Fixtures 2017 – 2018

Start Times

Check the Harrier League website for up to date details, but briefly, and approximately:

  • 13.05 – 13.10 app **Under 17 & Under 20 Women
  • 13.10 – 13.15 app **Senior & Veteran Women
  • 13.50 – 14.00 app **Under 17 Men
  • 14.15 – 14.25 app **Senior & Veteran Men

Fixtures can change so keep an eye on the Harrier League website for up to date news.

Every year the Harrier League has become busier and more popular so it’s almost impossible to arrive too early. Leave yourself plenty time to spare. If the club is putting a coach on it’s always a good worry-free option. Bring loads of warm clothes a hot drink and a bin bag.


Run Routes from Maiden Castle

run idwheremilesterrainmins at 8min/milemins at 10min/milemins at 12min/milemins at 15min/miledatanotesrunnerdate
2Shincliffe Hall & Sandy Cut5.2trail42526278map gpx strava attackpoint

A mixed terrain run with two road crossings where care required.Dougie Nisbet08/11/2017
3Houghall Woods
4trail32404860map gpxHandicap Route with optional smaller second lap.Dougie Nisbet31/10/2017
4MC 10km loop up Potters Bank and Round6.3road50637695gpxJonathan Hamill
5Prebends Bridge & Science site4.1Mostly Road33414962Map
GPX file
Prebends Bridge, Science site, Houghall CollegeDave Robson07/04/2013
6Pelaw Woods & Sands4.9Mixed39495974Map
GPX file
Pelaw Woods, A690, Sands, A690 slip road, Sunderland Rd, Sherburn RdDave Robson09/10/2013
GPX file
Noisy Bridge, Rose Tree, Shincliffe Park, Manor Farm, High Shincliffe, Strawberry Ln, West GrangeDave Robson11/12/2013
8Wicker Man4.8Mixed38485872Map
GPX file
Houghall Woods, Blaid's Wood, Woodland Trust, Wicker Man, A177, Jim Feast, Hollingside Lane, Houghall CollDave Robson13/11/2013
9Pelaw Woods4.7Mixed38475671Map
GPX file
Old Durham Beck, Old Durham, Pelaw Woods, Hild Bede, Prebends, St Oswalds, Hallgarth, Parsons FieldDave Robson20/11/2013
76fell48607290test runDougie Test01/04/2018
87fell567084105test run01/05/2018
95fell40506075test run02/04/2018
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