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Tynedale Harriers 10 Mile Jelly Road Race, Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dougie Nisbet

Louise spies the finish I wasn’t really sure what I was meant to do, and across the car park I spied a similarly perplexed looking individual. Wandering over I asked his advice. He shrugged in a relaxed manner, said it was his first race too, and we assumed, rightly, that by following everyone else, things would sort themselves out.

That was 8 years ago and the stranger in the car park was Phil Owen. Neither of us knew at that time that Elvet Striders existed but even then the purple presence in the race was unmistakable.

NatalieBack to yesterday morning and lying in bed a reminder on my phone told me that it was Jelly Tea time. I hadn’t planned on doing this event as, being a point to point, I remembered it being a fiddly business. But closer reading showed that it now started and finished at the same place, and, importantly, there were entries on the day. I could feel another impulse purchase coming on.

It was hot and calm at Hexham Racecourse and the drive up and up from Hexham to the venue were an indication of what we were in for. Much is written about specificity of training and this event has often been a favourite pre-taper 10-miler for those doing the Great North Run. However, as far as specificity goes, it shares little with the GNR. It’s hilly. My word is it hilly! This all new course scours the quiet lanes south of Hexham, where there are an abundance of quiet, steep, endless hills.

Striders Sticking Together After a ropey season I’m still treating races as fact-finding missions, testing myself to see how my form is and what I might expect in the GNR in two week’s time. I didn’t feel lightning quick or fit but I didn’t feel too bad either so I settled down and had an enjoyable 10 miles in the sunshine.

I’m not sure what I think of the all-new course – I think I like it – and as long as you enter in the knowledge that the chances of a PB are negligible, there are far worse ways of spending your day.


position name bib cat cat pos club finish time chip time
1 Tadele Geremew Mulugeta 321 Ages16-39 1/105 Elswick Harriers 00:56:10 00:56:08
14 Justina Heslop 192 Ages35-39 1/34 Elswick Harriers 01:03:07 01:03:04
94 Elaine Bisson 42 Ages 35-39 5/34 01:15:57 01:15:49
104 Matthew Archer 18 Ages 16-39 52/105 01:16:45 01:16:39
235 Helen Todd 456 Ages 35-39 11/34 01:29:36 01:29:11
271 Victoria Brown 60 Ages 16-34 22/63 01:33:50 01:33:12
278 Jean Bradley 50 Ages 55-59 5/10 01:34:23 01:34:00
279 David Spence 421 Ages 65+ 4/10 01:34:37 01:34:05
323 Anna Seeley 402 Ages 16-34 31/63 01:38:14 01:37:39
348 Dougie Nisbet 535 Ages 50-54 32/41 01:42:02 01:41:38
396 Louise Barrow 31 Ages 16-34 47/63 01:49:32 01:48:41
439 Laura Gibson 522 Ages 35-39 33/34 02:02:42 02:01:51
440 Karrie Eilles 138 Ages 16-34 61/63 02:02:42 02:01:52
441 Natalie Johnson 231 Ages 35-39 34/34 02:02:43 02:01:53
445 Jaqueline Wright 500 02:03:21 02:02:30

450 finishers.

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Tynedale Jelly Tea, Hexham, Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dave Spence

Woke up got out of bed dragged a comb across my head and then reality struck when I realised it was Sunday and a 10 mile race faced me that morning. No going back to bed since I had promised to take Barrie Evans to the race. So 8.30 Barrie arrives and off we go to the Tynedale Jelly Tea.

Knowing the way to Ovingham very well doesn’t stop going the wrong way twice. I know what you are thinking – Old men not able to talk and navigate at the same time might have been the problem. But got there in plenty of time and caught the bus to Hexham. After the short pleasant journey arrived at the modern sports centre, checked in, acquired a number, changed, threw bag on baggage bus, chatted to other striders and then not being able to put it off any further a short walk to the start.

So a shuffle along to the start with obligatory toilet stop (it’s an age thing) and we were off. The first 3 miles mainly downhill finally dropping into Corbridge [where the race passes some extremely handy toilets – I should know … Ed.]. Time looking good. But then before your very eyes looms heartbreak hill out of Corbridge. And oh it goes on and on and on for 2 miles. Water poured over the head near the top, Turn left, marshall says downhill now, liar. It’s up then down then up. But what goes up must go down and it does for nearly 3 miles to Bywell. More water poured over the head. Sorry did I mention the heat. Then it’s 1.5 miles level road alongside the Tyne before you turn left and hit a minor Eiger for 200 yards and a marshall says again it’s all downhill now. Well it is after the uphill bit which wasn’t mentioned. And finally the finish down to Ovingham school with a reasonable time.

Then cheer in other Striders at the finish including Barrie. At last reward time and into the School for jelly, sandwich, tea and piece of cake. What better way to spend Sunday on what is a really well organised interesting run which has a great atmosphere. Numbers running were well down this year I suspect because of closeness to the Big One.

Now looking forward to next year?

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Tynedale Jelly Tea, Hexham, Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gareth Pritchard

It’s a few weeks after this 10 mile race so time to write some words on the Tynedale 10 mile jelly race. I entered this as part of the Tynedale Harriers 10k and 10 mile deal to save a bit of cash, always a good thing and nice to see, this would be my first 10 mile so PB time.

The 10k a few months ago was raced in the same area so i was expecting a good, well run event again. The race starts in hexham and ends in ovingham. The race organisation was first class again, i parked up outside ovingham then a short walk to the school and on the first bus for 9 am to the start at hexham sports centre. They run a later bus too, but you are a bit tight for time with this one.

Changing facility’s were first class and baggage transport was outside waiting, clear instructions for the short walk to the start too. After meeting up with a few striders i got the essential last min tips on the course as this would be the first time i had done this one. A big hill around 3 miles in and a cheeky short steep hill in the last mile, always good to have an idea on whats to come.

I had been out from running for 5 weeks due to a broken hand and this was only my second week back. I had just done a respectable 18:34 park run but had no miles in my legs and a massive fear of blowing up mid race due to no running for 5 weeks. Like most runners i was having other problems which we just live and run on. My knees pre hand problems were not 100% after a very hard first marathon experience. So it was a great feeling being on the start line again and completely niggle and injury free for the first time in a while.

The race was supposed to be on 80% closed roads, the officials said they had been let down and could not get the roads closed off. The start was very confusing as everyone just started running and i assumed this was the start, but we all stopped again down the road, all very odd. I was next to fellow strider Simon at the start and being a very good runner, i decided in my head to stick with him for the first few miles.

I have a ongoing habit of the racing start, so plan one was out as i again raced off away from Simon and fully expecting myself to blow up at mile 7 with him passing me later, never mind. Head down and time to get into my race pace, i planned on 6:20 ish mile pace but still unsure how i would last.

The expected hill arrived at mile 3 and was feeling good, i had found myself tagging onto a small group and settled into a nice pace. The course itself is lovely, this is always one of the real joys for me, a chance to see parts of the countryside i would never normally see.

Another hill around mile 5 and half way point, watch saying around 33 mins 🙂 quite please with the pace and easier than i expected. I decided to up my pace and soon found myself picking people off one at a time. Not 100% sure but it felt like allot of down hill sections on this last part, the race officials did well managing the traffic and no real problems with cars getting in the way.

Last 2 miles and surprised how good i still felt, i started to push harder and passed a few more runners. The end is all down hill so felt great when i passed the Finnish line in a new PB 1.03:20 and was still recovering when simon finished strong with an impressive 1:08 good to see after his on going injury problems too.

The free jelly and sandwich after were washed down and very much needed. This was my first 10 mile race and a distance i very much enjoyed, some very fast people here today but can see room for getting quicker. Looking forward to doing the brampton 10 mile now, and dreaming of the sub hour 10 mile. A great race and a fun day all round with lots of striders running well, cant ask for more.

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Jelly Tea Race, Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kathryn Sygrove

“The Tynedale 10 mile race (fondly known as the “Jelly Tea” as you get both at the end!) was my pace-setting race for the Great North Run in 2 weeks’ time. I had not run this race before but, like last year, had suffered a few setbacks in my Great North Run training, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to rectify the situation.

I was delighted to find other Striders there that I knew – Joanne Porter, Anna Seeley, Emma Detchon and Lynne Bargewell – and got some good race tips from other runners (wanted or not, I hasten to add!) on the bus from Ovingham to Hexham. The start was noticeable by the utter lack of signage, but Joanne P knew the way and got us there safely -some retail warehouse park with no fanfare! The weather was mild, but not too hot, and the cloud cover was very welcome.

Being me – ie chatterbox of the century – I soon found myself running and chin-wagging alongside two other ladies who were also doing a “practice run” for the Great North. We fell in well with each other’s pace, and so passed the first half of the race in a very pleasant and chummy manner. At the 4-mile point, in Corbridge, my hubby and kids had beamed proudly at me, and the kids (Matt 10 and Rosie 13) had chased me along the street, after my teenage daughter had decided that street cred could go hang JUST this once!!!

My parting from my first-half chums occurred near the top of THAT ruddy monster hill out of Corbridge, which I blame wholeheartedly for my sore glutes this eve. We chivvied each other nearly to the top, then my need for water slowed me down – cannot run and imbibe fluids – and they floated into the distance.

At that point, I was about even-stevens with Joanne Porter. Thank goodness for Joanne! It took my legs another mile or so to relax after THAT ruddy hill, and although our chat was less frequent (I noticed a definite waning in energy after my body’s expected stop at the 10k mark!) Joanne’s presence kept me ticking over, with gentle encouraging beeps emanating from her Garmin every mile.

But my legs were starting to ache, and I needed to stretch them, so I parted company with Joanne just before 9 miles, for a brief odd-looking walk to relieve tight muscles. At that point, I envisaged having to walk the last mile, then another couple of ladies came up alongside me, chatted, and I bobbed along with them at a slightly slower, but encouraging pace. The last little hill I just had to walk up, so they trotted off a wee bit in front of me, mouthing kind words of “nearly there, keep going” behind them.

Sure enough, I had got my geography wrong. WHY I thought we would finish the race coming into Ovingham from the direction where my hubby had dropped me off -near Prudhoe -is a mystery. After all, we were running BACK from Hexham, ie the other way. DUH! Call it knackedness, call it female lack of direction (I am the worst navigator ever in the car!!) whatever, but I was SO thrilled to see that I was wrong, and the finish suddenly loomed right in front of me. Best of all, a little head appeared through the shrubbery at Ovingham Middle School, and my lovely son screamed out “MAAAM!” and ran pretty much to the finish with me. What a star!

The synopsis: (whaddya mean, why didn’t I give you this at the start??!!) A very enjoyable run, but I found it quite tough after THAT ruddy hill sapped my leg energy. However, it was the perfect lead-in to the Great North Run, has given me confidence of my required pace, and I was delighted to get round in about 1 hour 36 mins, a minute (give or take seconds, I ain’t got no Garmin) behind Joanne Porter. My first-half chums had finished in about 1 hr 33, came over and congratulated me, and we promised to seek each other out at the Great North Run if possible.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 PURVIS, Darren Birtley M 54:02
43 ROGERS, Stacey Heaton Harriers F 1:04:04
104 SHENTON, Fiona F50 1:10:52
158 SEELEY, Anna Durham City H F 1:14:52
447 PORTER, Joanne F35 1:35:56
458 SYGROVE, Kathryn F40 1:36:52
479 NICHOLSON, Jim V60 1:39:53
485 DETCHON, Emma F 1:42:21
501 BARGEWELL, Lynne F35 1:46:48

529 finishers.

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Tynedale Jelly Tea Race, Sunday, September 6, 2009

Barrie Evans

Thirteen Striders took to the startline including, it was very good to see, seven of the newer female members plus super veteran Jackie Smith, and Maggie Thompson on a recovery run following her recent illness. It was grey and overcast at the start and a light but welcome drizzle came on early in the race. The long hill out of Corbridge seems to get longer as each year passes and the killer short but very sharp and tough climb at 9 miles could be done without coming near the end as it does when reserves and energy are near exhausted !! In between the route follows quiet country roads as it snakes from Hexham through Corbridge and on to the finish inside the school gates at Ovingham. Mike Bennett led the Striders home with Kirsty Dykes, after an excellent run, first for the women. A sandwich, cake, a cup of jelly and a hot drink were very welcome at the end.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 David Kirkland Alnwick Harriers M 0.52.25
53 Alison Dargie Elswick Harriers F 1.04.03
99 Mike Bennett MV55 1.08.48
251 Andrew Thompson M 1.19.01
281 Barrie Evans MV60 1.21.25
284 Kirsty Dykes F 1.21.59
289 Stephanie Barlow FV35 1.22.03
308 Melanie Hudson F 1.22.51
341 Zoe Tomlins F 1.25.52
426 Angela Proctor F 1.32.24
454 Joanne Porter FV35 1.36.09
513 Lynne Bargewell FV35 1.47.43
514 Jackie Smith FV60 1.47.43
515 Philip Todd M 1.48.21
516 Margaret Thompson FV60 1.48.29

526 finishers.

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Tynedale Jelly Tea Race, Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dave Robson

A still cloudy day for this lovely scenic race, so excellent conditions for running. Quite a large number of entrants this year in spite of lots of other races taking place on the same day. Fiona did an excellent time and was second lady and first F45 – well done Fiona !


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Nick SWINBURN Morpeth Harriers M 0:52:58
55 Angela HIBBS Chester-le-Street F 1 1:01:40
81 Fiona SHENTON F/F45 2/1 1:04:13
390 Phil OWEN M40 1:24:18
407 Dave ROBSON M55 1:25:46
435 Andrew THOMPSON M 1:27:58
526 Mary COFFIELD F55 1:35:58
575 Margaret THOMPSON F55 1:45:19

597 finishers.

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Tynedale Jelly Tea Race, Sunday, September 9, 2007


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 ARCHER, Jon Low Fell RC 53:50
52 TROWBRIDGE, Jess Ashford AC W 1:03:30
65 SHENTON, Fiona W45 1:04:56
133 REEVES, Thomas V40 1:09:22
189 LINDSAY, Steven V50 1:13:34
218 ELLIOTT, Karen W 1:15:56
274 ROBSON, Dave V55 1:19:47
497 SMITH, Jackie W60 1:42:19
498 RAINE, Kathryn W45 1:42:19
502 RUSH, Ann W45 1:43:44
504 THOMPSON, Emma W 1:44:15
506 THOMPSON, Margaret W55 1:44:30

524 finishers

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Tynedale Jelly Tea Race, Sunday, September 10, 2006


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Chris Sampson Morpeth H & AC 0:52:55
23 Dianne Henaghan Chester-le-Street W40 1:01:03
64 Fiona Shenton W45 1:07:08
114 Shaun Roberts M45 1:11:32
218 Dave Robson M55 1:20:33
248 Jane Nathan W40 1:23:57
270 Wendy Rowell W55 1:26:01
301 Andrew Thomson 1:29:00
343 Alan Purvis M65 1:35:20
363 Jackie Smith W65 1:39:51
370 Margaret Thompson W55 1:41:53

402 finishers

Team results

Women’s team 6th out of 16, first 3 counting.
Men’s team 36th out of 42, first 3 counting.

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