Committee Members and Officers of the Club


Ian Butler

A proud Yorkshireman.

Club Secretary

Pam Kirkup

A longstanding member of the club, Pam only competes occasionally and can be found more behind the scenes these days.


Phil Swinburn

Loves holidays, Volvos and small dogs.

Club President

Jonathan Hamill

Can be found anywhere from the muddy fields of Harrier League Cross-country, to the roads, trails and fells, competing in everything from relays to ultra-distances.

Men’s Captain

Michael Littlewood

Sub 2:45 marathon runner. Family man. Often spotted wearing a green hat.

Ladies’ Captain

Tamsin Imber

Enthusiastic about everything running! May get up at 5am to do a long run through the countryside, stopping to swim in waterfall pools. Loves track sessions. Needs weetabix, toast and marmalade and a good cup of tea for breakfast before operating.

Men’s Vice-captain

Allan Renwick

It’s all about the journey with great friends, will do any distance  and any discipline, love the challenge, it’s not about the pace, it’s about enjoying the chat and camaraderie. If not running I’ll be mountain biking, road biking, Zwifting … or in the pub for some recovering, reflection, refreshments!

Ladies’ Vice-captain

Wendy Littlewood

A dedicated follower of Striders. One of the most supportive people in the club. Long suffering wife.

Men’s Cross-country Captains

Phil Ray

Georgie Hebdon

Ladies’ Cross-country Captain

Corinne Whaling

Men’s Track and Field Captain

Mike Barlow

His streamlined hairline makes him run faster apparently.

Ladies’ Track and Field Captain

Stef Barlow

The other ‘better’ half of Team Barlow. Also seems to be camera shy.

Training Co-ordinators

Lindsay McEwan

Fiona Kinghorn-Jones


Membership Secretary

Jan Young

Forty-four years running, regular XC racer since 1992, likes hill walking, off-road running, campervanning, archaeology digs, theatre, public lectures, history, wine, gardening, yoga, Pilates, Bruce Springsteen, cheering at races.

Web Officer

Malcolm Sygrove

A veteran runner, in age not experience, who regrets not taking up the sport until forty-seven. Will do any kind of running in exchange for tea and cake. Took the Web Officer post after thirty years working in IT, and because he knows how to use apostrophes.

Kit Officer

Sophie Dennis

Loves music and travelling, though not flying. Drinks ales and whisky (together?). Also quite likes running.

Transport Officer

Kev Morson

Runs, books buses and stuff.

Social Secretary

Stuart Scott

Lover of ultra challenges, the crazier the better. From the Bob Graham round to the Last Man Standing, to the ‘Frog Graham’ – that one ended in a Honister doorway!

Co-opted Committee Member

Geoff Davis

Mudman. A veteran of the club, long time XC Captain and fell running coach. Has twice completed both the Bob Graham Round and the Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge and has helped many Striders, and others, to achieve their own mountain challenges.

COVID-19 Co-ordinator

Phil Swinburn

See “Treasurer” for details.

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