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Guisborough Woods, Guisborough, N Yorks, Thursday, December 27, 2018

BS 5.5miles Climb 1234ft

Fiona Brannan

I’ve had a gentle few months in terms of training, an injury picked up in early November, not helped by a fall in the Wooler Marathon (two months later, the bruising is still there and hurting!). Cross-country proved doable, but running in, or walking in the fells was impossible for a few months, as I could go up fine – but not down!

After a rather sedentary week in Somerset for Christmas, and a number of get-togethers and office parties in the weeks before, the short and not horrendously steep Guisborough Woods race was a good way to get back into fell races, if not actually onto the top of any fells. It is a course of 3 laps around the quarry in Guisborough woods, each lap with around 130m of climb and descent – so after the first, you know exactly what you have to do again, and again… In terms of distance, it is close to cross-country, but requires rather more effort – a worthwhile training exercise for both the up and downhills! It might not be the most scenic of fell races – it’s not a bad view, you just see the same one three times – but is a marked, marshalled course with no exposed summits or kit requirements (on the day I did it – in bad weather this would likely change!) so a good options for anyone off work and looking for something to do between Christmas and New Year (there are junior races too). The lapped course may not be the most exciting, but it does mean that no runner is ever far from the start or help if needed. A bumper turnout of around 200 runners showed lots had this idea!

My time off and reduced training definitely showed, I was significantly slower and in more discomfort in the climbs than usual, but made it round all the same being beaten by sometime Strider Danny Lim – that hasn’t happened before! Well done Danny, I’ll need to work harder next time… At least the weather was kind and sunny, and my knee didn’t show any signs of pain on the descent, which meant I was able to claw back some time and places careering down through the mud, nearly taking out a poor man from DFR on one lap (running down steep mud is easy – stopping quickly is not!). Not long after I finished, Mike Bennett ran in, soon followed by Nina, arms out and clearly enjoying flying down the hill for a final time. We lined up along the finish to cheer Jan in, the final of our ladies team (we came 3rd!) as she let us all know that she had managed to stay on her feet this time, no broken bones!

A trundle back to base at the Rugby Club for the prize giving – including winter series winners from last year, the year before, top 3 male and female finishers in this years race, veteran finishers, junior prizes – I kept asking Nina what the current prize was for, eventually we both lost count – Esk Valley are very generous with their prizes! A final shout of ‘anyone who hasn’t got a prize, and thinks they should have – come and see me!’ and time to go home and wash the mud (and in Nina’s case – blood) off our legs and rest up ready for the Captain Cooks NYD race.

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Guisborough Woods, North York Moors, Sunday, December 28, 2014

BM / 6.8M / 1358'

Jan Young

This year a perfect winter’s scene, thin snow cover and bright sunshine on moor, so calm.

In the woods, frosty air hanging white against green conifers.

The juniors ran to quarry top and back, a mile outing for them, while two lap senior race covered wide woodland tracks and moor edge.

These NEHRA series races are always well supported, 117 runners shunning sales shopping.

Where were you?

My purple vest was lonely.

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Guisborough Woods Fell Race

BS / 6.8m / 1358ft

Jan Young

The stretch along the moor edge tested everyone with gale force wind. Pulled head buff down and neck buff up to leave only an eye slit. Thought of the day was ‘Eat more mince pies’ – to weigh me down as blown sideways.

Mike Bennett,1st MV55 and I, 2ndFV60, presented with summer series certificates and wine and more for age cat. placings on the day.





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Guisborough Woods Fell Race, Thursday, December 27, 2012

BS / 8.8km (usually) / 376m

Jan Young

photo courtesy and © David Aspin

Two Striders at Guisborough Woods race on 27th Dec. New 11k route due to logging, still included two ascents of quarry side, a short loop and a longer loop.

Susan won her age group, 3 bottles of wine for £7 entry fee. That’s value! And series points!

[ Jan also won her age group! Ed. ]

Just to add, Mike Bennett was 3rd MV50 in 2012 summer series, and Jan Young, 2nd FV55. Both presented with Roseberry Topping mugs and certificates.


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Guisborough Woods Fell Race, North York Moors, Tuesday, December 27, 2011

BS / 8.8km / 376m

Shaun Roberts

This was my first time for this race – I hadn’t been able to get away from rellies in previous years – but I managed this time, and it turned out to be a good crack. Two hundred runners made the trip, including Tom, Geoff and Susan, Jan and Nina, and Dougie. The numbers took quite a while to register, so the race was half-an-hour late getting started.

So nice to get to the top of the hill each time ... small matter of the descending to come.
photo courtesy and © David Aspin

I was wondering just how hilly this was going to be, but the start wasn’t too bad, and there were a couple of level bits before a really steep climb up to the top of the woods which had to be walked, so there was actually a chance to get your breath back before a long undulating section across the top of the woods. Then the bit I really hadn’t been looking forward to … the long muddy, slippy descent back to the start, and indeed I found it bloody awkward. Geoff overtook me going down here on the first lap, and Nina did the same on both the second and the third laps! Luckily, I was making enough progress on the uphill and flattish bits to get a reasonable placing, so my hopes of gadgie glory in the Winter Series are still intact … 😉

All in all … a good post-festive blast!


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Paul Lowe North York Moors M 38.16
3 Phil Sanderson NFR MV40 2 38.23
23 Cath Williamson Loftus & Whitby F 1 43.52
53 Thomas Reeves DFR MV45 11 46.56
85 Geoff Davis NFR MV50 14 50.05
115 Nina Mason F 7 52.31
123 Shaun Roberts MV55 4 53.28
150 Susan Davis NFR FV50 3 56.54
174 Dougie Nisbet DFR MV45 32 60.52
180 Jan Young FV55 2 62.15

201 finishers.

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Guisborough Woods, North York Moors, Monday, December 27, 2010

BS / 5.9m / 1230'

Tom Reeves

The weather didn’t look so great as we set off for Guisborough and it took a while to get parked due to snowy conditions and a very icy rugby club car park. There was a good turnout and the rugby club was a hive of activity when I got there to register.

Tom in the snow.
photo courtesy and © David Aspin

There was a good few centimetres of snow on the ground and the woods looked fantastic in their wintery garb. There were two other Striders, Dave Gibson and Phil Owen. Dougie was also there but he was running in his DFR vest so he didn’t count, although we did let him join us on the pre-race pictures.

The race is just under 6 miles and consists of 3 laps of the woods. Its uphill for the first half of each lap with a particularly steep and strenuous climb out to the top of the woods. Of course what goes up must come down and the end of each lap has a fantastic downhill section where runners can really cut loose back to the start. This year a fallen tree added to the excitement.

The first two laps were pretty good running in crunchy fresh snow the last lap was a bit more slippy as the snow became more compressed and one or two rocks became exposed but all in all it was super running conditions (my opinion).

Phil Sanderson led from start to finish (no big surprise) and I got in in 26th place which I was quite pleased with. I know running laps puts quite a few people off this race but it’s actually a pretty good run out and well worth the effort (again my opinion).


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Phil Sanderson NFR MV40 39.17
26 Tom Reeves MV40 7 48.48
31 Cath Williamson Loftus and Whitby F 1 49.16
74 Dougie Nisbet DFR MV45 8 61.20
79 Phil Owen MV45 9 64.36
81 David Gibson MV40 16 65.25

94 finishers.

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Guisborough Woods, Sunday, December 27, 2009

BS / 8.8km / 376m

Tom Reeves

This has not been great weather for running so by the time race day came I was feeling a bit stir crazy and desperate for a run. Me and the family got down to Guisborough early and drove onto the car park at the rugby club. What a nightmare the car park was a sheet of ice and there were cars careering around with a variety of fell runners young and not so young looking a tad fearful. We got parked and as I staggered and slid to the club house and registration I wondered if we’d ever get off the car park!

The walk to the start was little better being mainly sheet ice and frozen dog turds, not a good combination and certainly no place to fall. I met David Gibson who told me Phil Sanderson had been out and ran a lap of the course(he’s keen !) and pronounced it’s muddy and icy (never?). We met Jan Young at the start she had also braved the car park.

Ready for the off...

The race itself is just under 6 miles and is 3 laps of the woods the start is a gradual up hill climb on forest track then a steep narrow track up the side of an old quarry. There’s a nice run along the top with a great steep downhill back to the start. Yes it was very muddy, icy and a fair bit of snow. The race itself was pretty tough going with all the slush on the uphill sections the best racing line tending to be on the edges of the path. The downhill section turned quickly into a quagmire and there were a number of pretty spectacular falls. Roll on the next race at Captain Cooks.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Phil Sanderson NFR MV40 40:00
55 Kath Aspin New Marske Harriers FV40 1 54.23
33 Tom Reeves MV40 8 49.18
46 David Gibson MV40 13 52.16
95 Jan Young FV55 1 61.54

113 finishers.

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