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Sunderland 5K, Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Katy Walton

I had been looking forward to this race following my great experience in 2015. This race is a very fast 5k course. On this night the sun was out and the wind up slightly, but no conditions to make the pb seekers fear their results.

Ladies and M50’s were the first group of people to charge down the 1k hill at the very start of the race. Elbows all out hoping that you don’t trip.

Once reaching the bottom of the hill a crowd of spectators greeted the eager runners as they started their small lap of the park.

Clearly marked kilometre signs were positioned en route for those keeping to a set pace.

As you finished the first loop of the park you approach the supporters again, Simon, Allan, Graeme, Mark, Stephen and Gareth were shouting loudly. Next is a larger loop where runners do a loop of the lake, at this point the wind was certainly making its point in slowing me down.

A lady who I often race against at the NEMAA ran past me which bucked me up a bit, I knew I was on par with her so my new aim was to keep on her.

A little mistake I made last year was that I didn’t push on the winning ‘straight’ (I was unaware where the finish was) and this year I was determined not to repeat my mistake so I started to pick up my pace and give my all.

A nasty little incline on the finishing straight certainly finished each runner off nicely!

Excellent times from all Striders, Stephen Soulsby, Elaine Bisson, Louise Warner, Lesley Charman, Fiona Jones and Karen Byng, Louise Barrow, Catherine Smith and Victoria Stott.

In the second race Strider men running were Gareth Pritchard, Stephen Jackson, Mark Warner and Graeme Walton, all men gave their all as the vast group of runners flew down the hill causing a big draft of wind to hit the spectators. Fabulous runs from all.

This race is a brilliant, cheap local race which can be entered on the night and also an offering of a good chance of a pb. See you next year Sunderland 5k!!

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Sunderland 5K, Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Katy Walton

Quick 5k just what I needed to see where I was with my training. I headed over to Sunderland with Graeme who had race envy so he entered the race on the night.

It was a gorgeous sunny night with a good turn out of club runners including plenty of Striders.

First race up was female and V50 men. To the top of the hill Louise Warner, Sarah Davies and myself did go. Feeling nervous, I had heard the start was a scrabble with a chance of a tumble and a crushing as people run over you! Off we went down the hill immediately. Louise Warner must have had too many skittles as she flew down the hill ahead of me. Taking note that Stephen Jackson had gone off too fast last year I decided to let her go. “I will catch her” my positive mindset said.

Once at the bottom of the hill the runners go around the small lake, this did include a little hill, but soon you were heading along on the flat again. I managed to pass Louise on the bridge as we approached the lake. About 400 metres later Kim Simpson seemed to be getting closer to me, I reeled her in and went past, this gave me a boost to continue running as I was.

Up the hill to the crowds of supporters I went with huge cheers from Lesley, Phil, Catherine and the strider men who were ready to race. Back onto the lake path, this time to do a loop around the big lake.

I enjoyed this loop, you could see that the course ahead was flat, this just made me feel great and continue with my pace.

Before I knew it I was running back up the hill towards the supporters and there was the finish. It was over. I looked at my watch praying it to be under 21minutes and to my shock 20.03. Louise came in not far behind me followed by Sarah, both enjoying the race.

The guys race was over and done before you new it. The order changed between the Striders as they ran past to do their loops. We were all guessing who would come round first the next time, it was very exciting! Excellent efforts from all but Rob ran in first followed by Stephen and then Gareth. Graeme had a great run followed by Richard Hall senior. Simon Gardner had a fantastic time too he came in after the dashing trio ahead of Graeme.

I think this would be a great race for the sprint section in the Grand Prix next year. It’s local, very fast and they accept entries on the day.

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Sunderland 5K, Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Becky Fisher

The weather took a turn for the worse and I wondered what the turnout for the Sunderland 5k road race would be like as I set off from Durham on Wednesday night. In spite of the downpour that greeted us on arrival at Silksworth there were nigh on 350 runners prepared to face the torrential rain. They didn’t have to! On the whistle, glorious sunshine and high temperatures were the conditions the six Striders (plus former member Adam Walker) were facing on the “fast” course. Gareth Pritchard led our Striders home, closely followed by Rob Everson. The male contingent was completed by Stephen Jackson and Alister Robson. Rebecca Fisher and Kathleen Bellamy rounded up the Striders representation at a well organised and fun event.

We were greeted at the finishing line with a Start Fitness discount card and Bibfix clips – bonus goodies. In the heat, I could have done with having the water distributed to us first!! Easy to get to, local, very friendly and an easy course to follow.

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Sunderland 5K, Silksworth, Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Alister Robson

Three Striders went over to Sunderland for this presumably all thinking as I did that it would be considerably quicker than the nearby Sunderland parkrun course as it skips the hills that make that such a challenge.

Turns out, I at least was wrong. Starting from the path next to the “turnaround tree” familiar to Sunderland parkrunners the course runs straight down the hill to the little bridge and along and up to where George Harden usually stands and marshalls, at the fork to the big lake. Here it takes the first major deviation splitting instead left, to go alongside the small angling lake (which I didn’t know was there before tonight) and eventually popping out on the other side of the bridge as a small loop. Over the bridge and this time a slightly larger loop encompassing the familiar large lake, before again turning down past the angling lake and popping out on the grass at the back of Sainsburys.

Keri, unfortunately taking part in one of her last runs in the purple and green, had a better run than I did, despite nearly being crowded off the path at the start, and despite the ill advised spicy tea she grabbed in a dash before setting off for Sunderland! Luckily that didn’t make a reappearance.

Local favourites, Sunderland Harriers and friends Dean Phillips and Dave Savage hared off into the distance and I never got anywhere near catching them. Deano just missed his race target of 20mins by 9 seconds. I’m quite sure he’ll do it soon – maybe at Durham parkrun when we get that up and running? Jo came in nicely and and had a battle with David Whitmore of South Shields, eventually just pipping the elder statesman of local athletics to the line.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Nick Swinburn Morpeth Harriers M 14.36
23 Hester Dix Blaydon Harriers F 16.39
103 Keri Pearson F 20.32
117 Alister Robson M 21.16
175 Joanne Porter F40 26.02

192 finishers.

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Sunderland 5K, Silksworth, Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dave Robson

I hadn’t planned to do it and only finally decided the day before. I hadn’t done it before, so I didn’t know it all. Got there and I was slightly confused about where to park (I parked in the tennis centre which turned out to be a good choice) and where registration was (at the ski slope), but I got sorted. Got a number and met several other people I know who I hadn’t expected to be there. It’s great when you have lots of people to talk to before and after a race.

The race was set at Silksworth Sports Complex (I have never been before) and they had an impressive outdoor ski slope and indoor tennis facilities. The course was all on tarmac paths around the grounds of the Complex, so completely traffic free

It turned out that it’s a/the NE championship race and there were a lot of very fast looking young runners there as well as few old timers like me. I had heard that the first corner got very crowded so Phil and I decided to start at the back and avoid all of that. The first K is downhill all the way so its a very fast start. After that it’s pretty flat for the rest of the time. The plan was just to take it easy and see how it went. There were no K or mile markers.

Both Phil and I got PBs which we were both very pleased with. We got a shot glass as a finishing memento and chatted with several friends and Fetchies who all seemed to have done fast times. There have been some comments that the times in the results seem quite a bit slower than watch times.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Mark Hood Sunderland H & AC 14:45
174 Dave Robson V55 14 22:45
185 Phil Owen V40 11 23:25

229 finishers.

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