James Herriot Trail Run, Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dougie Nisbet

What a stunning race. The route took us up high from the start and then left us on the tops until a few miles from the finish. For most of the race we had great views over the surrounding hills and valleys although it was difficult to appreciate them while being blasted by a fierce sun.

In what is becoming a standard MO for me, I started well, and ran steadily and comfortably until about half-way. Thereafter I ran unsteadily and increasingly uncomfortably until shuffling across the finish line in a pretty disappointing time.

I loved the first brutal climb straight up the grassy hillside and didn’t feel too bad. However all the time my temperature gauge was creeping upwards, and at the half-way hill Phil and Dave cruised by with their Climate Control still apparently working well. By the time we’d crested the half-way hill the heat had gone from being mildly uncomfortable to slightly frightening. There was a palpable texture to the sunshine that I found quite unnerving and I took my foot right off the gas. I walked more of this run than any race I’ve done before. Even flat bits.

Water stations were a bit congested but that was hardly surprising given the weather. Overall it was a well organised straightforward event with an interesting and challenging route and I’m already looking forward to doing it again next year.

Shaun adds: special mentions to Barrie Evans whose new knee got him round a full fourteen minutes faster than last year, and to Alan Purvis who was the only Strider who actually ran the whole course! Good runs, too, for ex-Striders Stewart Gardner (74.42) and Charlotte Roberts (90.33), now running for Calder Valley.

Phil Owen adds: I was running for the first time with brother (in my picture far left with Dave, me, Dougie and Barrie [see Photos link]). He finished in 77.43 with a dodgy knee and has been told he’s joining striders as soon as he leaves the RAF. His PB for 10 mile is 60.06. (the .06 bothers him).

group photo


1Gary DunnThirsk & Sowerby  53.17
8Sarah TunstallKendal ACF160.21
79Shaun Roberts M50 77.02
85Stephen OwenUnattachedM40 77.43
142Barrie Evans M60 83.05
165Phil Owen M40 85.15
168Dave Robson M50 85.32
217Dougie Nisbet M40 93.09
248Alan Purvis M60 102.30

267 finishers.

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