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Course: Oct 2009

Harrier League, Temple Park, South Shields, Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mudman and Mudwoman

Twenty two Striders represented their club at Saturday’s X/C at Temple Park, South Shields. They enjoyed a bright if chilly day and coped well with a fairly muddy course. The twelve women were led home again by Nina with Fiona completing the fastest time by a Strider. All the women ran their hearts out and there were many improved performances among our newer runners. The provisional results show the team finishing 10th on the day.

The ten determined men were running without three regular ‘counters’ and so finished 3rd in Division 3 on the day. However, we still keep our promotion spot in 2nd place for the season so far. Once again Phil Sanderson had a blistering run putting in the fifth fastest time of the day, being the fastest Veteran runner and leading home the Striders’ team. Debutant Joe Thornhill had a good run and should be back with us next season.

There is a gap now of five weeks before the final fixture at Prudhoe on 27th March. It will be crucial for Striders to have their biggest and best teams out at that fixture if we are to realise our promotion and top ten dreams. See you all there.


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 REED, Nathan Sunderland Harriers 34:34
37 SANDERSON, Phil * 37:29
82 GIBSON, David 38:46
187 ROBERTS, Shaun 41:45
190 DAVIS, Geoff 41:55
206 WHITE, Conrad 42:27
212 METSON, John 42:55
227 HEPPLE, Nigel 43:54
273 THORNHILL, Joe 47:24
294 ROBSON, Dave 49:46
303 ROBSON, Alister 51:12

* Fast pack

315 finishers. Men’s team 3rd, Division 3.

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 MOONEY, Jane Morpeth Harriers & AC 27:02
35 MASON, Nina 30:03
41 GODDARD, Debra 30:25
55 DAVIS, Susan 31:14
63 YOUNG, Jan 31:48
65 BARLOW, Stephanie 31:50
67 SHENTON, Fiona * 31:59
73 TOMLINS, Zoe 32:36
85 DYKES, Kirsty 33:36
89 PROCTOR, Angela 34:05
91 COPLEY, Jennifer 34:12
98 PORTER, Joanne 35:31
100 TARN, Lindsay 35:45

* Fast pack

112 finishers. Women’s Team 10th.

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Harrier League, Temple Park, Saturday, March 28, 2009

Geoff Davis

Down but not out!

A bumper turnout of 12 Striders men managed to ‘pip’ their closest rivals at yesterday’s Harrier League. However, this wasn’t quite enough to keep us ‘safe’ and the team were duly relegated to Division 3 for the 09-10 season. Are we downhearted? NO! ‘Cos if we can get out the same numbers as we did yesterday and keep the same team spirit and standard of cakes then we’ll bounce straight back to Division 2 without any problems.

Yes, we are in fact doomed.

Yesterday at South Shields our young guns Paul and Will, running from the medium and fast packs respectively, led the team home followed by a slimline Shaun. A claggy Mudman came next followed by ‘Achilles’ Wesson, Tom ‘the knee’ and Nigel running under a nom de plume. An injured Conrad hobbled home a couple of minutes later closely followed by our other ‘non vet’ Andy Jordan. The three ‘men of many races’ Dougie, Dave R and Phil Owen completed the dynamic dozen.

Everyone said how much they had enjoyed their race and got changed quickly so they could cheer on the womens’ team which numbered nine brave lasses. Coach Seheult was there to see his triathlon charges perform and they didn’t let him down, with Debs leading the girls home with her best run of the season followed by Roz in her very welcome return to Harrier League competition. Mudwoman wasn’t far behind but was disappointed by the lack of mud on the course. The greatly improved Steph Barlow had a tremendous run as did the rejuvenated Jan, followed by two new and enthusiastic recruits this year Jane Ives and Zoe T. Wonderful Wendy finished strongly in spite of spending most of Friday night producing one of the ‘cakes of the day’ – iced in Elvet colours and commemorating the 08-09 Harrier League season. Making her HL debut was Denise Mason running in borrowed fell shoes and a new Striders vest she had a great run and will definitely be back for more.

The women had a very good year, particularly in the absence for much, or all, of the season of four or five of our high performing xc runners. The team finished 10th on the day and 12th for the season – well done – particularly all those making their debuts this year.

Well, its been an eventful season with its highs and lows but each fixture provided an enjoyable afternoon out with fellow club members. Hope to see you all there again when things kick off in October.

Mudman & Mudwoman.



Pos Name Club Cat Pack Time
1 ELLIS, Ieuan Elswick Harriers S 32:54
110 EVANS, Paul M 38:10
158 HORSLEY, Will F 38:44
170 ROBERTS, Shaun V S 38:58
226 DAVIS, Geoff V S 40:45
223 WESSON, Keith V S 41:01
253 REEVES, Thomas V S 41:51
254 HEPPELL, Nigel V S 41:53
297 WHITE, Conrad V S 43:54
299 JORDAN, Andy S 44:09
315 NISBET, Dougie V S 44:55
324 ROBSON, Dave V S 45:48
336 OWEN, Phil V S 47:28

359 finishers. Elvet Striders: 9th Men’s Team, Div 2.


Pos Name Club Cat Pack Time
1 FLOYD, Gemma Morpeth Harriers S 26:38
31 GODDARD, Debs V S 28:59
37 LAYTON, Roz V S 29:11
53 DAVIS, Susan V S 29:46
56 BARLOW, Steph S 29:53
76 YOUNG, Jan V S 31:10
82 IVES, Jane S 31:45
85 TOMLINS, Zoe S 32:13
90 ROWELL, Wendy V S 32:49
93 MASON, Denise S 33:56

106 finishers. Elvet Striders: 10th Women’s Team.

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Harrier League: Temple Park, Saturday, January 5, 2008

Susan Davis

A big thankyou to the club members who took part in the X/C today. We managed to field 7 men & 7 women and as usual those present gave it their all so well done everyone the men were led home by Geoff & the women by Roz. A big thank you also to the men who were able to stay back & offer support to the womens team together with female non running members Wendy, Louise & Amanda having people cheer you on in these events really does help.

The weather conditions were good for running but I have to say I was disappointed with the lack of mud. Will I ever get to use my Harrier League Survival Kit? Perhaps there will be more mud on offer next week at Farringdon. As this event is close to home it would be great if we could have double numbers in both the mens & womens race. The Sea of Purple this season has been smaller than usual for a variety of reason but why not turn the tide. There is always great team spirit at these events and those turning up are finding it hard to clear the tasty nibbles provided by Elvet Eats so the more the merrier at the next event.



Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 GIVEN, Paul Sunderland Harriers 32:54
127 DAVIS, Geoff 39:56
136 WESSON, Keith 40:15
148 LINDSAY, Steve 40:44
162 WHITE, Conrad 41:07
200 HEPPELL, Nigel 43:06
224 ROBSON, Dave 46:37
241 PURVIS, Alan 53:21

243 finishers.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 LAWS, Tracy Chester-le-Street 26:41
30 LAYTON, Roz 29:05
34 SHENTON, Fiona 29:10 *Fast pack
39 DAVIS, Susan 29:30
44 DAWSON, Mandy 30:09
51 GODDARD, Debs 30:46
59 YOUNG, Jan 31:31
66 MITCHELSON, Julie 23:44

74 finishers.

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