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As a paid-up member, you will have a record stored in the England Athletics database of affiliated athletes. The Club Secretary and Membership Secretary are able to access the records of all Elvet Striders in order to organise affiliations when new members join, or when memberships are renewed annually, and can update information for you (e.g. change of address) as and when it’s required. You can, if you wish, log in yourself and view the information stored about you and edit it yourself. This is how:

  1. Username and password details for the MyAthletics online portal will have been supplied with your EA licence (the little card).
  2. If you do not know these details, you can contact EA at affiliation@englandathletics.org, quoting your name, EA number and club and they will sort some login details for you.
  3. You then go to the portal here and login.
  4. A document explaining how to use the portal can be downloaded from the EA website here, if you are interested.

As mentioned above, we do not supply EA with your email address or telephone number, but you can add these to your record, if required, to ensure you receive regular updates from EA (or you can ask the Club Secretary or Membership Secretary to do it for you). There is a ‘Preferences’ section that can be edited if you wish to receive some of the bits of information but not others.



In the event that any member needs to progress a grievance or issue with England Athletics (or UK Athletics), information on National Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures can be found here.

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