Track Sessions

What are they all about?

From the first few sessions you will start to learn to run at “threshold pace”, variously described as “comfortably hard”, or the pace you could maintain throughout a 10 miles race at your current fitness level. If you run above this pace you will produce an excess of lactic acid which will slow you right down.

To achieve a feeling for your threshold pace, you will start by running 4 to 6 × 800m (2 laps) or 1000m (2.5 laps) repeats with short recoveries in between: the number and length of the repeats will depend on your fitness level. Your time for each repeat should be the same. If you slow down through the repeats, you are running too fast, and if you speed up, you are running too slowly.

You will progress in subsequent sessions by running further and/or reducing the recoveries between. The other paces you will run at later on in the year are derived from your threshold pace.

The details
Where & When
  • Tartan track, Maiden Castle Sports Centre, Durham
  • Wednesdays 7:15 to 8:15
  • Allan Seheult [level 2 triathlon]
  • Ian MacKenzie [level 1 triathlon]
Who Could Benefit?
  • Road, fell and cross country runners (any distance)
  • Triathletes (any distance)
  • Cyclists
General Aims & Objectives
  • Preparation for racing well in early spring and during the summer
  • Learn to run at FOUR different paces, appropriate to ability
  • Learn pace judgement
  • Learn to run efficiently
  • Avoid injury
What to Bring
  • Stop watch with memory/record functions that you can easily read
  • Drink
  • Tracksuit top
  • Warm top
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Trainers (not spikes)
  • Shorts
  • Top
General Session Format
  • Attendance list
  • Explain session and its aims
  • Warm up
  • Main session
  • Feed back
  • Warm down

Note: run at least on two other well-separated days which would normally incorporate some form of tempo run between 3 to 6 miles and a longer run at an easier pace, preferably with others of more-or-less equal ability.

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