Doctor’s Gate Fell Race, Hamsterley Forest, Sunday, March 29, 2009

BM / 9.7km / 320m

Dougie Nisbet

Susan crosses the beck.

It was calm, sunny and warm in Hamsterley Forest as we milled restlessly around the start as the minutes ticked past 11am. I used the time to jab my finger at Shaun and tell him he was going to overheat if he ran with a base layer in this weather. He wisely stripped off with just a few seconds to spare. [Thanks. Ed] Dave Robson had decided not to run and had shrewdly put his running gear beyond use just in case he was tempted on this clear summer morning. After the pep talk from organiser Gerry Hehir we were shooed into the forest and the climbing began.

I kept Nigel in my sight for most of the climb and thinking I’d sussed his M.O. thought I might catch him somewhere on the ascent. It was not to be and he was just a distant purple splash by the time we reached the top. Feeling yesterday’s Harrier League heavy in my legs I settled for ticking over on the descent and lost quite a few places on the way down. On a fast downhill stretch just when I thought we were nearly home a discretely positioned arrow turned us right and up and the route took an unexpected meander over an extra hill. Many runners missed the arrow and therefore avoided this scenic detour, taking a more direct route back to the finish. Quite how many missed it, and how much time was saved or lost, will no doubt be discussed for decades to come. [Duff course marking plus only being able to field a single marshal for the whole course, in my humble opinion. Ed]

This was my first time running this race and I was not disappointed. I like the variety and combination of open moorland, runnable forest track, twisty paths and a few fords. For my money it’s the most interesting Hamsterley Forest race, whatever route you choose.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Phil Sanderson NFR M40 43:34
2 Will Horsley NFR M 45:06
7 Karen Robertson F40 1 50:12
22 Shaun Roberts M50 3 55:48
30 Geoff Davis M50 7 57:00
38 Nigel Heppell M50 10 59:20
52 Susan Davis F40 4 64:38
52 Dougie Nisbet M40 19 64:44

76 finishers.

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