Once again there was an excellent Striders’ turn out with twelve women and 18 men running the bone dry, but hilly, Prudhoe course in very hot conditions. Both teams did well on the day with the men finishing in a very good 4th position in Division 2 while the women consolidated their position by finishing 6th in the highly competitive Senior Women’s Division 1. There were some notable individual performances with Jerry Lloyd finishing in 13th place and qualifying for medium pack status in his first season of HL and Carolyn Bray, in only her second HL, finishing as third Striders’ ‘counter’. There was just one debutant – Carly Trower – who finished well up the field and seemed to thoroughly enjoy her day as did her 6(?) month old baby, there to cheer Mum on!!

Magnificent cake from Jules! Who says: 'Jerry did the decorating! and did a very good job of hiding the mysterious non-rising cake. Did any one else know that purple food colouring goes green when it's cooked?! You do now. Good job it was Striders colours....  ;o)' There were some other notable Striders supporters on the course. Yusuf’s parents were there, visiting from Turkey. I’m not sure what they made of it all (e.g. the ‘war paint’!) but they looked like they were enjoying themselves! Injured runners Phil Sanderson and Eric Whittaker (Deb’s Dad) were also there cheering us all on although I don’t know how Eric reacted when he saw Debs walking up the hill! Angela was there too, saving herself for bigger things on Sunday, and her support would rival that of any ‘All American’ cheerleader!

So another season comes to an end. The final table shows Striders men’s team finishing in 4th place in Division 2 – our best season for some time and it augers well for a promotion push in 12-13! The women finished 7th in the Senior Women’s First Division which is a very creditable performance in a league that gets tougher and tougher every season. We haven’t done a detailed count but we estimate that around 60 Striders ran at least one race during 11-12, with many making their debuts. I hope this proves to be the first of many seasons of enjoyable cross country running for you all. Thanks to all who ran, supported, baked cakes, gave lifts, helped with the tent and flag – here’s to next season – we can’t wait!!

I think we were up for this one!


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 GARBUTT, Daniel Durham City Harriers 31:28
13 LLOYD, Jerry 36:49
25 HORSLEY, Will 37:33 *M
77 GARLAND, James 38:53
124 CLAYDON, Matt 40:07
137 BENNETT, Michael 40:25
140 GIBSON, David 40:33
147 DAVIS, Geoff 40:45
169 REEVES, Thomas 41:40
202 ROBERTS, Shaun 43:38
213 LINDSEY, Steven 44:11
216 WHITE, Conrad 44:16
251 VAN DER BREMER, Marco 46:03
252 HEPPELL, Nigel 46:05
256 HOCKIN, Richard 46:16
258 ROBSON, Alister 46:20
293 KURUNER, Yusuf 50:15
294 OWEN, Phil 50:23

*M Medium pack – 2m30s handicap.
*F Fast pack – 5m handicap.

308 finishers. Men’s team 4th of 11, Division 2, finishing 4th overall.

Striders Women also up for this one ... with added testosterone ...

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 SMITH, Rosie Durham City Harriers 25:01 *M
21 MASON, Nina 29:24
49 SHENTON, Fiona 30:45 *M
54 BRAY, Carolyn 31:00
58 PERCIVAL, Juliet 31:30
59 DAVIS, Susan 31:36
62 BARLOW, Stephanie 31:49
74 TROWER, Carly 33:00
78 TARN, Lindsay 33:29
83 YOUNG, Jan 33:49
84 GODDARD, Debra 33:51
91 DICK, Barbara 34:29
99 ROBSON, Jacqui 36:13

*M Medium pack – 2m handicap.

109 finishers. Women’s Team 6th of 8, Division 1, finishing 7th overall.

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Harrier League, Prudhoe, Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information.

Mudman and Mudwoman

Grand Prix Race. Mud King/Mud Queen Race.

Yet Another “Grand Day Out”

It’s not just Wallace and Gromitt who get those ‘Grand Days Out’ – anyone who runs for Striders in the HL is guaranteed a day to remember and the final 2010-11 season fixture at Prudhoe was no exception. The Striders tent was strewn with balloons and streamers celebrating Deb’s Dad Eric’s 70th birthday so we were all in a party mood before we’d run a step.

The men were first up to tackle the tough Prudhoe course in what were near perfect conditions: mild, dry and just a light breeze. Fifteen purple warriors, complete with war paint courtesy of Nina’s daughter Lea and her friend, set off to do battle. Their names and finishing positions are listed below and each of them will have their own tale of success or disappointment but they all ran their hearts out for Striders, cheered on by David ‘The Voice’ Shipman, Keith W, Jacqui and the women’s team. The support was, once again, the envy of all the other clubs. Provisional results show that Striders men’s team finished in a season’s best 5th place in Division 2 at Prudhoe which could push us up to 6th place for the season.

Another great turnout! We didn't get everyone on this group shot, but I'm not going to start cutting amd pasting people's heads into this one ... have a butchers at the excellent photo sets linked to below ... The women were next to enter the fray and the purple ten did the club proud. Whether they ran from the slow or medium pack they all gave their best; each of them fighting for that ‘purple pride’ as they clawed their way up the unforgiving, relentless hill that makes Prudhoe the race it is: bl**dy hard! After the 10 had finished we all re-convened back at the tent to break open the bubbly and gorge on the mountain of cake that was the envy of the other clubs around us. The Striders’ Women’s Team finished in an excellent third place at Prudhoe which means they also finish in third place for the season – our best result for a number of years.

A veritable Sea of Purple on the start line. Phil Sanderson also secured first place in the v40 men’s HL Grand Prix for the 10-11 season.

The results, great as they are for Striders, only tell part of the story. It’s the team spirit, camaraderie and sheer joy that Striders’ involvement in the HL brings to those who come along and run, or just cheer, that really matters. Thanks to all who have turned out for their club this season and to those who have come along to cheer us on. We can’t wait for next season!!


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 HARDING, Ian Morpeth Harriers 29:05
21 SANDERSON, Phil * 34:54
36 HORSLEY, Will + 35:23
101 BENNETT, Mike 36:50
114 DAVIS, Geoff 37:13
120 GARLAND, James 37:29
125 THOMAS, Ian 37:36
149 SAWALA, Till 38:09
152 GIBSON, David 38:28
187 ROBERTS, Shaun 39:42
193 DAGLISH, Graham 39:57
225 HEPPELL, Nigel 41:39
226 HOCKIN, Richard 41:40
231 ROBSON, Alistair 41:56
252 DAVIES, Gary 44:15
265 HIBELL, Daniel 45:57

* Fast pack (+5mins)
+ Medium pack (+2m30s)

282 finishers. Men’s Team 5th, Division 2 – 6th overall.

Nigel very, very nearly catches the cork ...

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 MOONEY, Jane Morpeth Harriers 23:27
11 MASON, Nina 24:37
12 PEARSON, Keri * 24:48
20 LAYTON, Roz 25:17
32 SHENTON, Fiona * 25:52
43 DAVIS, Susan 26:19
46 GODDARD, Debs 26:34
50 BARLOW, Stef 26:46
61 YOUNG, Jan 27:29
65 TARN, Lindsay 27:54
75 BRADLEY, Jean 29:13

* Medium pack (+2mins)

88 finishers. Women’s Team 3rd – 3rd overall.

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Harrier League, Prudhoe, Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mudman and Mudwoman




Congratulations, too, to Phil Sanderson for winning the Vet 40 grand prix in his first HL season – a fantastic achievement. He can’t wait for the 10-11 season.

Steph (aka 'Cinderella') Barlow who lost her shoe but kept on running! Zoe gets stuck in.

Jan adds:

What a club!!!!

  • Messages of best wishes from runners who can’t be there……
  • Runners turning up to ensure we have enough in team…….
  • George Nic had run Parkrun in morning and I think wanted to make sure men had 6 runners so ran again….
  • Men made it to division 2……
  • Enthusiasm from my bairn about a ‘proper cross country course’…….
  • Face paint enthusiasts, c/o Debs ……
  • Conrad suits a purple beard. I hope he didn’t nip into Sainbury’s.
  • Special treats of handmade chocs, Zoe and choc mini eggs cake, Susan…….
  • and more……

I know we go on about Harrier League, but it just brings out everything that’s good about our club. Thanks to all for making it a success again. Jan.


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 TWADDLE, Ian North Shields Poly 30:30
78 GIBSON, David 36:28
80 REEVES, Thomas 36:31
124 DAVIS, Geoff 37:49
173 WESSON, Keith 39:54
189 WHITE, Conrad 41:06
201 METSON, John 41:33
206 DAGLISH, Graham 41:59
213 THOMPSON, Andrew 42:29
220 HOCKIN, Richard 43:03
225? HEPPELL, Nigel ?43:30
268 OWEN, Phil 49:22
271 TODD, Philip 49:58
273 NICHOLSON, George 50:10

278 finishers. Men’s team 2nd, Division 3. Nigel’s result TBC.
He says:

For the record, I was a handful of places behind Richard Hockin, 0:43:something. Strangely, I remember the guy in front of me stopped to heave up before he got into the funnel proper and I herded him in ahead of me to keep the sequence correct. He had on a very pale, almost white, vest with pale green? piping round the arm holes, dunno which club that belongs to tho’…

Obviously this chap needed to bust a gut to keep in front of Nigel!

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 MOONEY, Jane Morpeth Harriers & AC 22:40
16 MASON, Nina 25:10
20 PANNELL, Rebecca 25:18
46 DAVIS, Susan 26:29
54 GODDARD, Debra 26:58
60 BARLOW, Stephanie 27:23
65 TOMLINS, Zoe 27:37
66 YOUNG, Jan 27:38
81 DYKES, Kirsty 29:00
86 PORTER, Joanne 29:40
88 PROCTOR, Angela 29:44
92 TARN, Lindsay 30:00
99 DETCHON, Emma 34:16

101 finishers. Women’s Team 8th.

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Harrier League, Prudhoe, Saturday, March 14, 2009

Susan Davis

Saturday morning in Durham was calm and bright. However, by the we set off for Prudhoe the wind had picked up somewhat. In anticipation of being swamped by a Sea of Purple on arrival at Prudhoe Geoff & I decided to erect the tent bearing in mind at the same venue last year one of the tent poles snapped. Thanks to Eric for assistance in getting the tent up.

It's touch and go ...

It was great as in no time at all we had seven male Striders present and raring to go. The women gathered to cheer them off and we could not help but notice a bit of strong packing by the chaps at the back of the field. Those of you who have run at Prudhoe will know that it is a tough old course so the guys had clearly made a wise decision not to go off too fast and save something for the hill. I am pleased to say all seven Striders completed the course and were led home by Will who has now run himself into the fast pack. Special thanks to Dave Shipman for turning out for his first X/C since his knee operation. Well done guys excellent team spirit.

Sorry I could not offer as much support as usual whilst the men were running but I had to spend time re-securing tent pegs. I am sure that Deb, Jane, Liz & Fiona gave good support.

Deb’s wish for “secretly hoping for lots of the brown stuff” were not to be realised today but there were a few squidgy and claggy bits to add interest, and number of retirements from the mens race. Thankfully a good part of the course was sheltered from the wind and so it was pleasantly warm once you got started.

The womens team were four in number. Jane has been bitten by the X/C bug and was not daunted by the course but finds it hard to explain why it X/C has such a great appeal. One thing is for sure she is getting stronger in each race. Thanks to Liz for turning out on not her favourite running surface and I hope Geoff’s Walshes made the course a little easier. It now also seems to be a trend for Deb and myself to battle it out on the X/C. Deb led the way for a large part of the course until the dreaded hill. As the climb started I gained ground on Deb and passed her. I knew the race was not over and could still hear Deb’s dad shouting words of advice & encouragement as I reached the top of the hill. I half expected Deb to catch me on the flat so thanks for a good hard run Deb and for the lovely cake at the tent.

Thanks to Fiona for her support & also to Mike and Geoff W for cake and flapjack.



Pos Name Club Cat Pack Time
1 JONES, Gary Blyth RC S 34:24
9 HORSLEY, Will M 36:20
103 BENNETT, Michael V S 38:45
177 DAVIS, Geoff V S 40:59
218 HEPPELL, Nigel V S 44:55
247 ROBSON, Dave V S 50:12
253 SHIPMAN, David V S 51:32
262 PURVIS, Alan V S 1:01:54

262 finishers. Elvet Striders: 10th Men’s Team, Div 2.


Pos Name Club Cat Pack Time
1 SIMPSON, Kim Gateshead Harriers F 25:37
23 DAVIS, Susan V S 27:54
26 GODDARD, Debs V S 28:06
55 LAMB, Liz S 29:49
62 IVES, Jane S 30:59

73 finishers. Elvet Striders: 10th Women’s Team.

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Harrier League, Prudhoe, Saturday, March 1, 2008


Although its not yet official, Mudman’s calculations from the provisional results show that Striders Men’s team beat all the other relegation threatened teams this afternoon at Prudhoe and so should remain in Division 2 for the 08-09 season! Well done to the magnificant 7 who finished.

The women’s team also had a good day finishing 3rd, their best performance of the season, with Donna putting in a blistering performance to win the race from the fast pack. The team finished an overall 6th for the season in what has been a highly competitive 07-08. Yet again Elvet fielded the largest women’s team this afternoon with 9 Striders finishing.

Many thanks to Mandy Dawson & Phil Owen for supporting.

A ‘solid’ season all round if not quite up to the standard of recent years. We really need to maintain and improve upon the number of runners we turn out next year if we want to re-live the glory years. Please give it go if you haven’t tried it – much fun is had by all!

PS I hope my colleague from DCH ‘Clartyman’ recovers in time for the 08-09 season.



Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
73 REEVES, Thomas 35:54
95 DAVIS, Geoff 36:22
144 BENNETT, Mike 37:42
162 WHITE, Conrad 37:54
168 WESSON, Keith * 38:07
169 ROBERTS, Shaun 38:13
234 ROBSON, Dave 43:15

255 finishers.

* Unshaven: 3pt penalty.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 JAMES, Donna 23:20 *Fast pack
21 SHENTON, Fiona 25:04 *Fast pack
24 LAYTON, Roz 25:09
25 DAVIS, Susan 25:12
39 LAMB, Liz 26:37
46 GODDARD, Debs 27:18
48 ROWELL, Wendy 27:35
49 BAIN, Emma 27:38 *Fast pack
52 YOUNG, Jan 28:29

58 finishers.

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Harrier League: Prudhoe, Saturday, March 17, 2007


Senior Women

Pos Name Pack Time
2 Donna James f 23:41
6 Karen Elliott s 23:55
7 Mandy Dawson s 23:59
16 Roz Layton s 24:50
21 Susan Davies s 25:09
24 Fiona Shenton f 25:18
34 Sue Pearson s 26:34
39 Louise Bilcliffe s 27:28
40 Jane Nathan s 27:28
41 Jan Young s 29:04

Fast pack (f) times minus 2.20
42 finishers.

Senior Men

Pos Name Pack Time
11 Will Horsley m 34:20
46 Geoff Davis s 35:44
58 Mike Bennett s 36:11
84 Tom Reeves s 36:42
121 Graham Daglish s 37:43
191 Nigel Heppell s 41:09
194 Conrad White s 41:19

Medium pack (m) times minus 2.30
205 finishers.

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