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Harrier League, Alnwick, Saturday, February 29, 2020


PosNumNameRace TimePackCatActual Time
11504Samuel Charlton (Wallsend Harriers)40:58MMU2038:28
34499Georgie Hebdon47:42FMsen42:42
37530Michael Littlewood47:57MMV4545:27
44482Chris Callan48:19FMV4043:19
45516Lindsay Mcewan48:19SMV4548:19
49525Mark Warner48:31SMV4048:31
72526Matthew Archer49:24SMV3549:24
77501Graeme Watt49:36FMV4044:36
116507James Lee50:53MMV4048:23
171553Robin Parsons53:06SMV4053:06
178563Stuart Ord53:17FMsen48:17
180505Jack Lee53:22SMsen53:22
190498Geoff Davis53:45SMV6053:45
240527Matthew Carr57:08SMV4057:08
245487Daniel Mitchel57:41SMV4057:41
279503Ian Butler60:08SMV5560:08
292514Kevin Morson61:41SMsen61:41
307520Marc Watson63:35SMV4063:35
315556Shaun Roberts64:12SMV6064:12
343559Stephen Ellis74:17SMV6574:17
PosNumNameRace TimePackCatActual Time
11065Alex Hemsley (Wallsend Harriers)33:22SFsen33:22
20336Corrine Whaling37:34MFV3535:14
21327Anna Basu37:36MFV4535:16
37374Nina Mason38:34MFV4536:14
74339Elaine Bisson40:01FFV4035:01
85389Susan Davis40:15SFV6040:15
119373Natalie Bell41:20MFsen39:00
1351306Stef Barlow41:54SFV4541:54
177349Jan Young43:35SFV6543:35
192384Sarah Fawcett44:17SFV5544:17
215342Fiona Harrington-Hughes46:00SFV5046:00
237371Lucy Whelan47:31SFsen47:31
247348Jan Ellis49:03SFV5549:03
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Captain Cooks, Great Ayton, Wednesday, January 1, 2020

BS / 8km / 318m

130Harry Holmes (Matlock AC)30.37MO/1
829Georgie Hebdon33.23MO/5
17100Graeme Watt35.05M40/2
32120Michael Littlewood36.16M45/2
4036Barrie Kirtley37.14MO/24
414Ewan Barlow37.20MU23/5
4499Mark Warner37.36M40/8
47121Lindsay McEwan37.48M45/7
55369Georgia Campbell (Jarrow and Hebburn)38.08FO/1
61158Allan Renwick38.43M50/2
8620Juan Corbacho Anton40.06MO/35
10890Robin Parsons41.19M40/22
109463Nina Mason41.20F45/1
110105Michael Barlow41.23M45/17
155186Robert Thirkell44.01M55/11
175438Louise Warner44.53F40/4
273201Shaun Roberts50.11M60/16
28710Callum Askew50.46MO/7
301163Malcolm Sygrove51.39M50/27
322499Jan Young52.59F65/3
342474Camilla Lauren-Maatta53.55F50/7
356443Stephanie Barlow54.49F45/16
370178Tim Matthews56.03M55/39
37543Emil Maatta56.26MO/8
449296David Shipman76.08M60/26
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Christmas Handicap, Houghall Woods, Sunday, December 15, 2019

Flower Power

So, there I was on Sunday morning, sitting in reception at MC convinced that no-one would turn up. I mean there had been the North Eastern XC Championships the day before, the Tri-club Christmas do the night before and it is the ‘season to be jolly’ … and sometimes ill!

But then the doors opened and in walked an image of long haired hippiedom, (if that’s a word) with beads, scarves and shades, looking like he’d just emerged from the Woodstock festival and uttering ‘peace and love, man’. An unrecognisable version of David Shipman.

Moments later Adam Ant arrived in full highwayman ‘Stand and Deliver’ mode brandishing a pistol – very menacingly I have to say. Anita Clementson had landed!

And then came Mandy! Clutched in the arms of a massive green alien she waddled in. Walking seemed difficult so how she was going to cope with running 2 laps of Houghall Woods escaped me.

Somehow then I knew it was going to be alright!

Then there followed an array of runners in astonishing and funny costumes. John Bisson, who had wanted to race it arrived in a massive inflated Santa costume while Elaine (Dancing Queen) Bisson looked luscious as Agnetha (the blonde?) from Abba.

We had many others – several 70s Flower power hippies, Wonder Woman, Santa’s elves, a busy bee, John McEnroe, Olivia Newton John in complete leather ‘You’re the one that I want’ mode, Hermione from Harry Potter and Fiona (Brittany Spears) Brannan.

photo by Nick Latham

No time for a group shot this year since everyone set off to the start outside Houghall College. The weather was good – cold but sunny – and so David Shipman & Mike Bennett (the 2 one lappers) led the run off with scratch runner Joanne Richardson. Some of the paths were slippery along to the corner up to Houghall Lane but everyone knew and ran on the grass where possible. Most people were just out for a relaxing run around the woods but there were some good times.

Anyway, everyone got around – some pulled out after one lap – and Priyan didn’t get lost this year! It was a very happy and fun event and then most of us set off for the pub. The Court Inn gave us a small alcove off the main dining room so we could present the prizes without disturbing other diners too much.

It was a very good and enjoyable day! Be there next year!

Name5mile timeHandicapFinish timeActual time 
David Shipman1 lap
Mike Bennett1 lap
Joanne Richardson5401 lap
Mandy Dawson44101 lap
Michael Littlewood292556.3431.34
Anna Basu342055.5735.57
Lewis Littlewood351957.4838.48Junior
Conrad White351957.5338.53
Elaine Bisson351958.1339.13
John Bisson351958.3239.32
Erin Keeler- Clark381658.5742.57Junior
Keith Wesson40145743
Sean Laidler312366.0443.04
Lizzie Wallace421255.5343.53
Jude Warner45955.1746.19Junior
Louise Warner45955.1946.19
Mark Warner45956.2947.29
Paul Evans45957.2748.27
Charlotte Evans45957.2748.27Junior
Ava Warner45958.4749.47Junior
Wendy Littlewood45958.9949.99
Zanna Clay48656.1150.11
Fiona Brannan48657.4651.46
Priyan Mistri (friend of FB)48657.4651.46
Anita Clementson50456.5352.53
Phil Todd46863.0455.04
Jan Young50459.3255.32
Same Time Next Year!

Prize winners & a few thank yous

The prizes for running:

1st finishers – jointly Louise & Jude Warner – 46.19

Fastest Male – Michael Littlewood – 31.34

Fastest Female – Anna Basu – 35.57

Fastest Junior – Lewis Littlewood – 38.38

All the other prizes went for fancy dress as follows and in no particular order:

David Shipman, Anita Clementson, Mandy Dawson, Keith Wesson, Sean Laidler, Elaine Bisson, John Bisson, Lizzie Wallace, Zanna Clay, Phil Todd, Jan Young, Fiona Brannan, Priyan Mistri & Mark Warner.

I’d like to thank Dougie, Simon and Stuart for helping to promote the event.

Also thanks to Paul Foster for setting out the course and marshalling at the dodgy tree, to George Nicholson for marshalling at the bottom of Houghall Lane and to Nick Latham for marshalling in the woods and taking some great photos

As always Santa and his elves were brilliant at the start and judged the fancy dress and Carole Seheult recorded the finishing times.

And a huge thankyou to everyone who turned up and ran (waddled, strolled?) in such amazing costumes.

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Harrier League, Wrekenton, Saturday, September 28, 2019

Fionna Brannan

The first fixture of the 19/20 Harrier League season saw an impressive 68 Striders, old and new turn out for a sunny fixture at Wrekenton. Rain in the week meant that there were a few puddles around, but the weather on the day was kind – there were even complaints of it being too hot!

In the mens race, Captain Michael lead home with an excellent time, resulting in a promotion to the medium pack. Michael will be joined by Tom Hamilton, who ran a fantastic first fixture, also leading to a promotion. As usual, XC Captain Stephen ran a blinder, and is currently sitting in 4th position in the overall standings.

In the ladies race, Emma Thompson had a brilliant run, coming through from the fast pack and overtaking nearly 500 runners to finish first Strider home, followed shortly by XC Captain and coach Elaine, who was promoted into the fast pack.

On the day, the men finished in 5th place overall and the ladies 7th in what looks to be a very competitive season. The new tent performed admirably, and everyone put on their best singing voices to with Susan a Happy Birthday – well what else would Mudwoman do on her birthday?!

Photo Credit: Heather Raistrick


PosNumNameRace TimePackCatActual Time
11504Samuel Charlton (Wallsend Harriers)30:57SMU2030:57
23530Michael Littlewood36:29SMV4036:29
36569Tom Hamilton37:00SMsen37:00
41560Stephen Jackson37:15FMV3532:15
68481Bryan Potts38:04SMV3538:04
80507James Lee38:23SMV4038:23
126499Georgie Hebdon39:18FMsen34:18
135477Allan Renwick39:30SMV5039:30
163531Michael Mason39:56FMV4034:56
185526Matthew Archer40:25SMV3540:25
208508Joe Finn40:42SMsen40:42
212501Graeme Watt40:45FMV4035:45
234506James Garland41:03MMV4038:33
251513Juan Corbacho41:25SMV3541:25
278516Lindsay Mcewan41:55SMV4541:55
291538Nik Corton42:08SMV5542:08
295563Stuart Ord42:13FMsen37:13
310498Geoff Davis42:28SMV6042:28
324561Stephen Soulsby42:45SMV5542:45
333485Conrad White43:03SMV6043:03
345500Graeme Walton43:12SMV4543:12
361553Robin Parsons43:35SMV4043:35
365509John Bisson43:41SMV4043:41
399473Aaron Gourley44:38SMV4044:38
437549Robert Allfree45:36SMV4545:36
447489Dave Halligan45:53SMV5545:53
466548Richard Hockin46:24SMV6546:24
467533Mike Bennett46:25SMV6546:25
488478Andrew Davies46:52SMV4046:52
489570Trevor Chaytor46:59SMV5546:59
501487Daniel Mitchel47:15SMV4047:15
532544Peter Hart48:18SMV4048:18
541503Ian Butler48:36SMV5548:36
559528Michael Dale49:13SMV4049:13
569556Shaun Roberts49:38SMV6049:38
585518Malcolm Sygrove50:24SMV5050:24
588520Marc Watson50:40SMV4050:40
611535Neil Garthwaite52:16SMV5052:16
641504Ian Jobling54:56SMV5054:56
647559Stephen Ellis55:46SMV6555:46
649474Adam Bent55:50SMV6555:50
PosNumNameRace TimePackCatActual Time
1671Katherine Davis (North Shields Poly)25:02SFV5025:02
25340Emma Thompson28:26FFV4025:26
38339Elaine Bisson28:57MFV4027:42
93376Rachael Bullock30:21SFsen30:21
99378Rachelle Mason30:34SFV4030:34
102374Nina Mason30:38MFV4529:23
104336Corrine Whaling30:41MFV3529:26
116363Katy Walton30:51MFV3529:36
129389Susan Davis31:00SFV5531:00
194350Jean Bradley32:17SFV6032:17
219365Laura Jennings32:48SFsen32:48
221366Lesley Charman32:49SFV4532:49
260386Stef Barlow33:33SFV4533:33
267373Natalie Bell33:39MFsen32:24
269332Camilla Lauren-Maatta33:41SFV5033:41
273351Jenny Search33:48SFV4033:48
286371Lucy Whelan33:56SFsen33:56
290388Sue Gardham33:58SFV4033:58
292345Heather Raistrick33:59SFV5533:59
297328Anna Mason34:04SFV4534:04
333398Zoe Dewdney-Parsons35:01SFV4035:01
363393Theresa Rugman Jones35:48SFV5035:48
378349Jan Young36:13SFV6536:13
385379Rebecca Blackwood36:24SFV3536:24
399380Rebecca Talbot37:16SFV4037:16
408355Joanne Patterson37:54SFV3537:54
422348Jan Ellis38:21SFV5538:21
424335Catherine Smith38:22SFV4038:22
460325Alison Smith43:09SFV4043:09
Under 17 girls and U20 women
PosNumNameRace TimePackCatActual Time
160Ines Curran (Gateshead Harriers)19:32SFU1719:32
4355Anna Jobling29:33SFU1729:33
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On this day (25 Sep 1990), Thursday, September 26, 2019

1Shane SmithA4.34.5SM
2David ShipmanA4.48.14.55SM
3Keith GreenwellA4.59.4
4Brian McKayA5.00.25.05M45
5Paul ChadwickA5.06.44.4SM
6Charles PattersonA5.12.95SM
7Keith HayesA5.22.75.45SM
8Chris HedleyA5.29.65.15
9John BoltonA5.30.15.4M40
10Bill OxburyA5.35.75.38SM
11Geoff AlredB5.40.16M40
12Peter McDermottA5.40.35.3M45
13Richard WardA5.40.95.45SM
14Greg MearmanB5.41.6
15George GlendinningA5.43.8
16Mike HallA5.43.95.5M60
17John McAdamA5.47.9
18Bill GibbonB5.48.56M45
19Alan PurvisB5.48.96.3M45
20Ewan SquireA5.51.65.5M55
21Bill ApplebyA5.52.55.45M45
22Eric ShortB5.53.96.1
23Nick YoungB5.55.96.3SM
24Maurice PashleyB5.56.96.3
25Richard HepworthB5.57.86.45SM
26Mary ChambersB5.58.66W40
27Stephen RowntreeB6.04.76.3SM
28Jan YoungB6.05.26.5W35
29Jan HallB6.07.4
30Carol HallB6.13.06.15SW
31Lyn DixonC6.40.87SW
32Roz LaytonC6.41.47W35
33Richard BevanC6.45.27SM
34Christine FarnsworthC6.48.67W35
35Jan SpencerC6.53.6
36Ann CurruthersC6.58.5
37Dorothy WaggottC7.00.87SW
38June WelshC7.20.37W35
39Carole SeheultC7.22.98W45
40Mary CoffieldC7.23.68.45W35
41Pam KirkupC7.34.87.3W35
42Jackie SmithC7.56.1
43Linda ShortC7.57.39
44Janet WymanC8.02.79
45Jean GibbonC8.54.210W40
46Tina CookC8.55.08SW
47Kim HallC9.13.610

The original printed results

26 Sep 1990

The story so far

Shane Smith04:34.504:34.5
David Shipman04:48.104:48.1
Keith Greenwell04:59.404:59.4
Brian McKay05:00.205:00.2
Paul Chadwick05:06.405:06.4
Charles Patterson05:12.905:12.9
Keith Hayes05:22.705:22.7
Chris Hedley05:29.605:29.6
John Bolton05:30.105:30.1
Bill Oxbury05:35.705:35.7
Geoff Alred05:40.105:40.1
Peter McDermott05:40.305:40.3
Richard Ward05:40.905:40.9
Greg Mearman05:41.605:41.6
George Glendinning05:43.805:43.8
Mike Hall05:43.905:43.9
John McAdam05:47.905:47.9
Bill Gibbon05:48.505:48.5
Alan Purvis05:48.905:48.9
Ewan Squire05:51.605:51.6
Bill Appleby05:52.505:52.5
Eric Short05:53.905:53.9
Nick Young05:55.905:55.9
Maurice Pashley05:56.905:56.9
Richard Hepworth05:57.805:57.8
Mary Chambers05:58.605:58.6
Stephen Rowntree06:04.706:04.7
Jan Young06:05.208:00.007:44.006:05.2
Jan Hall06:07.406:07.4
Carol Hall06:13.006:13.0
Lyn Dixon06:40.806:40.8
Roz Layton06:41.407:18.007:34.306:41.4
Richard Bevan06:45.206:45.2
Christine Farnsworth06:48.606:48.6
Jan Spencer06:53.606:53.6
Ann Curruthers06:58.506:58.5
Dorothy Waggott07:00.807:00.8
June Welsh07:20.307:20.3
Carole Seheult07:22.907:22.9
Mary Coffield07:23.607:23.6
Pam Kirkup07:34.807:34.8
Jackie Smith07:56.107:56.1
Linda Short07:57.307:57.3
Janet Wyman08:02.708:02.7
Jean Gibbon08:54.208:54.2
Tina Cook08:55.008:55.0
Kim Hall09:13.609:13.6
Stephen Jackson04:50.004:50.004:55.8
Mark Warner05:13.905:13.9
Michael Littlewood05:06.005:06.005:08.005:19.9
Mike Mason05:22.705:22.7
Matthew Archer05:23.205:23.2
Michael Anderson05:25.605:25.6
Barrie Kirtley05:35.505:35.5
Rory Whaling05:36.405:37.005:36.4
James Lee05:44.105:44.1
Doug Jardine05:46.705:46.7
Mike Barlow05:48.305:48.3
Alex Witty05:49.905:49.9
James Garland05:29.005:29.005:53.7
Emma Thompson05:37.005:37.005:58.1
Aaron Gourley06:06.706:06.7
Andrew Davies06:02.006:02.006:04.006:07.3
Mark Payne06:01.006:01.006:10.2
Adrian Jenkins06:11.006:11.0
Malcolm Sygrove06:18.106:18.1
Peter Hart06:18.406:28.006:26.006:18.4
Mark Foster06:04.006:04.006:27.006:19.0
Conrad White06:10.006:11.006:10.006:21.3
David Browbank06:15.006:15.006:22.7
Daniel Mitchel06:31.506:31.5
Rachelle Mason06:36.406:36.4
Nick Latham06:27.006:27.006:46.5
Jordi Sabate06:39.006:39.006:46.9
Chris Shearsmith06:47.706:47.7
Peter Matthews06:48.106:48.1
Jonathan Hamill06:53.707:08.006:53.7
Alex Brown06:46.006:49.006:46.006:55.0
Neil Garthwaite06:59.306:59.3
Dougie Nisbet07:03.707:03.7
Natalie Bell07:04.407:04.4
Lizzie Wallace07:10.007:10.0
Jean Bradley07:11.307:11.3
Toni Malkin07:14.007:14.0
Stephanie Barlow07:16.007:27.007:16.0
Peter Bell06:55.006:55.007:16.4
Steve Ellis07:19.007:25.007:25.007:19.0
Camilla Maatta07:22.007:22.0
Joanne Patterson07:24.007:24.0
Mathew Carr07:32.007:32.0
Mike Parker07:41.007:41.0
James Potter07:59.007:59.0
Andrew Thurston07:35.007:35.008:01.0
Andrew Dunlop08:03.008:03.0
Andrew Munro06:54.006:54.008:08.0
Stan White08:10.008:22.008:10.008:24.0
Alan Smith08:26.009:04.008:26.0
Jan Ellis08:43.108:43.1
Alison Smith08:18.009:03.008:18.008:43.9
Paul OHara08:44.008:44.0
Louise Hughes08:46.008:46.0
Sophie Dennis08:29.008:29.008:49.0
Sharon Patterson09:11.009:11.0
Sue Walker08:23.008:23.009:13.0
Carol Holgate09:39.009:39.0
Peter Dawson08:10.008:10.009:54.0
Angela Cowell09:57.009:57.0
Mike Elliott10:03.010:48.010:03.0
Georgie Hebdon04:48.004:48.005:01.0
Gareth Pritchard05:07.005:07.0
Terry Robertson05:45.005:45.0
David Holcroft05:53.005:53.0
Juan-Corbacho Anton05:00.005:00.0
Steve Winship05:55.005:55.0
Paul Foster05:56.005:56.0
Robin Parsons06:07.006:07.0
Chris Hassell05:55.005:55.006:11.0
Matthew Carr06:31.006:31.0
Jordi Villaret06:35.006:35.0
Corrine Whaling06:01.006:01.006:36.0
Ross Parker06:39.006:39.0
Joe Dean06:43.006:43.0
Pete Matthews06:44.006:44.0
Colin Dean06:47.006:47.0
John Turner06:50.006:50.0
John Greathead06:57.006:57.0
Kathryn Sygrove07:06.007:06.0
Carolyn Galula07:30.007:30.0
Kelly Hetherington07:35.007:35.0
Debra Thompson08:07.008:07.0
Lynne Waugh08:27.008:27.0
Emma Cumpson08:43.008:43.0
Kerry Barnett09:13.009:13.0
Alex Mirley04:50.004:50.0
Graeme Watt05:05.005:05.0
Riad Ketani05:24.005:24.0
Lindsay McEwan05:30.005:30.0
Mark Griffiths05:32.005:32.0
Allan Renwick05:33.005:33.0
Kyle Sunley05:36.005:36.0
Alex Collier05:40.005:40.0
Craig Thornton05:43.005:43.0
Juan Ant05:50.005:50.0
Dave Nicholson05:54.005:54.0
Paul West05:55.005:55.0
Stephen Soulsby05:58.005:58.0
Graeme Walton06:00.006:00.0
Tim Butler06:01.006:01.0
Katy Walton06:04.006:04.0
Ian Butler06:17.006:17.0
Anna Basu06:18.006:18.0
Dan Mitchell06:20.006:20.0
Steven Lonsdale06:24.006:24.0
Michael Dale06:31.006:31.0
Paul Chute06:34.006:34.0
Trevor Chaytor06:37.006:37.0
Lesley Charman06:46.006:46.0
Cal Ibbitson06:50.006:50.0
David James07:00.007:00.0
Marc Watson07:04.007:04.0
Lindsay Rogers07:05.007:05.0
Anna Mason07:08.007:08.0
Karen Partington07:13.007:13.0
Anna Jobling07:15.007:15.0
Sarah Fawcett07:17.007:17.0
Mike Wade07:22.007:22.0
Martia Lotkowska07:27.007:27.0
Heather Raistrick07:35.007:35.0
Ian Jobling07:36.007:36.0
Theresa Rugman-Jones07:38.007:38.0
Laura Campbell07:41.007:41.0
Sylvia Poddebniak07:41.007:41.0
Kersty Nelson07:46.007:46.0
Steph Greenwell07:46.007:46.0
Lisa Lumsdon08:55.008:55.0
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Track Mile Race, Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Name5KBIBRACEActual TimePos in GroupPos Overall
Georgie Hebdon00:16:5115E44811
Alex Mirley00:17:1313E45022
Graeme Watt00:17:2711E50533
Michael Littlewood00:17:1812E50644
Riad Ketani00:20:054E52455
James Garland00:19:259E52966
Lindsay McEwan00:19:485E53077
Mark Griffiths00:18:3010E53288
Allan Renwick00:19:308E53399
Kyle Sunley00:20:273E5361010
Emma Thompson00:19:406E5371111
Alex Collier16E5401212
Craig Thornton00:20:502E5431313
Juan Ant00:21:0010D550114
Dave Nicholson14D554215
Paul West17C555116
Chris Hassell00:21:286D555317
Stephen Soulsby00:21:0012D558418
Graeme Walton00:21:087D600519
Corrine Whaling00:21:522D601620
Tim Butler00:21:0013D601721
Mark Payne15D601822
Andrew Davies00:21:305D602923
Mark Foster00:22:0014C604224
Katy Walton00:21:058D6041025
Conrad White00:21:009D6111126
Ian Butler00:21:591D6171227
Anna Basu00:20:501E6181428
Dan Mitchell00:21:493D6201329
Steven Lonsdale00:22:0015C624330
Nick Latham00:22:0713C627431
Peter Hart00:22:2811C628532
Michael Dale00:25:0015B631133
Paul Chute00:26:004B634234
Trevor Chaytor00:23:009C637736
Jordi Sabate00:24:004C639837
Lesley Charman16C646938
Alex Brown00:23:037C6491039
Cal Ibbitson00:25:309B650340
Andrew Munro00:25:2211B654441
David James00:25:0013B700542
Marc Watson00:24:262C7041143
Lindsay Rogers00:25:0014B705644
Anna Mason00:23:396C7081245
Karen Partington17B713746
Anna Jobling00:25:368B715847
Sarah Fawcett00:25:3010B717948
Roz Layton00:25:0016B7181049
Mike Wade00:26:163B7221150
Steve Ellis00:26:006B7251251
Martia Lotkowska14A727152
Stephanie Barlow00:26:005B7271353
Heather Raistrick00:31:004A735254
Ian Jobling00:25:0712B7361455
Theresa Rugman-Jones00:26:401B7381556
Laura Campbell00:30:006A741357
Sylvia Poddebniak13A741458
Steph Greenwell00:27:0712A746559
Jan Young00:29:477A746660
Kirsty Nelson00:29:008A800761
Fiona Wood5A805862
Stan White00:27:4510A810963
Peter Dawson00:27:3011A8221064
Lisa Lumsdon00:28:579A8551165
Alison Smith00:32:002A9031266
Mike Elliott00:40:001A10481367
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Northumberland Coastal Run, Sunday, July 21, 2019

about 14 miles

photo by Nigel Heppell


PosbibNameTimeCatCat PosGenderGen Pos
1200Tom Charlton (TYNE BRIDGE HARRIERS)01:16:58Senior Male1Male1
3611Stephen Jackson01:20:23Veteran 352Male3
12752Michael Mason01:25:14Veteran 403Male12
21540Georgie Hebdon01:27:59Senior Male10Male21
25573Jane Hodgson (MORPETH HARRIERS & AC)01:28:14Veteran 351Female1
27698Michael Littlewood01:29:04Veteran 409Male26
281192Graeme Watt01:29:51Veteran 4010Male27
69686James Lee01:38:05Veteran 4017Male65
87954Allan Renwick01:39:51Veteran 506Male81
117575David Holcroft01:42:58Senior Male27Male107
144244Nik Corton01:45:52Veteran 5015Male129
1651057Stephen Soulsby01:47:06Veteran 5511Male147
198512Peter Hart01:49:14Veteran 4039Male173
226181Matthew Carr01:51:08Veteran 4043Male195
2301066Jon Steed01:51:37Veteran 5030Male199
28059Anna Basu01:54:39Veteran 458Female43
3151101Malcolm Sygrove01:56:45Veteran 5044Male261
329285Mandy Dawson01:57:23Veteran 506Female58
359891Mark Payne01:58:37Veteran 3542Male292
42973Michael Bennett02:02:51Veteran 655Male342
454121Jean Bradley02:04:18Veteran 601Female100
458201Trevor Chaytor02:04:46Veteran 5535Male358
486945Andrew Rayner02:06:37Senior Male55Male378
490475Marita Grimwood02:06:56Veteran 4522Female111
650196Letitia Chapman-Ward02:16:50Veteran 3527Female192
659986Jill Rudkin02:17:30Veteran 4042Female199
662307Angela Dixon02:17:40Veteran 4539Female202
771925Ashley Price-Sabate02:25:35Veteran 5048Female282
8021042Alan Smith02:28:22Veteran 704Male499
831989Jordi Sabate02:31:24Veteran 5087Male511
881355Stephen Ellis02:38:51Veteran 6521Male531
922437Rebecca Gilmore02:45:45Senior Female54Female383
9231230Fiona Wood02:45:46Veteran 4078Female384
929699Wendy Littlewood02:48:06Veteran 4080Female389
930415Carolyn Galula02:48:07Veteran 4580Female390
946370Christine Farnsworth02:52:07Veteran 658Female401
956327Victoria Downes02:55:40Veteran 4082Female408
9721116Helen Thomas03:03:10Veteran 4084Female421
974789Karen Metters03:04:35Veteran 4085Female422
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Club Summer Handicap, Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A few Finish Line photos from the summer handicap …


Position Name Starting GroupFinish TimeActual Run Time
1Lindsay RodgersF45.2540.25
2Jon TurnerF46.2241.22
3Kevin MorsonD46.5146.51
4Philip ToddD47.3747.37
5Nicola DorricottD48.0348.03
6Sarah FawcettF48.3943.39
7Alex BrownH48.5638.56
8Debra ThompsonD49.0449.04
9David JamesD49.0549.05
10Philip ConnorH49.2439.24
11Graeme WattM50.4630.46
12Gareth PritchardM50.4630.46
13Terry RobertsonK51.5733.57
14Stephen SoulsbyK52.4734.47
15Conrad WhiteK54.0536.05
16Sophie DennisD54.1254.12
17Peter Hart56.3542.35
18Kirsty NelsonD1 lap
19Natalie BellH1 lap

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High Force Fell Race, Sunday, June 23, 2019

BM / 18km / 500m

Dougie Nisbet

I was tempted to run today. Cronkley Fell is an old Strider favourite and a traditional GP fixture. But 14 days after Comrades I knew it’d be unwise. Many times I’ve run a favourite race, felt fine for the first mile, then not so fine for the remaining 90% of the race. Lessons learned.

So Roberta and I wandered up by High Force, flasks and flapjacks packed, bumped into Jan, and settled down beside the Tees. This is a fine course. There were moments when I wished I’d been on the other side of the lens, but a man’s got to know his limitations.

But it illustrates the wonderful fickleness of the GP. The GP is the Elvet Striders all-rounders race. It’s open to all. And if you had been a lady Strider today, and ran, and finished, you’d have scooped 15 GP points.


111Callum Hanson (Pudsey & Bramley)01:20:29MO
553Graham Watt01:31:51M40
12121Geoff Davis (NFR)01:41:44M60
232311Robin David Parsons01:48:31M40
28263Allan Renwick01:54:28M50
333014Simon Dobson02:00:20M40
3853Susan Davis (NFR)02:01:29W50

GP Note: Geoff and Susan are not eligible for GP points as they ran as NFR. If I’d run today, as DFR, as I’d planned, I would’ve been ineligible too. To be eligible for GP points you must run as a Strider.

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Night of the 5K PBs, Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The night of the 5K PBs


Sarah Fawcett25:01race one
Gemma Wandless25:23race one
Andrew Munro26:07race one
Heather Raistrick26:32race one
Corrine Whaling (27 minute pacer)26:39race one
Angela Williams26:56race one
Steph Greenwell27:09race one
Hayley Lockerbie27:51race one
Kathryn Ferry Shanks27:59race one
Wendy Littlewood (30 minute pacer)28:00 approxrace one
Lisa Lumsdon28:04race one
Alan Smith28:29race one
Sharon Pattinson32:10race one
Sandie Greener34:17race one
Sri Prudon34:49race one
Sarah Watson36:14race one
Tim Butler20:58race two
Chris Hassell21:22race two
Nik Corton21:42race two
Malcolm Sygrove21:46race two
Peter Hart21:53race two
Daniel Mitchell21:56race two
Ian Butler21:59race two
David Browbank22:03race two
Adrian Jenkins22:35race two
Chris Shearsmith22:44race two
Alex Brown22:49race two
Rachelle Mason23:00race two
Shaun Roberts23.12race two
Mark Herkes23:35race two
Anna Mason23:39race two
Kathryn Sygrove23:48race two
Louise Collins23:51race two
Kevin Morson23:52race two
Lee Stephenson23:54race two
Mark Foster (24 minute pacer)23:54race two
Lucy Whelan23:59race two
Tim Matthews24:15race two
Lee Brannan24:25race two
Jean Bradley24:40race two
Marc Watson24:44race two
Ashley Price-Sabate24:54race two
Abigail Steed25:00race two
Fiona Harrington-Hughes26:03race two
Rachel Coy27:46race two
Stephen Jackson16:04race three
Graham Watt17:27race three
Michael Littlewood17:32race three
Stuart Scott18:13race three
Barrie Kirtley18:37race three
James Garland18:55race three
James Lee19:03race three
Emma Thompson19:16race three
Juan C Ant20:00race three
David Holcroft20:11race three
David Oxlade20:28race three
Matty Carr20:31race three
Anna Basu20:33race three
Robin Parsons20:41race three
Conrad White20:49race three
Andrew Davies21:02race three
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