Mountain Challenge Completions

This is a list of all Elvet Striders who have completed a recognised mountain challenge. Many of these completions are accompanied by a run report on this website, which is linked in the table.

James GarlandBob Graham Round25th June 2023
Tricia EverettPaddy Buckley Round27th May 2023
Nina MasonBob Graham Round24th June 2022
Geoff DavisJoss Naylor Lakeland Challenge (65 – 24 Hours)12th June 2022
Penny BrowellJoss Naylor Lakeland Challenge (50 – 14 Hours)14th May 2022
Tricia EverettBob Graham Round24th May 2019
Elaine BissonBob Graham Round26th May 2018
Stuart ScottBob Graham Round5th May 2018
Geoff DavisJoss Naylor Lakeland Challenge (60 – 18 Hours)2nd Sep 2017
Scott WatsonBob Graham Round9th July 2017
Mike HughesBob Graham Round17th June 2016
Susan DavisJoss Naylor Lakeland Challenge (55 – 16 Hours)23rd May 2015
Geoff DavisJoss Naylor Lakeland Challenge (55 – 15 Hours)17th June 2012
Tom ReevesBob Graham Round5th June 2012
Geoff DavisBob Graham Round (50@50)17th June 2007
Stewart GardnerBob Graham Round15th June 2002
Geoff DavisBob Graham Round31st May 1999
Andy ScaifeBob Graham Round20th June 1998
Charlotte RobertsBob Graham Round1st June 1996

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