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Richmond Castle 10K, Sunday, October 12, 2014

Karen Hooper

Karen and Gill.So, I booked this race as a birthday present for a good friend of mine who was moaning she hadn’t done much running since Blaydon, her response “what kind of a friend buys you pain for a present!.” As it happens she was ill & so another friend stepped into her shoes – Gill only started running a few months ago & her furthest run so far was 7 miles so this was a challenge for her 1st ever race. We set off with a couple of friends in tow as cheerleaders, everyone I’d mentioned this race to had a wry smile & murmured something about hills so I was slightly nervous. I also felt quite underprepared having done little running since GNR, but anyway – a sunny day, child-free with good friends lay ahead. Not many Striders signed up to this one so it was a pleasant surprise to bump into John Hutchinson & Jackie McKenna in the car park (they also mentioned the hills!) Got our race numbers, tried on some trail shoes, sat in the sun & then wandered down to the start in the park next to the river. All the other runners looked a bit professional so I did think this might be the race that I actually did finish last.

We were off – Jon Ayres running past me at the start wishing me luck. I ran with my friend for the 1st mile or so, there were a couple of narrow single file points, then we separated & the hills started. It was hot & there definitely were hills – should’ve had a camera placed at the little bridge at about 7 or 8k to capture the looks on faces as we came down out of the tree-lined road to see a pretty little bridge & a mahoosive steep long hill after it!

My Garmin failed to find a satellite at the start so I didn’t have much idea of my distance or pace. The race was mainly on roads with some traffic so there was a bit of on/off pavements, there were some little loops into the local neighbourhood where it was lovely to see plenty of support from residents & children. The water halfway (at the top of a hill) was very welcome. Richmond is a very beautiful area, lovely streets & walls, tree-lined roads, hills, pretty bridges & views of the Castle & river.

The last push up to the castle up a long hill, on cobbled streets would’ve been hard had it not been for the amazing support – loads of people lined the Market square clapping & shouting which was fab & kept me from walking, the finish was lovely just through the castle gates (thanks to English Heritage) & the memento of running socks was great!

So, not a PB but a fantastic day out – finished a bit beetroot faced thanks to the hot & sunny October weather & headed off to sit outside the restaurant we’d booked in the sunshine to enjoy a nice lunch – bumping into the family Ayres at the same restaurant! My friend Gill was absolutely over the moon that she’d finished her 1st race, in a very respectable time & can’t wait for the next one!

PS. Did I mention there were a couple of undulations on this run?

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Richmond Castle 10K, Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kerry Lister

As I wasn’t able to do the Hellhole 10k last week in my naivety I entered the Richmond Castle 10k instead. Thinking ‘there’s a CAMRA real ale festival at the same time to keep hubby happy’ two birds one stone. Then the tales of ‘hilly’ course start coming in….

Left the house really early as wasn’t sure of the logistics of parking, although there were excellent pre race instructions from Swaledale Roadrunners I’m not the best at following instructions. We arrived nice and early and managed to get a parking space in the Market Place right next to race hq.

Race HQ was really well organised and I picked my number up no problem and hot a cup of coffee from the little coffee stall in the corner. Unexpectedly bumped into a couple of runners from Run Peterlee which settled my nerves a bit, then Alister and Jacquie turned up too with a couple of other Striders as well.

The course was, well, I think hilly is an understatement and I was walking up them before I knew it, mind you, what goes up must come down and there were some nice downhills and flat bits. For most of the race Maggie Thompson and I were playing catch up with each other, which really kept me going, how inspirational is she? Very is the answer. She gave me great advice to save a little bit for the final hill into the castle.

The course was well marshalled with a very friendly and encouraging bunch of people who managed to stay cheerful even in the ‘kind of rain that gets you wet through’ in the words of Peter Kay. Bright yellow kilometer markers, reminders to stay on the left and ‘beware runners’ were prolific.

At about 8km a bystander shouted for me to overtake the man in front of me so round the next corner I started my ‘speed up’ then I hit another hill, ‘the finish is just around the corner but there’s another hill’ encouraged a Marshall. Really tried to put a sprint finish in the last bit, then I heard the usual Striders welcome from Jacquie and Alister, feeling buoyed up I managed to overtake a couple of other people on the last very steep hill into the castle to the finish line.

Found my hubby sampling some of the ales at the festival, I was disappointed that they’d sold out of the Richmond Castle 10k ale the day before. So settled for a hot sugary cup of tea at the bargain price of £1.

Maggie did the Striders proud by coming away with a prize, of which there were many. There was no goody bag or t-shirt but we did get a neck tube thingy which is a very useful thing to have.

The results were printed up quickly and I was amazed to get a time of 66.24, which is less than a minute longer than my PB at Tynedale, so I am very pleased with myself.


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 James Askew Durham City Harriers M 0:35:23
12 Nicolene Van Staden Unattached F 0:38:28
109 Alister Robson M40 0:45:48
150 John Hutchinson M50 0:47:57
297 Jacquie Robson F35 0:54:58
424 Kerry Lister F35 1:06:24
425 Margaret Thompson F55 1:06:29

455 finishers.

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Richmond Castle 10K, Sunday, October 17, 2010

Denise Mason

It was a bit of a shock to find frost this morning and it was my first race with a base layer and buff! I had no idea Richmond was so close, only 30 miles away, so I parked up fairly early with Jane in the marketplace. We sat and scoffed cakes and drank coffee before venturing out of the car for a short warm up. Neither of us had any idea of the course route, although I was prepared for it being very hilly.

We found one other Strider at the start line (James) who reiterated how hilly this one was going to be. We started off on a steep decline along the cobbled marketplace and it wasn’t long before Jane broke away in to a faster pace. I was secretly glad as I didn’t fancy trying to keep up with her! The hills were killers and there were quite a few of them. The marshals were great, apart from the one who shouted ‘Well done only 3 bad hills left!’ ;0)

They were the kind of hills where you feel like you’re going to knee yourself in the chin and I had to power walk most of them! The course was quite pretty though and I found myself really enjoying it. The last hill led right to the finish line in the castle grounds. There was a lot of crowd support and there was no way I was going to stop for a walk on that one! Happily there was a chip shop right near the finish line too and I rewarded myself with a greasy buttie!

Although clearly not a PB course, I’ll definitely be back for this one next year.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Marc Scott Richmond & Zetland Harrs M 1 0:33:50
41 Angie Watson Birtley AC F 1 0:42:00
256 Jane Ives F40 8 0:52:44
313 Denise Mason F 20 0:55:40
376 Jim Nicholson MV60 16 1:00:12

452 finishers.

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Richmond Castle 10K, Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dougie Nisbet

Seven Striders at the finish in Richmond.

The weather was in benevolent mood as we parked in the intriguingly named Nuns Close Car Park. A web search the previous evening had shown that it was relaxed in its relationship with the apostrophe with different websites plonking an apostrophe in a fairly indiscriminate manner amongst the letters. I noticed with interest that the welcome sign was without, as was the street sign. Perhaps if I spent more time training and less time trying to understand apostrophes, I might get better results. ( I mean, who was Neville, and why was he so cross?).

Jackie gets her prize.

I’ve done Richmond before and I like it. I like the start especially. Like the Burn Valley half-marathon, and a lot of fell races for that matter, everything stops while the town comes out to send off the race. There’s a good happy friendly feel to it. More Striders appeared as the crowd and runners assembled around the town square and I found Andy Jordan lounging around at the back of the bunch and we chatted about the hills and the beer festival and then it was time to go.

I wasn’t sure how to run this so I was using a stripped-down version of my Loch Ness marathon strategy. Start Steady, see how it goes. I have yet to do a run that wasn’t longer than I thought it would be and after the relays and the Sunderland Parkrun 5K I’m seriously thinking about getting myself a huge ‘motivational’ poster that simply says IT’S FURTHER THAN YOU THINK! I caught Andy James around the 4K mark and then saw a splash of purple that turned out to be Zoe. At the 7K point I was a matter of yards behind her then we’d hit another downhill stretch and she’d bound away again. Then in the last km with nothing but uphill to the finish I made my move. A furious shout hit my ears and I was too scared to look over my shoulder as I slogged up the hill and into the castle grounds. I crossed the line and checked my time to discover that, bewilderingly, I was nearly 4 minutes down on last year. It hadn’t felt any easier!

Before long there was quite a crowd of Striders and we enjoyed the sunshine, took photos of ourselves then wandered of to investigate the beer festival and to see the prize giving. Jackie Smith won her prize in her category, and Andrew Thompson had another good run as did Andy Jordan, with Andy James, according to the results(!) beating the lot of us!


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Darran Bilton Swaledale Road Runners M40 1 0:32:49
11 Sarah Tunstall Kendal AC F 1 0:37:22
204 Andrew Thompson M 79 0:49:58
222 Andrew Jordan M 84 0:50:48
259 Christopher Hedley MV50 24 0:52:30
317 Dougie Nisbet MV45 44 0:55:09
324 Zoe Tomlins F 19 0:55:39
375 Andy James * MV60 17 0:58:23
430 Margaret Thompson FV60 3 1:06:22
436 Jackie Smith FV70 1 1:07:08

* After Stewards’ Inquiry.

461 finishers.

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Richmond Castle 10K, Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shaun Roberts

Cool morning for this one – the rain held off, and though we set off into the wind, it didn’t amount to much, and was soon coming from behind as we turned the first big corner.

Fiona was first Strider home, 5th lady overall, and won the first FV45 prize. I came in next, well chuffed to get round in a course PB, despite having bruised ribs from a headtorch run on the previous Wednesday. Nigel wasn’t far behind, and then they came in thick and fast. Well, as fast as you could go up the last climb into the Market Place. Jean picked up the second FV50 prize and Jan the first FV55 prize to round off a good day for our ladies, who were second team overall.

Bob and Fiona finishing in the market place

An honourable mention to Fiona’s Bob (41:14), who had a great run, two places in front of his Mum, and to Alan, Wendy’s other half, who finished in 43:48, swore he’d never do this one again, but changed his mind within five minutes of trying his first pint! Good to see Emma Robinson again, and Amanda’s legs were once more out in the sun, which was good to see. Mike Hall finished strongly up the hill, in front of another 29 runners, and over a minute up on last year.

The choice of ales at the beer festival afterwards was excellent, and very welcome – and the paella from the French Market outside also went down well. Good turnout of supporters around the course – great to have so much support! Thanks to Andy for organising the coach and to Pam for organising the pub lunch, which I had to miss, but which I’m sure was as good as last year’s. Pam says: Yes, the pub meal was very good.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Paul Lowe North York Moors M 34:42
7 Sarah Tunstall Kendal AC F 37:15
38 Fiona Shenton FV45 41:22
67 Shaun Roberts MV50 43:20
130 Nigel Heppell MV50 46:52
184 Gary Davies M 49:13
230 Dougie Nisbet MV45 51:21
242 Nina Mason FV35 51:58
261 Jean Bradley FV50 52:44
269 Andrew Thompson M 53:18
271 Jan Young FV55 53:35
287 Wendy Rowell FV55 54:39
288 Emma Robinson FV35 54:40
319 Amanda Hunter FV40 56:35
401 Margaret Thompson FV55 1:02:57
418 Mike Hall MV70 1:06:03

447 finishers

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Richmond Castle 10K, Sunday, October 14, 2007

Shaun Roberts

A good number of Striders turned out for this one – hardly surprising with a Beer Festival and a pub lunch thrown in. Nice sunny morning with hardly a breeze – quite warm by the end, in fact – really didn’t feel like the middle of October.

Will (18th) and Fiona (3rd lady, and first 45+ gadgie) had great runs at the sharp end. Lots of good runs lower down the field, especially from those who’d had perhaps drunk a couple more than usual the night before a race celebrating England’s epic victory in Paris. Debs’ backside didn’t prove too big an obstacle, Jan and Amanda were neck and neck on the line, and Mike Elliott had a great sprint finish, overtaking at least five on the grass. Mike Hall finished strongly up the hill, though he was typically modest about it afterwards …

Honourable mentions to Fiona’s Bob (51:01), and to Debs’ Dad Eric (52:22) who took away an MV65 prize. Commiserations to Mandy, who had to drop out after 3K as the smell of the pies from the Holly Hill Inn was just too much.

Special thanks to the great turnout of supporters around the course – loads of people cheering us on – brilliant! Also to Andy for organising the coach and to Pam for organising the pub lunch.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Paul Lowe North York Moors M 34:23
9 Sarah Tunstall Kendal AC F 37:59
18 Will Horsley M 39:19
41 Fiona Shenton FV45 41:17
110 Shaun Roberts MV50 46:01
124 Nigel Heppell MV50 46:48
204 Danelle DuPlessis F 50:47
216 Debra Goddard FV35 51:22
235 Jane Nathan FV40 52:16
259 Jean Bradley FV50 53:18
261 Wendy Rowell FV55 53:34
289 Louise Billcliffe FV40 55:02
294 David Shipman MV50 55:25
310 Andy James MV60 57:01
326 Amanda Hunter FV40 58:16
327 Jan Young FV55 58:16
376 Mike Elliott MV60 1:02:12
378 Margaret Thompson FV55 1:02:15
413 Mike Hall MV70 1:07:19

429 finishers

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Richmond Castle 10K, Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pam Kirkup

A Virgin’s Tale

Pam passing Richmond Castle

If losing one’s virginity was this difficult, then the human race would die out—I can’t imagine anyone wanting a repeat performance anyway!

So, Sunday 15th October dawned—a perfect day for running…sadly! In addition, Andy asked me to take charge of the bus and collecting in the dosh…no chance of backing out there then!

I did ask people on the bus about the course, but no-one seemed to be able to help. There was a few saying “Don’t know Pam, haven’t done it before.”, a few shrugs and then Susan said, somewhat enigmatically, “It’s best not to know, Pam. Just take it as it comes!” Is that what is normally said to ‘virgins’??

So that’s what I did! And it was best not to know! To call the course ‘undulating’ has to be a euphemism—the first 3K seemed to be relentlessly uphill…and steep is the word (is the word, is the word…)

However, it did level out and the course was very scenic and, actually very enjoyable…until the last half mile. This is the sadistic part—you just think you’ve cracked it, the hills are all over and you’re coasting home—then you have to run up the cobbles into the market place and then into the Castle Grounds. That part was killing! Killing but incredibly satisfying! For me it was my first race since the GNR 2005. I had done Swaledale but as a walker. It was probably not the best choice for a return to racing but it has given me a great deal of confidence. I now feel that I can run Brampton and hey, if I’m last—it doesn’t matter. I can only get better.

The Beer Festival was enjoyable but I gather that the beer was beginning to run out and lose quality so the revised leaving time of 3pm was a good idea.

I’d like to thank Dave Robson and my Paul (Foster) for their support and photos of the day.

Will I be there next year? Yeah right!…. No, of course! Seriously, of course I will. I ran it at my most unfit—well with very little training—I have to run this race again, for my own satisfaction and because I’m competitive enough to want to do a better time.

So maybe, losing one’s virginity does lead to satisfaction…and doing a whole lot better in the future!!


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
67 GEOFF DAVIS MV45 00:42:45
85 JOHN HUTCHINSON MV50 00:43:42
87 SHAUN ROBERTS MV45 00:43:49
176 MANDY DAWSON FV35 00:48:12
213 SUSAN DAVIS FV45 00:49:46
248 JANE NATHAN FV40 00:51:54
261 WENDY ROWELL FV55 00:52:40
271 JAN YOUNG FV50 00:53:13
358 JAMES NICHOLSON MV55 00:59:22
369 MIKE HALL MV75 01:00:55
393 JACKIE SMITH FV65 01:03:13
394 PAM KIRKUP FV55 01:03:23
428 KIM HALL FV70 01:25:23
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