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A popular mixed-terrain race organised by Sunderland Strollers. The race is approximately 10k (just over) and starts at South Shields Pier and finishers at Roker pier taking a mixture of paths and trails and sand. The route is largely up to the runner as long as they don’t run on the pavement next to the highway. The event is also famous for having an interesting goody-bag.

Pier to Pier, South Shields to Roker, Sunday, May 19, 2019


1553Liam TaylormMen38.5506
42615Molly Pace (Jesmond Joggers)wWomen44.7693
9240Michael MasonmSeniors M4040.8661
15237Georgie HebdonmMen42.2265
16204Graeme WattmSeniors M4042.2655
18247Michael LittlewoodmSeniors M4042.4475
28963Stuart OrdmMen43.4453
59159Allan RenwickmSeniors M5046.0298
941199Juan Corbacho AntonmMen47.6265
98161David HolcroftmMen47.824
1551130Conrad WhitemSeniors M6050.1882
157318Stephen SoulsbymSeniors M5050.2041
164273Matthew CarrmSeniors M4050.4936
1721319John BissonmSeniors M4050.8191
21456Katy WaltonwWomen52.1454
252250Peter HartmSeniors M4053.2151
263249Ian ButlermSeniors M5053.5762
2761Jonathan HamillmSeniors M4054.0397
300792Dan MitchellmSeniors M4054.6321
312305Corrine WhalingwWomen54.9451
32844Mark FostermSeniors M4055.1566
3461000Mark HerkesmMen55.4608
380668David BrowbankmMen56.1356
406861Laura JenningswWomen56.8738
424241Rachelle MasonwSeniors W4057.3278
426395Angela CharltonwSeniors W4057.37
45732Karen ByngwSeniors W5057.8047
464245Anna MasonwSeniors W4057.8386
4672Lee BrannanmSeniors M4057.8654
4731065Sarah DavieswSeniors W5057.9566
482996Chris ShearsmithmSeniors M4058.054
518232Robin LintonmMen59.109
52524Alan ScottmSeniors M5059.2334
533261Marita Le Vaul-GrimwoodwSeniors W4059.44
556805Craig WalkermSeniors M5060.1963
592283Lee StephensonmSeniors M4061.3598
597233Jill RudkinwSeniors W4061.4806
608619Jean BradleywSeniors W6061.8119
612264Lesley CharmanwSeniors W4061.8753
6281404Joshua WaltonmMen62.1242
666231Kimberley WilsonwWomen63.0654
669267Natalie BellwWomen63.3119
673964Zoe Dewdney ParsonswSeniors W4063.3837
682425Kelly GuywWomen63.6534
737611Sarah FawcettwSeniors W5064.867
745285Damian CookmSeniors M4065.0078
747680Debra ThompsonwSeniors W5065.0343
77723Aileen ScottwSeniors W4065.9567
789251Janet ElliswSeniors W5066.1283
82238Alan SmithmSeniors M7067.3495
8261149Andrew ThurstonmSeniors M6067.5143
859806Catherine WalkerwSeniors W6068.6892
9541299Victoria DowneswWomen72.0434
9891047Jane BailliewSeniors W4073.2992
103933Sophie DenniswWomen75.3224
1085504Carolyn GalulawSeniors W4076.7423
109147Jane DowsettwSeniors W5076.7654
1096438David RushtonmSeniors M4076.9071
109839Lisa LumsdonwSeniors W4076.9934
1127406Julie SwinbankwSeniors W4078.6131
113766Carole Thompson-YoungwSeniors W5079.2282
1145265Laura GibsonwSeniors W4079.5732
1146344Rebecca GilmorewWomen79.5884
1247346Rachel TothwSeniors W4091.6299
1272227Helen LintonwSeniors W50101.5146
1273228Diane SoulsbywSeniors W50101.537
1274246Wendy LittlewoodwSeniors W40101.5388
1275270Sandra GreenerwSeniors W40101.5523
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Pier to Pier Results 2018, South Shields to Sunderland, Sunday, May 20, 2018

Approx 7 miles

Anita Wright

Photo courtesy of Michael Wright

1771Abraham Tewelde
Saltwell Harriers
39759Judith Nutt
Elswick Harriers
wSeniors W4000.45.25
884Michael MasonmSeniors M4000.42.06
1335Michael LittlewoodmSeniors M4000.43.12
14133Mark WarnermMen00.43.12
221221Georgie HebdonmMen00.43.58
315Stuart ScottmMen00.44.45
55458Sam RenwickmMen00.46.47
76720Matt ArchermMen00.48.06
109197Allan RenwickmSeniors M4000.49.28
125804David HolcroftmMen00.50.11
127223Alex WittymMen00.50.14
169783Fiona JoneswSeniors W4000.51.37
19640Davey LumsdonmSeniors M5000.52.29
20395Stephen WinshipmSeniors M5000.52.39
21024Stephen SoulsbymSeniors M5000.52.45
220888Ian ButlermSeniors M5000.53.09
2511Andrew DaviesmSeniors M4000.5406.
2593Jonathan HamillmSeniors M4000.54.21
263148Mark PaynemMen00.54.24
28294Anna BasuwSeniors W4000.55.00
3207Sarah DavieswSeniors W5000.56.04
355740Chris ShearsmithmSeniors M4000.57.06
35610Susan ScottwSeniors W4000.57.10
35721Rachelle MasonwSeniors W4000.57.18
362235Stephanie BarlowwSeniors W4000.57.32
393970Malcolm SygrovemSeniors M5000.58.22
40586Alex BrownmSeniors M4000.58.43
42568Craig WalkermSeniors M5000.59.12
464317Jean BradleywSeniors W6000.59.58
486936Natalie BellwWomen01.00.28
49523Robin LintonmMen01.00.43
534944Lisa SamplewWomen01.01.26
5552Lesley HamillwSeniors W4001.01.56
560236Danielle Harper-BradywWomen01.02.04
606665Jill RudkinwSeniors W4001.03.25
614574Laura JenningswWomen01.03.41
6301002Joanne PattersonwWomen01.04.15
653114Lee StephensonmSeniors M4001.04.50
694159Chloe BlackwSeniors W4001.06.25
695161Jane RannswWomen01.06.26
742191Heather RaistrickwSeniors W5001.07.39
749132Alan SmithmSeniors M7001.07.54
76429Jenny SearchwSeniors W4001.08.07
78854Kate ThompsonwWomen01.08.34
789206Kelly GuywWomen01.08.34
80438Kimberley WilsonwWomen01.08.55
81372Catherine WalkerwSeniors W6001.09.07
816179James NicholsonmSeniors M7001.09.11
823369Jane SkeltonwWomen01.09.33
829573Alison HeslopwSeniors W4001.09.41
846583Kirsten FenwickwWomen01.10.12
853955Letitia Chapman-WardwWomen01.10.29
854166Angela RobsonwSeniors W4001.10.29
8748Danielle GlasseywWomen01.11.28
91573George Alan ScottmSeniors M5001.12.50
92025Elaine BroatchwSeniors W5001.12.55
9216Jane DowsettwSeniors W4001.12.56
92251Carole Thompson-YoungwSeniors W5001.12.56
926767Emma StevensonwWomen01.13.00
929766Tina TaylorwSeniors W4001.13.00
934661Faye WardwSeniors W4001.13.15
94837Wendy LittlewoodwSeniors W4001.13.52
95157Zoe Dewdney ParsonswWomen01.13.56
10031180Alison SmithwSeniors W4001.16.39
1004109Sue WalkerwSeniors W6001.16.39
10131013Christine FarnsworthwSeniors W6001.16.50
10261290Ann KainwSeniors W5001.17.11
1067112James PottermMen01.18.58
1084102Victoria DowneswWomen01.19.49
1085425Jane BailliewSeniors W4001.19.50
109165Aileen ScottwSeniors W4001.20.10
109822Kerry BarnettwSeniors W4001.20.46
1104100Louise BarrowwWomen01.20.58
111156Lindsay ParkerwSeniors W4001.21.30
1128440Sophie DenniswWomen01.22.20
113159Julie SwinbankwWomen01.22.24
1140824Sharon CampbellwSeniors W4001.23.00
1148653Rebecca GilmorewWomen01.23.17
1149455Diane SoulsbywSeniors W5001.23.17
1181181Carol HolgatewSeniors W4001.25.58
12191346Jennifer RollwWomen01.33.51

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Pier to Pier, South Shields to Roker, Sunday, May 14, 2017


1354Abraham TeweldemMenSaltwell Harriers 38:18
61607Natalie BateywWomenDerwent Valley RC 47:17
6326Gareth PritchardmMenElvet Striders40:14
17487Michael LittlewoodmSeniors M40Elvet Striders42:59
20523Chris CallanmMenElvet Striders43:41
152502Fiona JoneswSeniors W40Elvet Striders52:06
162306Louise WarnerwWomenElvet Striders52:24
169101Helen ToneswSeniors W40Elvet Striders52:37
2341067Graeme WaltonmSeniors M40Elvet Striders54:30
27740Jonathan HamillmSeniors M40Elvet Striders55:59
289605Melanie HudsonwWomenElvet Striders56:14
2921131Dougie NisbetmSeniors M50Elvet Striders56:19
303124Andrew DaviesmSeniors M40Elvet Striders56:33
32814Craig WalkermSeniors M50Elvet Striders57:13
33799Rachelle MasonwWomenElvet Striders57:36
358838Jean BradleywSeniors W60Elvet Striders58:21
361147Robin LintonmMenElvet Striders58:25
374102David BrowbankmMenElvet Striders59:03
381150Helen ParkerwSeniors W40Elvet Striders59:20
382134Lynne StobartwWomenElvet Striders59:20
404504Chris ShearsmithmMenElvet Striders59:52
422203Sue GardhamwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:00:25
43854Karen ByngwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:00:59
447604Dave RobsonmSeniors M60Elvet Striders1:01:13
463836Kate ThompsonwWomenElvet Striders1:01:33
4741168Victoria BrownwWomenElvet Striders1:01:53
528520Stephen EllismSeniors M60Elvet Striders1:03:03
529432Andrew MunromSeniors M40Elvet Striders1:03:03
53857Anita WrightwSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:03:11
556820Lesley CharmanwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:03:26
558300Karin YoungerwSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:03:29
559471Anna SeeleywWomenElvet Striders1:03:29
563325Catherine SmithwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:03:34
56574Joanne PattersonwWomenElvet Striders1:03:36
56860Mike ParkermSeniors M40Elvet Striders1:03:41
603619Jill RudkinwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:04:57
6121026James PottermMenElvet Striders1:05:18
616728Jim NicholsonmSeniors M70Elvet Striders1:05:21
623956Katie-Louise FinneywWomenElvet Striders1:05:27
624505Victoria JacksonwWomenElvet Striders1:05:28
626439Andrew ThurstonmSeniors M50Elvet Striders1:05:34
68919Alan ScottmSeniors M50Elvet Striders1:07:09
70315Catherine WalkerwSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:07:44
70628Debra ThompsonwSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:07:49
72162Rachel TurnerwWomenElvet Striders1:08:14
723483Peter HartmSeniors M40Elvet Striders1:08:22
729108Angela RobsonwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:08:30
749489Wendy LittlewoodwWomenElvet Striders1:09:02
769393Alison HeslopwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:09:42
770677Fiona WoodwWomenElvet Striders1:09:43
771929Jill YoungwWomenElvet Striders1:09:43
7731083Kirsten FenwickwWomenElvet Striders1:09:47
80382Jane DowsettwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:10:43
80417Aileen ScottwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:10:47
817474Helen ThomaswSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:11:04
821898Karen MetterswSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:11:06
854977Louise BarrowwWomenElvet Striders1:12:14
9161161Christine FarnsworthwSeniors W60Elvet Striders1:13:32
922519Janet ElliswSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:13:45
973207Helen HackettwSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:15:38
9761138Katie DavisonwWomenElvet Striders1:15:47
1019747Gillian GreenwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:18:01
10201158Rebecca GilmorewWomenElvet Striders1:18:02
1022572Sharon CampbellwWomenElvet Striders1:18:06
1025578Neil JenningsmSeniors M50Elvet Striders1:18:13
1027333Diane SoulsbywSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:18:28
1054839Kerry BarnettwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:20:13
1056848Laura GibsonwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:20:18
1058846Natalie JohnsonwWomenElvet Striders1:20:22
10611174Rachel TothwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:20:45
1065729Caitlin MooneywWomenElvet Striders1:21:03
109497Pauline ElliottwSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:23:08
1128320Helen LintonwSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:27:03
1149934Mike ElliottmSeniors M70Elvet Striders1:31:46
1160579Elaine JenningswSeniors W50Elvet Striders1:36:08
1161585Rachel Leigh-FirbankwSeniors W40Elvet Striders1:36:08
1169219Laura JacksonwWomenElvet Striders1:38:49

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Pier to Pier, South Shields to Sunderland, Sunday, May 17, 2015

6.9 miles

Dougie Nisbet

At the finish.It was hard to find anyone who was feeling good. Runners are notorious for grumbling about their form, but we were all in top grumbling form today. One day I’ll chat to runners before a race and someone will say they’ve never felt better and fully expect to PB. Not today though – I was treating the race as a fact-finding mission after a viral infection that has messed up my running for most of the year. The first fact I found was that it was going to cost me £25 to run the 7 miles or so from South Shields to Roker.

The Goody Bag Queue.I calculated that I’d be running at £3.63 mile pace, which is still slightly cheaper than a Brendan, but that didn’t worry me too much either way. The weather was fine and the race is an old favourite of mine.

In common with the Coastal Run the start is a faintly tribal mass of running shirts stretched across the beach. I was disappointed that the organisers hadn’t drawn a line in the sand with a pointy stick to indicate the Start Line. I do miss that touch.

Greta at the Goody Bag Queue.A few minutes after 10 and away we charged along the beach. This was my first running race in about 6 months and I was curious about how it would go. It was clunky at first and I felt I’d got out of bed 10 minutes earlier rather than the actual 6am start it had been. That extra Espresso had been a bad idea too (I knew it would be, but I never learn), and I had to dive into some bushes to redress that balance. This was a bit awkward as I’d only just passed George and Karen and we’d done the whole ‘Well-Done’ routine – now I was going to have to pass them again and explain myself.

Queuing for the goody bag.

We approached the lane that extends down from Redwell Lane and the usual bottleneck was there as runners queued to get down the steps. There’s big seconds to be gained here by running down the grass, jumping down the wall, across the lane, and up the other side. I’m not sure whether people are just not keen on the wall scramble, or they just don’t realise how much shorter and quicker it is to avoid the steps.

Graham returning to racing.

I had to pull over for a bit of quality retching as we passed Souter Lighthouse but on the whole I wasn’t feeling too bad and for the remainder of the race I steadily picked up my pace and picked off runners all the way to the Finish. The sand was firm underfoot at the finish (has that changed?) which was a relief as I’m sure in previous years it’s been a painful comedy sprint in soft sand for the last few yards to the line.

Just as there are false summits, so there are false beaches.

My time was a few minutes slower than the last time I ran the race 5 years ago so I was pretty happy. It could’ve been a lot worse. Graham Daglish was grinning at the end of the finish tunnel as I coughed in, not doing too badly for someone who hasn’t raced in 3 years.

There were a few first-timers today, including Andy James who made the classic mistake of pushing for the line too early. It’s easy done – the Finish looks tantalisingly close, but on closer inspection morphs into a flight of steps with the real Finish another beach away. In fact, the more you speak to people, the harder it is to find someone who hasn’t made this error.

After a chilly start we had fine conditions for this race today. And thanks to the bus driver’s daughter we had plenty of room on the coach as she’d insisted on coming along … and when the coach is already full, you just have to get a bigger one out the garage.


position name club category group time
1 Craig Isherwood Men 0:38:25.6
25 Alex Sneddon Jarrow & Hebburn AC Women 0:44:26.9
48 Matthew Archer Men 0:45:52.8
184 Graham Daglish Seniors M60 0:51:56.7
227 Lesley Charman Seniors W40 0:53:23.0
251 Andrew Short Seniors M50 0:54:02.7
270 Fiona Jones Women 0:54:25.6
293 David Spence Seniors M60 0:55:07.9
369 Karen Jones Seniors W40 0:57:07.9
373 Nicola Whyte Women 0:57:12.6
418 Jean Bradley Seniors W50 0:58:36.7
469 Steph Walker Women 1:00:00.5
497 Greta Jones Seniors W40 1:00:49.0
556 Dougie Nisbet Seniors M50 1:02:24.7
565 James Potter Men 1:02:44.4
579 Stephen Ellis Seniors M60 1:03:21.5
592 Kate McPherson Seniors W40 1:03:48.8
611 Stacey Brannan Women 1:04:21.5
616 Angela Tribe Seniors W40 1:04:28.9
634 George Nicholson Seniors M60 1:05:20.8
640 Karin Younger Seniors W50 1:05:43.5
647 Helen Thomas Women 1:05:58.8
666 Aileen Scott Seniors W40 1:06:50.6
669 Andy James Seniors M60 1:07:02.2
683 Debbie McFarland Women 1:07:26.9
684 Gareth Cardus Men 1:07:27.7
688 Louise Billcliffe Seniors W50 1:07:42.2
692 Karen Anne Chalkley Seniors W50 1:07:48.4
708 Clare Metcalfe Women 1:08:36.3
747 Helen Hackett Seniors W40 1:10:19.8
766 Joan Keary Women 1:11:10.3
767 Kelly Collier Women 1:11:10.4
771 Angela Robson Seniors W40 1:11:19.3
777 Christine Farnsworth Seniors W60 1:11:40.7
856 Barrie Evans Seniors M60 1:15:47.7
883 Michael Elliott Seniors M60 1:18:10.3
884 Jane Baillie Women 1:18:10.8
910 Margaret Thompson Seniors W60 1:20:59.1
914 Laura Jackson Women 1:22:14.5

930 finishers.

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Pier to Pier Race, South Shields to Roker, Saturday, May 10, 2014

6.9 miles

After a week consisting of a half marathon, and a 10k, plus couple of training runs, there was no better way to finish it off than the 7 mile Pier to Pier run!
Against my better judgement I signed up for this, knowing full well I had another two races, but thought ‘why not!?’ All good training … This was my first time doing the Pier to Pier race but I had walked the route before, albeit with blazing sunshine and an ice-cream stop (or two!) But was looking forward to a nice run down the coast and to be representing the Striders.

Damned good turnout, as ever.

Sunday morning saw us all converge in a car park in South Shields, collecting timing tags, attempting to attach timing tags, Striders were out in force with over 30 of us representing the club. I’d heard stories about the first mile being a struggle, all on the beach, but if you managed to avoid others footprints, it wasn’t actually too bad. Where we converged before running up onto the grass it was tough going though. My legs were feeling it after the previous two races and I wondered if this was a race too much in the week!

Then came the decision – left or right!? I could see Barrie ahead of me, he opted for right along the grass, so I decided he had probably done a few Pier to Piers in his time and would be a sensible person to follow!

Was still struggling at this point, and it seemed to be getting incredibly warm too. But kept my head down and plodded on, before I knew it the Souter Lighthouse, and (I think) the half-way point was just ahead of me. Quick stop for some water then back on it!

Not a good day to lounge on the beach ...

At this point I didn’t actually know where the finish was, had nightmare visions of going up the long, slow hill at Roker that had been my nemesis the previous week, but fortunately I could see we were all heading down the esplanade. Finally, we rounded the corner and the beach and finish line were in sight. Pushing on, and to cheers from other Striders (best bit of the race – thanks!!) I even managed a cheeky ‘sprint’ finish. Not my best time, but was pleased to have finished, and after a busy week.

Great goody bag, although I think I’m always a bit disappointed not to get a medal to add to my sparse collection! Gel/Water bottle/Socks/Buff/junk food – ideal!

Well organised race by the Sunderland Strollers, and great to be out representing the Striders.

Definitely another one I’ll be signing up to in the future!


Pos Name Club Cat Catpos Time
1 Andy Burn Jarrow M 1 37:52.9
4 Rosie Smith Durham City Harriers F 1 41:09.3
20 Rob Everson M 15 42:48.9
95 Graeme Walton M40 33 48:48.7
96 Conrad White M50 11 48:52.3
127 Mark Payne M 61 49:55.4
159 Katy Walton F 6 51:06.7
271 Lesley Charman F35 10 55:13.1
277 Lucy Cowton F 19 55:22.3
281 Fiona Jones F35 13 55:26.0
282 Melanie Hudson F35 14 55:26.8
283 John Hutchinson M50 45 55:34.9
318 Jackie McKenna F45 16 56:45.1
359 Greta Jones F45 22 58:12.7
361 Andrew Thompson M 120 58:23.2
369 Jane Ives F35 24 58:29.1
371 Dave Robson M50 65 58:29.8
384 Megan Bell F35 27 58:52.0
414 Jean Bradley F45 33 1:00:03.8
422 Stephanie Piper F 33 1:00:34.9
425 Paul Beal M50 76 1:00:37.8
431 Debs Goddard F35 34 1:00:45.0
458 Susan Wilson F45 40 1:01:49.1
460 Anita Clementson F45 42? 1:01:58.0
509 Claire Hunt F45 50 1:03:57.3
512 Alan Smith M50 95 1:04:17.5
516 Katherine Preston F 43 1:04:25.6
531 Kirsty Anderson F35 53 1:05:04.8
532 Denise Mason F 48 1:05:05.3
548 Karen Chalkley F45 60 1:05:35.0
549 Jackie Avery F45 61 1:05:37.5
555 Dawn Dunn F45 63 1:06:00.7
620 Barrie Evans M50 116 1:09:29.1
634 Rebecca Maddison F35 73 1:10:52.9
642 Jane Baillie F35 75 1:11:22.1
650 Helen Hall F45 89 1:11:54.7
667 Karin Younger F45 91 1:12:41.8
680 Kelly Collier F 66 1:13:22.1
688 Margaret Thompson F45 99 1:14:11.9

726 finishers

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Pier to Pier Race, South Shields to Roker, Sunday, May 12, 2013

6.9 miles

Carolyn Bray

Grand Prix Race. Sprint Champion Race.

Adam heading for the soft stuff at the start.

Finally, I’d managed to make it (first timer!) to the extra extra extra long start line of the Pier to Pier Race in South Shields. The beach line up was dotted with plenty of purple vests – the usual good Strider turnout for this Grand Prix race. It was a great day for racing, bright and slightly breezy. I got pretty chilly at the start but soon warmed up once I’d made my first bad choice in direction over the left hand sand bank; my footsteps sank deep into the sand whilst those on the right strode along the surface of the wetter, firmer terrain. Time to start paying attention to the many choices in direction that would be ahead of me! I tried to take the racing line from then on and the race became not only beautiful but good fun too! It flew over, I really enjoyed it and I got a Mars bar and a bag of crisps followed up by a carvery sandwich at the Harbour View in Roker.

What more could a girl want!

Louise and Denise on the last slog along the beach.

Anita Dunseith took lots of good photographs … more at link below:


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 JENKIN, Dan Durham City Harriers M 0:37:04
18 WALKER, Adam MU20 0:41:47
49 REEVES, Thomas MV40-49 0:44:56
50 CUTTER, Vanessa Gateshead Harriers F 0:44:57
79 GARDNER, Simon MV40-49 0:46:37
94 WALTON, Graeme MV40-49 0:47:17
112 ROBERTS, Shaun MV50-59 0:48:09
227 GOURLEY, Aaron M 0:52:09
234 FORD, Brian MV40-49 0:52:21
250 STEEL, Jamie MV40-49 0:52:53
264 THOMPSON, Andrew M 0:53:08
266 BRAY, Carolyn FV35-44 0:53:15
272 BELL, Megan FV35-44 0:53:23
306 HUTCHINSON, John MV50-59 0:54:51
308 WALTON, Katy F 0:54:54
333 LIM, Danny M 0:55:30
363 DUNSEITH, Mark M 0:56:23
374 MCKENNA, Jackie FV45-54 0:56:58
403 YOUNG, Jan FV60-69 0:57:44
408 MOORE, Peter MV60-69 0:57:53
414 BRADLEY, Jean FV55-59 0:58:02
446 SMITH, Alan MV60-69 0:58:59
471 GARDHAM, Sue FV35-44 0:59:54
478 BARROW, Louise F 1:00:08
479 MASON, Denise F 1:00:10
487 DICK, Barbara FV45-54 1:00:36
501 NICHOLSON, George MV60-69 1:01:05
529 HUDSON, Melanie FV35-44 1:01:56
530 ROBSON, David MV60-69 1:02:02
552 PRESTON, Katherine FV35-44 1:02:49
558 GARNHAM, Laura F 1:02:59
580 EVANS, Barrie John MV60-69 1:03:43
588 NICHOLSON, James MV60-69 1:03:58
613 FORD, Jill FV45-54 1:04:49
625 FARNSWORTH, Christine Anne FV60-69 1:05:27
675 CHALKLEY, Karen FV45-54 1:07:35
677 CLARK, Robert M 1:07:39
687 ELLIOT, Mike MV60-69 1:08:20
762 BUTLER, Katie F 1:13:42
786 THOMPSON, Margaret FV60-69 1:17:39

812 finishers.

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Pier to Pier Race, South Shields to Roker, Sunday, May 20, 2012

6.9 miles

Kathryn Sygrove

Grand Prix Race. Sprint Champion Race. I last ran the Pier to Pier race two years ago, just before joining Elvet Striders, and was paggered at the end, barely able to face the final section across the beach. I have no recollection of the time, but it was probably about 70 minutes and I was so glad it was over.

Kathryn with  Alan Knebel and Dean Phillips of Sunderland StrollersThis year, I snuck it in as an extra race, the week before my Edinburgh half, as there was a bus on, and lots of people seemed to be going. When we arrived at the start, I had my number to pick up, dropped off my baggage, stuffed an oatmeal and raisin muffin down my neck, and went in search of familiar people from other nearby clubs. David Savage and Dean Phillips from Sunderland Harriers were not far away, and I decided to warm-up with them and Al Knebel of Sunderland Parkrun, with a few woops, skips and jumps for good measure. It seems that I missed the Strider group pic as a result -sorry! I also started away from our other Club members, as I like to focus on my own race, and pace myself better if running next to runners I don’t know anything about. Or in this case, runners so much faster than me that it was immaterial how I ran – I was never gunna catch them.

The beach start wasn’t too bad, the ascent up the sand a bit tough, and I had forgotten that overall there was a climb to the Lighthouse approx halfway. Multi-terrain ain’t my baby, so I felt the difference on my legs on sand, grass, gravel paths, grass again, but was enjoying the lovely view around me towards the sea. I hadn’t seen any Striders around me, only Paul Lordsmythe Smith (Crook Harriers) who yelled at me and then pretended he hadn’t, as he sort of hobbled by on his dicky knees. They were still bloomin fast!

About four miles, I felt like a furnace. I suddenly remembered that the previous week I had had a fluey headache which had drained me, thought it had gone by Saturday, and hey-ho, here it was back. Oh well, I didn’t feel too good at that point, but several narrow paths and gates meant it wasn’t that easy to pass other people so my pace dropped a bit and I was quite glad of that right then. More grass came, seemingly weighing my legs down and it suddenly seemed a long way to the finish, but at 5 miles, I knew I had to just run steady till 6, wait for the run-in to the beach, then go for it. We had certainly moved onto much more level terrain by now, and soon came the paths along the promenade.

I was still boiling hot, but the same steady pace obviously covered greater ground on the flat even surface and soon it was the last corner before the beach. A small cluster of people supping hot beverages and eating chips clapped and cheered at the beach cafe and I really liked that. It was also a tad cooler round that curve, and I liked that even more. The beach just came at me and I started singing a song in my head, shutting out the distance to the finish line, and keeping it steady. “Come on Kathryn, last 50 metres to sprint!” yelled James Garland all of a sudden, and “C’mon Kathryn” bellowed Ali (THANK YOU both!!) and I lurched to the finish with their support.

I didn’t realise till Jan Young told me later that I was First Lady Strider home (don’t always notice people passing me) and was pleasantly surprised, given that I hadn’t felt too good. I will definitely be back next year, hopefully without head cold, to knock a few minutes off my time! It was also a good boost for me after my DNF at Milton Keynes, and many thanks to all Striders who have enquired after my health and welfare since then.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Luke Adams South Shields 37:01
14 Alyson Dixon Chester-le-Steet 40:28
43 Jerry Lloyd 44:14
50 James Garland 44:36
55 Adam Walker 44:56
60 David Gibson 45:14
164 Alister Robson 50:38
217 Marco Van Den Bremen 52:10
288 Andrew Jordan 54:09
347 Kathryn Sygrove 55:52
360 Jane Ives 56:15
384 Stephanie Barlow 57:00
406 Jan Young 57:33
415 George Nicholson 57:49
425 John Greathead 58:08
444 Jean Bradley 58:33
466 Greta Jones 58:59
472 Christopher Hedley 59:10
494 Rachael Bullock 60:00
505 Camilla Lauren-Maatta 60:15
512 Debra Goddard 60:30
531 Juliet Percival 60:57
534 Barbara Dick 60:59
540 Denise Mason 61:06
553 Jacquie Robson 61:26
562 Alan Smith 61:39
584 Louise Miller 62:27
596 Karen Chalkey 62:44
635 Victoria Tindale 63:50
641 Claire Readey 63:58
667 James Nicholson 65:19
669 Sue Jennings 65:23
725 Christine Anne Farnsworth 67:37
727 Emma Detchon 67:44
737 Anita Clementson 67:59
817 Margaret Thompson 72:38
865 Rob Clark 76:40

908 finishers.

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Pier to Pier Race, South Shields, Sunday, May 22, 2011

6.9 miles

Grand Prix Race. Sprint Champion Race. This was the third time that I have run this great race and my preparation was probably the worst prep for a race I have ever done. The weekend started with a 700 metre swim in a quite chilly lake (my exact words were “Wow, it’s freezing in here”) followed by a 29 mile windy cycle around North Yorkshire on Saturday. You could say that I completed a triathlon with the longest ever transition of 18 hours!

When I opened the curtains on Sunday morning, saw the rain and heard the wind, I knew that it wasn’t going to be the easiest of races so I donned full compression gear under my Striders vest and Lindsey and I headed off to Roker to park and get the bus up to South Shields. Luckily, the rain had stopped by the time we got there but the wind was still biting cold. Eventually, the Striders coach came and we all headed off to the start and huddled together behind Alister and Andy Jordan for shelter from the wind.

The race was started dead on 10am and we all went hurtling along South Shields beach into a strong headwind, which we had to contend with for pretty much the whole race. My aim was just to take it easy as it wasn’t one of my ‘A’ races for the year, I just wanted to have a good run and enjoy the race. There was a very good Striders turnout, it was good to see Pam making a comeback and also to see Alan Smith running after so much time out due to various injuries. As expected, Alister’s yellow hat disappeared into the distance quite early on in the race and I didn’t see it again until the finish, I had a good run, finishing a few seconds behind John Hutchinson and David Catterick, Nina finished way ahead of me and Striders came in thick and fast for a while until Pam and Lindsey came bounding over the sands to finish.

Once again, this was a well organised race along fantastic coastline and is well worth the effort, even with so much headwind, but next year I may prepare for it a little better!

… Alister Robson …

Another huge Striders attendance at the popular Pier to Pier from South Shields to Roker Piers. For the first time in a while, a coach was put on (many thanks to Andy James for organising and George Nicholson on the day) which was well used. There were squalls and a strong headwind beforehand and many of us took the opportunity to huddle on the beach to keep warm before the gun. That would have been a great photo opportunity, but sadly there was no Dougie!”

The squalls abated during the race although the headwind sadly didn’t. I feel this is one of the rare events where my extra body weight counted as a positive against it. Very early on I took a decision to follow a few (very few) runners who set off at a 45 degree angle up the beach, to get off the sand as soon as possible and to go up to the path. I realised this was a gamble that paid off as I managed to get in front of Nina and avoid the very sandy hill/climb/scramble at the end of the beach. Although I kept expecting her to go past at any minute she never did and therefore I knew I was on for a good time. Like most of the field I took the middle path across the (very flattened this year) grass on the headland heading towards Souter lighthouse. Unlike previous years there were very few who went up to the road, or down to the edge of the cliff (or maybe I just didn’t see them as I was further forward than usual).

I soon spotted my Parkrun nemesis, Sunderland Harrier Dean Phillips just up ahead and knuckled down to trying to catch him, which eventually I did at about 4 and a half miles. I was expecting him (and Nina) to come back at me so kept pushing and was delighted when I crossed the line (on a much firmer sandy beach than normal, I thought) in 53.04, third Strider home after Dave Gibson and Ian Thomas, smashing my course record and knocking some five and a half minutes off last years time.

I hung around at the end and watched the steady stream of runners finish, including my wife, Jacquie. At the very end there was a nasty hail shower as we went up to collect our prizes (a very nice boxed thermos flask and cups) but that quickly passed and we meandered up the hill to the Harbour View pub to wait for the coach where a nice pint of carbo recovery ale went down a treat.

… and Pam Kirkup

Bright and early on Sunday morning I set off for Durham to meet the club bus for what was to be my second ‘outing’ in a very long time. And like Coniston, the weather was to be a major feature for us all. Torrential rain greeted us at the bus stand as we waited and just about all four seasons were to be represented in the next three hours. My memory of the Pier to Pier was much more distant than that of Coniston – I even confused it with the St Peter’s 10k so I was enlightened with recent anecdotes from well-meaning Striders. Mainly nasty sand to slog through and crosswinds – hmm really tempting!

So, we arrived at South Shields in what could only be described as winter conditions – well it was extremely cold and windy. The bus buggered off immediately so we were left to stand shivering in various stages of undress, huddling together for warmth and to avoid hypothermia. OK, I might be exaggerating just a tad but it really was very cold and there were plenty of runners donning thermal vests and pinning numbers to waterproof jackets. Obviously not Striders who are a stoical bunch and “well’ard” – even if many of us had to visit the toilets several times in the nicely heated Best Western Hotel nearby!!

Eventually I asked Paul Dixon (club secretary Sunderland Strollers) to direct me to their ‘baggage bus’. “This is it!” he said pointing to the shabby transit van that we were standing next to – also doubling as the ‘sales point’ for entries on the day. There was a considerable queue and interestingly, at 9.40, no bags on the bus! By then we had experienced sun, freezing cold wind, rain with a bit of hail, more plummeting temperatures etc etc. Reluctantly baggage was deposited and shivering runners set off for the start …

The start! Clambering over dunes and a bit of churned up sand we lined up behind the yellow flag at the start line. More huddling together for warmth and then we were off! I was instantly elbowed in the solar plexus by some guy who swung around looking for his girlfriend! The poor guy was mortified and very apologetic but being winded at the start is not good. That section on the sand was horrible but thankfully Jill & Bob Hall were there shouting encouragement and I recovered quite quickly. At the time I thought I was pretty well at the back, not realising that runners had fanned out widely – some running virtually on the shoreline others right across almost off the beach.

Once off the beach, it became nearly enjoyable – almost summer, with a bit of sun, and of course the coastal path is very scenic. Close to the back you do see some odd running styles but I won’t go into that just yet! Let’s just say that, to me the ‘surge & stop’ style of running is bizarre and pointless! By the time I reached the Souter lighthouse drinks station, I was feeling comfortable and summer weather seemed to be prevailing – well it was sunny and I felt quite warm! It was after Souter that I encountered the really nutter surge runner. He was a short chubby sort of man in a hi-viz dayglo running jacket who would stop dead in front of you, then, after you had run past him, would literally sprint past and then, after about 50 metres stop dead and walk once again. This went on several times until the path narrowed so that he couldn’t do it. I let him go past but saw him ahead doing the same thing to other runners. What’s the point, I just don’t get it?

The second half of the race I found easier as I felt more comfortable. Although the wind was unpleasant and cold there was a bit more shelter. Peter & Linda McDermott and Bob & Jill Hall were at Fisherman’s Wharf, a ramp about 2 miles from the finish to cheer on Lyndsey Brooks and myself. It was really good to see them and they really helped! After that it was a run along the promenade and then onto the beach at Roker. Peter Brooks was the first Strider voice I heard and then so many others shouting encouragement for that last slog along the beach. The support was fantastic! Jan Young and then Nina started shouting as I approached the finish … and then winter emerged and giant hailstones greeted me for the last 100 metres! It was horrible – and it was wonderful! I’d finished, feeling ok, in a better time than I’d expected. Not a good time but a step in the right direction.

Mike Elliott adds:

Yes it was hard work and nice to c the c of purple and green at the end encouraging us slower sprinters. Good to see Christine and Pam running here again. Christine after her great effort in the London marathon. Pam as the last time she ran here it hoyed it down with golf ball sized hail stones for the last 2 mile BUT this year there was only a few pea sized ones for a minute.
WELL DONE 2 all. Mike


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Brendan McMillan Claremont M28 41:37
8 Rosie Smith Durham City F25 42:41
46 David Gibson M 48:35
69 Ian Thomas M31 50:43
122 Alister Robson M39 53:04
146 Nina Mason F37 54:16
206 Andrew Jordan M36 55:56
221 John Hutchinson M55 56:17
222 David Catterick M49 56:18
223 Peter Brooks M41 56:20
232 Sandra Graham F50 56:47
233 Richard Hall M52 56:48
335 Stephen Baxendale M47 60:09
368 Debra Goddard F40 60:56
379 Jan Young F58 61:12
420 George Nicholson M62 62:21
438 Jean Bradley F55 62:59
446 Barrie John Evans M64 63:16
469 Nigel Heppell M56 63:58
487 Denise Mason F30 64:29
489 Karen Chalkley F49 64:35
498 Christopher Hedley M53 64:44
539 Mike Elliott M64 66:20
545 Greta Jones F45 66:37
623 Anita Clementson F40 69:53
646 Alan Smith M64 70:53
657 Jacquie Robson F34 71:35
673 Emma Detchon F30 72:48
681 Christine Farnsworth F60 73:32
730 Pam Kirkup F59 77:44
736 Lindsey Brooks F41 78:35

776 finishers.

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Pier to Pier Race, South Shields to Roker, Sunday, May 16, 2010


Shaun Roberts

We had another massive turnout at the Pier-to-Pier – no less than thirty-three Striders again this time. There was a chance of rain in the forecast, but we were lucky, and missed the few showers that were around, and also had wind that was more behind us than in our faces – and the sun was out. A low tide this year, so plenty of space on the beach at the start, and the finish was on hardish stuff, unlike the squishy end to the race we had last time. Pretty ideal conditions, really.

And they're off ... followed closely by Mike Bennett ... doh!

The hard bit first, which is to say the run on the beach, this year on quite firm ‘undulations’ of sand [ What would you call them? Answers on a postcard … Oh, just in from Nigel: ‘Bedform ripples’.] Nice to get up onto the cliff after this and get into your stride. Gibbo went past me just before this point, and I looked round to see how far in front he’d got when we got to the grass – nowhere in sight, so I could tell he was in for a good one. Warming up quite a bit at this point, so I was actually quite glad of a drink, even though we were only a couple of miles into the race – took my vest off yet again, and I was fine. Around three miles is where Mike Bennett usually goes past me, and I was expecting much the same this time, but I hadn’t seen him at the start – he’d arrived very late, started after everyone else, and had to work his way through the field, so he didn’t pass me this time. He got to see every other Strider in the race, mind …

Round Souter Lighthouse, then down past Whitburn Firing Range, and then like last year, the whole field in front of me avoided descending early to the beach, and cut back up to the grass at the top, joining the top end of the prom. Round the sea front in balmy conditions, then the run-in on good firm sand to the finish.

David had finished with a fantastic time of just over 45 minutes – showing how his marathon training had paid off, as well as demonstrating (again) how unnecessary marathon recovery seems to be! I was pleased to do a bit faster than last year, followed by Mike with, hot on his heels, Graham who had a great run on not a great deal of training. Sandra Graham was then first Strider lady home, also collecting third FV45 prize – well done Sandra! Andy Jordan was next home, a lot quicker than last time, as was Nina, a full four minutes faster than before. Nigel, Andrew, Stef and Barrie were next, followed by Debs who was – well – really quite chuffed to be in front of Dougie. Lots of good runs further down the field, far too many for me to waffle on about here, but it was good to see lots of familiar faces out racing again, and indeed familiar old faces if that’s not being rude.

Congratulations also to Jan Young for taking the third FV55 prize! This wasn’t one of those races where there were only three FV55 runners, either – remind her 33 other 55+ women started this one when she starts being modest. I don’t think she realised she was in the frame for this, as no sooner had she collected her top-quality picnic rug than she turned around and started running back to the start – Swaledale training!

Excellent race once again.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Alasdair Tatham North York Moors AC M 1 38:16
30 Claire Simpson Chester le Street F 1 43:23
46 David Gibson M40 45:05
94 Shaun Roberts M50 48:31
123 Michael Bennett M50 50:25
128 Graham Daglish M50 50:37
188 Sandra Graham F45 3 52:55
192 Andrew Jordan M 53:00
208 Nina Mason F35 53:34
277 Nigel Heppell M50 55:21
296 Andrew Thompson M 55:57
310 Stephanie Barlow * F35 56:18
341 Barrie John Evans M60 57:00
353 Debs Goddard * F35 57:21
379 Dougie Nisbet M40 58:00
403 Alister Robson M 58:51
409 Peter Brooks M40 59:02
420 Elizabeth Lamb F45 59:19
464 Jane Ives F35 60:20
465 George Nicholson M60 60:21
482 Denise Mason F 60:49
492 Alan Smith M60 61:07
495 Karen Chalkley F45 61:11
502 Jan Young F55 3 61:24
509 Mike Elliott M60 61:38
530 Zoe Evans F 62:35
590 Jim Nicholson M60 65:33
605 Greta Jones F35 66:05
721 Cheralyn Stott F35 71:21
722 Emma Detchon F 71:22
778 Alan Purvis M70 75:04
797 Margaret Thompson F60 75:57
805 Lynne Bargewell F35 76:47
806 Katherine Haigh F 76:49
813 Jackie Smith F60 77:24

865 finishers.

* Subject to dental records check.

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