Coastal Run

Beadnell to Alnmouth, Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dave Robson

This is just a fantastic run. Beach, road, beach, trail, road, trail, road, trail, road, beach. 14m of it (well my Garmin said 13.2m because the tide was way out). Great scenery and good fun.

As I approached Alnmouth I noticed a walker all wrapped up. I glanced at the thermometer and saw it read 11 degrees ! It was also pretty windy so it felt pretty cold. It was no warmer at Beadnell after the coach journey up there, so everybody was very anxious to get running.

We started from the longest start line I have ever seen (drawn in the sand) and within the first mile we had got our feet wet in the first stream. The good news was that the wind was behind us and there were almost no rivelets on the beach (not sure if that is the right term, but I mean the kind of pattern formed by the waves which is uncomfortable to run on). [ No, that’s not right – think you mean “lumpy bits”. Ed. ]

The wind and the removal of the gate after Craster definitely helped me to my fastest time for this race. There were some great times. The winner finished in 1hr 11min and a guy in the veteran over 60 class came home in 1hr 22min – just amazing !


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 HARTLEY, Tim Barrow Runners M40 1:11:49
26 NUTT, Judith Elswick Harriers F 1:26:02
446 SMITH, Alan M60 1:57:43
470 ROBSON, Dave M55 1:58:37
479 BRADLEY, Jean F50 1:59:13
499 OWEN, Phil M40 2:00:17
551 NISBET, Dougie M45 2:03:59
663 NICHOLSON, Jim M60 2:11:31

Margaret Thompson also ran – what was your number, Maggie?

800 finishers

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