Run Reports Archive

A Quick Guide for Use

These pages are the entry point to Elvet Striders’ huge archive of run reports.

Over the years, members (and a few others) have contributed accounts of their experiences from races, challenges or just days out running. Some of these are truly epic, others short and simple, but they all inspire, educate and entertain. More are added all the time and we hope that the tradition continues. Any Strider may contribute; it doesn’t have to be a big event, and it doesn’t matter about your running level. If it was significant to you, send it in!

Members can find a more detailed guide about how to write a run report in the documents section on TeamApp.

Each menu option leads to a page to search a broad classification of running, such as “Road”, “Fell”, “XC” etc, on which is a list of the many events that Striders have participated in. Just click one of these, or the big button with “All …” to get a list of reports from that event. You can refine your search by selecting a year (or events earlier than any year given), and also by selecting the contributing Strider from the list.

Note that there is an “All” menu option so that you don’t have to think about what category you want to visit. This does make the selection list unfeasibly large and inconvenient, though.

On pressing the button you will get a list, in excerpt form, of all the matching reports, in reverse order of date. Click the heading or the “Continue reading →” link to go to the report.


Editor’s note: you may not agree with the classifications of some of the events under the main headings. The boundaries between them tend to be a bit blurred. Particularly, you might find events in “Trail” that you think should be in “Fell” and vice versa. It only takes a minute to move them around if anything is obviously wrong.

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