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Sherman Cup & Davison Shield, Temple Park, Saturday, January 4, 2020

PosbibNameRace TimePackCat
11766Calum Johnson (Gateshead Harriers)28:51SMsen
15476Alex Mirley32:09MMV35
35482Chris Callan33:58FMV35
52501Graeme Watt34:46FMV40
74563Stuart Ord35:57FMsen
103516Lindsay Mcewan37:25SMV45
104507James Lee37:30MMV40
1121589Max Wilkinson37:59Sn/c
190553Robin Parsons40:34SMV40
2011795Stuart Scott41:06SMV35
252537Nick Latham43:11SMV45
260552Robert Thirkell43:31SMV55
262509John Bisson43:35SMV40
266478Andrew Davies43:42SMV40
293528Michael Dale44:19SMV40
322503Ian Butler45:38SMV55
323548Richard Hockin45:44SMV65
364556Shaun Roberts48:23SMV60
365511Jonathan Hamill48:27SMV40
378546Phil Swinburn50:00SMV40
404514Kevin Morson53:52SMsen
408559Stephen Ellis55:11SMV65
PosNumNameRace TimePackCat
1266Amy Fuller (Elswick Harriers)23:53FFsen
73374Nina Mason28:58MFV45
161378Rachelle Mason32:11SFV40
203369Louise Collins33:16SFV35
240352Jill Rudkin34:33SFV40
241398Zoe Dewdney-Parsons34:35SFV40
254342Fiona Harrington-Hughes35:06SFV45
266349Jan Young35:34SFV65
280345Heather Raistrick36:29SFV55
302348Jan Ellis38:28SFV55
328325Alison Smith40:54SFV40
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Sherman Cup & Davison Shield, Temple Park, Saturday, October 28, 2017


Ladies group photo. photo by Carla Clark


11214Amelia Pettitt (Newcastle University)FsenM22:51
58413Fiona JonesFV40M28:36
86462Susan DavisFV55S29:38
91458Sarah DaviesFV50S29:50
961168Natalie BellFsenS30:02
116414Fiona ShentonFV55S30:41
121436Katy WaltonFV35S30:53
125442Lesley HamillFV40S30:58
141461Stef BarlowFV40S31:29
158434Kathryn RogersFsenS32:06
159449Nina MasonFV40S32:07
166422Jean BradleyFV60S32:19
188430Karen ByngFV45S32:50
206459Sarah FawcettFV55S33:22
224427Joanne PorterFV45S33:51
240426Joanne PattersonFV35S34:30
290419Jan EllisFV55S36:41
315453Rebecca DoddFsenS38:32
328437Kerry BarnettFV45S40:09

a few of the Men's team after the race. Photo by Kerry Barnett.


1865Carl Avery (Morpeth Harriers & AC)MsenM29:21
69485Chris CallanMV35M35:30
85546Stuart ScottMV35S36:26
105520Matthew ArcherMV35M37:21
267487Conrad WhiteMV60S42:28
268498David LumsdonMV50S42:30
271525Mike BarlowMV40S42:39
295534Richard HockinMV65S43:14
322505Graeme WaltonMV45S44:17
328511Jonathan HamillMV40S44:29
329481Andrew DaviesMV40S44:38
345533Philip ConnorMsenS45:14
354513Lindsay RodgersMV45S45:45
382486Chris ShearsmithMV40S47:33
403499Dougie NisbetMV50S49:22
424542Stephen EllisMV60S52:32
426484Andrew ThurstonMV60S53:01

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Sherman Cup & Davison Shield, Temple Park, Saturday, November 19, 2016

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Mud King/Mud Queen Race - click flag for more information.


If it’s Good Enough for an Olympian……

A bright, cold day saw 25 Striders compete over a gentle x/c course ideal for beginners. This one off cup fixture hosted by the HL tends to attract smaller fields than the league matches themselves but, without the usual pack system, we still saw a men’s field of 379 and a women’s of 286.

Thirteen Strider women lined up to do battle with two times Olympic 1500m finalist Laura Weightman. Louise managed to get closest to her followed by Sarah and Helen and these were our counters for the Women’s Vet team (we had no senior team as no u/35 Striders competed!) As ever though there was plenty of support for them from faces old and new such as Jenny Search running for the first time this season and Jan Young running her millionth x/c supported by daughter Nina, in the race itself, and grand-daughter Leigh on the sidelines. The team received some enthusiastic support from Strider children ringing bells and waving purple and silver wavy things. It was much appreciated.

As a warm up to next Saturday’s crucial league fixture at Thornley, a dozen Strider men chose to compete here today for their club and were rewarded with 13th place in the Vet Team competition. Michael led the team home followed by a determined and grimacing James. Phil Ray was our first non vet home but once again we didn’t have sufficient youngsters to make up a senior team. That didn’t stop Richard Hockin from finishing first v60 home though!

Another great x/c day out was had by all, and it was particularly pleasing to see certain children of Strider parents perform so well in their orange vests. Potential Olympians of the future sharing the stage with an Olympian of today. If x/c is good enough for them then it’s good enough for me too!


position bib name cat race time
1 852 Carl Avery (Morpeth Harriers & AC Msen 29:10
82 536 Michael Littlewood MV40 36:09
112 520 James Garland MV40 37:21
172 546 Phil Ray MV35 39:31
215 515 Geoff Davis MV55 41:15
227 535 Michael Hughes MV45 41:33
234 497 Conrad White MV55 41:44
287 549 Richard Hockin MV60 43:46
315 561 Tim Matthews MV50 45:21
317 492 Andrew Davies MV40 45:23
357 496 Chris Shearsmith MV35 48:54
364 555 Stephen Ellis MV60 50:54

379 finishers.

position bib name cat race time
1 1172 Laura Weightman (Morpeth Harriers & AC) Fsen 21:29
49 411 Louise Warner FV35 28:00
81 425 Sarah Davies FV45 28:57
169 379 Helen Thomas FV40 31:47
172 384 Jenny Search FV40 31:55
177 369 Diane Harold FV40 32:07
179 356 Camilla Lauren-Maatta FV50 32:08
181 382 Jan Young FV60 32:19
190 415 Nina Mason FV40 32:38
206 434 Victoria Jackson FV35 33:17
215 351 Anja Fechtner FV35 33:44
254 389 Joanne Porter FV45 35:46
273 402 Kerry Barnett FV40 40:14
277 390 Joanne Richardson FV40 40:27

286 finishers.

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Sherman Cup & Davison Shield, Temple Park, Saturday, October 10, 2015

Steph Piper

The second cross country fixture of the season saw the day bright, warm and dry. Conditions were firm to soft with little mud, distinctly very un-XC like. Perhaps just as well the Mudpeople were seeking less stable conditions up Kirk Fell in Wasdale.

Striders, old and new.

Twenty Striderettes took to the start line, of which five were making their cross country debut. The scratch race nature of this fixture made for a scrappy start as 320 women jostled for position up the first incline. Elaine Bisson shot off in to the distance to become the first Strider home in 33rd place and first veteran counter. Fifty places back was Fiona Kinghorn-Jones, second Strider and veteran counter over the line, followed not far behind by Fiona Shenton who completed the trio to finish 10th in the Vet’s competition – congratulations ladies!

Steph leading the pack.

Hot on Fiona S’s heels was Catherine Elliott in a storming run at her second XC race, with Camilla Lauren-Määttä next. Steph Piper had them both in her sights for much of the race but was unable to catch them, finishing as first senior counter. Jan Young, Jenny Search and first-timer Sue Gardham were the next to finish, strung out across the field ahead of Kate MacPherson and Helen Thomas who battled it out to the end, only two seconds adrift of each other.

First-timer Sue Gardham.Fiona, with a little help from NormanA tightly-packed bunch of Striders ladies followed in their wake. There were strong performances from debutants Vics Jackson and Karen Metters, who led in a pack of nine Striders ladies within the next 50 places. Vics pipped a rival DCH at the line in a sprint finish, Karen outperformed several competitors along the back straight.

They were followed closely by: Clare Metcalfe as second senior counter; Diane Watson’s whose long days training in the hills made for a time 1:32 quicker than last year; first-timer Lucy Herkes’ Monday grass training clearly paid dividends to make her the third and final senior counter (well done to you both – 19th in the Senior’s competition!); Rebecca Devine’s storming sprint finish knocked back ten other competitors to finish two places above Helen Hall who also performed admirably in her XC debut. Jan Ellis and Jenny Cooper rounded up the team, both running well.

The glasses are off, this looks serious. Before long, the men were away. The field was huge, well over 400 streamed out along the course where we cheered them on from the top of the big hill. Rob Everson led the team of 18 Striders men and looked strong for the first two laps but unfortunately had to pull out due to a niggling injury. So it was that Simon Gardner became the first Strider home by a wide margin (120th place and first veteran counter). Matthew Archer, Jack Lee (first and second senior counters respectively) and Scott Watson (second vet counter) followed in quick succession after that. Jack in his second XC looking like the terrain suits him well with Simon, Matt and Scott all producing the admirable performances we know and love.

Next to follow was Dave Halligan as the final veteran counter, placing the men’s veteran’s team 20th overall – excellent! Andrew Rayner as the third senior counter was not far behind, the senior gents finishing 25th in the table – a job very well done indeed. Steve Lindsay and Shaun Roberts put in strong performances as the Striders men began to come in thick and fast. Malcolm Sygrove, in a long-awaited XC debut, heralded the arrival of a close group which included Richard Hockin, determined to the end; Richard Hall Sr; Ari Hodgson who put in a great finish; David Case in a spectacular sprint but was overhauled by a rival from Crook; ultra-man Dave Robson who managed to pull five places clear of Dougie Nisbet in the final lap; Steve Ellis still looking strong and not-last Gareth Cardus, paced in by Richard Hall on a cool-down lap of the field.

Well done to all who ran and many thanks to those who provided much-needed shouts of encouragement and, of course, cake. See you all on the battlefield next month at Aykley Heads.


position bib name cat pack race time
1 833 Lewis Timmins (Morpeth Harriers) MSen F 30:18
120 546 Simon Gardner MV45 S 36:44
182 528 Matthew Archer Msen S 38:29
198 513 Jack Lee Msen S 38:52
222 544 Scott Watson MV50 S 39:27
267 497 Dave Halligan MV50 S 40:44
283 488 Andrew Rayner Msen S 41:17
314 550 Steve Lindsay MV55 S 42:25
335 545 Shaun Roberts MV55 S 43:15
375 522 Malcolm Sygrove MV45 S 44:46
392 540 Richard Hockin MV60 S 45:35
403 539 Richard Hall MV55 S 46:13
407 491 Ari Hodgson MU20 S 46:23
427 500 David Case Msen S 48:00
435 498 Dave Robson MV60 S 48:51
441 506 Dougie Nisbet MV50 S 49:39
453 548 Stephen Ellis MV60 S 52:20
463 508 Gareth Cardus MV35 S 59:58

464 finishers.

position bib name cat pack race time
1 1113 Emily Stewart (Newcastle University) FSen F 21:36
33 378 Elaine Bisson FV35 M 26:24
83 380 Fiona Jones FV35 M 28:35
102 381 Fiona Shenton FV55 S 29:13
108 367 Catherine Elliott FV35 S 29:32
126 366 Camilla Lauren-Maatta FV50 S 30:01
135 436 Stephanie Piper Fsen S 30:14
165 390 Jan Young FV60 S 31:19
182 396 Jenny Search FV35 S 32:03
201 437 Sue Gardham FV40 S 32:43
222 406 Kate MacPherson FV40 S 33:27
223 386 Helen Thomas FV40 S 33:29
250 827 Victoria Jackson FV35 S 34:57
256 822 Karen Metters FV40 S 35:10
264 372 Clare Metcalfe Fsen S 35:51
268 377 Diane Watson FV50 S 35:57
276 420 Lucy Herkes Fsen S 36:23
280 430 Rebecca Devine Fsen S 36:52
283 385 Helen Hall FV45 S 36:57
294 389 Jan Ellis FV50 S 38:09
296 394 Jennifer Cooper FV35 S 38:18

320 finishers.

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Sherman Cup & Davison Shield, Temple Park, Saturday, October 25, 2014


Blowin’ in the Wind

‘The times they are a’changin’ for Striders as no less than 7 women made their cross country debuts for the club at South Shields on Saturday! In total there were 27 Striders in the senior / veteran women’s team plus our own ‘girl from the north country’ Sally Hughes in the u/20 / u/17 women’s race. What a turn out! The men too managed to muster 21 of their number including Ari Hodgson and Peter McGowan donning the purple vest for the first time at the HL.

It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry.

The ‘buckets of rain’ we’d been praying for never materialised so rather than providing ‘shelter from the storm’ our perfectly pitched tent made do with keeping us out of the wind. And how it blew – although not hard enough to keep Sally from a top ten position in her race. Hers was a gutsy performance – ‘just like a (Striders’) woman’ which must have had Dad Mike thinking ‘you’re a big girl now’. Well done Sally!

The ocean of purple then flooded onto the start line for the women’s race. Another huge field of over 300 runners waited for the off making me reflect on how ‘things have changed’ for women’s x/c over recent years. This was wonderfully illustrated by the presence of our debutants: Elaine Bisson, Jennifer Cooper, Kelly Collier, Kate MacPherson, Kay Cairns, Claire Galloway & Diane Watson. What ‘simple twist of fate’ brought them all to this spot on this day? Was it parkun, C25K, tales of daring do from HLs of old – who knows? Whatever it was the team would have been much the poorer ‘if not for (all of) you’!

Gypsy Lou. Pressing On.

At the front Katy flew round, closely followed by Elaine, to finish first senior Strider & first veteran Strider respectively. Other ‘counters’ included Fiona K-J & Mudwoman for the Vets team and Lucy and Steph P for the seniors (well done Lucy & Steph – first time as counters). But what support they had from the rest of the purple tide! Kelly – seeming to love every minute, Kate – grimly determined, Barbara – with the ‘dignity’ we come to expect & Jan – who will surely stay ‘forever young’! Well done to all of you – 6th team place in the Vets competition and 13th in the seniors!

The men were last to go but we say to the Striderettes ‘don’t think twice it’s all right’! A huge crowd of blokes in club vests of every hue set off round the still dry, firm and relatively flat course. Rob once again flew across the grass ‘like a rolling stone’ to make it as first Strider home followed by Simon as first vet in what was perhaps his best ever x/c performance(?) . Neil Sleeman was next senior home and I suspect many Striders watching were pleased to see an expression of pain etched on his face – no prizes for guessing why! It was also good to see Neil’s family there but I did wonder to myself: ‘Corrina, Corrina’ why aren’t you running? However, I suspect budding Strider Georgina must have said ‘it’s alright Ma’ not to run!

A trio of Striders, locked together, were to follow Neil to claim the remaining ‘counter places’. Scott had been glued to Mudman’s shoulder ‘most of the time’ put pulled away at the last to overtake Matt Crow as well. Mudman tried that too thinking ‘when you gonna wake up’ as his sprint brought him ever closer to a seemingly ambling Matt – who did wake up just in time!

Masters of War. Once again there were great performances by Striders throughout the field. Mike Hughes had a great run storming round like a ‘hurricane’ for his best ever finish – upwards and onwards I think! Young Ari just piped his old man, Phil O avoided the ‘desolation row’ of Cramlington, poor Eric was robbed of 385th place and it was good to see Mettie in the mud again and thinking of those ‘summer days’ in the medium pack! Well done to you all – 13th team in the Vet’s competition and 21st in the Seniors! To each and every one of you I want you to know ‘I believe in you’!


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Nick Swinburn Morpeth Harriers & AC M Sen 28:55
54 Rob Everson M Sen 34:09
120 Simon Gardner S Vet 36:51
160 Neil Sleeman S Sen 37:57
199 Scott Watson S Vet 39:03
200 Matthew Crow S Sen 39:04
201 Geoff Davis S Vet 39:05
209 Michael Hughes S Vet 39:23
218 Matthew Archer S Sen 39:51
240 David Brown S Sen 40:20
253 Graeme Walton S Vet 40:45
259 Aaron Gourley S Sen 40:52
260 Conrad White S Vet 40:53
318 John Metson S Vet 42:37
319 Jon Steed S Vet 42:39
374 Richard Hockin S Vet 44:13
379 Ari Hodgson S Sen 44:20
383 Innes Hodgson S Vet 44:48
386 Eric Green S Vet 45:02
420 Peter McGowan S Vet 47:24
424 Phil Owen S Vet 47:41
446 Stephen Ellis S Vet 51:54

453 finishers.

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Alyson Dixon Sunderland Strollers F Vet 22:05
34 Katy Walton M Sen 26:39
46 Elaine Bisson S Vet 27:25
63 Fiona Jones S Vet 28:28
79 Lucy Cowton S Sen 28:54
91 Susan Davis S Vet 29:13
118 Camilla Lauren-Maatta S Vet 30:08
143 Debra Goddard S Vet 30:46
176 Stephanie Piper S Sen 31:42
184 Jan Young S Vet 32:04
187 Jean Bradley S Vet 32:12
191 Stef Barlow S Vet 32:18
212 Anita Clementson S Vet 33:15
231 Kate MacPherson S Vet 33:59
239 Jacquie Robson S Vet 34:27
241 Anja Fechtner S Vet 34:30
242 Barbara Dick S Vet 34:31
265 Kirsty Steed S Vet 36:13
272 Joanne Porter S Vet 37:04
277 Diane Watson S Vet 37:29
279 Jennifer Cooper S Vet 37:33
280 Louise Billcliffe S Vet 37:36
283 Kelly Collier S Sen 37:43
285 Denise Benvin S Vet 37:53
294 Joanne Richardson S Vet 38:26
309 Anita Dunseith S Sen 41:56
310 Kay Cairns S Sen 42:42
312 Claire Galloway S Sen 45:09

314 finishers.

U17 & U20 Girls
Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Ellie Mahon Gateshead Harriers S U20 22:56
8 Sally Hughes S U20 22:56

25 finishers.

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Sherman Cup & Davison Shield, Tanfield, Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mudman and Mudwoman

The cross country season started on Saturday with the Sherman Cup / Davidson Shield and was greeted by a beautiful warm late summer afternoon. The new venue at Tanfield was near perfect: plenty of easily accessible parking, event centre close by, lots of room for club tents, a grassy undulating course and all in a pleasant rural setting – what more could you ask for (mud, rain, cold, hills etc?)!

Here we go again ...

After a minor revolution at this year’s HL AGM the senior women’s race started before the men’s. The Sea of Purple numbered 15 Striderettes with no less than five making their x/c debut! An impressive field of 184 women (a record for this competition I suspect) set off in the sunshine and Rachel Terry was the first to show and she led the team through the two lap course. Everyone had brilliant runs with debutant Fiona Jones chasing Mudwoman to the end. Our other Newbies all enjoyed themselves with Kirsty, Debbie, Victoria and Paula putting in a wonderful effort and all seemed elated at the end. Jacquie Robson had a particularly impressive and determined run – she took no prisoners in her sprint to the line! This all bodes well for the 2013-14 season which is likely to prove particularly tough in Division 1. Nonetheless, we’ve got bags of determination and enthusiasm which should do the old club proud!

The men’s race was next up and 16 Strider men joined the huge field (324 – another record) on the congested start line. Adam Walker, making his debut at senior level, shot off and even Old Tom couldn’t catch him over the three lap course. The sun was blazing down by now but debutant Rob Everson chased both Toms around to finish 4th Strider home. Jon Steed, also making his debut, had a tough race but declared his unbounded enthusiasm for x/c at the end. Other old hands put in tremendous efforts with Richard Hall making Mudman himself work much harder than he wanted to in the sunshine! Well done everyone, with some more debutants and the return on one or two old lags you never know we might be in with a shout for promotion this season?!

Grit, and indeed, determination!

But what a fantastic day! Sunshine, cake, happy children and Mudwoman’s birthday – it might take some topping – but I’m sure we’ll manage it when the mud arrives!!


Men – Sherman Cup
Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Nick Swinburn Morpeth Harriers & AC 29:42
49 Adam Walker 35:57
96 Tom Reeves 38:16
109 Tom Spurling 38:49
116 Rob Everson 39:06
166 Geoff Davis 41:12
167 Richard Hall (1) 41:16
189 Shaun Roberts 42:18
196 Mike Bennett 42:35
199 Michael Hughes 42:45
218 Marco van der Bremer 43:27
219 Michael Terry 43:33
224 Alister Robson 43:48
226 Jon Steed 43:56
229 Aaron Gourley 44:03
261 Richard Hockin 46:15
313 Phil Owen 51:58

324 finishers.

Women – Davison Shield
Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Alex Snook Jarrow & Hebburn AC 23:34
35 Rachel Terry 27:40
46 Fiona Shenton 28:20
73 Susan Davis 30:46
76 Fiona Jones 31:04
105 Paula Timlin 32:29
106 Jean Bradley 32:30
116 Kirsty Anderson 32:49
123 Jacquie Robson 33:14
134 Jan Young 33:42
152 Louise Billcliffe 35:10
154 Barbara Dick 35:21
156 Jill Ford 35:39
171 Victoria Downes 38:12
172 Nicola van den Bremer-Hornsby 38:12
176 Debbie McFarland 39:38

184 finishers.

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Sherman Cup & Davison Shield, Temple Park, Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mudman and Mudwoman

Nice day to start the new cross-country season. Striders’ X/C season got off to a bright and breezy start at South Shields on Saturday. The sun shone on the 27 Striders who competed and on the dozen or so supporters there to cheer them on. The course for the Sherman Cup / Davidson Shield was relatively ‘mud-free’, considering the rain we’ve had lately, so our numerous debutants had a relatively gentle introduction into the wonderful world of cross country!

There were no fewer than six men making their x/c debuts in the senior men’s race and they all coped well with the conditions and competition. They included: Simon Gardner, Graeme Walton, Aaron Gourley, Kevin Williams, Stephen Garbutt and David Selby.

Our own Adam Walker was also there making his debut in the highly competitive Under-17 men’s race and finished in the top 20.

Birthday girls! Willing and otherwise ... ;-) Alternative caption just in: 'Madwoman and Mudwoman' No, Keith, we certainly can't use that. Ed. Of the 12 ladies running in purple there were three debutants: Kate Walton, Katherine Preston and Nicola VDBH all of whom had a great race and a brilliant day out which included, for some, a dip in the sea followed by coffee and ice cream!

So we’re under way but the serious stuff starts in just under four weeks time at Cramlington for the first League fixture. Let’s see if we can get a record turn out with all the old hands pulling on the purple vests in support of all our new keen, X/C addicts!


Men – Sherman Cup
Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 HURST, Phil Elswick Harriers 30:51
76 LLOYD, Jerry 35:57
89 REEVES, Thomas 36:23
112 GIBSON, David 37:38
129 GARDNER, Simon 38:19
147 DAVIS, Geoff 39:09
167 WALTON, Graeme 39:53
177 ROBERTS, Shaun 40:34
209 GOURLEY, Aaron 42:45
216 ROBSON, Alister 43:00
217 WILLIAMS, Kevin 43:03
219 VAN DER BREMER, Marco 43:15
228 HOCKIN, Richard 43:52
231 GARBUTT, Stephen 44:06
233 SELBY, David 44:12

272 finishers.

Women – Davison Shield
Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 SMITH, Rosie Durham City Harriers 21:58
44 MASON, Nina 29:16
47 PERCIVAL, Jules 29:25
52 DAVIS, Susan 29:30
56 BARLOW, Stef 29:40
64 WALTON, Kate 30:06
68 GODDARD, Debs 30:10
70 BRAY, Carolyn 30:19
77 BULLOCK, Rachel 30:54
93 YOUNG, Jan 32:09
104 PRESTON, Katherine 33:40
108 VAN DEN BREMER-HORNSBY, Nicola 34:18
114 CLEMENTSON, Anita 35:15

124 finishers.

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Sherman Cup & Davison Shield, Temple Park, Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mudman and Mudwoman

New banner. Nineteen Striders were in South Shields yesterday to represent the club at the above cross country event – seventeen ran the race while two cheered them on!

A very strong men’s team, led home by Phil Sanderson, finished 11th out of 25 teams in what was a large field for the Sherman Cup (279). The women, led home by Mudwoman herself, finished 14th out of 18 teams in what was again a very large field for this event (120).

Just like Cramlington two weeks ago it was a ‘nice’ day if a bit windy with a distinct lack of mud!

The HL proper starts up again next week so lets see as many of you there as possible (please bring your own pins as the Mudpeople stock is now exhausted!).


Men – Sherman Cup
Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 MCLEOD, Ryan Tipton Harriers 29:00
16 SANDERSON, Phil 32:30
38 HORSLEY, Will 34:19
85 GARLAND, James 36:42
117 GIBSON, David 37:48
135 REEVES, Thomas 38:33
158 DAVIS, Geoff 40:02
187 ROBERTS, Shaun 41:38
198 WHITE, Conrad 42:05
225 HALL, Richard 44:09
264 ROBSON, Dave 48:02
272 SMITH, Alan 51:06

279 finishers. Men’s team 11th of 25.

Debs shows us her ... err, number.

Women – Davison Shield
Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 WILKINSON, Sarah Morpeth Harriers 23:26
45 DAVIS, Susan 29:18
57 GODDARD, Debs 29:50
77 LAMB, Liz 31:29
79 BARLOW, Stef 31:38
81 BRADLEY, Jean 31:43
110 PROCTOR, Angela 35:11
115 CLEMENTSON, Anita 36:42

120 finishers. Women’s Team 14th of 18.

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Sherman Cup and Davison Shield, Temple Park, South Shields, Saturday, October 24, 2009


Found one of you too, Anna!The 2009-10 cross country season started with an excellent turnout of 19 Striders at yesterday’s Sherman Cup in South Shields.

On a wet and windy day no less than seven Striders made their x/c debuts (five women and two men) with debutant Phillip Sanderson finishing 7th overall and leading the Striders men home while Mudwoman herself, in pouring rain, was first lady Strider home.

This was a great start to the season and everyone seemed to have a good time in the tent and out on the course in spite of the hostile weather. Elvet Eats were in full swing and barely a crumb was left when the tent was dismantled.

Susan.Stef.Nina.Jo - quite, quite mad.


Jan.Corrina.Clare, beyond pain.Emma. Where does a general keep his armies? All together now ...

See you all at Farringdon for the first Harrier League fixture on Saturday 28 November.

Thanks to Phil Owen for the photos.


Davison Shield

Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 WILKINSON, Sarah Unattached (?) 22:47
40 DAVIS, Susan 29:44
42 BARLOW, Stephanie 29:54
45 MASON, Nina 30:07
48 HERON, Joanne 30:19
51 YOUNG, Jan 30:50
55 PETHYBRIDGE, Anna 31:15
59 JAMES, Corrina 32:14
74 BOS, Clare Van Den 35:49
75 DETCHON, Emma 36:00

78 finishers.
Team 10th out of 11 full teams.

Sherman Cup

Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 HURST, Phil Elswick Harriers 29:29
7 SANDERSON, Phillip 31:33
22 HORSLEY, Will 33:06
94 GIBSON, David 37:17
120 REEVES, Thomas 38:33
142 ROBERTS, Shaun 40:02
155 METSON, John 41:05
158 DAVIS, Geoff 41:10
201 OWEN, Phil 44:32
224 NISBET, Dougie 47:48
228 ROBSON, Dave 49:31

235 finishers.
Teams 1st: 6th, 2nd: 37th, 3rd: 56th out of 67 full teams of three each.
Subject to Stewards’ inquiry.

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Sherman Cup and Davison Shield, Temple Park, Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shaun Roberts

A cool breezy day for the first cross-country outing of the season. This event is a good warm up for the Harrier League – three laps for the men and two for the women and each lap with about four small climbs. The ground was still pretty firm, despite a bit of recent rain.

Will was first Strider home in the Sherman Cup, so no surprise there – he was two seconds adrift of last year’s time, but five places further up. I came in some considerable distance behind him, but I had a good run despite my ribs still aching. Dougie was next, in his first cross-country outing (“I loved it”, he said afterwards – “I’ll be doing all the Harrier League events now I can see how much fun it is.”) Good to see John Everett back out racing again, also Dave after his recent foot problem. Phil Owen came in next, running his second event of the day, this time whilst listening to the progress of the football, and then Alan, a good seven minutes before the last runner.

In the Davison Shield, Fiona came in fifth, four places better than last year. Nina was next, finishing strongly (see below), then Susan and Jan. The ladies team finished third, which is quite promising.

Nina finishing strongly in the Davison Shield


Davison Shield

Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 SIMPSON, Kim Gateshead Harriers 23:47
5 SHENTON, Fiona 25:57
27 MASON, Nina 30:00
30 DAVIS, Susan 30:38
33 YOUNG, Jan 31:21

41 finishers.
Team 3rd out of 7 full teams.

Sherman Cup

Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 MASSINGHAM, Gavin Sunderland Harriers 29:54
23 HORSLEY, Will 33:33
122 ROBERTS, Shaun 40:58
159 NISBET, Dougie 44:52
167 EVERETT, John 46:08
177 ROBSON, Dave 47:37
181 OWEN, Phil 48:27
188 PURVIS, Alan 53:36

189 finishers.
Team 20th out of 21 full teams.

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