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Parking: https://w3w.co/useful.loyal.statue
Event Village: https://w3w.co/sofa.hill.snacks

Race Route Vet Men Sep 2018: AttackpointOpen Street Map

From http://www.harrierleague.com/fixtures.php?id=21

Location: B1296 Old Durham Rd, NE9 6RZ

Important information about parking:
“Like most clubs who hold an xc event we couldn’t go ahead without the support of the local community and as most clubs can testify parking can be a real issue.

With this in mind, we at Saltwell, would be grateful if you could use the free parking facilities at the moss heaps nhs park and ride area.

Cardinal Hume school car park will only be used as an overflow and only when the moss heaps car park is full.

We would also like to remind people not to park on the grass opposite cardinal Hume school or down moss side road.

We have previously had complaints by residents and the local community of inconsiderate parking. I appreciate this is limited to a few people but unfortunately the few spoil it for the many.”

Harrier League, Wrekenton, Saturday, September 28, 2019

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Fionna Brannan

The first fixture of the 19/20 Harrier League season saw an impressive 68 Striders, old and new turn out for a sunny fixture at Wrekenton. Rain in the week meant that there were a few puddles around, but the weather on the day was kind – there were even complaints of it being too hot!

In the mens race, Captain Michael lead home with an excellent time, resulting in a promotion to the medium pack. Michael will be joined by Tom Hamilton, who ran a fantastic first fixture, also leading to a promotion. As usual, XC Captain Stephen ran a blinder, and is currently sitting in 4th position in the overall standings.

In the ladies race, Emma Thompson had a brilliant run, coming through from the fast pack and overtaking nearly 500 runners to finish first Strider home, followed shortly by XC Captain and coach Elaine, who was promoted into the fast pack.

On the day, the men finished in 5th place overall and the ladies 7th in what looks to be a very competitive season. The new tent performed admirably, and everyone put on their best singing voices to with Susan a Happy Birthday – well what else would Mudwoman do on her birthday?!

Photo Credit: Heather Raistrick


PosNumNameRace TimePackCatActual Time
11504Samuel Charlton (Wallsend Harriers)30:57SMU2030:57
23530Michael Littlewood36:29SMV4036:29
36569Tom Hamilton37:00SMsen37:00
41560Stephen Jackson37:15FMV3532:15
68481Bryan Potts38:04SMV3538:04
80507James Lee38:23SMV4038:23
126499Georgie Hebdon39:18FMsen34:18
135477Allan Renwick39:30SMV5039:30
163531Michael Mason39:56FMV4034:56
185526Matthew Archer40:25SMV3540:25
208508Joe Finn40:42SMsen40:42
212501Graeme Watt40:45FMV4035:45
234506James Garland41:03MMV4038:33
251513Juan Corbacho41:25SMV3541:25
278516Lindsay Mcewan41:55SMV4541:55
291538Nik Corton42:08SMV5542:08
295563Stuart Ord42:13FMsen37:13
310498Geoff Davis42:28SMV6042:28
324561Stephen Soulsby42:45SMV5542:45
333485Conrad White43:03SMV6043:03
345500Graeme Walton43:12SMV4543:12
361553Robin Parsons43:35SMV4043:35
365509John Bisson43:41SMV4043:41
399473Aaron Gourley44:38SMV4044:38
437549Robert Allfree45:36SMV4545:36
447489Dave Halligan45:53SMV5545:53
466548Richard Hockin46:24SMV6546:24
467533Mike Bennett46:25SMV6546:25
488478Andrew Davies46:52SMV4046:52
489570Trevor Chaytor46:59SMV5546:59
501487Daniel Mitchel47:15SMV4047:15
532544Peter Hart48:18SMV4048:18
541503Ian Butler48:36SMV5548:36
559528Michael Dale49:13SMV4049:13
569556Shaun Roberts49:38SMV6049:38
585518Malcolm Sygrove50:24SMV5050:24
588520Marc Watson50:40SMV4050:40
611535Neil Garthwaite52:16SMV5052:16
641504Ian Jobling54:56SMV5054:56
647559Stephen Ellis55:46SMV6555:46
649474Adam Bent55:50SMV6555:50
PosNumNameRace TimePackCatActual Time
1671Katherine Davis (North Shields Poly)25:02SFV5025:02
25340Emma Thompson28:26FFV4025:26
38339Elaine Bisson28:57MFV4027:42
93376Rachael Bullock30:21SFsen30:21
99378Rachelle Mason30:34SFV4030:34
102374Nina Mason30:38MFV4529:23
104336Corrine Whaling30:41MFV3529:26
116363Katy Walton30:51MFV3529:36
129389Susan Davis31:00SFV5531:00
194350Jean Bradley32:17SFV6032:17
219365Laura Jennings32:48SFsen32:48
221366Lesley Charman32:49SFV4532:49
260386Stef Barlow33:33SFV4533:33
267373Natalie Bell33:39MFsen32:24
269332Camilla Lauren-Maatta33:41SFV5033:41
273351Jenny Search33:48SFV4033:48
286371Lucy Whelan33:56SFsen33:56
290388Sue Gardham33:58SFV4033:58
292345Heather Raistrick33:59SFV5533:59
297328Anna Mason34:04SFV4534:04
333398Zoe Dewdney-Parsons35:01SFV4035:01
363393Theresa Rugman Jones35:48SFV5035:48
378349Jan Young36:13SFV6536:13
385379Rebecca Blackwood36:24SFV3536:24
399380Rebecca Talbot37:16SFV4037:16
408355Joanne Patterson37:54SFV3537:54
422348Jan Ellis38:21SFV5538:21
424335Catherine Smith38:22SFV4038:22
460325Alison Smith43:09SFV4043:09
Under 17 girls and U20 women
PosNumNameRace TimePackCatActual Time
160Ines Curran (Gateshead Harriers)19:32SFU1719:32
4355Anna Jobling29:33SFU1729:33
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Harrier League, Wrekenton, Saturday, September 29, 2018

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Jonathan Hamill



I offered this battle cry ahead of our first Harrier League fixture – it means clear the way (for the might of the purple and green).

The sun shone, cakes on top of tables and club flags blowing in the breeze – sounds idyllic and would tempt many an unsuspecting Strider to enrol for Cross-Country duties?

Everything above is true. Then to the race itself – a lap-based route mainly on grassy surfaces, and gravel paths, with some testing hills. I was lucky, as a Veteran Man, I got to run three laps – a total distance equating to ~9.2km or thereabouts.

I attended with the full blessing of the Minister for Home Affairs (who I suspect has hidden my offending socks) and indeed, given this was the first fixture in the Harrier League, it seemed appropriate for the Chairman to lead from the front (at least for half a metre).

I really do encourage the whole club to subscribe to our XC activities – it unites us and the team spirit is truly fantastic. Of course, we’d like folk to run and you need not be the fastest runner – every performance counts. That said, the performances of many are enhanced by the valiant efforts of our enthusiastic supporters who provide encouragement aplenty.

Far too many watches there ...I won’t lie – I found today a bit tough. Perhaps it isn’t advisable to run a race like this so soon after an ultramarathon (exactly one week to the day I was running in the Causeway Coast Ultramarathon in Northern Ireland). I decided my best my best option today was to try to run briskly but steadily (mainly because I feared that if I went off too fast with the after-effects of last weekend, I’d come unstuck on the third lap).

And so, I managed to run with even(ish) splits and a half-reasonable average pace of 5:01/km (8 minute-mile in old money) until the final couple of hundred metres when I put in a distress call to the engine room which responded with a slight surge to the line. 46:22 on the results and position 420 from a field of 594 runners and a warm glow as my reward. See you at one of the next fixtures.

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Harrier League, Wrekenton, Saturday, September 29, 2018

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Nick Latham

Right – smiling for the camera, getting a decent race photoI emptied the tank today. Clean up your minds, you mucky lot, all I mean is I raced as hard as I could. But that was what was going through my mind as I reflected on the first XC race of the season, and it left me thinking what else I did right and what I did wrong.

Wrong – setting off late and hitting bad traffic
Wrong – not queueing for the portaloo’s portable toilets as soon as I arrived
Right – collecting my number and selecting shoes as soon as I reached the club tent
Wrong – missing the team photo by being in the queue for the portaloo’s portable toilets
Wrong – not having time to recce the course or warm up as long as I’d have liked

Right – not letting any of this bother me when I got on the start line

Right – elbows out, right at the front of the slow pack on the start line
Right – (if you ask Geoff, anyway) starting fast, holding on as long as possible
Right – measuring my effort, easing my pace on the ups (walking when I needed) and making up ground on the downs, keeping my heart rate up over 90%max
Right – keeping close to Peter Hart for almost the whole race, at least until the last half lap

Right – smiling for the camera, getting a decent race photo
Wrong – I always manage to make it look like I’m not trying by smiling at the camera, but I don’t tend to go pink and sweaty. I clearly need to work on my ‘race agony’ face

Right – not making the fashion mistake of the bloke whose sagging tracksters left a rather unfortunate vision in front of me for a lot of the race
Right – using whatever I had left on the finishing straight to try to reel in the two ahead of me. Didn’t work this time, but kept those behind me…behind me.
Right – not collapsing in a heap in the finish funnel

Right – choosing the lemon drizzle cake – whoever made it, thank you, it was wonderful!
Right – staying back to help Mike and Fiona pack up the banners and tent

Into the RedIt goes to prove that even if you start off on the wrong foot, if you can put any mistakes out of your mind you can still make a good race out of what could turn into a disaster.

And that gives you a chance to empty the tank…so to speak.

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Harrier League (Results), Wrekenton, Saturday, September 29, 2018

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PosbibNameRace TimePackCatActual Time
11013Lisa Tang
(Tynedale Harriers)
34360Katy Walton29:45SFV3529:45
55336Fiona Brannan30:25FFsen25:25
65382Sarah Davies30:36SFV5030:36
73372Nina Mason30:52SFV4030:52
94319Anna Basu31:25MFV4528:45
110370Natalie Bell31:57SFsen31:57
157381Stef Barlow33:02SFV4533:02
191321Anna Seeley33:42SFV3533:42
205320Anna Mason33:54SFV4533:54
206317Angela Dixon33:55SFV4033:55
211348Jenny Search34:01SFV4034:01
225383Sarah Fawcett34:28SFV5534:28
238376Rachelle Mason34:45MFV4032:05
261391Victoria Jackson35:36SFV3535:36
272346Jan Young35:49SFV6535:49
329380Sam Askey37:35SFV4037:35
426339Fiona Wood43:24SFV3543:24
PosbibNameRace TimePackCatActual Time
1349Dan Garbutt
(Durham City Harriers)
21452Georgie Hebdon36:11SMsen36:11
26453Graeme Watt36:38SMV4036:38
50477Michael Mason37:36MMV4035:06
70506Stuart Ord38:07SMsen38:07
95498Rory Whaling38:42SMV4538:42
102468Mark Kearney38:48MMV3536:18
116456James Garland39:07SMV4039:07
119476Michael Littlewood39:11MMV4036:41
155434Chris Callan39:52FMV3534:52
217507Stuart Scott41:05MMV3538:35
238429Allan Renwick41:25SMV4541:25
260478Mike Barlow41:59SMV4541:59
298508Thom Milburn42:46MMsen40:16
312461Juan Corbacho43:08SMV3543:08
318510Timothy Skelton43:14SMV3543:14
359479Mike Bennett44:16SMV6044:16
362495Robert Allfree44:18SMV4044:18
391501Simon Dobson45:25SMV4545:25
404488Peter Hart45:56SMV4045:56
411481Nick Latham46:06SMV4546:06
418441David Browbank46:19SMV3546:19
420459Jonathan Hamill46:22SMV4046:22
444475Michael Hughes47:16SMV5047:16
446448Douglas Jardine47:19SMV4047:19
449511Trevor Chaytor47:25SMV5547:25
463442David Gibson48:19SMV5048:19
515487Peter Bell50:30SMV4550:30
521447Dougie Nisbet50:47SMV5550:47
525490Peter Mcgowan50:57SMV5550:57
550503Stephen Ellis52:37SMV6552:37
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Harrier League, Wrekenton, Saturday, September 30, 2017

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information.



posbibnamecatpackrace timeactual time
1644Emma Holt (Morpeth Harriers & AC)FsenF26:0823:08
5412Emma ThompsonFV35S26:2926:29
39413Fiona JonesFV40S28:4428:44
42410Elaine BissonFV35M28:4827:18
50417Helen TonesFV40S29:0629:06
61450Penny BrowellFV45F29:2626:26
80462Susan DavisFV55S29:5129:51
137436Katy WaltonFV35S31:2031:20
164464Tasmin ImberFV40F32:0529:05
179442Lesley HamillFV40S32:2932:29
199434Kathryn RogersFsenS32:5032:50
206422Jean BradleyFV60S33:0033:00
210461Stef BarlowFV40S33:0933:09
232459Sarah FawcettFV55S33:4133:41
272420Jan YoungFV65S34:4034:40
297426Joanne PattersonFV35S35:2635:26
302457Sam AskeyFV40S35:3735:37
303402Catherine SmithFV40S35:3835:38
319427Joanne PorterFV45S36:0936:09
331467Wendy LittlewoodFV35S36:3636:36
363453Rebecca DoddFsenS38:1638:16
387400Carla ClarkeFV40S39:1539:15
423418Helen WilkesFV35S41:4241:42
433437Kerry BarnettFV45S42:4842:48
455428Joanne RichardsonFV40S48:4848:48


posbibnamecatpackrace timeactual time
171Kurt Heron (Ashington Hirst)MsenS31:4831:48
15485Chris CallanMV35S34:5834:58
27523Michael LittlewoodMV40S35:3535:35
46543Stephen JacksonMsenF36:3931:59
90506Jack LeeMsenS37:5737:57
112519Matt ClaydonMV40S38:2038:20
125521Michael AndersonMsenS38:4038:40
127508James LeeMV40S38:4138:41
158529Paul EvansMV35S39:1339:13
169524Michael MasonMV40F39:2434:44
236496David GibsonMV50S40:3640:36
238503Geoff DavisMV60S40:3740:37
243545Stuart OrdMsenS40:4240:42
246538Scott WatsonMV55M40:4638:26
258507James GarlandMV40M40:5838:38
267532Phil RayMV35M41:0738:47
339490Daniel MitchelMV40S43:0843:08
351492Dave HalliganMV55S43:2743:27
357477Aaron GourleyMV35S43:3743:37
366536Robert AllfreeMV40S44:0044:00
369535Richard PodmoreMV35S44:0544:05
389525Mike BarlowMV40S44:3744:37
420534Richard HockinMV65S45:2745:27
423514Malcolm SygroveMV50S45:3145:31
442526Mike BennettMV60S46:0046:00
445547Tim MatthewsMV50S46:0546:05
469501Emil MaataMsenS46:5346:53
492513Lindsay RodgersMV45S48:1248:12
558542Stephen EllisMV60S54:1454:14

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Harrier League, Wrekenton, Saturday, October 1, 2016

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information.


Handy Mandy Saves the Day!

Conrad shows how to play it cool. The new x/c season kicked off this year at Wrekenton with both Strider teams competing in their respective First Divisions. With a myriad of other distractions this weekend today was always going to be difficult for Striders’ x/c faithful. Nonetheless, some magnificent performances throughout the field, not least by the evergreen Mandy Dawson, saw the teams steer clear of their dreaded ‘drop zones’. Striders women finished 8th from 10 on the day while the men finished 7th from 10.

No less than 48 Striders gathered beneath the purple banner to resume, or begin, their love affair with cross country racing. Veterans of many previous campaigns, such as Roz, Jan Y & Conrad, were there rubbing shoulders with newcomers like Andrew Davies, Phil Ray, Kirsten Fenwick, Diane Harold and Faye Bell and trying to calm pre-race nerves. The weather was very ‘un-cross country like’ with sunny skies, mild temperatures, a gentle breeze – and a bone hard course! A perfect day to make one’s x/c debut.

Mandy back in great form. The women were first up and, after a disturbing absence of any of the ‘Sea of Purple’ with their toes on the start line, Mandy was first to the fore with a quick start from the slow pack melee. Rachelle and Lesley followed with Mudwomen herself keeping in close contact. But as always Striders were conspicuous throughout the 350 strong field where no less than 41 other clubs were represented. It was great to see come backs from Nina & Sue, gratifying that Camilla preferred her running to be ‘alcohol free’ and gladdening to see no less than 27 Striders giving their all for the greater glory of their club. Fresh faces and familiar faces were cheered to the echo by their club mates some of whom, like Simon, Karen, Phil and Mark, had come along just to watch.

The welcome return of Nina - a more vocal supporter you'd be hard to find! Mandy maintained her ‘lead’ to be first Strider home, & gaining promotion to the medium pack (again), while on the second lap Mudwoman came through strongly to pip Lesley while being closely pursued by Tamsin running from the medium pack. But there were some great performances throughout the field including Jean (2nd in age group), Jan Y (3rd in age group) and Roz (4th in age group)! Some great sprints for the line too – Jill and others. Well done everyone – particularly the debutants – x/c can be a ‘savage arena’ even for us ‘old lags’ and you may feel more exposed than in say a road race, but the rewards and sense of achievement are fantastic! Let those endorphins flow!

And so to the men’s race. The final event of the afternoon and a field of 532 competitors or 1,064 elbows! Striders’ first run out in the top division for more than 20 years – bring it on! A crowded start from the slow pack and a bottle neck at the first incline showed how important it is to find a position near the front of the field if such situations are to be avoided. No such problems for James Garland who had one of his best races of recent years and sped off to head the slow pack Striders. Michael and James. Only two of the clubs best athletes managed to overhaul James – Michael Mason first Strider home running from the medium pack and Stephen Jackson second Strider running from the fast pack. Incredible performances! James was followed in by debutant Phil Ray – rewarded by a strong performance in a tough race – then Jason flying through from the medium pack and Matt Claydon making a very welcome return to x/c. These guys were backed up by a further 15 Striders all of whom gave their all including Danny Lim (travelling up from Teesside), Daniel Mitchel (in his second season for Striders), veteran Richard Hockin with hair flying in the wind and webmaster Dougie just making it the start line after a very thorough warm up!

Well done to you all! We held our own first time out in the top flight so there’s much to be pleased about. But make no mistake we’re going to need a battalion of purple clad reinforcements if we’re going to hold out against the top clubs in the region. I know we can do it – so come on, let’s get cracking!


position bib name cat pack race time actual time
1 407 James Askew (DCH) Msen S 31:34 31:34
55 537 Michael Mason MV40 M 37:00 34:30
77 556 Stephen Jackson Msen F 37:33 32:33
90 520 James Garland MV40 S 37:50 37:50
107 546 Phil Ray MV35 S 38:11 38:11
116 521 Jason Harding MV45 M 38:18 35:48
144 533 Matt Claydon MV40 S 38:47 38:47
149 507 David Gibson MV45 S 38:53 38:53
211 505 David Brown MV35 S 39:54 39:54
236 515 Geoff Davis MV55 S 40:22 40:22
255 500 Danny Lim MV35 S 40:40 40:40
260 501 Dave Halligan MV50 S 40:47 40:47
315 535 Michael Hughes MV45 S 42:31 42:31
318 499 Daniel Mitchel MV35 S 42:34 42:34
324 487 Aaron Gourley MV35 S 42:49 42:49
354 497 Conrad White MV55 S 43:35 43:35
394 549 Richard Hockin MV60 S 44:34 44:34
447 498 Craig Walker MV55 S 46:57 46:57
472 510 Dougie Nisbet MV50 S 48:29 48:29
478 504 David Browbank MV35 S 48:58 48:58
492 492 Andrew Davies MV40 S 49:51 49:51
498 555 Stephen Ellis MV60 S 50:51 50:51

532 finishers.

position bib name cat pack race time actual time
1 71 Chloe Price (Birtley AC) Fsen S 24:09 24:09
27 413 Mandy Dawson FV45 S 28:06 28:06
87 431 Susan Davis FV55 S 29:48 29:48
88 407 Lesley Charman FV40 S 29:49 29:49
92 432 Tamsin Imber FV40 M 29:53 27:53
103 411 Louise Warner FV35 M 30:08 28:08
106 419 Rachelle Mason FV35 S 30:10 30:10
128 433 Victoria Brown FV35 S 30:40 30:40
139 379 Helen Thomas FV40 S 30:56 30:56
166 425 Sarah Davies FV45 M 31:30 29:30
172 383 Jean Bradley FV60 S 31:37 31:37
183 369 Diane Harold FV40 S 31:56 31:56
185 356 Camilla Lauren-Maatta FV50 S 32:00 32:00
207 423 Roz Layton FV60 S 32:46 32:46
223 382 Jan Young FV60 S 33:15 33:15
228 385 Jill Rudkin FV40 S 33:25 33:25
229 427 Stef Barlow FV40 S 33:25 33:25
239 415 Nina Mason FV40 S 33:37 33:37
243 351 Anja Fechtner FV35 S 33:40 33:40
293 381 Jan Ellis FV50 S 36:12 36:12
301 403 Kirsten Fenwick Fsen S 36:41 36:41
306 422 Rebecca Talbot FV35 S 36:52 36:52
309 434 Victoria Jackson FV35 S 37:03 37:03
315 360 Catherine Walker FV55 S 37:40 37:40
316 348 Aileen Scott FV45 S 37:49 37:49
321 430 Sue Jennings FV50 S 38:22 38:22
329 421 Rebecca Dodd Fsen S 39:46 39:46
339 402 Kerry Barnett FV40 S 42:20 42:20
343 373 Faye Bell FV35 S 43:48 43:48

352 finishers.

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Harrier League, Wrekenton, Saturday, March 19, 2016

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information.



Saturday’s final NEHL x/c race of 2015-16 saw Striders men’s team finish as Division 2 champions, after securing first place on the day, thereby achieving promotion to Division 1 for the first time in over twenty years! The Women’s team, already in their Division 1, also achieved their highest placing for the season of 4th on the day and 6th for the season as a whole – a solid performance that bodes well for next year. Well done to you all!

Over 120 Striders took part in HL this year and each one of them has contributed to the club’s success. They’ve done this not just by running their hearts out for Striders, but by creating a wonderfully friendly and inclusive atmosphere around the Striders’ banner whereby everyone feels part of the team, is happy to give their all when competing over what can be challenging terrain and want to come back for more.

‘They also serve who stand and cheer’ and this year we’ve had some marvellous vocal support from Striders and their families out on the course. On occasions the volume of support has been almost overwhelming although absolutely invaluable to those running in finding that extra yard of pace and determination to finish well. So thanks again to one and all, I know I haven’t been alone this season in feeling an enormous sense of pride in Striders and for what it stands.

The Women. And so to Saturday’s race. The weather was fairly benign – cloudy and cool, but with little wind and no rain, and a dry fortnight had left the undulating course in a fast and runable condition. The Senior Women were first up and a returning Helen Tones was soon near the front of the field pursued quietly by Juliet with Mandy and Steph P not far behind. And that’s how it finished as for once our medium and fast packers were unable to overhaul their slow pack club mates on the slightly shorter than normal course. Nonetheless Penny and Louise proved to be the fastest Striders on the day while Laura J ran well showing no ill effects from a very cold day at Alnwick. Jill Rudkin made her debut and displayed a very determined dash for the line and she was supported by a host of Striderettes enjoying the pleasant conditions underfoot. Among these were fellow debutant Rebecca Talbot, x/c enthusiast Catherine S, the evergreen and exuberant Jan, the regal Victoria and the bright but determined Jo R. Well done to all who ran – next season awaits with opportunities to do even better!

The rallying cry that had gone up around Striders in the preceding week was answered with gusto by no fewer than 32 senior men – one of the largest, and certainly our strongest, team in my seven seasons as x/c captain. The pre-race atmosphere was tense but optimistic as we gathered for a group photo. We knew if we finished in the top three teams we’d be promoted but, if we finished first on the day then we’d be champions – bring it on!

The Men. I felt a twinge of pride at the start as I looked around at war painted Striders both new to the club such as Jason, Andrews G&H, & Daniel and ‘old-timers’ like Keith, Mike B & Shaun the Sheep. I knew they were as determined as I was for Striders to get their ‘just reward’. Part way round the first of the three laps I allowed myself the luxury of glancing up at the front of the field where I saw two purple vests among the first ten or so runners. These vests belonged to Andrew Hopkins (making his HL debut) and Jason Harding (in his second HL race) and they maintained that position until the end finishing in 6th and 8th place overall respectively – fantastic and exactly what we needed! They were soon followed in by x/c convert Gareth having probably his best ever run in mud and qualifying for the fast pack next season! Michael M was next with a magnificent run just missing out on fast pack qual. Then came another Michael (Littlewood) and fastest Strider on the day Stephen both of whom had chosen, unselfishly, to run for their club on Saturday and their contributions proved to be invaluable.

As ever, our counters were supported by a host of Striders each fighting to finish ahead of as many of our rivals as they could possibly catch – and how they succeeded! Brave debuts came from Daniel and Richard G while there were fighting come backs from Danny and David G. There were battle royals between Striders such as that between Matt, Tom and James and magnificent medium pack surges from Mark & Jack. But I know everyone who ran tried their hearts out from the youngest to the oldest and the fastest to the slowest. I can’t tell you how proud I am of every single one of you. You are all part of this success and you all thoroughly deserve it – well done! The dark days of failing to field a full team and of relegation to Division 3 are now well behind us, we can look forward to competing in the ‘sunny uplands’ of Division 1 next season!

I hope you’ve managed to read this far because I’d also like to mention all those who came along to support on Saturday. The cheering from our purple clad spectators was very loud and inspiring not just from male / female clubmates who had, or who were about to run, but in particular from those who’d come along just to watch such as Chairman Paul, The Sage of Shincliffe (Allan S), Kate, Stan (taking photos), Conrad, Fiona K-J, Katy, Joan, Teresa & many Strider children – thanks to you all, your contributions were just as important as those who ran.

I’ll leave you with some inspiring words stolen from the Minnesotan Master:

And I, I don’t mind the pain
Don’t mind the driving rain
I know I will sustain
‘Cause I believe in Striders.



position bib name cat pack race time actual time
1 1939 Abraham Tewelde (Saltwell Harriers) Msen M 33:17 30:47
6 1919 Andrew Hopkins MV40 S 35:21 35:21
8 1924 Jason Harding MV45 S 35:50 35:50
40 509 Gareth Pritchard MV35 M 37:44 35:14
55 1346 Michael Mason MV40 M 37:57 35:27
90 1952 Michael Littlewood MV40 M 38:35 36:05
109 549 Stephen Jackson Msen F 38:54 33:54
141 1345 Mark Warner MV35 M 39:24 36:54
155 528 Matthew Archer Msen S 39:32 39:32
160 552 Tom Reeves MV45 S 39:36 39:36
162 514 James Garland MV40 S 39:36 39:36
168 513 Jack Lee Msen M 39:40 37:10
191 537 Paul Swinburne MV40 S 40:05 40:05
197 501 David Gibson MV45 S 40:11 40:11
215 499 David Brown MV35 S 40:37 40:37
221 520 Jon Ayres MV40 S 40:43 40:43
229 511 Graeme Walton MV40 S 40:53 40:53
247 496 Danny Lim MV35 S 41:10 41:10
268 530 Michael Hughes MV45 S 41:33 41:33
273 510 Geoff Davis MV55 S 41:38 41:38
285 1951 Aaron Gourley MV35 S 42:02 42:02
305 533 Mike Bennett MV60 S 42:57 42:57
333 1973 Daniel Mitchel MV35 S 44:06 44:06
354 1974 Keith Wesson MV60 S 45:12 45:12
355 545 Shaun Roberts MV55 S 45:14 45:14
367 522 Malcolm Sygrove MV45 S 45:53 45:53
394 541 Richard Stollery MV35 S 47:46 47:46
404 1921 Chris Shearsmith MV35 S 48:29 48:29
411 491 Ari Hodgson MU20 S 49:08 49:08
421 486 Alex Collins MV35 S 49:55 49:55
427 495 Craig Walker MV55 S 50:31 50:31
434 1972 Andrew Greener MV35 S 51:17 51:17
440 548 Stephen Ellis MV60 S 54:06 54:06

454 finishers.

position bib name cat pack race time actual time
1 1248 Beth Larby (Gosforth Harriers) Fsen S 26:08 26:08
14 387 Helen Tones FV40 S 28:40 28:40
21 403 Juliet Percival FV40 S 29:02 29:02
44 421 Mandy Dawson FV45 S 29:31 29:31
57 436 Stephanie Piper Fsen S 29:45 29:45
70 1207 Laura Jennings Fsen S 30:00 30:00
75 1231 Penny Browell FV40 F 30:09 26:09
94 418 Louise Warner FV35 M 30:27 28:27
115 429 Rachelle Mason FV35 S 30:51 30:51
140 366 Camilla Lauren-Maatta FV50 S 31:21 31:21
160 438 Susan Davis FV55 M 31:54 29:54
167 433 Sarah Davies FV45 M 32:06 30:06
194 397 Jill Rudkin FV35 S 33:18 33:18
197 435 Stef Barlow FV40 S 33:37 33:37
206 390 Jan Young FV60 S 34:07 34:07
207 361 Anita Clementson FV45 S 34:08 34:08
219 822 Karen Metters FV40 S 34:51 34:51
224 827 Victoria Jackson FV35 S 35:02 35:02
236 368 Catherine Smith FV35 S 35:53 35:53
246 389 Jan Ellis FV50 S 37:15 37:15
262 1247 Aileen Scott FV45 S 39:58 39:58
265 369 Catherine Walker FV55 S 41:18 41:18
266 431 Rebecca Talbot FV35 S 41:48 41:48
270 402 Joanne Richardson FV40 S 43:25 43:25

274 finishers.

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Harrier League, Wrekenton, Saturday, March 14, 2015

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information.


Striders see it through to the end!

Hurtling Greta. It was still all to play for at the final fixture of the 2014-15 HL season held at Wrekenton on Saturday. Relegation was staring the men’s team in the face, as it had been all season, while the women were still in with an outside chance of a podium finish. Things were tense as other clubs too had their potential triumphs and disasters to contemplate. Striders were well placed to deal with theirs though as both teams had good turnouts of strong and experienced runners eager for the fray.

Sally. Proceedings were opened by ‘rising star’ Sally Hughes – the ‘parkrun Princess’ – and sole Strider in the U.17 / U.20 women’s race. In a small field, and running from the fast pack, Sally cut a lonely if determined figure in a race for which no one seemed to be clear beforehand of the exact route. Nonetheless, our NE Counties runner held her own and finished in a creditable 11th place and 8th fastest on the day – well done Sally!

Kelly. Next up was the final show down for the 25 Striderettes. Three of their number went out quickly from the slow pack – debutant Louise Warner, our country convert Lesley Charman and the Flying Archaeologist Steph Piper. The unfamiliarity of it all (new spikes, new surface, new opponents, bad back) took its toll on Louise but Lesley and Steph had an epic battle with Lesley clinging on for grim death until being finally overhauled by Steph. Their reward was to finish as third and fourth counters respectively. They had plenty of support from the slow pack including Roz, making her first appearance this season (where have you been?), the ‘Purple Sisters’ Greta & Karen, Jean Brad (risen from a sick bed), an effervescent Kelly plus many other brave and determined performances from Jo x 2, Claire, Anja, Jan, Sarah, Debs, Denise & Diane.

Claire and Joanne.

Katy. As the medium pack grows so do the number of Striders running from it and there were six on Saturday plus Penny from the fast pack – a wonderful reflection on the quality of our club. Two sparkling performances from the medium pack came from Elaine and Katy. Elaine, ever improving in her quiet and understated way, and Katy, showing the blistering form of old and providing Simon with the photo image of the day. They both had powerful runs with Elaine leading the team home closely followed by Katy – fantastic. Penny too had a brilliant run; lining up with international athletes she more than held her own in that company finishing with the fastest time of the day for a Striderette. But would it all be enough to win that bronze position? Sadly not – we were just one point for the season behind the third place team! But a thoroughly satisfactory season nonetheless, with great performances, fantastic new team mates and enjoyable days out during the dark days of winter!

It was now the men’s turn. Could they cling on to Division 2 survival or would they be condemned to the fiery pit of the dreaded third division?! The purple painted faces of 32 Strider men showed that they wouldn’t be going down without a fight and battle commenced with the elbowing and shoving we’ve all come to crave. Debutant Andrew Podmore adapted quickly in the sink or swim environment and the pace seemed blistering on the dry and fast course – it was certainly ‘eyeballs out’ from start to finish for me!

That eloquent appeal I had issued back in November for team members to “throw the kitchen sink at every race” was clearly being taken up with a vengeance as familiar purple streaked faces flew by me with alarming / encouraging regularity. Once again there were some incredible performances including one from Rob who screamed round from the medium pack to be first Strider home and earn the club representation in the Fast Pack for 2015-16. A wrecked fence and a dodgy Achilles had kept Simon away from the previous two fixtures but he made up for it here finishing second counter followed in by marathon man Graeme, medium packer Gareth, the ever improving Matt C and our new face in purple Chris W. Nothing more could be asked from these guys nor of those who followed them in – from Stan’s victory over a yellow vested rival to Ben’s outsprinting of Innes for the line – they all did their utmost to keep us afloat. But did they do it? You bet they did! We finished one place and four points above the drop zone for the season – well done!


Pos Name Club Race Time Pack Cat Actual Time
1 Sam Brand Gateshead Harriers 32:36 S Msen 32:36
50 Rob Everson 37:45 M Msen 35:15
92 Simon Gardner 38:16 S MV40 38:16
100 Graeme Walton 38:29 S MV40 38:29
145 Gareth Pritchard 39:03 M Msen 36:33
169 Matthew Crow 39:20 S Msen 39:20
182 Chris Wade 39:30 M Msen 37:00
187 David Gibson 39:42 S MV45 39:42
191 Paul Evans 39:44 M MV35 37:14
192 Jerry Lloyd 39:44 M MV45 37:14
196 James Garland 39:49 S MV35 39:49
204 Till Sawala 39:49 M Msen 37:19
243 Scott Watson 40:33 S MV50 40:33
244 David Brown 40:33 S MV35 40:33
245 Matthew Archer 40:33 S Msen 40:33
247 Dave Halligan 40:33 S MV50 40:33
251 Jon Ayres 40:40 S MV40 40:40
260 Geoff Davis 40:53 S MV55 40:53
277 Michael Hughes 41:12 S MV45 41:12
292 Conrad White 41:30 S MV55 41:30
309 Danny Lim 42:02 S MV35 42:02
324 Mike Bennett 42:34 S MV60 42:34
370 Eric Green 44:15 S MV45 44:15
374 Andrew Podmore 44:15 S Msen 44:15
418 Nick Jones 46:01 S Msen 46:01
420 Richard Hockin 46:04 S MV60 46:04
437 Craig Walker 46:40 S MV55 46:40
440 Ben Ford 46:47 S MU20 46:47
443 Innes Hodgson 46:58 S MV45 46:58
454 Ari Hodgson 47:33 S MU20 47:33
455 Lindsay Rodgers 47:45 S MV45 47:45
475 Mark Dunseith 49:42 S Msen 49:42
497 Stan White 60:31 S MV55 60:31

502 finishers.

Pos Name Club Race Time Pack Cat Actual Time
1 Alyson Dixon Sunderland Strollers 26:04 F FV35 22:04
44 Elaine Bisson 29:31 M FV35 27:31
46 Katy Walton 29:31 M Fsen 27:31
57 Stephanie Piper 29:31 S Fsen 29:31
62 Lesley Charman 29:31 S FV40 29:31
100 Penny Browell 30:24 F FV40 26:24
128 Rachel Terry 30:46 M FV40 28:46
130 Juliet Percival 30:46 M FV40 28:46
145 Sarah Davies 31:03 S FV45 31:03
153 Debra Goddard 31:09 S FV40 31:09
162 Susan Davis 31:17 M FV50 29:17
190 Roz Layton 31:54 S FV60 31:54
200 Greta Jones 32:05 S FV45 32:05
202 Karen Jones 32:11 S FV40 32:11
207 Louise Warner 32:18 S FV35 32:18
209 Jan Young 32:22 S FV60 32:22
234 Fiona Jones 33:21 M FV35 31:21
260 Jean Bradley 34:49 S FV55 34:49
261 Joanne Porter 34:52 S FV40 34:52
264 Anja Fechtner 35:00 S FV35 35:00
278 Catherine Smith 36:01 S FV35 36:01
282 Denise Benvin 36:29 S FV45 36:29
291 Diane Watson 37:30 S FV50 37:30
302 Kelly Collier 38:40 S Fsen 38:40
315 Joanne Richardson 43:25 S FV40 43:25
318 Claire Galloway 44:42 S Fsen 44:42

319 finishers.

U17 girls and U20 women
Pos Name Club Race Time Pack Cat Actual Time
1 Sophie Burnett Birtley AC 26:09 F FU17 23:39
11 Sally Hughes 30:19 F FU20 27:49

18 finishers.

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Harrier League, Wrekenton, Saturday, March 22, 2014

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information.

Mudman and Mudwoman

Grand Prix Race. Mud King/Mud Queen Race.  Saturday saw the final HL x/c fixture of the season at Wrekenton (sob, sob) and Striders finished with a spectacular performance! The women’s team achieved a season’s best 3rd place on the day and 7th for the season – well clear of the relegation zone. Not only that, but a further three women, Rachael B, Claire & Jules, qualified for the medium pack! The men too equalled their season’s best position of 4th on the day and they also finished in 7th place in their Division 2 with Jerry achieving promotion back to the medium pack!

Most of us were disappointed to lose the Prudhoe fixture this year but were nonetheless pleased that Vicki Thompson and her team, at the last minute, were able to arrange a second fixture at Wrekenton to replace it. Saturday was bright and breezy with a distinct lack of mud on the course, in fact, if it hadn’t been for the hills, you’d have thought you were on the track at Maiden Castle! And that’s what some of the women must have thought as Claire, Rachael, Jules, Fiona K-J et al sped off on the first lap and a battle royal ensued. Claire led the way for Striders for much of the race but Rachael had her locked in a steely glare and managed to overhaul her half way round the second lap to finish first Strider after, what she later acknowledged to be, the race of her life! Jules finished not far behind Claire to join her two club mates in the medium pack for next season – well done!

There were some great performances elsewhere in the race with our three medium packers battling through the field of over 200 runners. It was also pleasing to see Fiona K-J and Sarah complete a full set of six HL races in their first season along with Jan and Mudwoman. What a race and what a grand day out for the 13 strong women’s team.

Will celebrates the end of a cracking season.Lucy in full Striders war paint.

Another big field in the men’s race of over 400 runners saw the Striders team, safe from relegation, put in a great performance. Once more Will swept through from the medium pack to finish first Strider, 26th overall and a full house of six races for the season! Jerry ran his best race of the season followed closely by Adam in his final x/c race for Striders. James continued his return to form and Rob, another ‘ever present’ for 13-14, enjoyed his first run from the medium pack – I’m sure they’ll be many more to come! Gibbo was our final counter powering round as of old to pip the much improved Dave Halligan on the line.

As always there were some fine Strider performances throughout the field. Graeme completed his six races for the season as did Mudman and Innes (just 40 seconds behind his 17 year old son Ari). It was good to see Nigel running for the first time this season (without a head torch!) and Dougie as well – taking time off from the camera. Well done everyone!

As we draw breath and assess the season we can only conclude that it’s been a great success. No less than 85 Striders have taken part in one or more x/c races this season. We’ve been represented at the English Nationals, the British Masters, the Northerns, The North Easterns, the North East Masters and, of course the Harrier League where we broke our attendance records in both the Women’s and Men’s races. There’ve been some great performances at both the sharp end and the blunt end, as Shaun would say, by newcomers to the mud and old lags as well. We’ve had some great days out and we’re pleased to say there’s always a happy and lively atmosphere around the tent. Long may it continue.


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Robert Foster Tynedale Harriers 33:04
26 Will Horsley 35:53 *M
32 Jerry Lloyd 36:09
50 Adam Walker 36:29
110 James Garland 37:38
120 Rob Everson 37:44 *M
165 David Gibson 38:20
166 Dave Halligan 38:20
203 Geoff Davis 39:06
246 Michael Tait 39:57
248 Mike Bennett 39:59
257 Graeme Walton 40:13
270 Matthew Crow 40:39
295 David Brown 41:33
316 Michael Hughes 42:28
345 Marco van der Bremer 43:33
392 Nigel Heppell 46:42
400 Innes Hodgson 47:18
412 John Hutchinson 48:00
420 Dougie Nisbet 50:26

*M Medium pack – 2m30s handicap, *F Fast pack – 5m handicap.

437 finishers.

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Kim Simpson Durham City Harriers 26:55 *M
11 Rachael Bullock 28:00
20 Claire Readey 28:23
26 Juliet Percival 28:36
29 Rachel Terry 28:41 *M
38 Fiona Jones 28:54
47 Lucy Cowton 29:14
48 Susan Davis 29:15
63 Sarah Davies 29:35
83 Camilla Lauren-Maatta 29:52
90 Katy Walton 30:00 *M
96 Helen Tones 30:07 *M
115 Roz Layton 30:39
162 Jan Young 33:29
168 Barbara Dick 33:43
174 Joanne Porter 34:02

*M Medium pack – 2m handicap, *F Medium pack – 4m handicap.

209 finishers.

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Harrier League, Wrekenton, Saturday, February 8, 2014

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information. Grand Prix Race. Mud King/Mud Queen Race.

Mudman and Mudwoman

“Come in,” she said, “I’ll give you shelter from the storm!”

Another great turnout by Striders at Saturday’s Wrekenton HL saw 44 purple clad mud lovers giving it their all on the tough wind ravaged course!

The senior women’s field of over 200 runners included Denise Benvin and Lucy Cowton making determined HL debuts for Striders with Lucy carrying her trusty i-phone around the course! The women’s two lap course included four hills and Camilla powered up all of them to lead Striders home for the first time at the HL. She was pushed all the way by Jules with the ‘lead’ changing hands a couple of times before Camilla narrowly prevailed. Claire came in close behind to finish as a counter for the first time, to the delight of Coach and daughter (no, that’s not a pub!) particularly as Fiona S, Fiona K-J, Mudwoman and Katy were hot on her heels!

Camilla leads off the hill.

There were lots of other brave and improved performances including Katy’s surge from the medium pack, Barbara’s first HL since her bad fall on a cobbled road and Anita’s wonderful improvement on her previous HL. Well done all of you and thank you for representing the club in this great competition! The Striderettes finished 7th on the day thereby keeping our heads above the relegation zone.

Adam legs it through the mud. Note omnipresent spectator.

The huge men’s team (25 in all) included two debutants – new Strider Mark Payne and the not so new Strider Gareth Pritchard! Both did themselves, and the team, proud with gutsy performances on unfamiliar territory. However, it was the ‘baby’ of the band Adam Walker who led the team home – just managing to hold off Will Horsley who made a truly impressive surge from the medium pack! Jerry ran well and Rob continued his impressive form of late to count for the team as did Gareth, on his debut, and Mudman in spite of Graeme’s close attention!

Others continue to make steady progress on the mud and over the hills (six hills this time) including Dave Halligan and Michael Tait. They, and many more, will soon be pushing the counters. But there were many more who were happy to turn out and represent their club and compete against our rivals. This was rewarded by a very close 5th place finish for the club on the day – our best of the season so far! Well done to you all and thanks to all those who came along and watched, cheered us on and took photos – what a great day out!!

The end of the ‘great day out’ was marred somewhat when Striders fell victim to the storms! Our trusty ‘shelter from the storm’ (the club tent) was caught by a vicious gust while Mudwoman and I were packing up the club flag. It rocked violently and then ‘took off’ vertically, tearing away from its guy ropes, and flew for 15-20 yards before we dove on it and brought it to earth! The poor old thing was ripped in a number of places and has parted company from some guy ropes and other anchor points. It was a faithful friend, may it rest in peace!!


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Carl Avery Morpeth Harriers 33:51
68 Adam Walker 39:39
72 Will Horsley 39:43 *M
87 Jerry Lloyd 40:02
99 Rob Everson 40:14
187 Gareth Pritchard 41:41
224 Geoff Davis 42:20
232 Graeme Walton 42:34
271 Simon Gardner 43:36
275 Dave Halligan 43:45
281 Michael Tait 43:56
283 Marc Jones 44:04
289 Jon Steed 44:22
290 Shaun Roberts 44:23
291 Tom Reeves 44:24 *M
305 Mark Payne 44:46
311 Jon Ayres 45:06
322 Aaron Gourley 45:30
326 Conrad White 45:36
327 Michael Hughes 45:40
329 Michael Downes 45:46
350 Matthew Crow 46:50
360 Marco van der Bremer 47:12
383 Alister Robson 48:16
435 Innes Hodgson 50:49
437 Mark Dunseith 50:52

*M Medium pack – 2m30s handicap, *F Fast pack – 5m handicap.

457 finishers.

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Emma Holt Morpeth Harriers 28:32 *F
42 Camilla Lauren-Maatta 30:38
43 Juliet Percival 30:40
49 Claire Readey 30:51
53 Fiona Shenton 30:56
63 Fiona Jones 31:13
65 Susan Davis 31:17
66 Katy Walton 31:18 *M
97 Sarah Davies 32:17
101 Lucy Cowton 32:22
111 Roz Layton 32:36
139 Jan Young 33:56
164 Jacquie Robson 36:07
165 Barbara Dick 36:09
179 Victoria Downes 37:36
181 Kirsty Anderson 37:41
184 Nicola Whyte 37:51
208 Debbie Mcfarland 43:03
211 Denise Benvin 44:02
213 Anita Dunseith 44:29

*M Medium pack – 2m handicap, *F Medium pack – 4m handicap.

216 finishers.

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