Harrier League

Cramlington, Saturday, February 28, 2009


Mudman Despairs!

Susan and Debs battle it out.

Mudman has emerged from the mire to express his dismay at Striders Men for not being able to field six of their number to uphold the Club’s honour at today’s Harrier League fixture. This is the first time this has occurred for four years and is likely to mean that the club will suffer the ignomony of relegation to the third division.

Running is usually a solitary sport, one of personal rather than team performance – except at the Harrier League, where we are able to bond and achieve things as a team as well as individual runners in Striders’ vests. So today was very disappointing – particularly for the 5 Striders men who did run and the 6 Striders women who were there to support them and later run brilliantly in their own race. Even my ‘cousin’ Clarty Man from Durham Harriers expressed his disappointment at Striders’ poor show.

Lets see if we can’t salvage some honour for the club in the remaining fixtures!

The following stalwarts were at Cramlington today flying the flag for Striders:

WOMEN: Susan Davis, Debs Goddard, Steph Barlow, Wendy Rowell, Jane Ives & Zoe Tomlins.
MEN: Mike Bennett, Shaun Roberts, Conrad White, Geoff Davis & Alan Purvis.

See you all at Prudhoe!


Paul Evans adds: Have just arrived back in Durham from Cramlington, having failed utterly to find the race venue. I’m really sorry about any points docked for failing to field a full team, but had to give up when 1315 came and I was still lost. Paul

Jan Young adds: Help, I’ve lost a Harrier League. Have you seen one around here?

Having seen Woodhorn written in my diary ever since the Harrier League dates came out, that’s where I went, unfortunately taking Nina and Calum with me and unfortunately not to the correct field. That will teach me to check Striders’ web site before departure.

Will I ever be forgiven? I who am always trying to persuade others to run the cross country and now the men will get clobbered with penalty points for failing to field a team . No one will ever ask me for a lift. Cal will put me in a home as he’s convinced I’ve lost my marbles as well as a race venue. Help, I’m in need of counselling………..

We did rescue something from the day, with a 5mile run on Blyth Beach. We promise to be at the last league run at South Shields, at least I can find my way there!

Yours, Embarrassed AKA Jan Y.



Pos Name Club Cat Pack Time
1 ARCHER, Jon Low Fell M 36:40
118 BENNETT, Michael V S 42:26
175 ROBERTS, Shaun V S 44:28
198 WHITE, Conrad V S 45:22
202 DAVIS, Geoff V S 45:30
300 PURVIS, Alan V S 1:05:04

302 finishers. Elvet Striders: no team.


Pos Name Club Cat Pack Time
1 JAMES, Delyth Morpeth Harriers F 28:07
38 DAVIS, Susan V S 32:26
44 GODDARD, Debs V S 32:56
62 BARLOW, Steph S 34:20
71 ROWELL, Wendy V S 35:49
75 TOMLINS, Zoe S 36:33

93 finishers. Elvet Striders: 11th Women’s Team.

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