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Hartlepool Marina 5 Road Race, Sunday, April 15, 2018

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Nick Latham

Photo courtesy of Karen Harland

Five miles isn’t a particularly common race distance in the north-east as far as I can tell, there only seems to be a handful scattered through the race calendar in amongst the more common 5ks, 10ks and half marathons. Perhaps it was this uncommon distance, perhaps being in the middle of the spring marathon season (Paris, Manchester, London etc), or perhaps everyone had rusted up in the biblically damp lead-up to the race. Whatever the reason, it was a relatively small but hard-core Striders contingent of eleven that went out to play.

I scrounged a lift from Jonathan Hamill and his enthusiastic support team in a bid to cut down on carbon emissions. It was an easy journey and not just because I wasn’t driving. We arrived nice and early (just after 9 am), which meant no parking problems. After visiting the boat (not THE boat, sadly – that might have been a little more impressive!) to collect race number (with timing chip) and race t-shirt (sizing’s generous, so I went down a size), we made full use of the nearby McDonalds. Food for the support team, toilets for the athletes. We weren’t the only ones doing it! Other facilities are available.

The weather was starting to warm up from the extended winter we had been “enjoying”. Despite being fine and the sun attempting to break through there was still a chill in the southerly breeze. In the end, I opted to leave a light base layer under my club vest, big wuss that I am.

We warmed-up along Maritime Avenue, where the race would start and finish. By the time we got back to the start the rest of the racers had formed up in the start funnel, so we joined near the back. I was realistic about my likely finish position i.e. nowhere near the front, and the race was chip-timed, so I didn’t see the harm in starting near the back.

The course is essentially flat. It sets out next to the marina following Maritime Avenue through a housing estate before turning up a short incline through a car park and onto the promenade. It is an out and back course so once you’ve reached the turn you know what to expect on the way back. You also get to see the leaders on their return (or the chasers if you’re in the lead). As we met them coming back I counted the places and made Stephen Jackson 9th as we passed and it wasn’t long before I saw Chris Callan and some of our other faster runners on their return, giving me a chance to cheer them on.

I’ve been working my way back from some recent illnesses so I had set an easy expectation on myself – no PB to beat, no pressure. My plan was to set out at 8-minute mile pace, which I thought I could hold all the way through. I would see how I was feeling at 2 miles and then the turn (2.5 miles) and pick up the pace a little if I was feeling OK.

And I kind of stuck to that plan. Kind of. I held 8-minute mile pace for nearly 2 miles but seeing the leaders gave me a burst of adrenaline and my pace picked up before I realised what was happening. It felt OK and sustainable, so I kept at it, keeping around 7:40 pace most of the way back along the promenade. I was picking off other runners all the way back and this was the other advantage of starting from the back and running negative splits, it gave me natural targets to aim for. The route was plenty wide enough to allow easy passing all the way.

Getting to the last 600m or so I dropped back through the car park onto Maritime Avenue and the slight downward slope gave me the impetus to start pushing for the finish.

I’ve always had a finishing kick (a legacy of being a failed sprinter) so really wound it up in the final stretch, earning me a shout out from the tannoy announcer.

Photo courtesy of Karen Harland Photo courtesy of Karen Harland

Stephen was first male Strider home (8th overall in 26:23) and Fiona Jones was first female (20th woman in 35:26 gun time). There were some other excellent times from Striders, including both Chris Callan and Michael Littlewood coming in under 30 minutes (sub 6-minute mile average). In total there were 493 runners with times ranging from a blistering 24:16 (new CR from Dominic Shaw of New Marske Harriers) to just over 1:07.

I loved this race. It was a great course, inexpensive and accessible. It’s a good opportunity to run this less common distance and a real PB opportunity.

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Hartlepool Marina 5M, Sunday, April 3, 2016

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Pos Name Club Cat Catpos Time
1 Dominic Shaw New Marske Harriers Club 24:24
17 Rob Everson 28:11
27 Joasia Zakrzewski Durham City Harriers & AC 28:54
49 Jack Lee 30:03
179 Andrew Rayner 35:57
190 Michael Ross 36:10
204 Fiona Jones 36:51
281 David Spence 39:40
344 Peter Hart 42:38
444 Karen Chalkley 48:49
477 Kate Talbot 52:23

533 finishers

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Hartlepool Marina 5M, Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Gareth Pritchard

The colour Purple. I almost missed out on this race due to poor timing on my part and a certain relay race which was supposed to be going on at the same time. ( gave it my best shot ..) I was very lucky and managed to get a place by emailing the race organisers directly even though entry was closed and race full. Very helpful and fantastic to see.

Weather reports leading up to the race looked terrible with rain and strong wind which potentially could wreck the PB hunters day. The race is ran along the coast and follows the parkrun route with a bit extra added on to make up the 5 miles. Very flat, fast with strong competition all ends of the field to push you on. I had mixed feeling building up to this race, my training seems to go from highs to lows every week now as I build up to the London marathon. Last week I flew round 34 miles with ease but this weeks training was terrible. Only two short runs done, feeling poorly and just not myself.

But Come the morning I was feeling good and the heavens were smiling down on the PB gang, the rain had stopped and the wind a wimpier rather than a roar. The location is great for this race, parked easy and picked number up onboard a very cool ship at the hartlepool marina. On to the race which was almost a false start thanks to a drill? Bad timing as the cannon soon went off to start the race..

Gareth puts the STRIDE into STRIDER! Plan for me was simple, try to keep super fast Rob and Stephen in sight and hope to hold off the in form simon to grab 3rd strider home. Pre race marathon paced run for Stephen effected his day and Simon was coming back from recent injury problems. Both still managed cracking runs with simon just missing sub 30 mins for another great time.

The first mile was super fast as expected with Rob zooming off into the distance while I kept trying to control my pace. You turn back half way and it’s great getting the shout outs from fellow Striders as the relentless effort kicks in. I remember Simon shouting out that Rob was finding it hard and could just about still make him out ahead. The last 2 miles to home was nothing but pure grit and effort to catch the super speedy one. I needed every mile of that race and somehow pushed ahead with less than half a mile to go. End result was an unexpected 1st strider Finnish and 2 great PB’s for us both, a fantastic and enjoyable race. This is why I love road races so much, you have no where to hide, no excuses, it all comes down to your training, fitness and pure force of will to push yourself harder than you ever imagined possible. I’m an unashamed super fan of road racing and this race was everything I love about the sport.

Another GP event in the bag. Lots of other great runs, performances and someone with a 30 sec PB which we all know about via the emails .. also 3rd place for the strider men’s team. Well done everyone. As some speedster said: well done the strider 5 mile king…… For now. .. Will definitely be back next year.


Pos Name Club Time
1 Gregory Jayasuriya Middlesbrough 25:56
12 Gareth Pritchard 28:32
14 Rob Everson 28:42
18 Stephen Jackson 28:58
19 Sarah Tunstall Kendal Amateur 29:08
41 Simon Gardner 30:00
117 Katy Walton 34:01
183 Fiona Jones 36:57
187 Lesley Charman 37:07
220 David Spence 38:28
341 Lindsay Rodgers 43:57
344 Karen Chalkley 44:09
351 George Nicholson 44:34
354 Karin Younger 44:20
365 Jayne Freeman 45:10
435 Sophie Dennis 49:11
455 Mike Elliott 51:03
463 Lindsay Craig 51:54
466 Kate Talbot 52:13
471 Laura Gibson 53:15
472 Natalie Johnson 53:16

516 finishers

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Hartlepool Marina 5M, Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mike Elliott

As it was a nice day I thought I would take Judy and Holly to Monkey Hanging country for a day out. Met up with Karen Chalkley and went to register aboard the PS Wingfield Castle. Karen looked after Holly dog whilst I completed the paper work on looking round they had disappeared only to be found on the gang plank, they had been hoyed of the boat because dogs were not allowed. Maybe Holly could have been the ships cat in disguise.

Next we bumped into Captain Ali and Secretary General Jacquie. Leaving Judy and Holly to look after the car we toddled over to the start and were overtaken by the starting gun on wheels (a cannon) so I guess we were in for a noisy start. Whilst waiting to be blown away with the noise we completed our warm up by setting watches and talking. Then there was a quiet pop and a puff of smoke and we were off Ali leading.

Mike enjoying the sun.
photo courtesy and © David Aspin

I had my sunglasses knocked out of my hand by the time I picked them off the floor Karen and Jacquie were in the distance up onto the prom turn left and after 1/2 mile turn round a cone and head back the way we came managing to say hello to our friends who were faster than us.

Familiar faces spotted, were spectators Dave Robson and Mel Hudson. Dave hiding behind one side of the camera so I thought I would hide a behind a couple of runners on the other side of the camera. and not be shot at.

Onwards towards the Ghost Ships if they are still to be seen I have Jacquie in my sights and pass her, approaching 2 mile. Thoughts pass through your a mind were is the traffic cone to turn round as nobody is in sight coming the opposite way, then this ghostly figure appears maybe from those ships and it looked as though he was riding the crest of the waves like a speed boat. WHY ! because he is being chased by a mad bunch of pirates. STOP. They are not pirates because there are some friendly faces to be seen and greetings are exchanged.

Turning point reached and were instructed by this 6ft 12″ pirate to go round him without any argument and head for the Castle. Spied by camera Dave and this time I was shot. Heading into civilisation caught up with Karen and dragged her to the finish taking a few prisoners on the way.

Across the line to a welcome bottle of white rum and a new shirt before retiring to McDs for cooked breakfast, cake, ice cream and coffee, before leaving the monkey hangers to there own devices.

Anybody turning up next year to create waves, as this year the course was flat calm.

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Hartlepool Marina 5M, Sunday, April 1, 2012

Danny Lim

Danny in the sun. I really enjoyed this race last year which is why I chose to return. This race has a definite maritime theme to it. The registrations were in a restored paddle steamer. The starting gun was actually a cannon from the nearby Maritime Museum. The course took us past the HMS Trincomalee; a magnificent 19th century warship. This is an “out and back” race with most of the course along the promenade looking out to sea. It was really sunny and the breeze was refreshing but not slowing us down.

I started out with the aim of a setting a new 5 mile PB. As I was feeling strong at mile 2, I got greedy and set my sights on a sub-40 minute time. Not a good idea to change plans in the middle of the race as I soon discovered. By mile 4, I had developed a stitch and had to slacken my pace. It was a desperate finish as I fought to hold off a pair of runners that were trying to overtake me – after I had cheekily overtaken them!

I was 14 seconds short of the 40 minute mark. Karen Chalkley the only other Strider present finished shortly after and was looking strong. I am surprised that there weren’t more Striders there today especially for a nearby, scenic race. It ties in with a good day out, as I spent the afternoon exploring the old ships and boring my wife!


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 WILES, Andrew New Marske Harriers M 1 24:38
27 MATTHEW, Kerry F 1 30:00
218 LIM, Danny M 40:14
249 CHALKLEY, Karen FV50 42:17

383 finishers.

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Hartlepool Marina 5M, Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shaun Roberts

Cross-country at Prudhoe … then a pancake-flat seafront run in Hartlepool. Chalk and indeed cheese. It shouldn’t really work, should it, one race straight after another, and yet sometimes it just works out ok. I jokily told a couple of people at Prudhoe that I’d be using different muscles for a fast flat run than across the fileds, hills and mud, yet I reckon there is something in this, as it’s a very different style of running. Anyway, the upshot is that on a lovely sunny day at the coast, heading down towards Seaton Carew and back, Nina and I had no bother and had good runs. I ended up with what I call a “recent PB” for this distance – I have to go back over twenty years for a faster one, anyway.


Nina was pleased with her time, and Calum did very well dipping a few seconds under 35 minutes in his first race for ages. Good to see Andy out racing again, and Danny also had a good run. Great to see Dave Robson out on the course supporting, and taking the photographs – cheers, Dave!


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Ricky STEVENSON New Marske Harriers M 1 23:52
45 Shaun ROBERTS MV50 9 32:39
80 Calum YOUNG M 29 34:56
89 Nina MASON FV35 3 35:29
100 Andrew JORDAN M 35 36:05
174 Danny LIM M 48 41:38

288 finishers.

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Hartlepool Marina 5M, Sunday, March 28, 2010

Andy Jordan

My first race of 2010 and only my second race since the birth of my son last summer. I have only made it once to Maiden Castle in the last 9 months but expected to see a few other Striders at the start line, but I think I was alone in representing the purple, white and green. For those that don’t know this is basically a fast and flat course along the coast from the Marina to Seaton Carew and back.

Last year in did it in just under 36 minutes and was determined to beat 35 minutes this time around. Sadly I hadn’t reckoned on the wind. Why is it at the coast that the wind always seems to be blowing against you? At the start it was like running in a wind tunnel and the end felt like running through treacle. How is that physically possible when you are running in the opposite direction from the one you went in to start with? Anyway suffice to say I was slower than last time by about a minute. Oh well there is always next year.

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Hartlepool Marina 5M, Sunday, April 5, 2009

Andy Jordan

A beautiful Sunday morning and a great day for a run. The Hartlepool race starts and ends at the Marina and follows a there and back route along the sea front at Hartlepool. At times the breeze was quite strong but because of the route you got a helping hand on the last 2 miles which made for a quick finish. There were at least 3 other Striders at the event and everyone seemed to have a good run.

This was my first ever 5 mile event so by default I got a PB but this was a good, flat course and would be a great run for someone aiming for a good time. I was the first Strider home in just under 36 minutes with Barry not far behind. Another recommended event.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Ricky STEVENSON New Marske Harriers AC M 23:22
21 Carolyn SUMMERSGILL Middlesbrough and Cleveland H F 1 29:29
75 Andrew JORDAN M 35:49
139 Barrie EVANS M60 39:35
154 Jean GILLESPIE F50 40:32
260 Margaret THOMPSON F55 51:19

272 finishers.

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